RANELAGH RICHMOND HALF MARATHON                                                                  13th  May 2007
South London Harrier, Jason Simpson, 40 on January 14th, so often prone to injury ran one of his best half-marathons in recent times writes Alastair Aitken. Simpson, who had to drop out of his last half marathon with calf trouble, was pleased to do inside 70 minutes for the Richmond event with a time of 68:57, which was faster than Phil Killingley's time of last year (70:30). Simpson appeared to like the course and despite not being keen on mud and uneven surfaces you get in cross-country, really enjoyed running on the towpath by the Thames. He did feel a little stiff for the first four miles but soon got into his rhythm.

It is possible that Will Clark, trying to go with him at the start, was brave under the circumstances as Simpson set a relentless pace for the rest of the half-marathon. The murky weather, with some gentle warm rain, seemed to suit most of the finishers. The race for 2nd and 3rd was tight from 6 to 11 miles between Padriac Buckley and Peter Stainer. Buckley, who had not run a half marathon before, ten years ago ran 29:48 for 10k. He came home in the silver position. In 4th place came Paul Doyle, Ranelagh's Surrey Vets Cross country Champion, who was 2nd last year in 73:15. He improved on that with 72:08. That very good M50 runner Tim Woods suffered with Achilles trouble and had to drop out.

The first woman was Naomi Warner, who was hoping to do six minute miles all the way and ended up with 80:18.
The second woman ran remarkably well, as a W50. Her name was Jane Laws and she was timed at 80:45 which was not a long way off the British best for an 'Over 50' of 79:39 done by ex-international Paula Fudge.