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Computer Ken writes with a warning about the Bugbear virus, which seems to
have infected one or two members' computers and propagates itself using
e-mail address books:
"Beware of this virus which is extremly rampant and has received a category
4 from Symantec, one of the highest. The thing to watch out for is any email
with a file size of 69k. This is simple using Hotmail as the file size is
always shown against the Subject name. With Outlook Express you need to
right-click on the email and look at Properties, to see the file size. NEVER
use the preview window". 

This Saturday (October 12th) sees the start of the 2002-03 Surrey
Cross-Country League campaigns for both men and women. Both teams are
currently in Division One of their respective Leagues and aim to stay there!
The women's fixture is at Tattenham Corner, Epsom Downs, with the senior
race kicking off the proceedings at 12.30pm followed by the junior events.
The men are at Brockwell Park, Brixton, with the junior race at 2.30pm and
the seniors at 3pm. All are welcome to run the League events - just turn up
and collect a number from the Captain or team manager.

PAGE CUP 5 MILES HANDICAP   Richmond Park   5th October 2002
Teresa Segovia was first across the line in the second handicap in a row,
but as she's still competing as a guest she has no cup to her name. Bad luck
Teresa, you won't get another chance for at least 30 years!
That is the period, according to Hugh Jones, that has passed since he last
won a handicap medal. Not fastest time medals, which of course he has by the
bucket-load, but actual handicap medals. Hugh almost ran right through the
field but was not even round the last corner in time to witness Niels
Andersen crossing the line to take Mr Page's cup. In fact Hugh only ran into
the medal positions after the last corner and not until the final yards did
he push Alan Howard back into third place. That's two medals in a week for
Alan, who was one of our over 60s silver streakers in the Southern relays
the week before. That success has obviously inspired them - all four were
out competing again today!
It was a good win for Niels, who has been out with injury (or, of course,
secret training) for several months. Hugh naturally ran quickest and Marcus
Gohar held on to him as long as he could for second place. Andy Bickerstaff
showed improving form as third fastest and back at 13th overall Sarah Seal
was fastest woman.   
An award of an engraved glass tankard was made after the race to Mike
McDowell in celebration of his 50 years of Ranelagh membership last year,
and Mike generously brought along the wherewithal to allow him to christen
the tankard and the rest of us to drink his health.

Seaton Half Marathon   15th September
1	P Roper (Poole)		70.12
16	Grant Lemke		82.35

Berlin Marathon    29th September
1	N Takahashi (Japan)	2.21.48	
390	Jenni Kruse		3.34.35

Windsor Half Marathon   29th September
1	J Kimtai (Kenya)	1.04.12
258	John Keep		1.35.20
273	Ed Barker		1.35.51
1891	David Rowntree		1.59.05
2698	Simon Burrell		2.07.54
3739	Frances Wray		2.24.03
3946	Hazel Carr		2.28.29
4159	Pat Hewlett		2.34.37

Lewes Downland 10 miles    6th October
1	N Gates (Brighton & H)	57.20
11	Andy Bickerstaff		63.16
22	Kevin Jacques		65.44
136	Neil Walford		77.51

These are to be held in Richmond Park on Saturday October 19th, starting at
2.30pm. If you're planning to run you need to enter in advance: contact
Clive Naish (clive.naish@bt.com) or Margaret Auerback
(margaret.auerback@virgin.net) by 12th October. Entry fee is 3 per head.
Entries on the day are usually accepted but will be ineligible for team

(now Fiona Axe after her marriage in May) sends greetings from Hong Kong: "I
moved to Hong Kong in September and after having a hectic time moving in, am
now getting back into some fitness. I have a found a long distance running
club here which I am going to join, plus enter some races. Won't quite be
like the UK, the heat and humidity here are pretty interesting. I will be in
touch and when in the UK and will certainly be down at the club house".

Bridget Cuthbert writes:
"We now have sixteen committed to going to the Two Oceans race (or the
associated Half Marathon) in South Africa next April.  Can I remind you to
pay 35 deposit to me as soon as possible. Those of you doing the full race
should start getting some miles under your belts!  Long Saturday or Sunday
runs will start in November for anyone interested. Dates and venues to
follow, as some are keen to run in the countryside". Contact Bridget
(bridget@bridget.fsnet.co.uk) for more info.
Peter Saw writes about this non-competitive 26 miles walk through the Surrey
"Reminder! The Founders' Challenge is on 20th October. Having led the group
round last weekend to check out the route description I can recommend it as
a fine day out in the Surrey Hills - unless pounding concrete round the
polluted roads of Twickenham after the Callis Cup is more attractive!
Not only is Ranelagh Harrier Ted McCabe going to be at Peaslake to welcome
you but all refreshments including a light meal at the finish is included in
the entry fee. The route description proved very easy to follow but
obviously a group could share the navigation". More info from the LDWA web
site (www.ldwa.org.uk). 

Highlights of the meeting held on 25th September:
Alan Craig presented the costs for the excellent job he and his team have
made of re-tiling the men's showers. He is also looking into relaying the
men's shower floor, repairing the boiler timer and general gas servicing.
Alan will also be organising a working party to trim the hedge behind the
clubhouse and clear leaves from the gutters.
It was agreed that club coaches should have training in First Aid.
Details of plans for the clubhouse extension have been put on our website.
Chris Owens will welcome comments on the plans.
Car parking at the clubhouse remains a problem and Mike Peace is to have
discussions with the pub management and look into possible alternative
parking arrangements.
Alan Hedger asks that anyone who was entitled to a club medal from last
season's fixtures and who was not at the Baker Cup to collect it, should
contact him to claim their reward!
Nineteen new members were elected, as listed below.   

to new members Penny Shelton, Christine Goodair, Jo Pike, Anna McLaughlin,
Deborah Blakemore, Teresa Segovia, Lorna Smith, Christine Worrall, Alex
Hook, Lynn Buist, Alister Hook, Steve Hook, Stephen McClune, Steve Holt,
John Piears, Simon Lawrence, Owen Munday, Joseph Greer and John Doyle. 

Ranelagh lost both its oldest and its longest-serving member with the death
last month of Gordon Seconde at the age of 91. Gordon joined the club in
1932 and, though he never had pretensions towards being a fast runner, he
was to be an enthusiastic participant in both the athletic and social sides
of our activities for over 50 years. 
Gordon served in the Army during the war and elected to stay in the forces
until 1948 when he re-emerged to finish last in that year's Thomas Cup
handicap, as reported in that year's Gazette: "Our Mr Seconde, in ballast
and fresh from Army good living, negotiated the course in heroic style,
completing it with complexion so ruddy as to merit the approval of the most
sceptical of brewers". The ruddy cheerful countenance and taste for beer
typify the descriptions of Gordon to be found in our club archives.
In the same race two years later he recorded the first of an unprecedented
four Thomas Cup handicap wins spread over 25 years. In 1953 he became Hon
Secretary where his "efficient and unruffled control of affairs for the next
six years played no small part in the club's rise from the middle 1950s
onwards". In 1959 his Civil Service duties took him to Glasgow for a year
but in 1961, by now a Vice President, he resumed the secretarial role for a
further four seasons. In 1967 he celebrated his election as club President
with his third Thomas Cup victory and two weeks later it fell to him to
preside over the formal opening of the club's new dressing rooms - the
predecessor of our present clubhouse. He remained President until 1973, to
be succeeded by his brother-in-law John Martin.
Retirement to Birmingham curtailed Gordon's appearances at the Dysart but he
continued to pay the occasional visit well into his 80s. He is survived by a
daughter and his son David, himself a Ranelagh Harrier for many years. 

More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
mailto:norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /

Saturday October 12th      Surrey Cross Country League Division One: men at
Brockwell Park, women at Epsom Downs. See above.

Saturday October 19th     Surrey Veterans Cross-Country Championships at
Richmond Park. 2.30pm start. See above.
Sunday October 20th      Cabbage Patch 10 miles road race at Twickenham,
incorporating our Callis Cup 10 miles road championship. 10 am start.
Entries 9 (payable to The Cabbage Patch Run) to 29 Stourton Avenue,
Hanworth, Middlesex TW13 6LA. Entry forms can be downloaded from
www.stragglers.org. Entry on the day 12.

Saturday October 26th      Mob Match v Orion Harriers 7.5 miles at
Chingford. 2.30pm start.

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