With the increasing difficulty of being able to obtain a place in the London Marathon, it has been decided that for the purposes of the Road Grand Prix, points may be achieved by running in any Spring Marathon, prior to the second Road Grand Prix event on the 27th April.
Road GP points, for any Spring Marathon will be allocated in 'chip time' finishing order.
Results for Event 1
Chip Time Name Marathon Age Cat.
2:39:40 Carl Selya-Hammer London SM
2:48:59 Nick Twomey London SM
2:53:46 Martin Halvey Brescia M55+
2:55:00 Paul Doyle Boston M45+
2:58:41 Rick Jenner London SM
3:01:51 Nick Wright London SM
3:02:39 Duncan Mallison Hamburg SM
3:06:20 Colin Brett London M50+
3:07:44 Mark Herbert London SM
3:10:21 Paul Nicholl London SM
3:18:02 Lars Lundqvist Paris SM
3:20:05 Simon Burrell London M45+
3:24:59 James Whistler London SM
3:26:31 Matthew Copp Paris SM
3:35:43 Phil Jackson Tokyo M60+
3:38:56 Bill Neely London M50+
3:39:25 Amelie Hunton London U20
3:39:50 Rob Curtis Brighton M40+
3:40:40 Bruce McLaren London M45+
3:49:27 Jane Craigie-Payne Brighton L40+
3:49:43 Stephen Logue London M55+
3:50:37 Jo Peace London SM
3:51:10 Martin Nance London M55+
3:53:28 Mike Peace London M60+
3:54:40 Ian Grange London M50+
4:02:03 Hannah Doyle London L35+
4:23:09 Heather Martingell Tokyo L45+
4:25:19 Stephen Aikin London M45+
4:36:34 Tamsin Burland Tokyo L40+
4:57:54 Michelle Hovanessian Brighton SL
4:59:08 Leeanne Bryce London SL
5:20:47 Penny Merrett Brighton L60+
5:50:45 Deirdre Inman Brighton L50+
5:50:46 Cindy Croucher Brighton L40+