Newsdesk 2002

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 SURREY ROAD RELAYS   at Wimbledon Park  14th September 
 Sarah Seal not only managed to get an excellent crowd of runners to turn
 out, she also got three of them to write reports! First Sarah herself:  
 "An amazing total of 16 girls (who have now found fame on the website...)
 turned out for the Surrey Road Relays in Wimbledon, allowing Ranelagh to
 field a whopping 4 teams in the race. This was the first time several of
 the girls had taken part in such an event and everyone certainly enjoyed
 themselves. Our prize at the end of the day, a silver medal to which much
 of the credit must be given to  Liz for her speedy anchor leg for the A
 team where she cooly cruised past Belgrave into second place. Liz recorded
 the fastest time ever for a Ranelagh lady on this course and now claims
 8th overall fastest time out of all senior women in the SRR records.
 Millions of thanks to all those who ran and supported, to Julian for
 providing the tea (didn't quite manage to get all 16 girls back to his
 flat) and especially the bun buyers, they were scrummy!!"
 Alice Beverly writes:
 "Usually when I run in a big race, I'm quite intimidated by the sheer
 numbers of other club runners... i.e. Belgave, SLH, Guilford & Godalming.
 However last Saturday it was the blue Ranelagh vest that dominated, rather
 than the usual maroon & yellow! Despite a gut-busting stitch in the last
 mile I managed (just about) to enjoy the race and improve on my time from
 last year... though that's hardly surprising as last year I had come
 straight from a friend's eighteenth birthday party with rather too much
 tequila and about four hours sleep!"
 Sam Grant writes:
 "It was my first time running with Ranelagh against other clubs so it was
 all a very new experience. Had great fun - running was shorter distance
 but somehow also harder work than I had anticipated... and there was loads
 of support for Ranelagh all round the course - not sure who from (included
 person in a van and all sorts of strangers out for their afternoon runs)
 but was all extremely welcome!"
 Sophie Timms writes:
 "Feeling ropey with a cold, it was touch and go as to whether I was going
 to make it but I'm really glad I made the effort. Despite a fairly average
 time, it was a good test of how much speedwork is needed before the
 beginning of the cross-country season. It was also a good exercise in team
 building and we all had a good laugh - particularly at the photographer's
 expense (don't give up your day job, Julian!)".
 The women's vets team narrowly missed medals as Margaret, closing rapidly
 on the Reigate runner ahead, just ran out of road.
 The men's vets team had more luck, however, and settled into an isolated
 bronze medal position after Marcus had run a storming first stage to set
 fastest time of the day and fourth fastest ever by a vet. Stephen Instone
 slipped back to fourth on stage 2 but Andy Bickerstaff pulled back into a
 comfortable third place which was consolidated by Kevin Jacques. 
 Sad to relate we had no men's senior team on parade! 
 1  South London		73.18
 2  Ranelagh		74.08
 	Alice Beverly		19:25
      	Sarah Seal		18:20
      	Bridget Cuthbert 	19:01
      	Liz Kipling		17:22
 3  Belgrave		74.24
 5  Ranelagh B		77.11	
 	Anair Beverly		19:34
      	Estelle Damant		20:18
      	Jenni Kruse		18:50
      	Kristina Semple		18:29
 8  Ranelagh C		83.52
      	Anna McLaughlin	20:17
      	Sophie Timms 		21:42
      	Sam Grant 		22:12
      	Clare Nicholson		19:41
 Veteran Women
 1  Epsom & Ewell	76.41
 4  Ranelagh		81.44
      	Jacqui Reid         	22:41
      	Sue Healey          	19:38
      	Eliete Nascimento	20:06
      	Margaret Auerback   	19:19
 Veteran Men
 1  Herne Hill		61.21
 2  South London		63.05
 3  Ranelagh		64.52
      	Marcus Gohar        	15:03
      	Stephen Instone     	17:34
      	Andy Bickerstaff    	16:04
      	Kevin Jacques       	16:11
 NIKE 10km  in Richmond Park  22nd September
 Generations of Ranelagh Harriers have run laps of the Park's road circuit,
 but certainly none so fast as Kenyan Paul Kosgei who covered 10kms of the
 circuit (from near Sheen cross-roads to the Roehampton golf course) in
 28.23; and none so fast, I strongly suspect, as Paula Radcliffe who flew
 round in a European road best of 30.38. 
 20,000 entries were accepted but no parking facilities were provided
 (where could they?). Special buses were laid on from local stations but
 I'm told there were huge queues for these, with the result that the start
 was delayed by 30 minutes for the "blue" group (sub-45 mins) and even
 longer for the three subsequent waves of starters.  
 As later waves became intermingled the congestion on the Park's narrow
 roads increased, making serious running difficult. But of course it was a
 "fun run" and not a race so perhaps it didn't matter. Congestion continued
 after the finish and I'm told there were long waits to retrieve kit. But
 at least the weather was benign.  
 There were enough RH in the Park to man a small mob match, but relatively
 few in the race (sorry, run) itself. Paul Doyle and Marcus Gohar were
 prominent and others spotted by your correspondent included Steve Barber,
 Bridget Cuthbert, Janet Turnes, Julie Naismith, Hilary Saw and Mike
 Rowland. Doubtless there were others. Paul Doyle reports:
 "A beautiful sunny morning greeted the 20,000 runners who descended on
 Richmond Park. A small group of 10 or more elite athletes was assembled to
 provide the quality running. In amongst the 'fun' runners I spotted Marcus
 and Seb Coe. I managed a good starting position, a couple of feet behind
 Paula Radcliffe. The start went well, with the elites going off fast.
 Between 1km and 2km many of the less experienced runners were suffering
 from the fast start. After that the race settled down. It felt like a home
 run with so many Ranelagh Harriers encouraging me along the way. I set my
 sights on chasing a group containing Sonia O Sullivan, who was treating
 the run as a training session. If I had been on top form & injury free I
 might have had the pleasure of running alongside her.  Most runners ran
 the first 5km faster than the final half. Indeed Paula Radcliffe was on
 World Best pace at half way. The wind was strong in the final couple of
 kilometres. The finish at Roehampton Gate was visible from several hundred
 metres and that gave a final spur. World half marathon champion Paul
 Kosgei won in 28:23 and Paula Radcliffe finished 10th overall in a
 European Best of 30:38."
 No results seem to have been published beyond the first handful of men and
 women, but Paul reports having finished in 34.14.
 Kerrie O'Connor is now working in Telford but, to quote Robin Drummond,
 "...still finds ways to punish herself. Not content with doing a half
 ironman triathlon, she chose the Snowdon race which crosses Llanberis pass
 both on the bike ride and the run!"
 932	Kerrie O'Connor		swim		43.47             
 				transition	9.27
 				bike		3.36.33
 				transition	5.44
 				run (half mar)	2.03.12
 				total		6:38:44
 Anne Fallows, now living in Wales, finished 16th in 39.35 in the Cardiff
 10km or September 8th.
 Mick Lane finished 11th in 55.18 in the British Police 10 miles
 championship in Edinburgh on September 11th.
 Liz Kipling writes:
 "Large room available in friendly shared house. Located in Isleworth, 10
 mins walk from St Margarets mainline station and within easy reach of
 Richmond and Hounslow. Professional, non smoker preferred. 265 + bills
 pcm. Available beginning October. If interested please e-mail
 lizkipling@hotmail.com or phone 07762
 Bob Beatson writes:
 "On two occasions in recent months, a Wednesday night newcomer has found
 themselves on their own in Richmond Park. The second and more serious
 occasion (18/9) prompted this note. Having been left behind by the pack,
 the lady concerned found herself on her own at Robin Hood gate, in fading
 light, with no money, and no phone. Understandably, she decided to leave
 the park, and to try to get a taxi back to the club. This took some time,
 but she did eventually make it back to the clubhouse (at about 8:30pm I
 think) to pick up her keys from the changing room (and to pick up her car
 I presume). It was lucky that Bert and I were still there to let her in.
 She was worried about how she was going to pay for the taxi, so Bert lent
 her 10. (With hindsight, I think that money should come from the club.
 Surely that's the least we can do in the circumstances?) We really must
 make sure that this sort of thing doesn't happen again, particularly with
 the evenings drawing in. Not only was she left on her own, but it seems
 that no one even realised that she hadn't returned to the club. I don't
 know how it happened, as I was late that night, and the pack was out of
 sight by the time I got into the park. It may be that discussions about
 the new parking ban in the Dysart car park distracted people from looking
 after the newcomer, but that's no excuse. I don't think there's any point
 in trying to pin blame on any individuals. The only way I can see to avoid
 this happening again is for everyone to take responsibility for looking
 after newcomers. That means keeping an eye open for new faces at the
 clubhouse, welcoming them, explaining the routine, and trying to fix them
 up with suitable people to run with. If everyone accepts their share of
 this responsibility, this sort of problem should be avoidable. There is a
 temptation for those doing shorter or slower runs to go out separately
 from the main pack. This can make it more difficult to find people for
 newcomers to run with, so perhaps we should try at least to start
 together? That might reduce the chances of newcomers feeling out of their
 depth, or indeed getting left behind".
 The following comes from David Reader, London Athletics Development
 "Seb Coe has agreed to address the forthcoming conference, 'Developing
 Athletics'. The conference which will be held on Thursday 10th October at
 the Thames Valley Athletics Centre, Eton, will focus on three aspects:
 Active Sports & Athletics, Athletics Development Tools and Athletics &
 Social Inclusion.
 The day has been organised by the AAAs development team and is aimed at
 sport development officers, teachers, physical education advisors and
 anyone else who is interested in the development of athletics.
 Places still remain for those interested. For an application form email me
 back (mailto:dreader@aaae-london.fsnet.co.uk) with a postal address.
 (Closing date 26th September).
 More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 mailto:norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /
 Saturday September 28th    Southern Road Relays at Aldershot (men)
 Sunday September 29th	     Southern Road Relays at Aldershot (women)  
 Saturday October 5th     Page Cup 5 miles handicap in Richmond Park, 3pm
 Saturday October 12th      Surrey Cross Country League Division One: men
 at Brockwell Park, women at Epsom Downs. Note the change of venue for the
 women's fixture - not Richmond Park as shown in the Fixture Card.
 Saturday October 19th    Surrey Veterans Cross-Country Championships at
 Richmond Park. 2.30pm start.
 Sunday October 20th      Cabbage Patch 10 miles road race at Twickenham,
 incorporating our Callis Cup 10 miles road championship. 10 am start.
 Entries 9 (payable to The Cabbage Patch Run) to 29 Stourton Avenue,
 Hanworth, Middlesex TW13 6LA. Entry forms can be downloaded from
 www.stragglers.org. Entry on the day 12.
 Anyone who has been running for a few years will be accustomed to the odd
 insult or catcall while they are out pounding the streets: "Hup two three
 four", "Get them knees up" and other such highly original hilarities.  But
 now that runners on the roads are a common sight I thought that these
 witticisms were fading out. It seems I was wrong. Has anyone else noticed
 that if you hit the streets in running shorts the local wags are beginning
 to pass jocular comments about the length of your shorts? It seems that to
 be socially acceptable your shorts must be billowing around your knees
 tennis-style. Or perhaps it's just my legs...      
 Steve Rowland
 Telephone: 01926 318734
 Fax: 0870 4006901
 e-mail: srowland@calorgas.co.uk