Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Intermediate Group 2 (Vicci, Hannah)
October to December 2017

To be seen and be safe during the winter months,
please wear lights / head torches and wear reflective clothing.




Approx. Distance/Effort

Location and Surface

Upcoming Races

24th October Leg Strength Richmond Hill Repeats

From the terrace: Jog down to bottom of hill, hard back up, steady along the top and easy down Nightingale Lane. Steady along the road back to bottom of hill and repeat lap. 3rd lap hard down Richmond Hill, jog back up and hard across the top to finish opposite the Roebuck.

Approx. 6 miles total Richmond Hill at Cinema and then up and down hill  
31st October Halloween Fun Session TBC Approx 4 miles Ham Common Mob Match 4/11 @Kingston Vale
7th November Speed endurance Lamp post sprint Session

Lampposts: hard to lamppost 1, jog back, then 2, etc to 6. [2] Repeat but jog first, sprint back. Repeat but go hard out to 6 first and jog back, then 5 etc.

22-28 mins Riverside Drive Surrey Mens and Surrey Womens XC 11/11
14th November Speed Endurance 4 Minute efforts x 5 [1]


20 minutes Towpath from Richmond Bridge to Orleans Road, Richmond Road and Cambridge Park and towpath back to bridge London Womens and London Mens XC Championship 18/11
21st November Speed Endurance 3 x 1 Mile efforts [2] 3 miles Ham Gate Avenue/Church Road  
28th November Speed Endurance Tag your Partners/ Sprints. In threes, two start by the lock bridge (runners 1 and 3), the other runner (runner 2) goes to the other end of the river frontage. Runner 1 sprints towards runner 2 who then sprints back towards runner 3. Continuous for 24 minutes. 8 minutes Ranelagh Drive  
5th December Social Run Half Cabbage Patch Route Approx. 6.5 miles Clubhouse to Teddington Lock, Twickenham Road, Strawberry Vale, King Street, Richmond Road, Orleans Road, towpath to Richmond Bridge and back to clubhouse. Mob Match 9/12 @ Coulsdon for the Stubbs Cup
12th December Leg Strength Relay sessions with hills – Teams of 4 do rolling hill relays (continuous for 25 minutes) 3 miles Richmond Park –on road Sawyers Hill South of Thames 7.5 miles XC Championships 16/12
19th December Fun Christmas Cracker Relay Approx. 3 miles Richmond Green Henty Relay 30/12
26th December   No session      
Rest Times are in [ ] brackets