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 LEE CUP MOB MATCH v ORION HARRIERS at Chingford  Saturday October 26th 
 We didn't win! Marcus Gohar reports:
 "As the saying goes, 'It's not the winning that counts, it's the taking
 part.' Someone else said that in middle age the best exercise taken is
 discretion. Most of our runners, young, old, and middle aged preferred to
 let discretion be the better part of valour by not taking part, hence not
 much counting was needed to ascertain that we hadn't won. In fact we were
 so sparse that when I left, we hadn't even appeared on the results at all,
 our feeble presence indicated only by gaps in the finishing positions of
 the Orion runners. Still, it was good fun running through the beautiful
 Epping Forest, the mud seldom rising above ankle deep, unlike two years
 ago when President Peace had to wear a lifejacket.
 Well done to those who were there, some racing, others running round,
 especially well done to the new members who ran. Those of you who weren't
 there missed a tough but enjoyable race of the type which is also very
 good winter preparation for the spring and summer road season. Still, no
 use crying over spilt milk, let's see if we can turn out 80 against Thames
 Hare and Hounds on 30 November".
 In truth the course is positively benign compared with the bad old days.
 There is some mud but much of the course is on good  runnable tracks
 through the beautiful - if hilly - Epping Forest. It's a great shame that
 not more people were prepared to give it a try. 
 The Orion computer attempted to expunge us, Stalinist-fashion, from the
 results and in the circumstances we magnanimously offered to call it a
 draw. But quill and parchment were found and the stark details set down.
 NATIONAL ROAD RELAY CHAMPIONSHIPS at Sutton Park, Birmingham  Saturday
 October 26th
 Our women's team acquitted itself well to finish just in the top half of
 the 82 teams starting, even if, to quote Clare, "I don't think any of us
 ran as well as we'd wished".
 1 Windsor SE&H  59.40
 39 Ranelagh  69.56
 Sarah Seal       37 16.22
 Clare Nicholson  50 18.28
 Liz Kipling      38 16.58
 Sara Grosvenor   39 18.08 
 Paul Doyle reports from the Dublin Marathon held on Monday October 28th:
 "This year's Dublin marathon was sponsored by Adidas. I thought it was
 well organised. Half of the 8,000 runners came from North America. The
 race itself is run on the Irish bank holiday Monday, so the weekend starts
 at the Expo, race number & chip collection Sat/Sun.  The seminars on
 marathon running given by former Irish elites, such as John Tracey were
 very informative (for the future).
 By Monday the storm had cleared, so the race was run in near perfect
 conditions. I had no problem with the start, about 5 metres behind the
 elite runners. Because the prize money is relatively low, Ireland can only
 attract a "B" list elite. The chip recorded the start, half and finish.
 The course was traffic free and pleasant, with some good support. There
 were bottled water stations every 3 miles, and a couple of sport drink
 stations. For the first time for several years the route went through the
 Phoenix Park (bigger than Richmond Park). The only big hill was up the
 'Furry Glen' in the park, a long drag of about 3/4 mile, at 19miles. The
 last 6miles were flat or downhill.
 For the first 17miles I enjoyed running with the chasing group of elite
 women, at around 2.35 pace. I got some special cheers for my Ranelagh vest
 as we ran close to the area! At the same time as I started to lose the
 pace I had to have a pit stop in one of the loos. Still not feeling good,
 I struggled up the Furry Glen and could only jog the last six, feeling
 like a right plonker! (I hadn't taken the good advice of a slow start)".
 1 F Cherono (Kenya)       2:14:25; 
 W1 L Vassilevskaia (Russ) 2:32:56 (course record)
 74 Paul Doyle             2:47:12
 574 Marlene Pautard       3:21:00 
 Ian Dent writes from Australia:
 "Melbourne last week hosted the very successful World Masters Games - 29
 sports and 25,000 entries so no small event. All the results can be found
 via http://www.2002worldmasters.org 
 I ran in the 10km road race on the opening Sunday which was held over two
 laps around the Albert Park lake grand prix circuit so very fast and flat.
 My time of 35:38 was 39th overall and 9th in V40. I followed this up four
 days later with a 5000m outing on the Olympic Park track where I ran 17:18
 for 8th V40. Neither run was a particularly startling time but a fair
 reflection of where my fitness is at after a couple of interrupted
 training months with a stress fracture.
 This weekend I'm meeting up with new Melbourne resident Paul Beauvais.
 Paul has apparently joined Richmond Harriers here and set to make his
 track debut over 5km this Saturday".
 And no sooner did we receive the above than the following arrived via Neil
 Walford from Paul Beauvais himself:
 "We have just moved again for the umpteenth time, this time to Melbourne
 which seems to be very nice. I am sure that I will find fault with it
 eventually but at the moment it is a pleasant change after Sydney.
 Everthing here is very civilised and you are constantly reminded that it
 was never a convict settlement. I live near Kew which is next to Richmond
 and now run for Richmond Harriers. 
 There is a lot of old England which people hang on to here. Even so it is
 probably the most multicultural place that I have ever lived in. Most
 cities tend to ghettoise all the different ethnic groups but here you
 cannot find a 'white suburb'. Every part of Melbourne seems to have an
 even mix of asian, european and whatever else. We live in a street of
 manicured lawns and net curtains and keen neighbourhood watch militia.
 Running routes are abundant as there are parks and trails everywhere. I
 will be doing my first race in a year and a half on Saturday so I am
 rather nervous about it. I think that I am quite fit as I have been
 running constantly but nothing competitive". 
 Ranelagh has links with Melbourne's Richmond Harriers going back to the
 1960s - older members will remember names like Cother, Locke, Ryan,
 Hubbert and others. We used to get quite a regular flow of Australian
 runners joining us while in the UK for a few months or in some cases for a
 few years but this seems largely to have dried up of late. Perhaps Ian or
 Paul could send a few our way!
 Don't forget Alan Craig's working party to attend to a bit of maintenance
 at the clubhouse on Saturday November 9th. If you can spare an hour or two
 to help trim hedges, clean out gutters etc please contact Alan on 020 8940
 2556 or at a.craig@rhp.org.uk.
 More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 mailto:norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk) or
 Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 / mailto:sarahs@walker.co.uk).
 Saturday November 2nd Priory Relays at Reigate
 Saturday November 9th South of Thames "Junior" Championship at Hayes, Kent
 Sunday November 10th National Veterans Relay Championship at Lloyd Park,
 Saturday November 16th Surrey League Division 1 - men at Kingston
 Vale, women at Wimbledon Common. Start times 2.30pm for the junior
 men's races, followed by the seniors; 12.30pm for the senior women's race
 followed by the junior women.
 Saturday November 30th  Mob Match v Thames Hare and Hounds in Richmond
 Park including the club vets (masters?) championships. 2.30pm start.
 In the Vets AC track championships on September 8th, Francis Thomason
 competed in every single event in the Over 50 age group. That's 15 events
 ranging from the Hammer Throw via the Pole Vault and the 3km walk to the
 5000 metres. I believe this is the same Francis Thomason who is listed in
 the Guinness Book of Records as the possessor of the greatest number of
 'O' Levels and GCSEs....
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