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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 589      30th July 2021
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  
 HENTY RELAY  Tuesday 3rd August in Richmond Park
 ENTRIES CLOSE at midnight on 30th July! 
 The Henty Relay is a relay race aimed at all our runners regardless of ability so 
 please enter via Eventbrite and have a go. It will be held on Tuesday, 3 August 2021 
 starting at 19:15.  Any children of 11 years of age or under must be accompanied by 
 a responsible adult while they run their lap(s).
 The race comprises 6 laps of approximately 1.3 miles per lap run clockwise around the 
 outside of Sidmouth Wood, starting and finishing opposite Pembroke Lodge. Teams of
 three runners, comprising a fast, a medium and a slow runner will be selected, from
 the runners who have entered the race, by the Club Handicapper. He will aim to put 
 together teams of more or less equal overall speed. The fast runner runs three laps, 
 the medium two laps and the slow one lap of the course. The running order is at the 
 discretion of each team. 
 Contrary to normal practice, incoming runners should not touch the hands of outgoing 
 runners. Instead outgoing runners will stand to one side of the finishing line and 
 depart when their incoming runner crosses the line.
 Entries will remain open until midnight on Friday, 30 July 2021, giving the Handicapper 
 just about enough time to sort out the teams of 3 runners.  If, after entering the race,
 you find you are unable to run, it is important that you inform the organisers at
 ranelagh.hon.secretary@gmail.com as 
 soon as possible so that the teams can hopefully be rejigged. Teams will be announced 
 shortly prior to the race. 
 If you forget or are unable to enter before entries close on 30 July, you may attend on 
 the evening and the organisers will do their best to set you up with a team.  If you have
 entered and been allocated to a team and, on arrival, you become aware that one of your
 teammates is a no show, please inform the officials, who will try to sort something out. 
 It is important that runners arrive in good time to collect numbers and liaise with their 
 teammates so that the race can begin punctually at 19:15. Otherwise there is a real risk 
 that stragglers may find themselves locked in the Park with the deer for the night.
 While the majority of social distancing measures will have been relaxed in England by 
 race day, we would encourage all runners and spectators to behave responsibly as we would
 not wish to turn the Henty Relay into a super spreading event."
 parkruns are back! All over the country saw Saturday morning once again given over to 5k
 runs. Plenty of Ranelaghs took part in various different events, results can be found
 on each individual run’s website. 
 WIMBLEDON DASH ROAD 5k  Sunday 15th August at Wimbledon Park Arena.
 Most of the Surrey county road championships were cancelled this year, but the 5k 
 championship is going ahead, incorporated with Hercules Wimbledon's Wimbledon Dash 
 5k on August 15th. The venue is the Wimbledon Park track, start time is 9am. Details 
 and entries: here:. 

 Crazy Track Meet, Sunday 22nd August 2-6pm at Osterley Track
 An alternative, fun event with a mixture of traditional, unusual and novel events, music
 and BYO picnic
 Free for all club members, and all friends and families welcome too
 There'll be something for everyone including 400m, beer mile, backwards 100m, 5k relay 
 and "Catch me if you can"
 More details and free event registration coming soon...
 Gill represented South Africa for her third Olympics Triathlon last week. Unfortunately
 in tough conditions Gill was one of twenty competitors who were lapped and therefore 
 required to drop out. At the time of writing she is due to line up in the Mixed Triathlon
 Relay at the weekend.
 We're sorry to report the death on July 12th of Wally Garrod. Obituary below.
 Tuesday 20th July in Richmond Park
 Our summer 5 miles handicap was the first 'proper' race we have been able to
 organise since the first lockdown began in March 2020. A new departure for us was 
 the requirement for all competitors to register in advance. Actually not quite such
 a new departure – pre-entry was the "norm from the club' foundation in 
 1881 until well into the new century. In those olden days entry would have been by
 post, with a postal order to cover the entry fee. What's a postal order? Ask your 
 Don't worry, there will be no reintroduction of entry fees! Pre-entry is simply to
 make the handicapper's job a lot easier and enable the officials at the start to 
 get the race underway sharp at 7.15pm. No fewer than 86 members registered for the race.
 A few more wanted to enter on the night but unfortunately had to be turned away as they
 had not been handicapped.  
 There was a surprising number of no-shows and drop-outs - it was hot - and 60 actually
 finished. Still a good crowd. Handicapper Simon Martin did an excellent job in getting
 80% home inside 3 minutes. "Extraordinary" commented statsman Ken Powley. 
 But however well the handicaps might be right on the button, there are always a few who
 manage to escape away at the front. First runner home was Jon Lear but he was in as a
 guest, not having completed the three club races that are the requisite for counting
 in a handicap. Dave Kew led for much of the way until Jon passed him in the closing 
 stages but gold medallist Dave had over a minute to spare over Jeremy Day, who took the 
 silver medal. Two more guests were next, Ross Hyde and Gerard O'Callaghan, and they
 heralded the start of the mob. James Russell was the bronze medal winner and leading
 woman in the handicap was Colette Doran. 
 Fastest times were by George Howard, 29.29, Bob Tinsley, 29.42 and Joshua Reed 30.01, 
 Fastest woman was Steph Tindall on 32.24, followed by Sarah Palmer 33.15 and Cecily Day 
                                  H'cap     H'cap    Actual   Speed
                                  Time      Allow     Time    Order
     Jon Lear                (G)  25.46     13.20     39.06    38  
 1   Dave Kew                     26.12     19.00     45.12    51  
 2   Jeremy Day                   27.24     11.40     39.04    37  
     Ross Hyde               (G)  27.41      3.30     31.11     9  
     Gerard O'Callaghan      (G)  27.45      3.30     31.15    10  
 3   James Russell                27.57     11.40     39.37    40  
 4   Gavin Hillhouse              27.59     10.00     37.59    32  
 5   Stephen Hurton               28.04      8.20     36.24    24  
 6   Ed Smith                     28.05      6.50     34.55    17  
 7   Lloyd Camp                   28.07     10.30     38.37    34  
 8   Gordon Whitson               28.13      9.40     37.53    31  
 9   Vaughan Ramsay               28.14      5.10     33.24    15  
10   Colette Doran        (L)     28.15     16.40     44.55    50  
11   John Ricketts                28.15     12.40     40.55    42  
12   Ed Perry                     28.18      1.50     30.08     6  
13   Simon Taylor                 28.25     12.30     40.55    43  
14   Ann Kearey           (L)     28.29     12.50     41.19    44  
15   Felix Von Schubert           28.30      8.20     36.50    25  
16   Richard Willoughby           28.31      5.30     34.01    16  
17   Chris Owens                  28.34      8.20     36.54    26  
18   Phil Roberts                 28.35      9.10     37.45    29  
19   Rebecca Bissell      (L)     28.38     10.00     38.38    35  
20   Ed Forbes                    28.39      2.20     30.59     7  
21   Peter Haarer                 28.41      1.20     30.01     4  
22   Clare Day            (L)     28.48     14.30     43.18    49  
23   George Howard                28.49      0.40     29.29     1  
     Stephanie Tindall    (L)(G)  28.54      3.30     32.24    12  
     Maggie Allen         (L)(G)  28.58      9.10     38.08    33  
     Joshua Reed             (G)  29.01      1.00     30.01     3  
24   Michael Everard              29.09      3.10     32.19    11  
     Bob Tinsley             (G)  29.12      0.30     29.42     2  
25   Sergio Stillacci             29.14      1.50     31.04     8  
26   Sarah Palmer         (L)     29.25      3.50     33.15    13  
27   Jackie Dunkley       (L)     29.26     23.30     52.56    56  
28   Stephen Aikin                29.29      8.20     37.49    30  
29   Sally Bamford        (L)     29.36     13.20     42.56    48  
30   Cecily Day           (L)     29.40      7.40     35.40    19  
31   Marcus Atkins                29.44      9.40     37.24    27  
30   Martin Harris                29.54      7.40     37.34    28  
31   Richard Pender               29.56      9.40     39.36    39  
32   James Riley                  30.03      0.00     30.03     5  
33   Tom Cameron                  30.11      3.10     33.21    14  
34   Bronwen Northmore    (L)     30.13     27.40     57.53    59  
35   Clare Fowler         (L)     30.15      6.00     36.15    21  
36   Sue Camp             (L)     30.18     19.00     49.18    54  
37   Claire Warner        (L)     30.19     12.30     42.49    47  
38   Deborah Blakemore    (L)     30.28     29.40     60.08    60  
39   Stephen Logue                30.35     10.50     41.25    45  
     Shaun Griffith          (G)  30.37      4.40     35.17    18  
40   Isabel Atkins        (L)     30.40      5.20     36.00    21  
     Ciaran O'Donnell        (G)  30.41      8.20     39.01    36  
41   Andy Hayward                 30.43     23.20     54.03    58  
42   Karen Harbert        (L)     30.50     17.30     48.20    53  
     Michael Thomas          (G)  31.02      4.40     35.42    20  
43   Rebecca Northmore    (L)     31.42     10.00     41.42    46  
44   Bruce McLaren                31.56      4.20     36.16    23  
45   Amrut Sharma                 31.58      7.40     39.38    41  
46   Aoife Kilpatrick     (L)     32.12     15.00     47.12    52  
47   Tom Reay                     34.08     10.40     53.48    57  
48   Mike Peace                   36.22     13.30     49.52    55  
 TAMSIN TRAIL  8 miles in Richmond Park  Tuesday 20th July
 The Tamsin Trail is that path which winds its way round a complete circuit of the Park.
 The distance isn't clear, but it's about 8 miles. This little summer evening handicap
 attracted a field of 29 and first home was Vaughan Ramsay just holding off Ross Macdonald.
 Marc Leyshon was next, then Mark Herbert and “scratch” runner Philip Hines. It was
 Ross who ran the fastest time of 47.15, followed at just five seconds by Philip Hines 
 and another seven seconds by Marc Leyshon. Well done Mr Handicapper. Two women took part,
 Sarah Palmer who ran 55.22 and Suzy Whatmough on 58.11.    
Pos Name             Bib  Hcap   Hcap   Act  Speed
                          Time         Time  Order
1  Vaughan Ramsay     82  46:23  8:00  54:23 14 
2  Ross Macdonald     91  46:45  0:30  47:15  1 
3  Marc Leyshon       90  46:57  0:30  47:27  3 
4  Mark Herbert       87  47:18  1:40  48:58  4 
5  Philip Hines       92  47:20  0:00  47:20  2 
6  Ed Perry           86  47:53  1:50  49:43  6 
7  Andy Freeman       74  48:00  4:40  52:40 11 
8  Michael Morris     38  48:34  9:30  58:04 19 
9  David Ready        82  48:35  0:30  49:05  5 
10 Michael Everard    76  48:41  4:40  53:21 12 
11 Sergio Stillacci   84  48:47  2:30  51:17  9 
12 David Lawley       85  48:53  1:50  50:43  8 
13 Ed Smith           37  48:55 10:10  59:05 22 
14 Richard Willoughby 39  49:15  8:50  58:05 20 
15 Rich Kimber        83  49:21  2:30  51:51 10 
16 Bob Tinsley        88  49:25  0:30  49:55  7 
17 Chris Lepine       80  49:34  3:50  53:24 13 
18 Liam Griffin       36  49:45 11:30  61:15 26 
19 Sarah Palmer       45  49:52  6:00  55:52 16 
20 Marcus Atkins      35  50:00 12:10  62:10 27 
21 Peter Keane        43  50:44 12:10  62:54 29 
22 Neil Rae           79  51:16  3:50  55:06 15 
23 Paul Murphy        73  51:35  5:50  57:25 17 
24 John Rose          40  51:40  8:50  60:30 24 
25 Jarryd Hillhouse   72  52:04  5:50  57:54 18 
26 Suzy Whatmough     46  52:11  6:00  58:11 21 
27 Mike Thomas        42  52:44  8:00  60:44 25 
28 Shaun Griffith     44  52:55  7:10  60:05 23 
29 Martin Harris      41  54:25  8:00  62:25 10
 IMBER COURT RELAY  Tuesday 20th July
 Ross Macdonald reports:
 Due to a clash with the Coad Cup, only one Ranelagh team made it along to the 2021 
 Imber Court Relays. If you are only going to send one team though, then sending the
 reigning champions (from the virtual event held in 2020) was a good option! Attempting
 to retain their (non-existent) trophy over the 2.5-kilometre course were Ross Macdonald,
 Marc Leyshon, Jonathan Smith and James Whistler. Despite the torrential rain the evening
 before, the grass and trails had dried enough to create a debate about whether the
 Vaporflys or an off-road shoe was the better option. 
 Ross set off first and arrived back at the changeover zone in 8:15 mins – fast enough 
 only for 3rd place on leg one. Marc's 8:33 took the team into 2nd place overall, around
 30 seconds behind Epsom and Ewell Harriers A-team. Jon then put in a solid 8:36 to close
 the gap to the leaders and assure a top-two finish. It was down to James. 
 Pre-race talk from James had included assurances that he would "bring it home" and
 "get it done". Little did the rest of the team know at the time, but this had been
 in reference to a work deal he would complete later that evening. Clearly distracted,
 his 8:49 brought the 'Ranelagh Hotshotters' over the finish line in a total time of
 34 minutes and 13 seconds – a little over a minute behind Epsom and Ewell. Trials for

 the final leg will be held ahead of the 2022 event. 
 Although there was to be no team win on this occasion, Marc achieved individual success
 with his time being the fastest veteran time of the day.  
 1 Epsom & Ewell AC    33.02
 2 Ranelagh H          34.13
 Wimbledon Common Trail Race 5  miles Series Race 1   Wednesday 21st July
 This was the first of Andy Bickerstaff's three 5 miles trail races on Wimbledon Common.
 The weather had been hot hot hot but by evening it was more comfortable. As usual  the 
 race with 162 finishers was dominated by Clapham Chasers and Fulham RC, but Ranelagh's
 seven featured well. Sam Dalgleish was 6th, the only non-Chasers and Fulham in the top 
 ten. Ed Forbes was 2nd over 40, Rebecca Bissell was 3rd over 45 and Paula Maguire was
 3rd over 55.  The next race will be on Wednesday 4th August  Details:. 
 6   Sam Dalgleish     31.06
 12  Ed Forbes         32.07
 44  Ed Smith          38.04
 80  Ben Shore         41.04
 82  Rebecca Bissell   41.34
 96  John Ricketts     43.11
 137 Paula Maguire     50.00 
 Two very promising runners who had not long joined the club when Lockdown.1 hit us have
 made welcome returns to racing. Joe Gomes ran the London ASICS 10k in 34.56 on 25th July 
 while on the same day Ryan Hogan  won the Down Tow Up Flow Half Marathon by a distance in
 "First over 60" prizes seem to be coming our way regularly. Mick Lane won that category
 at the Sonning 10k on 4th July and the Dorney Lake Half Marathon in 1:48.54 on 18th July.
 At the Richmond Summer Riverside 10k John Shaw was first 60+ in 42.14.and in the ASICS 10k
 on 25th July Bill Neely repeated the trick in 42.26. 
 Other Ranelaghs in the ASICS 10k include Paul Doyle 38.34, Jarryd Hillhouse with a PB 39.09
 and Siobhan Sharp 56.45. Jon Lear was first over 50 in 46.56 in the Richmond Summer Riverside 
 in 46.56. The delightfully-named Hellfire Half Marathon in High Wycombe was a toughie with 
 Rebecca Bissell just missing 2 hours in 2:00.23 and Aoife Kilpatrick on 2:26.23. In the
 Reigate Summer 10k Neil Rae recorded 42.06 while at Yateley Nick Twomey ran 35.12. The
 Maverick Buckinghamshire Long Route was over "undulating trails" a little in excess
 of a Half Marathon Just my cup of tea says Marc Leyshon as he won in a time of 1:41.26. 
 Ed Perry was another Dorney Lake runner: he finished in 2nd place in 36.27.  Neil Rae ran
 39.39 in Sri Chinmoy's Green Space 10k in Battersea Park       
 More Roger's run-throughs!  Recent 10ks by Roger Wallace include Victoria Park 55.50,
 Olympic Park 58.36, Clapham Common 63.15, plus Half Marathon in Richmond Park in 2:16.34.
 Also finishing the latter was Chris Lepine in 1:28.26.
 Ratchford Relays - Ladies Only Event  Tuesday 17th August 7pm- ALL welcome to this fun
 event - teams of 3 of various speeds this time running laps of a 1k course near to 
 Petersham Gate in Richmond Park. 
 Wimbledon Common Trail Races
 Andy Bickerstaff's popular Wednesday evening events on Wimbledon Common are taking 
 place again this year, though the date of the first has been put back to July 21st. 
 Check the race website for up-to-date news. Dates are 21st July, 4th August and 1st 
 September, distance 5 miles. Details:. 
 Summer Dash for the Splash 10k Sunday August 15th on Wimbledon Common 
 Our friends from Thames Hare & Hounds have sent us the following:
 Our annual Dash for the Splash is on Sunday 15 August and is extra special for all our 
 local clubs as it's part of the Wimbledon and Putney Commons' 150th anniversary celebrations.
  There's a number of events taking place at the Windmill over the weekend and it should
  be a really fun festival of sport and of the Common which so many of us have loved
 running on for years.  .
 As before the run includes our ever popular trip through Beverley Brook and has become a
 favourite for many.  Entries are £20 which includes a contribution to Common funds, and
 there are team as well as individual prizes ,of course.
 More information is on our www.dashforthesplash.com website.
 Harry Hawkes Half Marathon Sunday 26th September at Thames Ditton. In recent years this
 has been a 10mile race but for this year and for one year only it's happening as a half 
 marathon. There has been some confusion over the date, but 26th September seems right. 
 Brian Chard writes:
 I am very sorry to have to let you know that my dear friend and long term Ranelagh Harrier,
 Wally Garrod, has died. Wally was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer almost three years ago
 and put up a great fight but finally succumbed yesterday. 
 As you know I was introduced to Ranelagh by you, Sonia and Julian Schlaepfer and was pleased 
 to be able to run with the Wednesday evening "slow" pack. Wally was an ever present in that
 group and we struck up a friendship that has lasted over 40 years. 
 Wally will be remembered by many of the Tuesday night ladies whom he mentored, encouraged 
 and coached. He was a great help to me in the organisation of the Ranelagh Half Marathon
 when I bought it back to Richmond from Effingham, he was a tower of strength when getting
 up early to fix the mile markers to the designated lampposts spotted by course measurer 
 Hugh Jones. He loved going abroad and competing with his Ranelagh friends. He was, at times,
 the clubhouse janitor and the teas steward. He leaves a wife, Teresa, and sons, Jon and Martin,
 and a daughter, Helen. I think all have been members of Ranelagh at various times.
 He loved a party especially if it involved fancy dress. As a keen amateur gardener and 
 bird watcher he loved growing his vegetables and sitting in his garden watching the birds.
 He had taken up cycling. His son, Jon, rang me last night and told me he had no one to 
 turn to for advice on why his potatoes were not growing. We laughed. His enthusiasm could 
 be infectious. He ran in many club competitions and was very proud of his 500 parkruns 
 membership. He loved to go abroad and compete. He was also very proud of some of his 
 running PB's especially breaking 30 mins. for 5 miles and a 3 hour and one minute marathon.
 He ran 31 mob matches and twice won the Thomas Cup handicap.
 Wally had spent time in South America doing missionary work, and worked as a Social Worker
 in New Zealand and back home. For many years a group of Ranelagh oldies would meet at the
 pub on a Wednesday evening to reminisce on their running. They called themselves “Last
 of the Summer Wine.” Sadly many of that group have passed. Other members will have their
 own stories of doing things with him. I will remember that he never spoke when running, 
 he told me that one of his coaches at Ealing told him "if you can still speak when running,
 you're not running fast enough". He still held on to that principle even into his late 70's. 
 A fine man and one for whom the club was a very important part of his life. He would say 
 "running keeps me sane".
 RiP Wally
 The funeral is on Monday 2nd August, 3pm at Kingston Crematorium, followed by a gathering 
 at The Druids Head, Market Place in Kingston (requested by Wally). Everybody is welcome to
 the funeral but the limit in the crematorium is 60, so after the family, first come first
 served. No limited number in the pub.
 Following “Freedom Day” on July 19th there will be no restrictions on groups training 
 together. Consequently there will be no necessity for booking your place at the track –
 simply turn up. Any queries should be directed to Gordon Whitson at ranelagh.hon.secretary@gmail.com.
 MIKE HUBBERT Orienteer   
 Mike writes from Australia and we learn that he has been presented with the Silva award
 for services to Orienteering in Australia. For more than 20 years Mike has edited the 
 excellent Australian Orienteer magazine and has been involved with the sport in innumerable
 ways for decades. Mike contributed this week's “Finally” below.
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 2. Log your run and give it a catchy title.
 3. Give our segments a shot!
 4. Check back every week for highlights
 5. Note that Activity and Profile Privacy settings will need to be set to Everyone if you
 want the rundown team to be able to see your individual runs
 Follow us elsewhere on social:
 Twitter: @ranelaghharrier
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 When Bega Cheese, makers of that much-loved breakfast spread Vegemite, first took on 
 sponsorship of women's world number 1 tennis player Ash Barty, they distributed a
 limited edition of the spread re-named "Bartymite". And now she is not only World No 1
 but also Wimbledon Champion. Must be something good in the formula.
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