Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Intermediate Group 1
February to April 2021

Coaches: Dan, Phil, Amrut, Wiebke, Lloyd, Rachel and Rebecca Northmore


Intermediate 1 Training Sessions


Run Objective



Total Effort

Meeting Place

Richmond Park is closed after 8pm because of deer cull (4-6 weeks)


VO2 max Riverside Drive 8 x 400m [90s] @ faster than 5k pace plus 2 x 100m sprints - or as a relay in teams of 3 if group runs are possible 3.4 km Riverside Drive near Teddington Lock


VO2 max Ranelagh Drive - run anti-clockwise - speed related groups to form and start staggered, each goup with one runner to measure distance on the go Perry's Plan: 7 x [400m [60s]/ 200m[60s]] @ faster than 5k pace 4.2 km Ranelagh Drive - The Avenue end


VO2 max Ham Gate Avenue (1A) - Church Road (1B) Yassos - 800m Repeats: 7-8 repeats [90s] @ 5k pace 5.6 km - 6.4 km  

Richmond Park should now be open again after 8pm


Hills Ballet School - 1 B start near white banister over bridge near Sheen-roundabout to wooden gate at top; 1A - start near central car park (where the hill begins to rise) run up to Baker Cup finish Fox and Duck: 2 x 12' [90s] Runner A runs 10s ahead, runner B tries to catch him, together they run to the finish near Ballet School at moderate effort pace, slow down back to start, runner A and B to swap roles for next effort - Session adaptation if you run on your own: 2 x 4 hill sprints [90s], run 30 s really fast then reduce speed slightly to top of hill; every other repeat just run moderate to fast to top of hill 24 min (ca. 8 longish hills) outside of Richmond Gate

23/03/2021 - park closes for traffic 6:15 pm

Hills Richmond Park Holly Lodge Hill (start at junction with Holly Lodge Road) - groups 1A and 1B could separate and run on different hills: details to follow 2 x 11min [90s] fast up to the bench at the right hand side, slow down plus 2x 2' out and back @ 10k pace 26 min (ca 10 hills starting steep then nearly flat at top) outside of Richmond Gate

30/03/2021 - park closes for traffic 7:30 pm

Hills Richmond Park - Thatched Cottage Hill - start at gate - go around sundial at the top - groups 1A and 1B could separate and run on different hills: details to follow James Ritchie's session: 2 x 14' steady up - fast down continuously [2' between sets]- to note: this session emphasises the downhill running part 28 min (ca. 8-9 long hills) Pembroke Lodge


Hills Nightingale Lane - groups 1A and 1B could separate and run on different hills: details to follow Nightingale Lane Pyramid (Dan's session): 3 x (to hotel entrance, to middle point, to top, to middle point, to hotel entrance - each fast up and slow down continously) [90s] 15 hills of various length Richmond Hill - opposite Roebuck Pub
SAFETY FIRST: please wear bright clothes / high vis clothes and to also bring a headtorch (so you can see) and a red light (so that you can be seen from behind)  
  SIGNING UP FOR TRAINING SESSIONS: a teamer invite is sent each Sunday Evening for the upcoming Tuesday's training session. If you wish to run with the group you must sign up in advance i.e."accept". In advance of the session please change your acceptance status to 'decline' if you are no longer able to attend so that the Coach /Leader does not wait for you to arrive at the designated meeting point for the training session. To register directly to our teamer group please contact amrut.sharma@gmail.com