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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 588      11th Jlye 2021
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 The Ranelagh Harriers AGM took place on 7th July but very nearly didn't...the scheduled
 start time was brought forward to 7pm to allow enough time to rattle through the
 proceedings before the 8pm kick-off time of a certain footy match. Evidently many
 members didn't trust the technology and, come 7pm, we were well short of a quorum.
 One of the good  things about holding meetings through Zoom is that attendees are all
 at home and a few e-mails swiftly brought up our numbers until 7.15pm saw President
 Ted Mockett declaring the meeting open. 
 Fortunately there wasn't too much business to transact and everyone who wanted to catch
 the match after the meeting had ample time to get ensconced in front of a telly.
 Gordon Whitson's Hon Sec report gave an excellent account of how the club managed to keep
 functioning during the year just past. It will provide a valuable account for future
 club historians. Treasurer Chris Read presented his accounts and it appears we are 
 There were a few personnel changes.    
 Narissa Vox has agreed to take on the role of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Officer. 
 Sandra Forrest does not wish to continue as the Race Director for our Half Marathon 
 and subject to confirmation Simon Martin will take over.
 Louise Whapshott has replaced Deepa Sharma as Assistant Treasurer.
 We don't have a name yet for a replacement Fixtures Secretary, but one or two members
 have expressed an interest and we hope to be able to make a definite announcement soon.  
 Joint Social Secretaries will be Rebecca Bissell and Hadi Khatamizadeh.   
 We are still looking for a Junior Team Manager - someone (of any age) to take on the
 job of liaising with the club's junior members, keeping them up to date with training 
 and racing etc. 
 Finally the President's Prize was awarded jointly to Suzy Whatmough and James Ritchie 
 for their hard work in organising virtual events throughout the lock-down periods which
 did a great deal to keep the club together in these difficult times. 
 to James Ritchie who recently sustained a hip fracture in a bicycle accident in the 
 Surrey Hills. We wish a speedy recovery for him and for Paul Whapshott who fell at
 work recently and fractured his knee.   
 to Gill Sanders who is delighted to have qualified for the South African Triathlon team 
 for her third consecutive Olympic Games. She will compete in the women's individual
 and mixed relay events. We wish her the very best of luck.
 Speaking of triathlons, Chris Owens succumbed to the heat a bit in Leeds and was only 
 3rd old geezer in the British Standard champs.
 On Sunday 20 June 2021 Ian Grange completed his 100th marathon in Richmond Park. 
 It had been a long wait as Ian had been stuck on 99 marathons when covid restrictions
 closed all races last spring.  Ian's time was 4.42.19.  I am aware of one other 
 Ranelagh member who ran the race.  This was Ciaran O'Donnell who recorded a time 
 of 4.03.35.
 Several Ranelagh members cheered Ian on during the race and/or ran the last few miles
 with him.  Ian was also presented with a commemorative tankard from his friends at
 Ranelagh before the Ponds Run the following Tuesday. For the future Ian plans to take
 it easy and only run about four marathons a year.
 Milton Keynes Marathon and Half
 At Milton Keynes on June 27th Kris Davidson finished the Marathon in3:21.27 while not
 far behind Jarryd Hillhouse recorded 3:31.13. Running in the colours of her first-claim
 club Abingdon AC in the Half Marathon, Cordy Parker was the leading woman in 1:24.36. 
 ULTRA NEWS...when 26.2 miles just isn't far enough!
 Race to the Castle 100k
 In reportedly awful conditions Michael Morris finished in 14 hours 12 mins.
 Salomon Serpent 50km  
 Ranelagh successes in the Salomon Serpent 50k Trail at Haslemere on Saturday 3rd July.
 On a tough and hilly trail Mitch Phillips was the first MV50 in 4:51.33 and Susan
 Ritchie was third WV50 in 5:50.43.  
 South Downs Way 100 miles  Saturday 12th June
 Andy Freeman had a great run on the South Downs to finish 25th in 19:28. In the virtual
 Comrades Marathon Bruce McLaren and Si Martin finished but Thomas Lahille had to give
 best to the hot conditions.
 Hadrian's Wall 111k Ultra   Saturday 19th June
 Remarkably Andrew Kew was one of over a thousand competitors and finished in 16:55.37. 
 Dorking Tens  Sunday 11th July
 Two races in one...a 10 miles, which might be considered the main event, and a 10km.
 Both were started in waves, which gives substantial differences and anomalies in 
 recorded "times" and "net times". Times shown below are "net" and may be
 subject to correction and amendment. The first Ranelagh finisher in the 10 miles was
 Ross Macdonald who placed 11th in 57.52. Michael Morris and Jarryd Hillhouse followed,
 then Mick Lane picked up first place in the 60-69 category, a result which seems to be
 becoming a habit with him. Natalie Haarer was our leading woman and her 74.08 gave her
 third place in the 17-29 women category. Not so far behind Wiebke Kortum was also third,
 but in her case it was the women's 50-59s. 
 In the 10k race we had only a handful of runners. Gary Armstrong, returning from injury,
 was the leading over 40 in 7th place, and Michael Sikora was 2nd over 70.
 10 miles
 11  Ross Macdonald      57.52
 60  Michael Morris      68.07
 62  Jarryd Hillhouse    67.58
 65  Mick Lane           70.21
 74  Richard Willoughby  70.52
 81  James Russell       71.16
 96  Natalie Haarer      74.08
 105 Shaun Griffith      72.07
 128 Wiebke Kortum       76.51
 136 Liam Griffin        75.00
 150 Richard Pender      80.41
 161 Rebecca Bissell     78.58
 166 Lloyd Camp          79.36
 187 Stephen Logue       84.29
 204 Hadi Khatamizadeh   87.29
 225 Sally Bamford       90.18
 226 Carol Aikin         92.13
 238 Aoife Kilpatrick    96.03
 239 Joanne Marshall     96.36         
 7   Gary Armstrong      39.05
 86  Michael Sikora      62.12
 116 Alan Meaden         68.06
 121 David Meaden        70.38 
 Wimbledon Common Half Marathon  Sunday 20th June
 A great performance from Sarah Palmer who was third woman home in 1:32.13.
 North Downs Half Marathon  Sunday 4th July
 Cold, wet and muddy, not to mention hilly, was the consensus opinion! Ian Kenton was
 well placed before getting lost and adding a good mile and a half to the official route.
 He still finished 12th in 2:01.34.  Wiebke Kortum Was 5th woman home in 2:18.33, followed 
 by Karima Graham in 3:10.48...
 ...not to be confused with... 
 North Downs Way Half Marathon one week earlier. 
 Full results are not to hand, but Rebecca Bissell finished in 2:01, Rachel Revett in 2:06,
 Ann Kearey in 2:09 and Aoife Kilpatrick in 2:31. In addition Sue Camp selected the 10k
 version and finished in 60:02. 
 Harder Than Snails 10k trail race.  Wednesday 30th June 
 This was Clare Fowler's first "trail" race and she ran exceptionally well to win the
 women's event in 53.07. 
 Down in Deepest Cornwall
 Eirin McDaid won the Tamar Lake 10k by a good 3 minutes in 36.54. Keeley Phillips took
 part in the accompanying Canicross 5k with Clover and finished 6th. In the Siblyback 
 10k Mark Herbert came in 3rd in 35.06 while Keeley and Clover jointly won the Canicross
 Roger Wallace continues to complete more races in a week than some of us in half a year.
 Runthrough seem happy to feed his addiction and Roger lines up at anything up to 4 races
 in a week. Recently he finished the Victoria Park Chase the Sun 10k in 55.13, Brixton 
 in 58.21, Battersea Park in 57.24, Wimbledon Common in 59.05 and Clapham Common in 61.28. 
 Battersea Park 10k  24th June
 Apart from Roger Wallace we had one more runner in the Battersea Runthrough races.
 This was Steph Tindall in her first race for Ranelagh. She finished 4th in the 5k in a
 very impressive 18.13.
 Sri Chinmoy Kangaroo Hop 5k  Monday 21st June in Battersea Park.
 Gareth Williams finished 24th in 16.35. 
 Richmond Park 10k  Saturday 19th June
 Tamsin Burland finished 32nd in 57.16.
 Goodwood Festival Half Marathon  Sunday 4th July
 Jarryd Hillhouse sneaked inside 90 minutes by one second.
 Yateley 10k  Wednesday 7th July
 Nick Twomey finished in a clear second place with a 34.07 PB. 
 Coad Cup 5 miles handicap will be held in the Park on Tuesday 13th July starting at 7.15pm.
 Entries are now closed.
 Ratchford Relays - Ladies Only Event  Tuesday 17th August 7pm- ALL welcome to this fun 
 event - teams of 3 of various speeds this time running laps of a 1k course near to Petersham 
 Gate in Richmond Park. 
 Wimbledon Common Trail Races
 Andy Bickerstaff's popular Wednesday evening events on Wimbledon Common are taking place
 again this year, though the date of the first has been put back to July 21st. Check the 
 race website for up-to-date news. Dates are 21st July, 4th August and 1st September,
 distance 5 miles. Details. 
 Summer Dash for the Splash 10k Sunday August 15th on Wimbledon Common 
 Our friends from Thames Hare & Hounds have sent us the following:
 Our annual Dash for the Splash is on Sunday 15 August and is extra special for all our
 local clubs as it's part of the Wimbledon and Putney Commons' 150th anniversary
 celebrations.  There's a number of events taking place at the Windmill over the weekend
 and it should be a really fun festival of sport and of the Common which so many of us
 have loved running on for years.  .
 As before the run includes our ever popular trip through Beverley Brook and has become
 a favourite for many.  Entries are £20 which includes a contribution to Common funds,
 and there are team as well as individual prizes of course.
 More information is on our dashforthesplash.com website.
 Harry Hawkes Half Marathon Sunday 26th September at Thames Ditton. In recent years this
 has been a 10mile race but for this year and for one year only it's happening as a half
 marathon. There has been some confusion over the date, but 26th September seems right.
 Register here:.
 Reigate Summer Evening 10k  Wednesday 21st July
 Reigate Priory's race director tells us their Summer Evening 10k race is to be run over 
 a multi terrain course in and around Reigate starting from Reigate's scenic Priory Park
 at 7.30pm on Wednesday 21st July 2021. You can see full details including online entry
 As we don't know individual's circumstances, the club will extend the policy we applied
 last year on subscriptions:
 - we'd like those who can pay the full amount to do so, and we will register those who 
 pay a full senior sub with EA-so they get the membership benefits listed here:
 - if you would find it difficult to pay, please pay what you can (or not) but keep 
 taking part in training and club events. You won't be able to represent the club in 
 public races unless you ask us, and send at least the EA fee - the cost is £15.
 The club gets no income at that level, so we will only do this if you are representing 
 the club at County level or above. (typically Surrey cross country leagues, Surrey or
 Middlesex champs, or Inter-counties/National champs). You can still enter public races 
 as an individual.
  - Ranelagh is financially stable, but has lost two thirds of its annual income in the 
 last year as we have not been able to organise our popular 10k and half marathon races 
 in 2020. What will be allowed in 2021 is still not clear - so please support us if you 
 can, either by paying your subscription or supporting training and racing activities.
 Our club culture is worth much more than money - keep that going!
 - If you have any questions or queries on this please contact the membership secretary
 Chris Owens (aachrisowens@yahoo.co.uk)
 Fees for the 21\22 season are Senior £50, Family £90 (two Seniors+) Junior (u20) or
 student or second claim  £20, o60 AND Retired £25, non-running or outside M25 (county
 member) £10. Please do a transfer to the Ranelagh account, as below, and add your name
 as we cannot see who has paid. 
 Beneficiary Bank:      HSBC
 Sort code:                 40-23-29
 Account Number       81109847
 Account name           Ranelagh Harriers
 The club Gazette is the main publication charting the history of the club. We have copies
 dating back to the very first in 1908. Unfortunately there was no publication between
 2005 and 2010, leaving a serious gap in our historical record. The present editor Julian
 Smith has been working for some time on filling the gap and Gazettes covering the missing 
 period have now been published. Only a relatively small number have been printed but they
 are available to anyone who would like copies. Just reply to this e-news giving your
 postal address.   
 You should be receiving a weekly email in which you can sign up for the following week's
 Thursday track session.
 Any queries should be directed to Gordon Whitson at ranelagh.hon.secretary@gmail.com.
 GUINESS WORLD RECORD for the Thames Pedalo Challenge
 Club member Alun Thomas writes:
 I was part of a four-man team that smashed the old Guinness World Record for traversing
 the non-tidal section of the River Thames, from Lechlade in Gloucestershire to Teddington
 in London...in a pedalo! 124 miles of pain, raising funds for Challenging MND. Having
 smashed the old record by nearly 2 days and set a new standard of 2 days and 15 hours, 
 they were unhappy to find out that once they had put a marker in the sand, another group
 managed to beat their record by 5 hours, only 3 weeks later. The skipper Alex Gibson,
 Alun and the team have put the record straight between June 16th & 18th 2021 by attempting 
 the whole 124 mile course non-stop (no sleep) with rests lasting as long as each lock
 break actually lasted.  They set a new GWR of 51h:00m:59s. 
 Alex Gibson, was diagnosed in 2018 with MND. He drives his "Challenging MND" charity
 forward with many fund raising events and challenges so that fellow MND sufferers can
 be funded for their own events with their friends and family to provide lasting memories.
 An ex-British decathlete, he takes on challenges that are tough for anybody (believe me)
 let alone someone living with MND.  He is delighted with this result and described it as
 his toughest challenge to date. He is an inspirational leader for the charity, his
 favourite phrase being "what's stopping you?" Apologies this is after the fact but
 if you are able to support the charity, here:
 it would be most appreciated.
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 Last year we reported on the birth of a baby daughter to Usain Bolt and  his partner
 Kasi Bennett. The infant's name was Olympia Lightning Bolt. The couple have recently
 announced the birth of twin boys, named Thunder Bolt and Saint Leo Bolt (Saint Leo being
 Usain's middle name). 
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