Ranelagh Harriers Training Plan
Intermediate Group 1
October to December 2017

Intermediate 1 Training Sessions




Total Effort


Upcoming Races

24 Oct Leg & Core Strength /

VO2 Max

Fartlek Hills (from Maria Yamauchi):

- 3 long hills at Ham Cross, fast up, slow down

- 5' recovery run on Middle Road

- 4 x triangles on Ham Cross Hill interspersed with one of the following core strength exercises after each of the first 3 triangles (1. squats, 2. press-ups, 3. star jumps (each 10 x)

- 5' recovery run to Thatched Cottage Road

- 5 x 30s fast up, slow down

- 5' recovery run to Ham Gate

- 8 sprints of 8s [8s] (count in your head) on Church Road

  Near Ham Cross (Richmond Park)  
31 Oct Pace Judgement Out and back: 2 x 12 min [2’] @ 5k pace 24 mins Start on Riverside by Ham House, continue onto Dukes Avenue, right at the petrol station, onto Lower Ham Road just past Hawker Centre Mob Match v Thames Hare and Hounds – Kingston Vale 4 Nov
7 Nov VO2 Max /

Speed Endurance

400m Riverside Relay (teams of 3): runner A runs fast for 400m and tags runner B who runs back to runner C. Each runner runs 8 times ca. 36 mins for team (so ca. 12 mins for each runner) Riverside Drive Surrey Women’s XC League Division 1 – Nonsuch Park 11 Nov.

Surrey Men’s XC League Division 1 – Mitcham Common 11 Nov

14 Nov Pace Judgement /

Speed Endurance

7 7 7: start Indian file instead of strides from Ham House to Teddington Lock, walk over bridge and then begin main session: Continuous running – 3 x 7 minutes, each time run 15s per km faster than the previous 7 mins (approx. HM pace / 10k pace / 5k pace) Indian File for about 1 km plus 21 mins From Teddington Lock to Richmond Bridge and back to club house London’s Men and Women’s London XC Championships – Parliament Hill 18 Nov
21 Nov Pace Judgement /

Speed Endurance

Yasso 800s x 6 [walk 100m in 90 secs between each rep to complete the 900m loop] ca. 5k Ranelagh Drive  
28 Nov Leg Strength 4 x 4 reps [2’] from bottom of NL to mid-point (hard up, very easy down). Finish with 1 x fast up from bottom of NL to top of the hill ca. 26 mins Nightingale Lane  
5 Dec Pace Judgement /

Speed Endurance

2k, 4 x 800m, 2k:

2k loop at 10k pace [90s]

4 x 800m on Church Road at 5k pace [90s]

2km loop at 10k pace

ca. 7 km Ham Gate Avenue / Church Road loops starting near Ham Gate Mob Match v South London Harriers – Coulsdon 9 Dec
12 Dec Hills / Leg Strength /

Speed Endurance

Royal Hills

Steady Pace along Park Road, fast down Queen’s Road, steady pace along Sheen Road, fast up King’s Road

x 3 or 4 [90s]

28 mins Queen’s Road / King’s Road. Start at corner of King’s Road and Park Road South of Thames 7.5 mile XC Championships – Aldershot 16 Dec
19 Dec Christmas Cracker Relay Fun session for all groups!   Richmond Green  

Start date not yet known but likely starts in November for up to 6 weeks.

SAFETY FIRST: Please wear bright clothes and a head torch to increase your visibility!