With the increasing difficulty of being able to obtain a place in the London Marathon, it has been decided that for the purposes of the Road Grand Prix, points may be achieved by running in any Spring Marathon, prior to the third Road Grand Prix event on the 5th May.
Road GP points, for any Spring Marathon will be allocated in 'chip time' finishing order.
Results for Event 2
Chip Time Name Marathon Age Cat.
2:21:42 David Criniti London M40+
2:29:51 Nick Impey Tokyo SM
2:35:41 Ross Macdonald London SM
2:38:47 James Riley London M40+
2:42:23 Tom Fairbrother London SM
2:45:50 Andy Starr London M40+
2:46:03 Kris Davidson Brighton M40+
2:49:33 Richard Kimber London SM
2:53:18 Simon Wolnizer London SM
2:55:44 Sergio Stillacci London M45+
2:57:24 David Ready Manchester SM
2:58:49 Jonathan Moore Boston M50+
2:59:19 Gareth Williams London M40+
3:00:01 Ed Perry London SM
3:01:11 Martin Halvey London M60+
3:06:04 Michael Everard London M45+
3:08:35 Paul Doyle London M50+
3:09:10 Karl Hankinson London SM
3:09:50 Simon Martin Paris M45+
3:11:00 Rory Atkins London SM
3:16:32 Neil Rae Brighton M45+
3:18:26 Mick Lane London M55+
3:18:47 Laura Blazey London SL
3:19:15 Bruce McLaren London M50+
3:21:48 James Ritchie Brighton M45+
3:22:02 Alice Forbes London SL
3:22:03 Clare Fowler London L40+
3:25:13 Richard Gurd Boston UK M45+
3:25:19 Marc Snaith London M40+
3:30:12 Mitch Phillips London M55+
3:31:58 Fiona Ford London L45+
3:33:27 Kathy Henry London L40+
3:34:08 Bill Neely London M55+
3:36:37 Alice Littler Manchester SL
3:37:33 Marie Synnott-Wells London L50+
3:38:02 John Rose Manchester M45+
3:40:35 Richard Willoughby London M50+
3:41:38 William Griffin London M50+
3:43:18 Jarryd Hillhouse Manchester SM
3:57:15 Egis Vincel London M40+
4:11:53 Siobhan Sharp Paris SL
4:15:40 Ian Grange Manchester M55+
4:16:25 James Old London M45+
4:16:46 Emma Goulding Brighton L35+
4:20:49 Mike Peace London M65+
4:22:49 Aoife Kilpatrick London L35+
4:22:49 Gavin Hillhouse London M45+
4:37:21 Colin Brett London M55+
4:37:22 Roger Wallace London M45+
4:48:59 Michael Morris London M45+
4:51:22 Tamsin Burland Boston UK L50+
4:53:09 Colette Doran London L45+