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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 592      26th September 2021
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  
 website: www.ranelagh-harriers.com

 Dear Ranelagh
 Some 18 months after our 2019/2020 season was cut short by Covid, the 2021/22 cross-country
 season got underway on a glorious sunny day with our traditional opening race, the Thomas
 Cup, which saw a strong turn-out of 57 runners. Well done to Paula Maguire who was first
 over the line to collect the trophy, and also to our fastest female and male runners,
 Cecily Day and Mark Leyshon, with Mark finishing over a minute ahead of his nearest rival.
 Simon Martin, our handicapper, also had a good race with the first 25 runners crossing the
 line within just 2 minutes and 90% of runners within 4 minutes of each other!
 Next weekend sees the Page Cup on Saturday with the London Marathon on the Sunday (good 
 luck to all those running), with the Surrey XC Masters championships the following weekend. 
 After that on 16th October, our attention turns to the Surrey XC League which we are hosting
 in Richmond Park. For many of us, the Surrey League races are one of the highlights of the
 season and both the men and women are competing in division 1 after the men gained promotion
 from division 2. It's very competitive and both our men and women will have to be at their
 best; even managing to avoid relegation will be a challenge. 
 If you've never run in a Surrey League fixture then you're missing out as it's great fun,
 very friendly and inclusive and, if anything else, it's a really good training session.
 You may be thinking that you're not fast enough to run in a Surrey League race but, as well
 as the main team competition, there is also the "B Team" competition so you can still count.
 Post-race, I'm sure a number of us will be heading to a local pub for some well-earned 
 refreshments and a catch-up. So please, come along and run if you can as you could well make
 a difference and we need all the runners we can on the day.
 As well as runners, being a home fixture, we need a number of marshals to ensure the races
 go smoothly. If you're not running, please consider helping out even if it's just for part 
 of the day. If you (or any willing partners/family) can help, please get in touch with
 Gordon Whitson at ranelagh.hon.secretary@gmail.com
 Lastly, a special mention to Nick Impey who came 51st in today's Berlin Marathon in an
 incredible time of 2:28:11, a PB of over 20 seconds! Well done, Nick. 
 COMING UP SOON  pre-entry required   
 Saturday 2nd October at 3pm in Richmond Park.
 It's a one-lap course of 5 miles  starting and finishing by Sidmouth Wood opposite Pembroke
 Lodge. Entry is free, all members are welcome but you MUST register in advance.. The closing
 date for registration is midnight on Tuesday 28th September. 
 More information about how handicaps work, plus details, maps and registration, are here:
 Start is at 3pm. Numbers must be collected at the start so please arrive in good time.
 The clubhouse will be open for tea etc after the race. 
 Saturday 9th October from 1.45pm in Morden Park SM4 4SF
 Meeting information supplied by Surrey County AA here:. 
 Entry here:. 

 ENTRY FEE 8.00 per athlete but see below
 NOTE you can either enter yourself and pay the 8 OR you can give your details to
 ranelagh.hon.secretary@gmail.com (men)
 or ranelagh.women@gmail.com (women) and the club will pay for you.
 Athletes must have a current EA registration and must be Surrey qualified - to check,
 see www.surreyathletics.uk/qualification/index.php. 
 There are two races: 
 1.45pm Women & Men M60+, 2 laps, approx. 6.3Km 
 2.45pm Men M40 & M50, 3 laps, approx. 9.3Km 

 Collect your number from the registration desk in good time on race day. 
 There are no changing facilities, but Portaloos will be provided. 
 Ranelagh is hosting the first Surrey Cross Country League fixture for Divisions 1 and 2
 Women and Division 1 Men on Saturday 16 October 2021. This will require a big effort from
 the club.
 The first race which is for Division 1 Senior Women starts at 11.00, and is followed at
 12.00 by U15/17 girls and at 12.30 U13 girls  and then the Division 2 Senior Women's race
 at 13.00. These will then be followed by U13 and U15/17 boys' races and finally the
 Senior Men Division 1 Race at 15.00. The start and finish area will be located close to
 Sheen Cross in Richmond Park. The course covers an area between the top of Queen's Ride,
 Pen Ponds and the Ballet School.
 Marshals are needed to provide cover either in the morning from a 10.30 briefing until after
 the final Women's race at around 13:30; or from 13.00 (briefing) until almost 16.00 when
 the final men's race finishes. Any marshal wanting to cover both the women's and men's races
 may of course do so.
 In addition we mustn't forget that we also need good representation from the club in the races.
 Anyone who wishes to run should do so. It may be possible for some to double-up racing and marshalling!   
 Marshalling is an excellent way to support the club, cheer on Ranelagh's runners and contribute
 to a successful Surrey X Country League fixture. We really need as many as possible so please
 sign up if you are able to come along. We also need members to assist at the start area and
 particularly at the finish of the men's races in the afternoon.
 Any member wanting to act as Marshal and/or to help out at the start and finish area  should
 contact Gordon Whitson at ranelagh.hon.secretary@gmail.com
 Social Secs Rebecca and Hadi write:
 Autumn is upon us and time to start thinking about the festive season and a long overdue
 Ranelagh party. 2020 was a bit of a DNF on the social front so we plan on making up for 
 it with the 2021 Christmas party.  We would love to see as many of you there as possible.
 We have booked the restaurant area at The  Anglers in Teddington (on the River by Teddington
 lock) on Saturday 11 December from 6pm onwards. As we have most of the downstairs restaurant
 area (and some outside space for the hardy folks) where we can have our own music, food,
 drinks and most importantly fun (Christmas outfits strongly encouraged). 
 We will send a link around soon where you can confirm your attendance, select your menu
 choices and make payment (2 Course £31.00pp / 3 Course £36.00pp). 
 Top Kudos goes to our winning women's team in the  Middlesex Road Relay Championships at
 Minet Park on 12th September. Steph Tindall ran the opening stage and came in with a clear
 lead, after which they were never headed. Steph's 10.47 was the fastest time of the day. 
 Izzy Atkins recorded 12.04 on stage 2 and then Cecily Day brought the team home with an
 11.09 clocking.to cross the line in 38.02, over 4 minutes clear of the rest. It was a small
 field but hey ' you can only beat who's there!  
 At the other end of the distance scale Gareth Williams and Bruce McLaren finished a mighty
 good 1-2 in the Thames Path Challenge 100k.
 Stop Press! Nick Impey's 2:28.11 this morning in the Berlin Marathon certainly warrants
 adding here!  
 Saturday 18th September in Richmond Park.
 Gordon Whitson reports:
 The Club's traditional Opening Run, incorporating the Thomas Cup Handicap took place in dry
 and warm conditions on Saturday, 18 September 2021. The handicap was contested by 51 eligible
 members and a further six recently joined members ran as guests. I think everybody was pleased
 that a sense of normality was reasserted in the Club's calendar after all the disruption of
 the previous 18 months, caused by the Covid pandemic.
 The on-line pre-entry system and allocation of handicaps introduced for our virtual races last
 year has been retained, with runners collecting their race numbers at the start. 
 These organisational changes enabled the race to get underway exactly on schedule at 15:15
 when Annemarie Goodridge and Allan Lang were sent on their way. The race also marked a
 changing of the guard with a team of "youngsters" dispatching the runners and recording
 finishing times and places, though under the critical gaze of Messrs Hedger and Powley.
 After an interval close to that foretold by the Handicapper, the leading runner hove into
 view and this proved to be Paula Maguire. Second home and 17 second adrift was Phil Roberts
 who in turn was 10 seconds clear of a fast-finishing Cecily Day. A large majority of the
 field finished within 3 minutes of the winner, putting a complaisant smile on the face of
 the Handicapper. Marc Leyshon recorded the fastest time of 21.39, with Dave Lawley second
 in 22.41 and President Mockett third in 23.04. Cecily Day was the leading women in 25.41,
 one second ahead of Stephanie Tindall, running as a guest. However, Stephanie was one of a
 number of runners who managed to run off course either round the back of the Ballet School
 and/or on the drag up from Pen Ponds, so times were somewhat distorted.
 Winner Paula Maguire adds: "When I was getting tired coach Deborah's words came into my
 head ' Make running shapes'. That got me through the tough bits"
 After a pandemic-enforced closure of nearly 18 months, the changing facilities of the
 Clubhouse were open again following a thorough cleaning by Carol Barnshaw and Clive Naish.
 Teas were served by Carol after the race, However, it was noticeable that a good number of
 runners went directly to the start prior to the race and either directly home or to the
 Roebuck for rehydration afterwards.                                                            
                                  H'cap     H'cap    Actual   Speed
                                  Time      Allow    Time     Order
 1   Paula Maguire        (L)     20.24     16.20    36.44     43 
 2   Phil Roberts                 20.41      8.00    28.41     17 
 3   Cecily Day           (L)     20.51      4.50    25.41      8 
 4   James Ritchie                20.54     11.20    32.14     35 
 5   Katrina Roche        (L)     20.58     22.20    43.10     50 
 6   Simon Lawrence               21.04     16.20    37.24     44 
 7   James Russell                21.12      6.20    27.32     14 
 8   Duncan Brown                 21.14     10.30    31.44     32 
 9   Claire Warner        (L)     21.16     10.30    31.46     33 
10   Ann Kearey           (L)     21.20      9.50    31.10     29 
11   Gavin Hillhouse              21.25      8.10    29.35     24 
12   Jeremy Day                   21.28      7.40    29.08     21 
13   Peter Fordham                21.31     16.40    38.11     45 
14   Alex Ring                    21.33      5.10    26.43     13 
15   Marc Leyshon                 21.39      0.00    21.39      1 
16   Rebecca Bissell      (L)     21.43      7.40    29.23     23 
17   Rich Kimber                  21.47      1.20    23.07      4 
18   David Lawley                 21.51      0.50    22.41      2 
19   Stephen Aikin                21.54      6.30    27.24     16 
20   Owen Bowden-Jones       (G)  21.59      3.50    25.49     10 
21   John Shaw                    22.04      3.50    25.54     11 
22   Clare Day            (L)     22.10     11.20    33.30     37 
23   Wiebke Kortum        (L)     22.15      6.40    28.55     19 
24   John Tovell                  22.19      9.30    31.49     34 
25   Ted Mockett                  22.24      0.40    23.04      3 
26   Simon Taylor                 22.29      8.40    31.09     28 
27   Susan Ritchie        (L)     22.30      9.30    30.10     27 
28   Alan Davidson                22.35     20.40    43.15     49 
29   Sally Bamford        (L)     22.37     10.30    33.07     36 
30   Jackie Dunkley       (L)     22.44     17.20    40.04     47 
31   Neil Rae                     22.47      2.00    24.47      6 
32   Marie Synnott-Wells  (L)     22.53      8.40    31.33     31 
33   Marianne Malam       (L)     22.56      8.30    31.26     30 
34   Stephen Hurton               23.58      6.20    29.10     22 
35   Chris Bundhun                23.05      1.00    24.05      5 
36   Annemarie Goodridge  (L)     23.08     25.00    48.08     55 
37   Mike Peace                   23.21     10.50    34.01     38 
38   Sarah Palmer         (L)     23.40      2.20    26.00     12 
39   Bronwen Northmore    (L)     23.44     18.40    42.24     48 
40   Clive Naish                  23.46     21.30    45.16     51 
41   Amrut Sharma                 23.48      6.10    29.58     26 
42   Carol Aikin          (L)     24.10     11.00    35.10     40 
43   Katie Walton         (L)     24.27     23.00    47.27     54 
44   Julian Holden                24.29     21.10    45.38     52 
45   Lloyd Camp                   25.38      8.30    34.08     39 
46   Wendy Fisher         (L)     25.52     20.50    46.42     53 
47   David Kew                    26.03     12.40    38.43     46 
48   Paul Rider                   26.59      9.30    36.29     41 
49   Allan Lang                   27.06     25.00    52.06     57 
50   Jonathan Smith               27.48      0.20    28.08     15 
51   Sue Lear             (L)     32.44     18.20    51.04     56 
 G   Henry Fagan             (G)  22.32      2.50    25.22      7 
 G   Stephanie Tindall    (L)(G)  23.22      3.30    25.42      9 
 G   Ciaran O'Donnell        (G)  22.01      6.40    28.41     18 
 G   Daragh Fagan            (G)  22.08      7.00    29.08     20 
 G   Richard Pender          (G)  29.41      0.00    29.41     25 
 G   Dave Glanville          (G)  24.30     12.00    36.30     42 
 Great North Run Half Marathon at Newcastle
 Over half a dozen Ranelagh competed in the 40th running of the GNR, including guide Colin
 Brett leading Roger Wallace. Joe Gomes was our leading man in 1:17, while Louisa Scott
 clocked up a huge 20 minutes PB with 1:32.  The organisers claim their 57,000 finishers
 make this the biggest Half Marathon  in the world. Congratulations to all RH especially 
 to those who got good exposure for the club vest on the television coverage!
 100   Joe Gomes       1:17.10
 220   Bob Tinsley     1:21.30
 914   Alun Thomas     1:31.20
 996   Louisa Scott    1:32.08
 7849  Karl Garvey     1:55.34
 10764 Roger Wallace   2:01.55
 10765 Colin Brett     2:01.55
 21847 Kathy Henry     2:30.33 
 Richmond Runfest  - all sorts of distances!
 Sundown 5k  on Friday 10th September
 Chris Lepine, Andy Starr and Simon Martin were 1st, 2nd and 4th  in the men’s over 45s,
 while Alison Major Lepine was 3rd in the women's over 45s.. 
 3   Chris Lepine          17.58
 7   Andy Starr            18.41
 9   Shaun Griffith        19.57
 19  Simon Martin          21.51
 28  Richard Goddard-Jones 22.39
 42  Alison Major Lepine   23.46   
 117 Matthew Beale         28.41
 118 Simon Beale           28.41
 119 Oliver Beale          28.41               
 Kew Gardens 10k on Saturday 11th September
 Chris Read reports:
 'On Saturday 11th September 2021 I ran the Kew Gardens 10k. which was part of the Richmond
 Runfest. As always Kew Gardens was a fine venue, with a good running surface, mainly wide 
 paths and a wide variety of plants.  For me the first half of the race went well but I slowed
 down significantly in the second half.  Old age is catching galloping up to me. I list below 
 the Ranelagh times I am aware of.  As the results do not list the club it is likely to be 
 44   Andy Starr          37.30             
 324  Michelle Beaumont   47.53
 328  Kirsty Steel        47.59
 336  Melanie Thomas      48.06
 603  Chris Read          53.11
 1635 Narissa Vox         70.44
 1636 Kelly Thomas        70.45 
 1754 Louise Wapshott     73.53
 1828 Wendy Fisher        75.49
 1972 Becca Ireland       83.54 
 Richmond Half Marathon and Richmond Marathon
 Two Half finishers that we know of:  Gerry O'Callaghan was 36th in 1:22.59 and Shaun Griffith
 was 335th in 1:39.42. In the full Marathon Mark Herbert finished 7th in 2:50.55. Men's 
 Captain Rich writes: I was privileged to run some of the second half with Herbie, and he left
 me for dead at 24 miles with an inspiring run for a big PB of 2:50.55 and 7th place overall.
 Phil Collins ran a very comfortable-looking 2:56.53 on his marathon debut. "Never again" were
 his immediate words - we'll see about that. Colette Doran finished in 2:17.12..
 Family Mile
 Siena Lepine ran 5.08 and Maya Lepine 5.31. 
 Nick Impey knocked a few seconds off his best in the Berlin Marathon today with a 2.28.11
 performance... Ryan Hogan was one of those hoping for a good time in his first Marathon at
 Brighton - only to find afterwards that the course was over-distance by 568 metres! Ryan
 finished 20th in 2:54.41 ... Jonathan Smith finished an excellent 3rd in the Reigate Half
 Marathon on September 19th in 1:15.37. ... Possibly one of the toughest, prettiest trail
 half marathons in the UK," say the organisers of the Farnham Pilgrim Half Marathon . “It
 is set to be one of the must-do events of the year! The route is challenging and hilly –
 after all it is the Surrey Hills! This is no ordinary Half Marathon"... Liam Griffin
 finished in 1:49.11, Rebecca Bissell in 1:51.30,  John Tovell in 2:03.23 and Aoife Kilpatrick
 in 2:21.38 ... At the Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon on 19th September our first finisher
 was  Andy Freeman in 1:22.16 (third place in the over 40s). Ted Mockett ran 1:25.49 and Gavin
 Hillhouse in 1:55.14 ... Si Martin ran 1:44.45 and Kirsty Steel 1:53.47 in the Windsor Half on
 September 26th ... In the two-day New Forest running festival Nick Twomey ran into second place
 in 16.52 in the preliminary 5k event as a warm-up for the following day's Half Marathon
 which he won in 1:21.22.  
 Harry Hawkes Half Marathon at Thames Ditton on Sunday 26th September
 Three podium places for our six runners: Nick Wright 2nd M40, Rebecca Bissell 2nd W45 and
 Janet Turnes 2nd W65,
 7   Nick Wright         1:23.26
 70  Rebecca Bissell     1:46.51
 92  Gavin Hillhouse     1:53.23
 111 Lloyd Camp          1:57.39
 147 Carol Aikin         2:05.58
 197 Janet Turnes        2:31.05  
 Ealing Half Marathon on Sunday 26th September
 386  Richard Pender     1:42.11
 549  John Hobson        1:47.06
 860  Ann Kearey         1:55.53
 1220 Michael Osborne    2:03.56
 1309 Aoife Kilpatrick   2:04.48
 1611 John Herriott      2:15.45                         
 Becky Curtis-Hall won the women's 5k option in the Surrey HM at Woking on 26th September,
 recording 20.37. Rob Curtis ran 24.55 ... Mick Lane was 2nd over 60 in 19.47 in the Last Friday
 of the Month 5k in Hyde Park…Carol Aikin ran 25.50 in the 5km at the Great North Run on 
 Friday 10th September, and was back home in time to run 44.55 two days later in the Second
 Sunday 5 miles on Wimbledon  Common, where Steve Aikin recorded 40.32…Alan and David Meaden
 ran the Ashtead 10k on 19th September in 72.03 and 74.28 respectively ... Steph Tindall took
 part in the Beat the Boat 10k at Eton on Sunday 12th September, finishing 12th in 39.21 and
 leading woman first time  first time sub 40 minutes ... in the Bedford Runfest 20 miles Sarah
 Palmer finished 16th and third woman in 2:18.46 ... Popeye Doyle ran the Vets AC track 10k on
 15th September at Wimbledon Park in 38.58 ... Marian Malam recorded 53.55 in the Windsor
 Women's 10k in the Great Park.             
 NEWS From the Ranelagh Ultra Crew
 We provided an impressive 1st and 2nd finishers in the  Thames Path Challenge 100k on
 Saturday 11th. Gareth Williams led the field in 9:27.57 ahead of Bruce McLaren in 10:24.35. 
 Sally Minchella and Suzy Whatmough ran the UTS 100k in Snowdonia featuring nearly 7000m of
 elevation. After starting at 4am on Saturday they crossed the line in 29:22.32 and 30:29.39
 respectively. Suzy managed to add to her broken wrist by falling and breaking a finger on
 the same hand but said she "Loved running at dawn / dusk, and scrambling stupid things in
 the dark with a head torch". 
 Vaughan Ramsay opted for the 50k alternative in Snowdonia and finished 11 seconds outside
 13 hours.
 Fancy this Ultra lark? Read Alex Ring's note below.

 MASS MOB MATCH at Farthing Downs, Coulsdon on Saturday 30th October
 To celebrate their forthcoming 150th birthday, South London Harriers are hosting a "Mass
 Mob Match" from their HQ in Coulsdon on Saturday 30th October. The following comes from
 South London's website: "We will be racing against all our mob match adversaries at the
 same time. SLH vs. Blackheath, Orion, Ranelagh and Thames Hare & Hounds. For those unaware
 of how mob matches work, the race is scored based on the lowest number of runners in a team 
 (less 3), for example in the SLH v. Blackheath mob match, if SLH have 150 runners and BBHAC
 have 130 runners, the first 127 of each team count towards the score, and the lowest score
 wins (1st place is 1 point and so on).
 Therefore it is vital that we get as many members racing as possible, as any and all runners 
 can make a difference by pushing the opposition down a few places and therefore increasing
 their score.
 There are usually four mob matches per year, so each one will be scored separately within
 the same race as well as mob matches being run between the other clubs.
 Race starts at 3:00 p.m. and everyone returns to the clubhouse for tea and cake, prize giving
 and no doubt the bar will be opened to round off the celebration."
 Most of the above applies equally to us! The bottom line is that we need as many Ranelagh
 runners on the start line as possible. More info plus maps etc nearer the time. Reserve the 
 SURREY CROSS-COUNTRY LEAGUE. We are hosting the opening Men's and Women's Leagues in
 Richmond Park on October 16th.  We need a strong team of runners and an equally strong team 
 of marshals and officials. More detail to follow and via Teamer etc. The next fixture for
 both the men's and women's Leagues will be on Wimbledon Common on November 13th
 Would you be up for the iconic Race To the Stones across the Ridgeway from Lewknor to Avebury
 stone circle in July 2022?
 I am looking to hear from anyone who is interested in entering Race To The Stones in July 2022.
 The inspiration behind this (other than the challenge itself) is to provide support for our
 fellow Ranelagh runner, Kathy Henry, who will be running her debut ultra-marathon. Some of
 you may know, Kathy had to defer her 2021 entry due to the cancer diagnosis for her husband
 Kathy is (so far!) planning to take on the 100km non-stop in 1 day option.  There are options
 to do a single 1 x 50km route in 1 day, or 2 x 50km route over 2 days.
 Optional camping/glamping packages are also available.   
 It is likely that we will have participants of mixed speed and abilities, so don't be put
 off.  You would be very welcome to run along with the core Kathy support group, or to do your
 own thing at whatever pace works best for you and your goals. There is no obligation to
 fundraise.  Non-charity early access entries for the 1 day 100km event start at £145 rising
 to £160 for general entry.  Please see the link below for the 1 day 50km /2 day 100km +
 camping/glamping package options
 However, it would be wonderful if anyone interested in entering the event might consider a 
 charity entry for Macmillan Cancer Research UK (both charities are important to Nick and Kathy).
 Of course, you are welcome to support a charity of your own choice if you prefer.
 Charity entries offer a reduced entry fee of £50, with a minimum fund collection of £450
 per entrant for the 1 day 100km event.
 Alternatively, I would also like to hear from anyone who may be interested in providing
 logistic support/cheer duties on the day. If you would like to get involved, please drop
 me an email at alexr@sky.com , or text/whatsapp on 07879 498191 and I will add you to our
 team whatsapp group.
 LONDON MARATHON  Sunday 3rd October and CABBAGE PATCH 10 miles Sunday 17th October.
 Good luck to all those who are taking part.
 British endurance runner Nick Butter completed a 5,240 miles run round Britain’s coastline
 last month, arriving back at the Eden Project in Cornwall in record time. He had set off on
 April 17th, aiming to cover 52.4 miles per day over 100 days, starting at 6am and running
 for about 11 hours a day. He had intended to be back at the Eden Project in St Austell on
 July 26th but had to take rest days because of injuries including to his knee cartilage and
 stress fractures to his shinbone. The first person to complete the full lap of Britain in
 2016 took ten months. Butter took10.5 million steps, burnt one million calories, wore
 through 12 pairs of trainers and lost two stones in weight despite taking on 5,000 calories
 a day, describing himself as a "bag of bones".
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