Becky and Phil Aiken - Women's Racing Group
October 2017







24th October Leg Strength Warm up to Ham Cross via Tamsin Trail and Ham Gate

4 x 4 triangles [2] (hard up, jog top, hard down)

6 x 1 min [30]

Long warm down via Pen Ponds Car Park, Sheen Cross, Richmond Gate and Star & Garter Hill

Ham Cross Triangle

Road between Ham Cross and Kingston Gate

Start: Ham Cross

Finish: Ham Cross

31st October Downhill Running Technique Warm up via Tamsin Trail to Kingston Gate, then marathon pace along path beside road to Thatched Lodge

8 - 10 x hill, down fast [jog up]

Aim to keep jog up the same time

Warm down to Clubhouse via Ham Gate and Tamsin Trail

Thatched Lodge Hill

Start: Top of the hill by the bend

Finish: Bottom of the hill, just up from the road junction

National Cross Country Relays

Berry Hill Park, Mansfield


Rest Times are in [ ] brackets