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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 70            1 AUGUST 2002
 Web site: http://www.surreyweb.net/rharriers
 WEDDING DAY 7KM in Bushy Park  Friday July 26th
 While Sonia O'Sullivan was coming perilously close to winning the whole
 race, Ranelagh's own traditional Marcus v Paul battle was going on at a
 respectful distance to the rear. Mick Lane gave them an early scare by
 heading them out onto the first full lap, but the main protagonists soon
 took over and again it was Marcus who edged home ahead, this time by a
 scant two seconds. They were 8th and 9th overall, Mick charged in in 12th
 place and Captain Bicks, in his last race as a single man, completed the
 team at 22nd. Thames had four home in the top fifteen, not counting Ms
 O'Sullivan, so the team race was theirs but our boys were called up for
 the second prizes.
 According to conventional team scoring our girls should have won their
 team event by one point from SLH with Ealing a couple of points further
 back in 3rd place. But the Stragglers' arcane machinations turned this
 upside down with the two team prizes on offer going first to Ealing and
 second to SLH. Liz Kipling led our team in 6th place amongst the women,
 followed by Sarah Seal 11th and Sue Healey 15th.  
 On a sweltering evening we had 41 finishers altogether, once again falling
 just short of the number produced by Epsom Allsorts' three-line whip which
 won them the "Mob Match" prize. Busiest at the presentation was Marcus:
 2nd vet, 2nd team and, with Eliete, 3rd couple. It was good to see Brian
 Chard back in action (with his doctor's blessing) only a couple of months
 after his heart attack.
 The above was the penultimate race in our summer Grand Prix series. Sorry
 for my negligence in failing to keep you informed with the scores, but
 Computer Ken has been assiduously keeping them up to date on our website,
 so anyone interested will I hope have been able to find them there. 
 There will be no "down to the wire" struggles for the trophies this year.
 The destinies of all four are already decided. In the Open category,
 Marcus Gohar holds a small but secure lead over Paul Doyle, echoing the
 outcome of most of their head-to-heads. Mike Peace holds third but could
 be overhauled for the bronze medal by Mick Lane or Liz Kipling in the
 final race. Marcus naturally also leads the Over 40s, well clear of Mick
 and Stephen Instone; Mike equally naturally is at the head of the Over
 50s, from John Hanscomb and Tom Reay; and Liz likewise is well clear of
 Sarah Seal and Sue Healey in the Women's section. 93 Ranelagh members have
 finished at least one of the seven races so far. 
 Leading scores:
 Marcus Gohar 79;  Paul Doyle 66;  Mike Peace 41;  Mick Lane 39;  Liz
 Kipling 37;  Stephen Instone 26;  Alastair Sinclair 18;  Adam Tapley 15;
 Giles Marshall 13;  Hugh Jones 12;  Jonny Rowan 12;  Ken Fotherby jnr 11;
 Peter Haarer 11;  Sarah Seal 11.    
 OVER 40
 Marcus Gohar 41;  Mick Lane 19;  Stephen Instone 16;  Alan Craig 9;  Hugh
 Jones 6;  Ken Fotherby jnr 5;  Ian Grange 5.
 OVER 50
 Mike Peace 36;  John Hanscomb 19;  Tom Reay 15;  Alan Meaden 14;  Alan
 Davidson 10;  David Meaden 9; Martin Clark 8.
 Liz Kipling 36;  Sue Healey 15;  Sarah Seal 15;  Marlene Pautard 8;
 Bridget Cuthbert 8;  Rachel Dixon 7;  Lizzie Clifford 6.
 KEN FOTHERBY (Senior) is reported to have suffered a stroke a couple of
 weeks ago. We send him all best wishes for a full recovery.
 Frances Ratchford again conducted an eight week course for beginners on
 Tuesday evenings during the summer, culminating in a timed run around two
 laps of Sidmouth Wood. Frances writes: "We managed to run in dry weather
 and to have a picnic afterwards, so it was a good evening.  The results
 show some of the runners ran the second lap faster, negative splits can't
 be bad! Thanks to Hilary and Peter Saw who came specially to do the
 recording and to Sarah Seal and Margaret Auerback who helped with the
 coaching plus Mary Nash who assisted every week".
 Results (first lap and total time):
 1	Jo Pike			14.07	27.06
 2	Jo Cooper                  	14.25	28.39
 3	Sally Wood                	14.25	28.39
 4	Michelle Rendle          	15.10	28.51
 5	Akua Obeng-Frimpong  	15.10	28.54
 6	Lorna Smith                  	15.10	29.02
 7	Chris Worrall              	15.10	29.06
 8	Christine Goodair       	14.45	29.07
 9	Kim Zabuhi                	16.30	32.33
 10	Linda Nesbitt                	16.30	32.34
 11	Helen Guy                 	16.30	33.19
 12	Karen Wiesskoph       	16.57	33.19
 13	Deborah Blakemore     	17.15	34.35  
 New Committee please note that the first meeting will take place on
 Tuesday August 6th at the clubhouse. All club members are welcome to
 attend - we're quite democratic really!
 Bridget Cuthbert is organising a trip to next year's scenically
 spectacular Two Oceans Marathon near Cape Town in South Africa. 19th April
 is the date. The main race is 56km but there is also a half marathon for
 the fainter-hearted. Check out the website at www.twooceansmarathon.org.za
 or contact Bridget for more details of her plans
 More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 mailto:norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /
 Sunday August 11th     Surrey 5km at Wimbledon. Grand Prix race 8. 10am
 start. Entry forms in the clubhouse: 3 to Derek Crookes, 209 Lynmouth
 Avenue, Morden, Surrey SM4 4RX.
 Tuesday August 13th     Ratchford Relay in Richmond Park. Women only! 7pm
 Our own Wally Garrod was one of the honoured few chosen to carry the
 Commonwealth Games baton en route to Machester. Wally ran a section near
 Streatham Common....
 Steve Rowland
 Telephone: 01926 318734
 Fax: 0870 4006901
 e-mail: srowland@calorgas.co.uk