Becky and Phil Aiken - Women's Racing Group
July to August 2018







24th July Team work and speed Warm up to Ham Cross Gate and back to Polo Field

Working in pairs A/B of similar speed A runs 3 sides of a square which B jogs to meet them up the fourth side

Then B does 3 sides, while A jogs up to meet them

Reps should be hard

Total time 30 mins

Cool down to clubhouse via Petersham Gate

Polo Fields Wedding Day 7k (Full) Grass
31st July Leg strength Warm up via Tamsin Trail to Ham Cross

5 mins (Ham Cross to Kingston Gate on trail) [1]

Twice up Kingston Gate Hill on trail [jog down and regroup after 2nd]

2 x 5 mins (Kingston Gate to Ham Cross and back on Tamsin trail) [1]

Twice up Kingston Gate Hill [jog down and regroup after 2nd]

5 mins (Kingston Gate to Ham Cross on road)

Cool down via Tamsin Trail to Clubhouse

Dark Hill/Kingston Gate   Road/Trail
7th August Ratchford Relay Race celebrating Frances Ratchford’s contribution to the club. Please arrive early if you can.

Teams of 3 decided on the night. 1K loops. As a fast runner (likely) you will be doing 3 x 1k loops. You can do these in any order you wish within your team.

Run the loop as the warm-up and cool down.

Rise on Tamsin Trail near Petersham Gate Perseverance Wimbledon 5k Dash Trail
14th August Speed endurance Warm up to Sidmouth Wood via the steps

5-6 laps of the wood with 90secs recovery

Cool down via Richmond Gate

Sidmouth Wood   Trail
21st August Hill running technique Warm up via Queens Ride to back of Ballet School

6 * Spanker’s hill including top

Jog down recovery

Cool down to clubhouse via Pen Ponds and middle road

Spanker’s Hill   Trail
28th August Pacing practice Warm up to Ballet School via Queens Ride

40 secs @1k pace [60]

80 secs @2k pace [90]

100 secs @3k pace [120]

3 mins @5k pace [150]

3:40 mins @10k pace [180]

3 mins @5k pace [150]

100 secs @3k pace [120]

80 secs @2k pace [90]

40 secs @1k pace

Cool down to Clubhouse via Middle Road

Road at the top of the Ballet School Hill towards Pen Ponds Carpark   Road

Rest Times are in [ ] brackets