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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 591      5th September 2021
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  
 Saturday 18th September in Richmond Park.
 This is the traditional opener for our "winter" season. It's over one lap of our
 "mob match" course, 3.85 miles starting and finishing by Sidmouth Wood opposite 
 Pembroke Lodge. Entry is free but you must register in advance. The closing date for 
 registration is midnight on 14th September. Details and registration here:
 Ranelagh is hosting the first Surrey Cross Country League fixture for Divisions 1 and 2 
 Women and Division 1 Men on Saturday 16 October 2021. This will require a big effort from 
 the club.
 The first race which is for Division 1 Senior Women starts at 11.00, and is followed at
 12.00 by U15/17 girls and at 12.30 U13 girls  and then the Division 2 Senior Women's
 race at 13.00. These will then be followed by U13 and U15/17 boys' races and finally
 the Senior Men Division 1 Race at 15.00. The start and finish area will be located close 
 to Sheen Cross in Richmond Park. The course covers an area between the top of Queen's Ride,
 Pen Ponds and the Ballet School.
 Marshals are needed to provide cover either in the morning from a 10.30 briefing until
 after the final Women's race at around 13:30; or from 13.00 (briefing) until almost 
 16.00 when the final men's race finishes. Any marshal wanting to cover both the women's 
 and men's races may of course do so.
 In addition we mustn't forget that we also need good representation from the club in 
 the races. Anyone who wishes to run should do so. It may be possible for some to double-up
 racing and marshalling!   
 Marshalling is an excellent way to support the club, cheer on Ranelagh's runners and 
 contribute to a successful Surrey X Country League fixture. We really need as many as 
 possible so please sign up if you are able to come along. We also need members to assist 
 at the start area and particularly at the finish of the men's races in the afternoon.
 Any member wanting to act as Marshall and/or to help out at the start and finish area  
 should contact Gordon Whitson at ranelagh.hon.secretary@gmail.com
 Crazy Track Meet, Sunday 22nd August 2-6pm at Osterley Track
 Dave Lawley reports:
 A long time in the making, Rick Jenner and I had been talking about a crazy, fun, and 
 family Ranelagh social track meet for a while. Over a few beers, the ideas and events 
 inevitably flew wildly beyond the realms of possibility, but we knew we were all overdue 
 some fun and with Ranelagh resuming track sessions why not give it a go? Several dates 
 changes and venue swaps later we finally had the green light.
 The loose idea of the meet was to combine some 'serious' more traditional track events 
 and distances with some more untraditional /crazy ones .... Michael Fish even lived up to 
 his reputation of getting the weather forecast hopelessly wrong, as we were blessed with
 lovely sunshine and not the rain forecast  
 With just over 50 entrants, everyone was split into coloured teams and between the
 individual (serious) events there were points up for grabs in the team events such as:
 Team relay (Skipping, hurdles, bat & ball, basketball bounce, ball between the 
 knees and dizzy sticks for hilarity - David Ready spectacularly ran in all 6 lanes
 whilst trying to navigate to the finish line)
 	3 -legged race 
 	Partner carrying ask Rick!
 	Backwards 100m  Amrut Sharma impressively running just as fast backwards as 
 he did forwards
 	4x200m(?) relay
 There were also some field events in the form of Long Jump, Nerf Throwing and the hotly 
 contested, and ultimately decisive, Slippy-slide. The Blue team, consisting of: the Perry
 family, Ellie Lawley, Ross Macdonald and Obi Morris came out victorious on the day,
 although the Purple team actually dominated but only managed a paltry 1m on the 
 Slippy-slide compared to the Blue team's world record equalling 36.3m. 
 On the traditional side of things there were some excellent performances. 
 	Vaughan Ramsay proving his track pedigree and experience with not only the
 quickest 400m (63s) but also the quickest 100m (13.8s). Word to the wise: don't 
 leave it to a sprint finish with this veteran but feel secure in his abysmal elimination 
 race tactics.
 	Ross Macdonald's 9.38 3k
 	Hadi Khatamizadeh's all-round excellent form (5.45 mile, 71s 400m, 11.48 3k) 
 and sinking a few large Budweiser's for good measure at the end. 
 	Nice to see Becky Curtis-Hall back at it (5.54 mile) and Rebecca Northmore (88s 
 400m, 6.56 mile)
 	We were amazed to see Mark Herbert fresh (!?!?!) from running an incredible 1.18 
 Big Half marathon to then show up and win the elimination race, run a 10.39 3k and drink 
 a few beers quicker than anyone else at the end. Thirsty work, I am sure. 
 We saved the best for last with the elimination mile races  think track cycling elimination 
 racing, and if we do it again next year (hopefully) we will include more events like this. 
 There were three races, and each were quite different and made for great spectating. Mark 
 Herbert bolted for the line on the last bend (of course he did), leaving David Ready for 
 dust, in race one. Bruce McLaren was solid and had sound tactics to hold off Hadi in race
 two, Becky Curtis-Hall and Ann Kearey devastated to be knocked out early doors too, and 
 Gareth Williams strolled to victory in race three. 
 By all accounts it was a really fun day, especially seeing friends and family new and old, 
 and we definitely hope to do it again. Thanks to those who have given us some excellent 
 feedback too, gratefully received. 
 Speaking of thanks, huge kudos to everyone for offering a very welcome hand but especially:
 	The club for supporting the event,
 	Gordon Whitson for giving up his afternoon to officiate and time-keep,
 	Olly Pareja and Katie Walton for sorting the results and her millionaire shortbread 
 (OMG!) giving Ann Keareys brownies a run(!) for their money,
 	Ellie Lawley for providing the tuneage and being a good all-round egg
 Results & Photos:
 	For a full list of the results click here: 
 	Photos, courtesy of Narissa Vox: here:
 You will have seen a number of reminders in the e-news regarding the payment of Ranelagh
 subscription fees which were due on 1 April 2021 for the 2021/22 season. For those of you 
 who have not got round to paying yet, there are a couple of important dates approaching. 
 The first is 31 August 2021 which is the deadline imposed this year (normally it is 30 June) 
 by England Athletics for payment of the 15 registration fee for 2021/22, after which an 
 athlete's registered status lapses. Ranelagh pays the registration fee to EA on behalf of
 club members but only once a member has paid his or her annual Ranelagh subscription fee. 
 The second date is that of 18 September 2021, the day of the Opening Run/Thomas Cup handicap. 
 The Club Constitution and Rules states that a member may be deemed ineligible to compete 
 in club events if the subscription fee is unpaid at the date of the Opening Run. So I would 
 encourage all who have not yet paid to do so soon.
 Subs are 50  for seniors, 20 for second-claim members, 25 for those who are retired 
 and over 60, 20 for under 20s and students, and 10 for non-running members. There is
 also a  90 family membership. Preferred method of payment is by Bank Transfer: our 
 account is at HSBC, sort code 40-23-29, account number 81109847; please add a message, 
 for example SubscriptionJSmith. 
 A Standing Order form is available from our website here:.
 Alternatively post a cheque to Membership Secretary, Ranelagh Harriers, 135a Petersham Road,
 Richmond, Surrey TW10 7AA or leave it in an envelope at the clubhouse. For any queries,
 e-mail the Membership Secretary  aachrisowens@yahoo.co.uk. 
 I would like to remind you all again that any member who is struggling in the current 
 difficult financial environment to find the money to pay the subscription fee but who 
 wishes to continue enjoying the benefits of club membership is encouraged to contact 
 either the Membership Secretary or one of the Club's Welfare Officers, Clare Fowler or
 Rob Curtis.
 Gordon Whitson
 Ratchford Relay  Tuesday 17th August in Richmond Park
 Gordon Whitson reports:
 We were very pleased that Frances Ratchford, the Surrey CAA Chairman, was able to attend 
 and help organise the annual Ratchford Relay event. Women's captain, Suzy Whatmough, did 
 an excellent team selection job as all 9 teams of 3 runners taking part closed in within 
 1 min 54 secs. The overall standard of the race was higher than in recent years with 5 
 teams finishing inside 26 minutes. 

 Competition for the first three places was fierce. As is usually the case with this form 
 of relay race, the result was determined by the performance of the "slow" runner. Recently 
 joined junior, Amelia Grossman, selected as a "slow", proved to be a real dark horse as 
 she carved through the field on the 4th lap and handed Ann Kearey a lead that she and Maggie
 Allen hung on to all the way to the finish. Their finishing time of 25.02 was just 8 seconds 
 faster than the 25.10 recorded by the Louisa Scott, Jo Kingston and Jackie Dunkley combo in
 second place, with the third placed team of Kathy Henry, Lorena Galvani and Matteus closing 
 in shortly after in 25.31.
 The timekeepers were unable to separate Steph Tindall and Cecily Day on lap 1. Both clocked 
 3.29, a time which proved to be the fastest of the evening. Special mention goes to junior
 Maya Lepine who ran three swift laps for her team and Ben Rushby who totally outsprinted 
 his mum at the end of his second lap.
    1st Team
 7 Maggie Allen                     3.54   3.54
 7 Ann Kearey                       8.20   4.26
 4 Maggie Allen                    12.24   4.04
 1 Amelia Grossman                 16.36   4.08
 1 Ann Kearey                      21.04   4.28
 1 Maggie Allen                    25.02   3.58
   2nd Team
 5 Louisa Scott                     3.46   3.36
 1 Jo Kingston                      7.40   3.54
 1 Louisa Scott                    11.31   3.51
 4 Jackie Dunkley                  17.19   5.48
 3 Jo Kingston                     21.17   3.58
 2 Louisa Scott                    25.10   3.53
   3rd Team
 9 Kathy Henry                      4.08   4.08
 9 Matteus                          8.56   4.48
 5 Lorena Galvani                  12.49   3.53
 2 Kathy Henry                     17.05   4.16
 2 Lorena Galvani                  21.13   4.08
 3 Kathy Henry                     25.31   4.18
   4th Team
 2 Cecily Day                       3.29   3.29
 4 Clare Corkish                    8.00   4.31
 8 Bronwen Northmore               13.52   5.52
 5 Cecily Day                      17.26   3.34
 5 Clare Corkish                   21.57   4.31
 4 Cecily Day                      25.34   3.37
   5th Team
 6 Maya Lepine                      3.49   3.49
 6 Rebecca Northmore                8.17   4.28
 7 Narissa Vox                     13.16   4.59
 3 Maya Lepine                     17.15   3.59
 4 Rebecca Northmore               21.44   4.29
 5 Maya Lepine                     25.52   4.08
   6th Team
 4 Sarah Palmer                     3.43   3.43
 3 Alison Lepine                    7.53   4.10
 2 Sarah Palmer                    11.32   3.39
 6 Wendy Fisher                    17.40   6.08
 6 Alison Lepine                   22.24   4.44
 6 Sarah Palmer                    26.14   3.50
   7th Team
 1 Steph Tindall                    3.29   3.29
 5 Ben Rushby                       8.08   4.39
 3 Steph Tindall                   11.47   3.39
 9 Anne Marie Goodridge            18.30   6.43
 9 Ben Rushby                      22.52   4.22
 7 Steph Tindall                   26.29   3.37
   8th Team
 3 Andrew                           3.37   3.37
 2 Susan Ritchie                    7.43   4.06
 9 Katrina Roche                   14.10   6.27
 8 Andrew                          18.25   4.15
 8 Susan Ritchie                   22.47   4.22
 8 Andrew                          26.54   4.07
   9th Team
 8 Wiekbe Kortum                    4.06   4.06
 8 Rachel Revett                    8.44   4.38
 6 Wiekbe Kortum                   12.58   4.14
 7 Lara Hughes                     18.05   5.07
 7 Rachel Revett                   22.43   4.38
 9 Wiekbe Kortum                   26.56   4.13
 Dash For The Splash 10k  Sunday 15th August on Wimbledon Common
 …the splash being the crossing of Beverly Brook.
 20  Michael Morris      46.16
 43  Steve Aikin         51.37
 80  Marie Synnott-Wells 57.40
 88  Carol Aikin         59.42
 89  Ann Kearey          59.43
 131 Alan Meaden         75.34
 133 David Meaden        79.18          
 Wimbledon Common Trail Race Series  Race 3  Wednesday 1st September  5 miles
 This was the last for this year of Andy Bickerstaff's popular evening 5 miles races
 on Wimbledon Common. Fulham and Clapham dominated as usual but a few podium slots were
 filled by Ranelagh  Marie Synnott-Wells and Sally Bamford 1st and 3rd  FV55s (with 
 Carol Aikin 4th), and Rebecca Bissell 3rd FV45.
 38  Ed Smith            34.46
 49  Nick Fordham        35.56  
 82  Rebecca Bissell     39.30
 109 Marie Synnott-Wells 42.25
 125 Sally Bamford       44.17
 131 Carol Aikin         44.56
 143 Ciaran O'Donnell    47.39
 154 Peter Fordham       51.14 
 Surrey County Road Relays  Saturday 4th September at Wimbledon Park
 We had only a token presence with both our men's team and our women's team finishing
 Senior men 
 Ross Macdonald 17.03, Chris Bundhun 17.48, Mike Thomas 18.37, Neil Rae 17.44, David Lawley
 16.19, Gareth Williams 16.03
 Senior women
 Suzy Whatmough 18.53, Marie Synnott-Wells 23.04, Rachel Revett 22.44, Wiebke Kortum 20.53  
 Senior women B
 Rebecca Bissell 21.16, Alison Targett 24.51 
 River Relay Sunday 5th September  Boveney – Ham
 This relay along the Thames requires mixed teams of five people. There must be at least
 one woman, the others can be a woman, a male Veteran (over 40) but there must be not
 more than three Senior Men. The route runs from Boveney to the Hawker Centre at Ham, 
 a total distance of 26.6 miles. There are five stages.  Ranelagh's first team (the 
 Rockets) were always well placed  and were holding second place after two legs, before 
 coming in 5th. Our other two teams - the Radicals and the Rapids - finished 22nd 
 and 40th out of 59 finishing teams. There were several good individual runs including 
 Suzy Whatmough who was the fastest woman on stage 4.   
 1  Elmbridge RR       2:44.41
 5  Ranelagh Rockets   2:59.35
 22 Ranelagh Radicals  3:29.33
 40 Ranelagh Rapids    3:47.52 
 Stage 1 5.6m  3  Steph Tindall    36.19 
               28 Maggie Allen     43.22
               52 Aoife Kilpatrick 53.45
 Stage 2 4.4m  2  Mike Morris      29.11
               27 Carol Aikin      38.44
               42 Ann Kearey       35.01
 Stage 3 6.5m  6  Jarryd Hillhouse 43.43
               29 Rebecca Bissell  50.21
               43 Rachel Revett    54.33
 Stage 4 4.9m  5  Phil Andrews     36.06
               16 Suzy Whatmough   34.03
               38 Gavin Hillhouse  39.02
 Stage 5 5.2m  5  Vaughan Ramsay   34.16
               22 Clare Warner     43.03                 
               40 Sally Bamford    45.31
 VITALITY BIG HALF MARATHON  Sunday 22nd  August in London 
 Another huge central London race. Nick Impey ran an excellent 71.52 in 38th place despite 
 breathing problems. 
 38   Nick Impey        1:11.52
 218  Mark Herbert      1:18.44
 386  Bob Tinsley       1:20.32
 453  Paul Doyle        1:23.16
 705  Jarryd Hillhouse  1:26.59
 874  Bill Neely        1:28.53
 1201 Alex Ring         1:32.37     
 3422 Ciaran O'Donnell  1:50.18
 4629 Fiona Pugh        1:57.38 
 Just a week after his nifty Half Marathon in London Nick Impey was out again at Dorney Lake
 where he won by a clear minute and a half in 72.07. A first place was also nabbed by Mick
 Lane who was the leading over 60, finishing 49th in 90.06.
 There was another win for Ranelagh at the Thorp and Egham 10k  on 22nd August.
 This was Jimmy Whistler who ran 36.29. In the accompanying Half Marathon Natalie
 Haarer was 10th woman in 99.19.
 Running in the colours of her first claim Abingdon AC, Cordy Parker ran 18.08 at
 the Run Through Battersea Park 5k on 18th August.
 The long standing Last Friday of the Month 5k in Hyde Park is back in action.
 On 27th August Paul Doyle ran 18.57 and Carol Aikin 25.03.
 The London Spitfire 10k took place on Saturday 28th at the RAF London Museum.
 Shaun Griffith finished 6th in 42 minutes dead. 
 Clare Fowler was 3rd FV40 in 91.36 in the Olympic Park Half Marathon on 5th September.
 On the same day Paul Doyle visited Paddock Wood where he ran 83.44 in their Half Marathon.
 Teamer is the app we use to confirm attendance at races. It's pretty self-explanatory once 
 you sign up. Join the group and see what it's all about. 
 Men:  Men's Teamer Group  Women: Women's Teamer group.
 The Richmond RUNFEST is a two day running event with many volunteer roles including course
 marshals, baggage, finish line, water station and directional volunteers.
 Volunteer benefits: a technical running tee and invite to the Volunteer VIP tent where 
food and drinks celebration awaits! Volunteers can enjoy a free beer, food and soft drinks
 at the finish in Old Deer Park in front of the live bands. Volunteers also receive a free
 entry into one of our events the following year. For more information please go to
 This comes from Ricky Wood of Up and Running.
 I'm writing to inform you of an Assistant Manager position that has become available 
 at our East Sheen Branch of Up & Running, Please can you pass this information on
 to your runners, and should anyone be interested they should contact the store via
 email to eastsheen@upandrunning.co.uk  Thank You.
 Ricky Wood, Store Manager.  
 LONDON MARATHON  Sunday 3rd October and CABBAGE PATCH 10 miles Sunday 17th October.
 Good Luck to all those who are taking part.
 Harry Hawkes Half Marathon Sunday 26th September at Thames Ditton. In recent years 
 this has been a 10mile race but for this year and for one year only it's happening as 
 a half marathon..  Details:.
 Angus Cater writes:
 I don't know if any Ranelagh members would be interested but my story about my 18,500
 miles trip around South America in my classic yawl, Harrac, has just been published, 
 featuring several Ranelagh members. Reviews and the opportunity to purchase, if you so 
 choose, can be found on anguscaterltd.co.uk
 Sue Ashley writes: A tale of adventure by Angus Cater
 Back in 2005, I answered an invitation from Angus Cater to members of Ranelagh Harriers
 to join him in running the Alderney half marathon (for those who have never done it, 
 it is a beautiful race giving you a complete tour of this small Channel Island).
 Transport to and from the island would be provided by Angus's  45ft wooden yacht, Harrac.
 I applied and, despite having no sailing experience and not even being a first claim
 member of Ranelagh, Angus welcomed me as a member of the crew, taught me some of the
 sailing basics  and, ever the gentleman, let me beat him in the race. I returned for the
 repeat trip the following year and it was during our post-race dinner that Angus
 mentioned his plans for a much more ambitious expedition. This would involve  sailing
 from the UK across the Atlantic, through the Panama Canal, down the west coast of South
 America and across the notoriously stormy Drake passage to reach Smith Island (just off
 the Antarctic peninsula).
 The aim here was to land two crew members, who were experienced mountaineers, on the
 island where they would scale Mount Foster a 6900ft totally ice clad
 peak. Harrac would return to pick up the mountaineers and the journey home to the UK would
 To put this voyage in perspective, whilst sailing to Alderney took around 12 hours, the
 proposed trip was likely to involve eight months of sailing. The expedition was on a par
 with circumnavigating the globe - think of Francis Chichester or Ellen McArthur!
 You have to ask why Angus would want to attempt such a challenging journey that was likely
 to involve eight months of sailing across sometimes treacherous and stormy waters, in
 cramped conditions and with little sleep. The answer is that it was "unfinished business". 
 Thirty years earlier, Angus's friend and fellow sailor, Simon Richardson, attempted the
 same journey on his yacht, En Avant; amongst his crew was Bill Tilman, the legendary
 mountaineer of the Mallory Irving era and now in his 80th year. Angus himself had
 turned down an invitation to join the crew because his wife was expecting their first
 child. Somewhere after leaving South America, the yacht and all hands were lost; no
 trace was ever found. Angus's expedition, which set sail from Hamble in September 2007,
 was a tribute to his friend. 
 Obviously Harrac and her crew(s) did not suffer the same fate as En Avant but you will
 have to read the book,  "Harrac Goes South" to find out what did happen. It is beautifully
 written and remains humorous in describing the relationships between crew members (including
 three other members of Ranelagh: Tim Woolmer - Canaries to Grenada, 
 Alan Craig and Sally Meekley - Grenada to Callao, Peru) and the difficulties and dangers
 that they experienced. Note that you do not need to be a sailor or to know your 'storm
 jib' from your 'spinnaker' to enjoy the book; footnotes explain everything necessary.
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 From The Times ...
 Robot that taught itself to run (slowly)
 It is unlikely to beat you in a race but a two-legged robot called Cassie has set the
 standard by running 3 miles - albeit in a sedate 53 minutes (3.5mph). Cassie, which has
 a small torso and looks like a creepy ostrich without a head, has delighted engineers at
 Agility Robotics by travelling the distance outdoors without assistance and on a single
 battery charge. Toddlers learning to walk find running on two legs is a complex business.
 Recreating that skill in robots is tricky as it requires "Dynamic balancing in which a
 robot can shift positions while moving without falling over. Researchers said Cassie
 taught itself to run by constantly making subtle changes to its stature to stay upright
 while moving due to a "deep reinforcement learning algorithm". Cassie is way behind her
 four-legged rivals: China's Unitree Gol robodog, which runs at 6mph; and the Cheetah bot
 made by Boston Dynamics, which reaches 28mph.  
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