Newsdesk 2003

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 99               14 MAY 2003
 Web site: www.ranelagh-harriers.com  

 RICHMOND HALF MARATHON  Sunday May 18th 8.30am start
 We have nearly 600 entries, above our official limit, so there will be no
 entries on the day. We'll need all hands on deck to manage the crowds, so if
 you can spare the time do please come along and help out. The start and
 finish are at Old Deer Park near the swimming pool.

 GREEN BELT RELAY  Saturday May 10th and Sunday May 11th
 Fuller details will I hope be in the next e-news, but suffice it to say that
 our four teams all got round the course and nearly everybody enjoyed
 themselves! There were alarms and excursions, missed buses and navigational
 brainstorms, fast runs and slow runs. Our Old Dogs won the Walking Stick for
 the first vets team to finish and Bev's Bloodhounds won the Toilet Seat for
 the last team to complete the course. Our Lassies were second in the women's
 section and our Mongrels didn't bite anybody. Hugh Jones and Anna McLaughlin
 both registered double stage wins.
 Full results are on the race web site at www.greenbeltrelay.org.uk
 abbreviated results are on our own web site.

  1 Sunday Night Shandies 21.21.43
  2 West 4 Wombats 22.39.44
  3 Ranelagh Old Dogs (1st vets) 22.51.25
 12 Serpies Gulliver's Travellers (1st W) 26.25.45
 13 Ranelagh Mongrels 26.30.40
 15 Ranelagh Lassies (2nd W) 26.56.31
 23 Ranelagh Bloodhounds 32.56.34

 PARKLAND RELAY  Wednesday May 7th in Richmond Park
 Darryl became surrogate captain for the day and pulled together a good team
 that couldn't match the might of Thames H&H but ran into second place. Wine
 bottles were the reward, which was a bit hard on non-drinker Darryl! He
 "Well done to all who participated, cheered and helped in the TH&H 2003
 Parkland Relays. The Ranelagh 'A' Men's Team were second overall, I believe
 the best we've ever done for this event. And the Ranelagh 'B' Men's Team had
 some respectable times as well, including by a very reluctant Gareth Davies.
 Below are the times, according to the event organiser, Alastair Kennis
 (TH&H). The course is believed to measure 2.8 miles. 
 Thanks goes out to everyone, but particular thanks goes out to Gareth, who
 ran on short notice; Will, who actually 'ran'; Hugh 'Da Man' Jones for not
 only showing up at such short notice, but for also coming all the way from
 north London to run such a low-key event. Made all the difference. And a
 huge thanks to Ken 'Stats II' Powley who was at worst, five seconds off
 predicted times (one second off my predicted time. Scary). 
 Andy, back to you, I'm retiring from this substitute captain thing. But it
 was fun while it lasted.

 1 Thames H&H 59.17
 2 Ranelagh 62.01
 Hugh Jones 3 15.08
 Mick Lane 2 15.59
 Paul Doyle 2 15.43
 Darryl McDonald 2 15.11 
 13 Ranelagh B 71.57
 Mike Peace 17 18.17
 Mike Hill 12 17.09
 Will Graves 13 17.42
 Gareth Davies 13 18.49

 SURREY TRACK CHAMPIONSHIPS Saturday May 10th at Kingston
 Ken Powley reports:
 "Paul Doyle, running on the track in the Herne Hill colours on Saturday, won
 the Surrey County 5000m Championship at Kingsmeadow Stadium. Running his
 best race of the season he led from start to finish, going away over the
 last five laps and beating fellow club runner Tony Harran by over six
 seconds in a time of 16:01.38. This was Paul's third race in seven days,
 coming after the Sutton 10K and the Parkland Relay, and he's now looking to
 do well in the Richmond Half Marathon". 

 LANGTOFT 10Km  Sunday May 4th at Peterborough
 Joanne Ronaldson finished 2nd in 44.05.  

 SHAKESPEARE MARATHON  Stratford  Sunday April 27th
 Darren Wood reports: 
 "I completed my first marathon in 04:16:10, not in the time that I wanted
 being under 4hrs however all the same finished on what I would call a hilly
 course, with one at 20 miles killing me and from there found the last six
 miles hell".
 1 M Adcock (Huncote) 2.49.36
 304 Darren Wood 4.16.10 

 TWO OCEANS 56 KM  Saturday 19th April in Capetown, South Africa
 No report yet, but another name to add to the half marathon result: Sara
 Nakielny finished in 1.44.58. Sorry for missing you before Sara! 

 Hugh Jones is one of eight British distance running "legends" lined up for
 the Bristol Half Marathon on September 7th. $5000 is on offer for the first
 home with $1000 for the runner-up. 'Athletics Weekly' gives Hugh odds of 4-1
 and makes Eamonn Martin evens favourite for the top prize. Others taking
 part - all 1984 Los Angeles Olympians - include Steve Cram, Steve Jones,
 Mike McLeod, Charlie Spedding, Nick Rose and Tim Hutchings.
 MASTERS TRACK LEAGUE  Monday May 19th at Battersea Park
 Margaret Auerback writes:
 "According to the Hillingdon website this Monday evening's match clashes
 with Chelsea flower show. This means allowing a lot of extra time if you
 drive there. Best bet is probably the train with the nearest station being
 Queenstown Road on the Richmond to Waterloo line, less than 10 mins walk
 from the track. Have still got one or two vacant slots if anyone fancies a
 run and there is always plenty of room for non-scorers". 

 More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 mailto:norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk ) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 / 
 mailto:sarahs@walker.co.uk ). See our web site for details and scores in
 the Ranelagh Road Grand Prix. 

 Sunday May 18th Richmond Half Marathon. Race 4 in the Ranelagh Grand Prix
 series 2003. Start 8.30am at Old Deer Park. Entries now closed.

 Sunday June 8th       Dorking 10 miles road race. Race 5 in the Ranelagh
 Grand Prix series 2003. 10.45am start. Entry form can be downloaded from

 Sunday June 29th Dysart Dash 10km at Ham, Richmond. Race 6 in the
 Ranelagh Grand Prix series 2003. 10am start. Entry forms in the clubhouse or
 from our web site.

 Sunday July 6th Harry Hawkes 8 miles at Thames Ditton. Race 7 in the
 Ranelagh Grand Prix series 2003. Entry form can be downloaded from

 Sunday July 20th Elmbridge 10km at Walton. Start 10.30am. Race 8 in
 the Ranelagh Grand Prix series 2003. Entry form can be downloaded from
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