Saturday 12th January
Match 3 - Hosted by The Stragglers at Ham Lands
Race HQ - The Hawker Centre
Under 13, Under 15 and Under 17 2:00pm
Under 20, Seniors and Vets 2:30pm
Parking: Please use the car park at the Hawker Centre, Lower Ham Road, Kingston. If that is full, please park in the car park in St. George's Industrial Estate, which is just on the other side of Richmond Road
Facilites: the Hawker Centre has changing and refreshments.
Course: Through Ham Lands by the Thames, passing near Teddington Lock and Ham House.There are two laps of the northern loop.Although most of it is on grass/mud, a short section is on pavement past the front of the Thames Young Mariners lake (run twice).  Being on a flood plain, the course is largely flat and often quite muddy
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