Newsdesk 2012

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 392             6 January 2013
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  


 *  Ranelagh wins the Stubbs Cup mob match v South London Harriers
 *  Peter Haarer wins the Wynne Cup club championship, Stephen Logue takes
     the sealed handicap
 *  Carl Selya-Hammer and Marie Synnott-Wells lead our teams at the South of
     the Thames 
 *  Mark Herbert, Livvy Ricketts and Wally Garrod win the Henty Relay
 *  parkrun placings for Michelle Davies, Ralph Street, James Whistler, Simon
     Burrell, Mel Hunter, Jane Craigie-Payne, Becky Hall, Duncan Mallison, Phil
     Killingley, Mark Herbert, Ted Mockett, Rachael Holmes  and Ben Shore
 *  Vital Surrey League races for men and women this Saturday
 *  Mike Rowland obituary

 I'm deeply saddened to report the death at the age of 67 of my brother the
 club handicapper Mike Rowland. He died peacefully at home on December 27th
 only a few weeks after being diagnosed with cancer. He had still been
 running as recently as the beginning of November and framed his last
 handicap at the Page Cup in September. 

 Mike's first association with Ranelagh dates back some fifty years to when
 his school, Emanuel, used the club's changing rooms for their cross-country
 on Wednesday afternoons. However, at that time he thought of himself as more
 of a sprinter and briefly became a member of South London Harriers. On
 leaving school he decided to combine his mathematical skills and enthusiasm
 for horse racing to join the bookmaking industry. As well as the gee-gees
 Mike took an interest in most sports - particularly cricket, football,
 speedway and athletics - but active participation came to a halt and by his
 mid-thirties he was a 17-stone heavy smoker. It was then that he decided
 that something had to be done before it was too late. He gave up the
 cigarettes, changed jobs - joining the Civil Service - and began to
 exercise. He met his future wife and then - if more motivation were needed -
 along came the inaugural London Marathon in 1981. Like so many others Mike
 found inspiration in this - "If they can do it, why shouldn't I?".  

 So he set to, joining Ranelagh in the summer of 1981 and competing in his
 first club race, the Thomas Cup handicap, in September of that year. He
 recorded outside 28 minutes but it was a measure of the speed of Mike's
 improvement that only two months later in his first mob match he was able to
 cover two laps of the same course each a minute faster - which performance
 earned him a silver medal in the sealed handicap. He obtained an entry for
 the 1982 "London" and ran a commendable 3.35. He went on to compete
 regularly in club events for many years, winning the Page Cup handicap in
 1987 and the Clutton Cup handicap in 1991 and finishing 3rd again in the
 Page in 2001. He completed a total of 30 mob matches.            

 A casual request that he might pick up some easy points for his department
 in the Civil Service Sports introduced Mike to race walking, which he
 quickly took to - though always continuing with the running too. He
 eventually completed 26 London Marathons, all of them since 1992 as a race
 walker, with a best time of 5.04 in 1992. In April 2012 he recorded 5.53.
 As a member of Surrey Walking Club he competed in a number of long-distance
 events including the classic point-to-points London to Brighton and
 Manchester to Blackpool - both now sadly defunct as a result of traffic
 pressures. In Battersea Park he twice completed a 24 hours walking race,
 both times falling a little short of his 100 miles target but earning the
 consolation of a national 100 miles team gold medal as a member of the
 Surrey WC team.  

 In 2005 Mike took over as club handicapper. Our club stats guru - and former
 handicapper - Ken Powley writes:
 "It was in my very first handicap, back in 1981, that Mike Rowland ran as a
 'guest', as he was running his first ever race for Ranelagh.  Not knowing
 then, that he himself would become handicapper, twenty-four years later. 
 I always remember him looking at the notice board before the Clutton Cup of
 1991, to check on his handicap mark.  His face lit up, as he realised he had
 a chance - and he went for it.  His subsequent win was his best ever club
 Mike became club handicapper in late 2005. A statistician in his own right,
 he immediately took to the challenge, and with very little help from me,
 made it a fine art.  Some of his recent handicaps were really excellent.  He
 will be an extremely hard act to follow, and sorely missed."

 In recent years Mike was also joint quizmaster for the club quiz nights. In
 the tributes that have come in the word "gentleman" appears frequently. He
 was invariably kind and considerate of others - for example insisting on
 starting at the very back of the London Marathon lest his walking pace
 should impede runners - and he was also most generous. When appeals for
 sponsorship appeared in the e-news it would more often than not be Mike's
 name that appeared at the top of the list of donations. He was himself a
 great supporter of Wateraid and wrote passionately in the e-news about the
 plight of children in Africa.    

 We offer our sincere condolences to Mike's wife Rosemary and children Glyn,
 Vikki (who herself ran the Helsinki Marathon in 2010), Paul and Tom. 

 The penultimate of the four Surrey League races for men and women take place
 this Saturday (January 12th). With both teams teetering on the brink of
 relegation from Division 1, these races are absolutely crucial. We'd like to
 see as many as possible taking part, particularly those who might be within
 range of making the scoring team (ten for the men and five for the women) -
 but not forgetting that we also have an unofficial B team competition
 against the Stragglers in the men's race and there is B and C team scoring
 in the women's, so all are welcome. We're almost at home in the men's event
 - just a mile down the road from our clubhouse at Ham Lands (HQ is the
 Hawker Centre). The Under 13, 15 and 17 race comes first at 2pm followed by
 the seniors at 2.30pm - note this is half an hour earlier than usual. The
 women are running on Mitcham Common, the senior race coming first at 12
 noon, followed by the under 15s and 17s at 1pm and the under 13s at 1.30pm.
 Details are on our website: Men and Women.    

 MABAC's 8 miles road race within the confines of Windsor Great Park takes
 place on Sunday 13th January starting at 10am. Free to enter, register on
 the day. Details:.  

 It has been pointed out that the date originally fixed for our Baker Cup
 handicap and prize presentations supper - March 30th - is Easter Saturday.
 It has been agreed therefore that we will put the race and supper back one
 week to Saturday April 6th.

 Please wear them for Tuesday sessions! Particularly in the park in the dark
 or if running on roads. For lights, head torches, or lit armbands are good
 options. For ID, shoe tags, or the ROAD ID wristband product from the USA
 (Google it!) - please include an emergency phone number just in case.
 Coaches make sessions as safe as they can, but ultimate responsibility rests
 for health and safety with individuals. Please act on this message." 

 Continued heavy rain means the river is still unsafe and Paul Gregory has
 decided to push the race date back one week further to 1.00PM on SUNDAY 24th
 Paul writes: 
 "Here is the opportunity to learn sculling - and if experienced, to rehearse
 that skill in a skiff.  There are men's and ladies' crews from four running
 clubs entering for the Franckeiss Cup Trophy and for The Skiff Club Ladies'
 Cup - these are held by the winning club for a year, until the next race.
 There are no entry or training fees. River conditions are now improving and
 we can commence training as follows:- 
 Saturday mornings at 8.30 am first - we could then offer Sunday mornings by
 exception. We currently have one men's and one women's pair from Ranelagh
 but more would be welcome." 
 Please contact Paul p_gregory@talktalk.net if you're interested. 

 ...continues at 6pm on Tuesday evenings from the clubhouse. All under 17s

 Gavin Jones writes from Italy:
 "That means enough is enough by the way! 

 I think I'm finally calling it a day on the racing. I've had injury problems
 for 15 months now, and while they haven't stopped me running, or even
 racing, they stop me training as hard as I'd like to and have taken a lot of
 the fun out of it. Anyway, I did 34;38 in a 10k a while ago, and then  last
 week I did a half marathon in Umbria in 1:17:19, which I was actually quite
 happy with, all things considered, even though it's two and a half minutes
 slower than I was running a year ago. It kind of told me it was best to get
 out while I was on top (sort of!), in the sense of still topping my age
 category in a lot of races, because now I am really going to have to take
 some rest or I risk hobbling myself long-term, and I don't want to not be
 able to play football with Oscar in a few years! And I know that if I take a
 rest, at my age when I come back I'll be going slower, possibly a lot
 slower. I think having those 13 years off allowed me to last pretty well as
 a hard-training Vet, but having run very hard when I was younger is now
 taking its toll. Most of my age peers who are now running fast took it up in
 their late 30s/early 40s.

 So I'm certainly going to keep running but I don't plan getting up at 6 on a
 Sunday morning to do battle in races anymore. It'll just be tootling round
 the park nice and easy three or four times a week from now on. That's the
 plan anyway, though I'm sure I'll get withdrawal symptoms from the
 adrenaline and competition, so who knows if I'll stick to it ...I'll stop
 wittering on about myself now as though I was Seb Coe or David Beckham
 announcing his retirement!"

 Follow Ranelagh Facebook. 

 More details of the following from Marc Snaith (07717 213035 / e-mail Marc and Chris  
 ranelagh.men@gmail.com  or e-mail Estelle and Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com

 Saturday 12th January             Surrey League - men at Ham Lands (2.30pm),
 women at Mitcham Common (12 noon)

 Sunday 13th January               MABAC League 8 miles road in Windsor Great
 Park. 10am start, register on the day.   Details:. 

 Saturday 19th January             Inter-club v Bank of England and others in
 Richmond Park (Roehampton Gate). 2.30pm start. 

 Saturday 26th January             South of England Cross-Country
 Championships at Parliament Hill

 parkruns every Saturday at 9am
 Bushy Park                            Diana Fountain car park
 Richmond Park                      Richmond Gate
 Wimbledon Common             Windmill car park
 Banstead Woods                  Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead
 Bedfont Lakes                       Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford,
 Kingston                               The Hawker Centre
 Old Deer Park                        Pools in the Park on the A316
 Crane Park                             Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout
 on the A316 in Twickenham
 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com
 2km junior parkruns for under 14s take place on the first Sunday of each
 month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate (11am start) and from Savill Garden
 car park, Windsor Great Park (9.30am start). 

 SOUTH OF THE THAMES 7.5 MILES CHAMPIONSHIP  Saturday 15th December in
 Richmond Park
 Richmond Park yes, but not as we know it, Jim. This race was hosted by
 Kingston & Poly on a course down near Kingston Gate. Carl Selya-Hammer
 continued his good form to finish in 34th place, followed by Mark Herbert
 and the improving Ben Shore and Lars Lundqvist all not too far apart. The
 team of six runners to score was completed by Stewart Anderson and Niall
 O'Connor and we filled 12th place. In the women's event we fell one short of
 a full team of six. Marie Synnott-Wells was our first finisher in 27th place
 followed in by Wiebke Kortum, Sandra Prosser, Cathy Jones and Heather

 CHRISTMAS PARTY  Saturday 15th December
 We returned to the Richmond Hill Hotel for our Christmas Party, which was
 once again efficiently organised by Michele Gibson and Andy Hayward. More
 than seventy sat down to an excellent dinner, following which the draw was
 made for the four guaranteed club places for the 2013 London Marathon. Nine
 names went into the hat and the lucky winners were Andy Hayward, Martin
 Halvey, William Griffin and Cindy Croucher. Then came the grand auction.
 Cindy, who works at St Mary's University College, had managed to collar Mo
 Farah on one of his visits there and got the great man to sign a Ranelagh
 singlet, which Cindy then had framed. With proceeds going to Cornwall
 Hospices the bidding quickly went up to 100 whereupon Simon Burrell crushed
 all opposition with an untoppable 200 bid. Well done, Simon! Dancing then
 ensued, the high point being Sharon's Riverdance...
 December in Richmond Park
 We trail well behind SLH in the overall reckoning in our mob match series
 which dates back more than a hundred years. However, today turned out to be
 our third win in a row so we are doing something to redress the balance!
 After South London had mustered only 23 at home for last season's mob match
 we felt fairly confident that this time on our own turf we could outnumber
 them and register another victory. Of course it's dangerous to be complacent
 but our confidence turned out to be justified when the SLH declaration sheet
 was seen to contain only 17 names. We eventually counted nearly 50 blue
 vests at the start, not bad for a very wet last Saturday before Christmas.
 In fact the rain had stopped by the time the race started but the Park was
 very damp indeed. Many thanks as always go to the officials and marshals for
 braving the elements.

 Stuart Major never misses an opportunity to turn out against Ranelagh in a
 mob match, be it in a South London or a Thames Hare and Hounds vest. He
 quickly took control of the race and eventually won by more than three
 minutes in a fairly modest time of 45.07, though the conditions underfoot
 were certainly slow. Peter Haarer had missed the whole cross-country season
 to date owing to injury but a steady 48 minutes run turned out to be good
 enough for second place and also - with most other possible contenders
 absent - for his tenth Wynne Cup club championship. Mark Herbert and Marc
 Snaith filled the minor places in the championship in 5th and 7th positions
 overall. Then in close order came Ted Mockett, Ben Shore, Lars Lundqvist and
 Duncan Mallison.

 We were scoring only 14 a side and closed in our counters by 24th place -
 which included leading woman Becky Hall and two thirds of Team Peace. Of
 course the rest of the Ranelagh contingent was also doing its bit by pushing
 the remaining SLH scorers down the field. The result was a fairly
 comfortable win for Ranelagh by 176 points to 261. 

 Second and third women home were Marie Synnott-Wells and Wiebke Kortum and
 it was good to see Cindy, Bev, Penny and Deirdre completing the course.

 The sealed handicap result announced on the day was slightly incorrect -
 Stephen Logue is confirmed as the winner but second and third places went to
 Alberto Esguevillas and Ben Shore. Many thanks to Ken Powley for stepping
 into the breach as temporary handicapper.          

 HENTY RELAY  Saturday 29th December  in Richmond Park
 At the tail end of what was officially the wettest year in England since
 records began over a century ago, it was only appropriate that the Henty
 should be held amid high winds and driving rain. Not too surprisingly the
 result was a small field of only half a dozen teams. Perhaps we should try
 holding the Henty in mid-summer!

 Unusually the winning team led all the way. Mark Herbert completed the first
 lap with a commanding lead and though Peter Haarer closed up most of the
 deficit on lap 2 it was Livvy Ricketts who held on to the lead. Mark
 consolidated his team's lead on lap 3 but then Peter Haarer ran the fastest
 lap of the day to finish within sight of Wally Garrod of Mark's team. Livvy
 extended the lead again on lap 5 and Mark brought the team home first over a
 minute and a half clear of Peter, Tony Clark and Martin Clark. Chris Read,
 Alan Davidson and Michele Gibson finished third. 

 Peter Haarer's 7.38 was the fastest of the day while the quickest woman was
 Katherine Mercer on 10.23.  

  BEDFORD HALF MARATHON  Sunday 9th December
 1    P Martelletti (VP&TH)  1:09.55  (chip time 1:09.54)
 134  Paul Sinton-Hewitt     1:29.30  (1:29.19)
 875  Heather Martingell     1:54.36  (1:53.16)
 1137 Dee Mondair            2:06.26  (2:04.54) 

 TWICKENHAM 10km  Sunday 9th December
 1   J Tomlinson (CSC)       35.13
 136 Pete Warren             50.35
 137 Melissa Glackin         50.37
 197 Phil Roberts            55.05

 BRIDGES 2.3 miles handicap  Wednesday 12th December at Westminster
 1   C Helder (unatt)        17.48  (actual time 17.48)
 24  Alan Davidson           21.28  (17.28)
 28  John Hanscomb           21.54  (24.54)
 30  Simon Hedger            22.08  (15.08)   

 HORTON 10km  Sunday 16th December at Epsom
 This was the concluding race in the Surrey Classic series. Wally and Alan
 both completed all three, finishing 67th and 70th respectively in the
 overall standings.

 1   D Norman (26.2)         34.17
 146 Wally Garrod            60.03
 151 Alan Meaden             63.09
 156 David Meaden            64.45         

 SANTA DASH 5km  Sunday 16th December at Cranleigh
 THE big race of the weekend...complete with full Santa Claus costumes. Phil
 Killingley was the winner, though there were rumours that he was guilty of
 flagrant beard removal. Steve and Sonia were 5th and 6th and Sonia was the
 first Mrs Santa.    

 Simon Burrell reports:
 "So, I was coaxed out of marathon retirement for this one day and the
 weather seemed to have other ideas.  20+ MPH winds and significant rainfall
 beforehand made conditions 'interesting'.  The majority of the course is off
 road, with four sections of about a mile in total on shingle beach and much
 of the rest on coastal paths and tracks, so it was a bit like a sticky cross
 country but without the hills.  After a lot of sliding around and a couple
 of tumbles the course eventually got back onto a hard surface for the final
 few miles, only to head directly into a headwind all the way to the finish;
 tougher still as I was chasing a time.

 My training had been pretty much uninterrupted, so I was keen to make the
 most of it.  As it happened my target pace of 7:20 was split into a series
 of 6:50-7:00 sections when I could find dry(ish) ground and several slower
 parts when the main aim was just to keep upright.  Somehow it all seemed to
 come together and I did manage to hit my target time, which took about 22
 minutes off my pb set in Paris 2005.  My main target was a guaranteed entry
 for London in 2014 and I achieved that - sometimes the running Gods just
 seem to smile on you.

 Thanks for my achievement go to the exceptional coaching I enjoy at Ranelagh
 Harriers and the many fellow runners who I regularly chase around on a
 Tuesday night, each helping me to keep improving - very much a team effort!"

 1   B Evans (G&G)          2:50.41  (chip time 2:50.40)
 33  Simon Burrell          3:13.09  (3:12.31)
 402 Jane Craigie-Payne     4:06.50  (4:05.50)
 483 Heather Martingell     4:16.11  (4:15.11)
 571 Phil Roberts           4:26.56  (4:26.33)

 CHRISTMAS MORNING 30 Minutes PAARLAUF  Tuesday 25th December on Wimbledon
 1   M Sharp & F Wood (HW)             5m 822yds
 5   Darryl McDonald & H Fernando (HW) 5m 307yds

 CABBAGE PATCH BOXING DAY 4 miles  Wednesday 26th December at Twickenham
 Paul Martingell won the Birthday prize!

 1   D Norman (26.2)        21.31
 5   Paul Sinton-Hewitt     23.44
 6   Peter Weir             24.01
 25  Wyn Williams           28.15
 42  Helen Nance            31.44
 44  Ally Salisbury         31.56
 45  Paul Martingell        31.58
 46  Kirsty Bangham         32.07
 55  Heather Martingell     34.57      

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 28th December in Hyde Park
 1   J McMurray (St Alb)    15.12
 95  Alan Davidson          23.34  

 NEW YEAR'S DAY 10km  Tuesday 1st January in Hyde Park
 1   R Kowenicki (TH&H)     32.24  (chip time 32.22)
 60  Stewart Anderson       41.42  (41.34)
 128 Paul Gilbert           45.22  (45.08)
 196 Alan Davidson          48.20  (48.10)
 229 Melissa Glackin        49.25  (48.55)
 243 Pete Warren            49.57  (49.27)
 265 Heather Martingell     51.03  (49.48)
 347 Paul Martingell        55.03  (54.13)   

 KINGFIELD CANTER 2.85 miles handicap  Wednesday 2nd January at Woking
 1   A Knowles (unatt)      23.06  (actual time 22.06)
 2   Alan Davidson          24.03  (21.18)
 10  Sonia Rowland          26.25  (21.10)
 13  Steve Rowland          26.50  (21.05)  

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 15th December
 1   H Mackenzie (unatt)    17.06
 58  Matt Copp              19.58
 194 Amrut Sharma           23.39
 195 Alberto Esguevillas    23.41
 202 Polly White            23.52
 235 Tomas Sterner          24.55
 242 Tony Appleby           25.05
 251 Alan Davidson          25.19
 277 Sue Camp               26.14
 317 Colin Rogal            27.18
 360 Val Lowman             29.11
 386 Bronwen Northmore      30.50
 391 Claire French          31.04
 441 Penny Merrett          36.40
 442 Pat Hewlett            36.41

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 15th December
 Ted Mockett missed victory by just ten seconds.

 1   J Moran (SMR)          18.48
 2   Ted Mockett            18.58
 7   Phil Aiken             21.13
 28  Lynne Barber           26.46
 34  Stacey Barber          28.53
 38  Christine David        29.52 
 39  Cindy Croucher         32.02
 40  Deirdre Inman          32.09           

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 15th December 
 1   B Goater (WSEH)        15.29
 21  James Whistler         18.36
 72  Sean Paynter           20.29
 75  David Rowe             20.33   
 173 Ian Grange             22.39
 503 Rachel Revett          27.53
 569 Kirsty Bangham         29.31 
 612 Sharon Rowe            30.59   
 685 John Hanscomb          35.47 

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 15th December
 Third place for Mark Herbert.

 1   J Millbank (SMUC)      18.24
 3   Mark Herbert           19.22
 9   Chris Camacho          20.54
 45  Hannah Doyle           25.58
 56  Mike White             28.25
 57  Michelle Davies        28.25
 58  Lee Davies             28.26  
 62  Annemarie Goodridge    29.53

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 15th December
 Simon Burrell ducked inside 20 minutes for his first parkrun victory, and
 Mel Hunter was second woman.

 1   Simon Burrell          19.57
 7   Wyn Williams           22.57
 8   Phil Roberts           23.03
 12  Mel Hunter             24.07      

 GUNNERSBURY parkrun 5km  Saturday 15th December
 1   R Berry (West 4)       17.22
 26  Phil Jackson           21.25
 93  Sharon Dooley          25.28

 BANSTEAD WOODS parkrun 5km  Saturday 15th December
 1   D Freeman (Tadworth)   18.14
 58  Tom Reay               25.39

 CONGLETON parkrun 5km  Saturday 15th December 
 1   R Alsop (Salford)      17.13
 9   Paul Sinton-Hewitt     19.18

 WOODLEY parkrun 5km  Saturday 15th December
 1   R Brookling (unatt)    17.14
 99  Louise Atkinson        28.40

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd December
 1   P Cheetham (Barnes)    17.58
 6   Peter Weir             19.45
 13  Bill Neely             20.30
 41  Phil Aiken             22.41
 71  Polly White            25.06
 73  Tomas Sterner          25.12
 77  Tony Appleby           25.33
 125 Tony Clark             28.57
 127 Michael Sikora         29.41 
 133 Val Lowman             30.20
 151 Pat Hewlett            37.24
 153 Andrew Brown           39.30 

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd December
 1   A Keane (unatt)        19.07
 13  Lewis Emery            23.50
 31  Mike White             28.45
 32  Michelle Davies        28.45
 33  Mark Herbert           28.47 
 35  Christine David        30.21
 39  Tamsin Burland         31.31 

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd December 
 1   J West (Strag)         16.51
 29  Paul Sinton-Hewitt     19.41
 381 Kirsty Bangham         29.38
 440 Wally Garrod           32.20  
 487 John Hanscomb          35.53 

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd December
 James Whistler was today's winner...

 1   James Whistler         18.39 
 8   Chris Camacho          21.31
 26  Tom Reay               25.06

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd December
 ... and so was Mel Hunter.

 1   S Amory (Thames T)     19.05
 9   Mel Hunter             25.11
 17  Deborah Blakemore      33.37       

 GUNNERSBURY parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd December
 1   R Berry (West 4)       17.27
 28  Phil Jackson           22.23
 107 Lexi Slaughter         37.59
 108 Waldron Slaughter      38.03  

 WOODLEY parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd December
 1   M Rainbow (Reading)    17.47
 97  Louise Atkinson        30.22

 BRAUNSTONE parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd December
 1   P Branney (Leeds)      16.25
 19  David Rowe             19.46
 102 Sharon Rowe            29.54  

 FINSBURY parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd December
 1   D Steen (VP&TH)        18.39
 5   Sean Paynter           20.41

 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd December
 1   Unknown                19.46
 11  Chris Spink            23.50

 ALICE HOLT parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd December 
 1   I Carley (Farnham)     19.50
 21  Louise Davies          27.18 

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Tuesday 25th December
 1   Unknown                16.37
 17  James Whistler         18.53
 60  Sean Paynter           20.35
 61  David Rowe             20.38
 83  Bruce McLaren          21.40
 96  Michelle Davies        21.55
 97  Mark Herbert           21.56
 135 Phil Aiken             22.43
 163 Chris Spink            23.20
 239 David Bell             25.03
 302 Kirsty Bangham         26.39
 330 Chris Brook            27.18
 393 Mike White             28.19
 406 Alan Davidson          28.29
 438 Ivan Boggis            29.22
 475 Euan Sinclair          30.03
 476 Alastair Sinclair      30.05
 482 Wally Garrod           30.10
 489 Heather Martingell     30.19
 511 Sharon Rowe            30.57
 548 Mary Hickson           31.57
 592 Tanya Allen            34.07
 605 Paul Sinton-Hewitt     34.44
 662 Tamsin Burland         42.34     

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Tuesday 25th December
 Ralph Street was the clear winner on a visit home from Sweden where he has
 been living since graduating from Sheffield Uni in the summer. Phil
 Killingley was runner-up and Rachael Holmes was third in the women's

 1   Ralph Street           16.38
 2   Phil Killingley        17.18
 9   Peter Weir             20.04
 13  Bill Neely             20.56
 24  Rachael Holmes         22.12
 32  Phil Jackson           22.42
 57  Amrut Sharma           25.10
 62  Rob Curtis             25.38
 63  Becky Hall             25.38
 81  Sharon Dooley          26.46
 96  Lorraine Clifton       28.34
 116 Ally Salisbury         31.42
 125 Christine David        33.36
 132 Pat Hewlett            37.50
 133 Cindy Croucher         37.51 

 LLOYD PARK parkrun 5km  Tuesday 25th December
 Second place for Duncan Mallison...

 1   D Macenhill (SoC)      20.40
 2   Duncan Mallison        22.15 

 BARKING parkrun 5km  Tuesday 25th December
 ...and third for Ben Shore.
 1   M Muir (Ilford)        17.07
 3   Ben Shore              20.16

 WOODLEY parkrun 5km  Tuesday 25th December
 1   B Priddle (Reading)    18.06
 44  Louise Atkinson        30.36

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th December
 1   P Wright (Tadworth)    17.21
 13  Sean Paynter           19.47
 14  James Whistler         19.54
 19  Peter Faull            20.32
 62  Tomas Sterner          23.27
 70  Simon Taylor           23.52
 86  Tony Appleby           24.57
 100 Stewart Anderson       26.02
 110 Sue Camp               26.53
 125 Ally Salisbury         27.49
 135 Michael Sikora         28.20
 198 Penny Merrett          35.50
 199 Bev Ali                36.45
 205 Andrew Brown           38.12

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th December
 Michelle Davies celebrated her 100th parkrun in style by winning the women's
 section and setting a new PB. Jane Craigie-Payne was runner-up.

 1   S Amory (T Turbo)      18.18
 6   David Rowe             19.59
 10  Michelle Davies        21.09
 11  Mark Herbert           21.09
 17  Jane Craigie-Payne     22.26
 27  Lewis Emery            23.56
 59  Christine David        30.51
 61  Lee Davies             31.39
 62  Mike White             31.40    

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th December
 1   D Coales (Bath)        17.01
 22  Nick Wright            19.29
 92  Phil Aiken             21.46
 663 John Hanscomb          35.06

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th December
 Back to second place for Mel Hunter.

 1   F Campbell (Heading)   18.58
 5   Phil Roberts           25.06
 8   Mel Hunter             26.54
 9   Simon Burrell          26.55
 16  Deborah Blakemore      32.36
 17  Lorna Smith            32.36       

 UPTON COURT parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th December
 Another second place - Becky Hall...

 1   J Kew (Maidenhead)     20.24
 14  Becky Hall             26.55
 15  Rob Curtis             26.56

 HARROGATE parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th December
 ...and yet another - Duncan Mallison again.

 1   I Bush (unatt)         18.35
 2   Duncan Mallison        18.47 

 GUNNERSBURY parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th December
 1   M Vesterinen (unatt)   17.43
 8   Paul Sinton-Hewitt     19.16

 WOODLEY parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th December
 1   A Stay (R Navy)        18.06
 113 Louise Atkinson        28.56

 WIMBLEDON COMMON parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th December
 1   M Scotney (RRC)        18.01
 137 Stacey Barber          30.29

 YORK parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th December
 1   N Williams (N York M)  16.43
 25  Phil Jackson           21.31 

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Tuesday 1st January
 1   K White (Herc Wimb)    16.16
 14  Duncan Mallison        18.35
 32  Sean Paynter           19.38
 34  James Whistler         19.40
 46  David Rowe             20.08
 114 Phil Jackson           21.56
 124 Chris Camacho          22.09
 176 Phil Aiken             23.24
 201 Amrut Sharma           23.48
 226 Tomas Sterner          24.32
 247 Tom Reay               24.53
 282 Adam Wright            25.37
 287 Martin Wolfson         25.43
 298 Jane Craigie-Payne     25.54
 344 Becky Hall             26.40
 345 Rob Curtis             26.40
 353 Andrew Brown           26.50     
 384 Kirsty Bangham         27.23
 403 Philippa Kitchen       27.43 
 419 Chris Brook            28.14
 483 Sharon Rowe            29.59
 571 John Hanscomb          35.05
 573 Sue Camp               35.24
 591 Tony Clark             36.53

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Tuesday 1st January
 A 10am start time allowed an impressive number  to run Bushy first then
 cross the river to Kingston!

 1   A Jackson (Sitting)    16.50
 10  James Whistler         18.54
 13  Peter Weir             19.00
 17  Duncan Mallison        19.16
 27  David Rowe             20.20
 60  Chris Camacho          22.13
 67  Phil Jackson           22.24
 79  Karen Weir             22.56
 80  Rob Curtis             22.58
 81  Becky Hall             22.59
 85  Phil Aiken             23.05
 88  Jane Craigie-Payne     23.10
 97  Amrut Sharma           23.39
 102 Tomas Sterner          24.05
 111 Martin Wolfson         24.36
 136 Hannah Doyle           25.39
 139 Tom Reay               26.17
 144 Ally Salisbury         26.39
 156 Rob Kitchen            26.58
 165 Kirsty Bangham         27.23
 174 Sue Camp               27.49
 207 Tony Clark             31.28
 210 Chris Wright           32.26
 211 Andrew Brown           32.27
 212 Mary Hickson           32.28     
 216 Sharon Rowe            33.11

 LLOYD PARK parkrun 5km  Tuesday 1st January        
 1   T Holden (SLH)         18.56
 35  Michelle Davies        26.20
 36  Mark Herbert           26.22
 54  Mike White             32.16
 55  Lee Davies             32.17    

 ROUNDSHAW DOWNS parkrun 5km  Tuesday 1st January
 ...and some more doubling up. Mark Herbert finished in second place. 
 1   D Gillett (SLH)        19.58
 2   Mark Herbert           20.32
 51  Lee Davies             28.06   
 71  Michelle Davies        31.49
 72  Mike White             31.50

 Jeff Bull sends the following, which appeared in last Monday's Guardian:
 "Call it the Richmond Park test. Yesterday morning, amazing to report, it
 wasn't belting down with rain, and the park was crammed. It was a joyful
 sight - families, dog-walkers, runners. But what would have amazed a time
 traveller from a couple of decades ago would have been the thousands and
 thousands of cyclists. Something has happened. There are the dolphin-like
 schools of muscular men and women in matching Lycra, teams from Britain and
 the continent, moving as one; there are the men of a certain age, still on
 racing bikes, but swaddled in woollens; there are the kids with their
 parents; and there are the stately amateurs, sitting up straight on their
 three-gear Raleighs. But the main thing is the sheer number of them, a
 constant, gleaming, metallic stream.

 Richmond Park is unusual, granted. It's a huge urban park, with hills and
 views that attract the big cycling clubs as well as many individuals from
 the rest of London. It now has a 20mph speed limit. But the something that's
 happened there is hardly unique, and is spreading, and should spread. And
 it's simply that cycling has reached a tipping point, a critical mass, that
 has turned the motorists into a minority, and an increasingly boxed-in,
 nervous minority at that. On most of Britain's roads, if a couple of
 cyclists are side by side, causing cars or vans to brake, there will be
 shouts and hoots and waved fists. Here, drivers simply have to accept that
 the world has changed. Drivers who lose their temper find it isn't so easy
 in the park. They can't zoom off. And they are outnumbered by cyclists.

 The Richmond Park test is how to push more of Britain's roads to the
 critical cycling mass, which means cycling is safer (safety in numbers
 works) but which acknowledges that what Margaret Thatcher called 'the great
 car economy' isn't going to simply vanish. Some cyclists are in danger of
 treating cycling as a cult, or even a secular religion - on your saddles,
 brethren, and be saved! But cycling isn't for everyone. There are people
 with small kids, older people, people whose journeys are too long, people
 who don't like it. They have rights too.

 In this particular park, a transport microclimate, there is a quiet,
 undeclared war of attrition against cars - fewer parking places, lower speed
 limits, regular gate closures for special events - which readers may
 recognise going on in many other parts of the UK too. We are going to see
 more congestion charging, increasingly pricey and restricted parking and
 lower speeds. And this is tolerable - if proper help is also given to those
 who need to drive, or who can be offered good and reliable buses instead.
 It's the intricate balancing act of a proper transport policy.

 What we can't have, however, is a country in which this balancing act fails
 to push forward the cycling boom. A quarter of us, roughly, are obese,
 children as well as adults. Our urban air is still filthy. We are using far
 too much carbon. But the great thing is, millions of us are getting the
 message. Real revolutions come from below, and this one is too. That's
 perhaps the brightest message from 2012, the year of the bike."
 Jackie Ashley