Newsdesk 2002

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 72          22 AUGUST 2002
 Web site: http://www.surreyweb.net/rharriers
 for the annual club photo on Saturday September 7th, at about 2.30pm. It's
 usually taken inside the Park, just across the road from the clubhouse.
 Try to be there! 
 Afterwards it's the Thomas Cup handicap, the Opening Run of our 122nd
 season. It's 3.8 miles and all members are welcome to run, though if you
 haven't yet paid this year's subs please bring them on the day.  
 Frances Ratchford reports, appropriately enough, on the Ratchford Relay
 held in Richmond Park on Tuesday August 13th:
 "Take 36 women, add a little sunshine, an 800 metre course, the promise of
 a party afterwards and what do you have?  The best summer relay with lots
 of excitement and some really good times.
 It had rained and thundered for a few days before but the day of the
 Ratchford Relay was warm and sunny.  Despite some of the women being
 initially reluctant to take part everyone seemed to enjoy not only their
 own run but also everyone else's contribution. Doggy walkers looked a
 little shocked at the group of women shouting at their team-mates.  There
 were some performances worth shouting about: Kristina Semple ran very fast
 on her last stage, just two seconds off the course record, and some of the
 slow runners were taking part in their first race but still managed to run
 very good times.
 Thanks to Hilary and Peter Saw who worked out all the results without a
 computer, and to Alan Hedger and Robin Drummond who recorded plus Mary
 Nash who was official photographer".
 1 	Jo Shearsmith		3.22 / 3.28 / 3.27
      	Carol Barnshaw   	3.48 / 3.53
      	Sally Wood              	3.56	  		21.54
 2   	Jenni Kruse		3.07 / 3.15 / 3.13
      	Teresa Segovia             	3.54 / 4.15
       	Pat Hewlett		4.36			22.20
 3		Kristina Semple		3.11 / 3.10 / 3.00
 	Hazel Carr              	4.00 / 4.12    
       	Kim Zabihi                    	4.48
 4=      	Sophie Timms		3.24 / 3.27 / 3.21
         	Eleonora Zona              	3.59 / 4.17
          	Julie Naismith           	4.03
 4=    	Anna McLaughlin          	3.22 / 3.28 / 3.23
        	Frances Pinn		3.54 / 3.54
        	Bev Ali                 	4.30
 6     	Sam Grant            	3.32 / 3.34 / 3.37
        	Joanne Turner  		3.35 / 3.41
        	Catherine Wood  	5.10			22.38	
 7  	Eliete Nascimento 	3.14 / 3.27 / 3.27
          	Lynne Barber		4.28 / 4.28
           	Stacey Barber  		4.03			23.03
 8	Janet Turnes  		3.51 / 3.54 / 3.52
       	Simone Marshall	4.00 / 4.31
       	Christine Goodair 	4.14			24.22
 9	Birgitte Pedersen   	4.02 / 4.13 / 4.27
 	Gail ?	                   	4.04 / 4.04
       	Jo Pike               	4.09			24.59
 10     	Thérèse Panetta		3.48 / 4.08 / 4.14
         	Jenny Steadman	4.06 / 4.19
          	Linda Nesbit    		5.15
 11	Emmanuelle Coustenoble 4.10 / 4.08 / 4.25
          	Marina Quayle		4.08 / 4.21
          	May Nadir   		4.49			26.01 
 12  	Corinne Bishop		4.04 / 4.12 / 4.11
         	Deborah Young     	4.15 / 4.22
          	Sophie Chapman       	5.40			26.44 
 Mick Lane finished 16th (and 3rd vet) in the Burnham Beeches Half Marathon
 on August 18th in a time of 77.59. Winner was South African Neo Molema in
 Some of you may be wondering why our Thomas Cup Opening Run is being held
 as early as September 7th rather than on the more obvious September 21st.
 This is because Nike are taking over Richmond Park on the weekend of the
 21st/22nd for their grand 10km  to be held on the Suday morning. Chris
 Owens reports:
 "Nike have paid Royal Parks a small fee, and aim to get 20,000 to do this
 race. Alan Hedger is intrigued ! More to come on the fee in a couple of
 Nike are looking for several hundred people to marshal this event. Contact
 Nicholas Galley  0207 745 3307 or nicholas.galley@leaevents.co.uk.
 Applications are slightly more searching than last year, when it was just
 a case of turning up. This time they require a form to be filled in, and
 permission to run a police check together with a passport or driving
 licence copy. Some form of training will be given on Saturday 21st and the
 actual race is Sunday 22nd. Everyone who marshalls will receive £50".
 Minutes of all committee meetings will henceforth be available in the 
 Clubhouse and also posted in the NEWS section on our website. 
 Those for the latest meeting on August 6th are attached to this Enews.
 NEW MEMBERS: welcome to Birgitte Pedersen, Clare Younger, Annie Coates, 
 Jacqui Reid, Samantha Grant, Carole Desbaux, Jay Rowden, Mike Hill, 
 Neil Day and Alan Hedger's latest grandson Angus.   
 More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 mailto:norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /
 Saturday September 7th   Thomas Cup Handicap at Richmond Park. The Opening
 Run of our 122nd season. The race is 3.8 miles starting at 3pm and all
 members are welcome. Before the race there will be the annual club
 photograph at about 2.30pm. Do try to be there!
 Saturday September 14th   Surrey Road Relays at Wimbledon, from 1pm. Races
 for men and women, including veterans categories.
 Saturday September 28th    Southern Road Relays at Aldershot  
 Recent scientific research suggests that exercise first thing in the
 morning is detrimental to your health. I feel this fully vindicates my
 years of sacrifice in forgoing an early morning run for an extra hour in

 Steve Rowland
 Telephone: 01926 318734
 Fax: 0870 4006901
 e-mail: srowland@calorgas.co.uk 
Committee Minutes - 6 August 2002

The first meeting of the new committee

Members present: Mike Peace, Frances Ratchford, Sarah Seal, Carol Barnshaw, Clare Nicholson, Robin Drummond,
Will Graves, Chris Reed, Andy Bickerstaff, Alan Hedger, Alan Craig

Apologise for absence: Julie Naismith, Chris Owen, Patricia Hewlett, Dave Rowntree, Sophie Timms

A copy of all committee minutes will in future be left in a folder in the clubhouse and put on email site by Steve Rowland, so all the members of the club will be able to read them.

Dave Rowntree, the Treasurer felt and stated at the AGM that all the financial systems needed to be put in place not only to improve the efficiency but also to make it more transparent.

The committee focused on the two main issues, which were first how expenditure is authorised and who has authority to sign off expenditure. Chris Read felt that minutes from each committee would give an outline of projects, which might need some expenditure. Various people felt that the number of signatories for invoices should be limited. Robin D’ suggested that the people who can sign cheques be increased as that could make the repayment system easier.



Carol Barnshaw wondered whether it was a coincidence that the number of medals had increased without any bills being presented for payment but the kit money showing a loss.

It was felt that part of the problem was that kit stewards changed almost every year so found it hard to keep track of where kit went. It was pointed out that often people within the club took kit and promised pay but no one kept a track of whether they had paid.

Robin D’ suggested that the kit cupboard should be kept locked and access limited.

Clare felt no one should be allowed to take kit until they had paid for it in full. Clare offered to organise the kit with Pat Hewlett and Sarah Seal said that Rachel Dixon would also like to help.

Another way of making sure that only fully paid up members entered races or attended Ranelagh meetings was to issue everyone who paid with membership cards.

Sarah Seal asked whether Membership cards would be useful or whether they would become like fixture cards available to all. It was felt that if they had to be shown at all handicap races and any Ranelagh event as proof of payment then people would not forget to pay.


That all membership applications should go through the membership secretary



That all members of Ranelagh will be issued with membership cards.

The cards will prove that a person has paid their annual fees and they should be produced at all handicap races and other Ranelagh events

Passed unanimously



Robin will design and produce the small laminated cards, which will be issued each year.

There will be separate cards for life members.

Ken Powley joined the meeting for this discussion.

Mike Peace gave a brief summary of the situation; at the AGM Bill Bird had raised the matter of qualifications to win a handicap race. A young runner had "won" the Baker Cup but because they had not competed in any other handicap race they were not eligible to get the prize. The young runner in question (who cannot be named for legal reasons) had, however, competed for Ranelagh in not only all the Surrey Leagues but also at the National Cross Country Championships.

A suggestion to overcome this problem had been received from Julian Smith.

Ken Powley felt it was important that the races used as a "qualification" were for Ranelagh.

The Baker Cup is at the end of the cross-country season so most youngsters will have the appropriate qualification to compete.

Alan Hedger wondered whether as a committee we could authorise a rule change but it was pointed out that the AGM had empowered the committee not only to discuss the matter but also to make the changes. It was also made clear that this was only a modification not a rule change.


To be eligible to win a handicap prize, a member must have competed in at least three races, from those listed on the Club Fixture Card or which form part of the road race Grand Prix series"

Vote unanimous



Sarah Seal asked if she could buy a tent and a flag to be used by Ranelagh women’s team. It was agreed that this seemed a good idea and she will buy the tent etc. before the cross-country season


Sarah Seal to buy equipment, tent etc.

Frances Ratchford had received a letter, in which a nearby club had written to Richmond Park objecting to their proposal to charge all clubs a £25 fee for any races run in the park.


Frances to write to Richmond Park superintendent also objecting and to find out a little more about the charging of fees.


Frances had received notice via Julian Smith that SEAA want to register all athletes, coaches & officials, registration will be accompanied by a fee.


Frances to get hold of discussion document and any other background information.

Relationship with Richmond & Twickenham

Sarah Seal raised the question of our relationship with Rich & Twick. At a recent Vets track meeting a member of another club had raised the question of whether Ranelagh was allowed under UKA rules to represent Rich & Twick.

Mike Peace outlined the agreement we have with Richmond, which was agreed and ratified a few years ago at our AGM that anyone joining one club automatically became eligible to compete for the sister club. We compete for them in track events in the summer and they for us in cross country events in the winter. It is an arrangement that is mutually beneficial.

Ken then raised the problem of details about youngsters from Richmond, would it be possible to have access to details of their runners.


Sarah Seal to ask the membership secretary of Richmond and Twickenham Athletics Club to give us details of their members and in return Ranelagh will give them details of runners who want to take part in track events.

Robin to redesign membership form to include question about interest in track events.

Mike Peace wondered whether the matter might have been cleared with the committee first. W4 are only going to use the clubhouse, they will arrange their own refreshments.

The meeting closed at 10.20

Please send any items for the agenda to Frances Ratchford the week before the meeting.