With the increasing difficulty of being able to obtain a place in the London Marathon, it has been decided that for the purposes of the Road Grand Prix, points may be achieved by running in any Spring Marathon, prior to the second Road Grand Prix event on the 3rd May.
Road GP points, for any Spring Marathon will be allocated in 'chip time' finishing order.
Results for Event 2
Chip Time Name Marathon Age Cat.
2:38:17 George Howard London SM
2:39:40 Carl Selya-Hammer London SM
2:41:41 Nick Twomey Shakespeare SM
2:43:59 Kris Davidson London M40+
2:55:37 Michael Everard Brighton M40+
** 2:57:18 ** Richard Dunley Manchester SM
2:57:31 Duncan Mallison London M40+
2:59:40 Jonathan Smith Paris SM
3:03:26 Martin Halvey Connemara M55+
3:09:01 Peter Faull London SM
3:09:56 Stewart Anderson London M45+
** 3:10:49 ** Marie Synnott-Wells Manchester L50+
3:14:45 Nick Wright London SM
3:15:28 Becky Hall London SL
3:18:00 Lars Lundqist Brighton SM
3:18:56 Bill Neely London M55+
** 3:21:06 ** William Griffin Manchester M45+
3:23:13 Bruce McLaren London M45+
3:26:57 Rob Curtis Brighton M45+
3:40:08 Amelie Hunton London SL
3:40:34 Wiebke Kortum London L45+
3:40:50 Chris Hunton London M50+
** 3:41:31 ** Ellen Clague Manchester L45+
3:41:49 Lloyd Camp Shakespeare M50+
3:42:26 Karen Weir London L40+
3:42:28 Sean Paynter London SM
3:44:29 Simon Martin London M40+
3:50:38 Mike Peace London M65+
3:57:00 Ashleigh Ferris Brighton SL
3:57:57 Jane Craigie-Payne Brighton L40+
3:59:07 Heather Martingell Milan L50+
4:03:16 Ian Grange Brighton M50+
4:13:20 Mel Davison Brighton L40+
4:18:37 Ally Salisbury Brighton L45+
4:20:42 Ann Kearey Brighton L45+
4:23:07 Lewis Emery London M55+
4:31:56 Leeanne Bryce London SL
** 4:43:42 ** Maya Farah Manchester L35+
4:52:13 Karima Graham London L35+
4:53:37 Peter Gatley London M55+
4:57:56 Bronwen Northmore Brighton L60+
5:09:22 Tanya Allen Brighton L45+
5:24:13 Cindy Croucher Brighton L40+
** Invalid Time (short course - 380yds)