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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 584      10th April 2021
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 It's great to be able to include some race results after months of little happening
 and people are making up for lost time! 
 With an outstanding 2:37 marathon run at Dorney Gary Armstrong led the Ranelagh pack
 there to almost a full house of PBs, with eight men inside 3 hours.
 Only Popeye Doyle missed a PB and to be fair he has run much faster when youth was on
 his side. Several more PBs were recorded at Kempton Park, notably in the 10k . Read on.   
 St ALBANS 10km  Saturday 3rd April
 Mick Lane was 4th over 60 in 41.52.
 DORNEY MARATHON   Saturday 3rd April at Dorney Lake 
 1   J Andrews (Tavis)   2:25.50
 22  Gary Armstrong      2:37.39
 40  Marc Leyshon        2:42.54
 51  Andy Starr          2:44.30
 55  David Ready         2:45.33
 69  Ed Perry            2:48.09
 80  James Whistler      2:50.16
 104 Paul Doyle          2:53.37
 117 James Ritchie       2:55.35
 214 Bob Tinsley         3:13.49
 223 Bruce McLaren       3:15.54
 308 Susan Ritchie       3:38.46  
 Half Marathon
 Nick Twomey comments:
 ˜It was really incredible to get my second fastest Half Marathon ever when today
 was part of marathon training, 10 miles @ MP and then a pick up for the last 5k.
 Nick finished just behind Ross Macdonald.
 5   Ross Macdonald      1:14.48
 6   Nick Twomey         1:15.12
 158 Tamsin Burland      2:08.43
 166 Roger Wallace       2:14.27          
 Two more substantial PB's
 8   James Riley         33.44
 36  Ed Forbes           37.42
 11   David Lawley       17.46
 80   Susan Clark        33.39
 AIG MOVE UNITED 5k CHALLENGE  Saturday 20th March
 Third place and an 18.47 PB for Alun Thomas.
 As we don't know individual's circumstances, the club will to extend the policy
 we applied last year on subscriptions:
 - we'd like those who can pay the full amount to do so, and we will register those
 who pay a full senior sub with EA-so they get the membership benefits listed here:
 - if you would find it difficult to pay, please pay what you can (or not) but keep 
 taking part in training and club events. You won't be able to represent the club in
 public races unless you ask us, and send at least the EA fee - the cost is £15. 
 The club gets no income at that level, so we will only do this if you are
 representing the club at County level or above. (typically Surrey cross country
 leagues, Surrey or Middlesex champs, or Inter-counties/National champs).
 You can still enter public races as an individual.
 - Ranelagh is financially stable, but has lost two thirds of its annual income
 in the last year as we have not been able to organise our popular 10k and half
 marathon races in 2020. What will be allowed in 2021 is still not clear - so
 please support us if you can, either by paying your subscription or supporting
 training and racing activities. Our club culture is worth much more than money
 - keep that going!
 - If you have any questions or queries on this please contact the membership
 secretary Chris Owens (aachrisowens@yahoo.co.uk)
 Fees for the 21\22 season are Senior £50, Family £90 (two Seniors+) Junior
 (u20) or student or second claim  £20, o60 AND Retired £25, non-running or
 outside M25 (county member) £10. Please do a transfer to the Ranelagh account,
 as below, and add your name as we cannot see who has paid. 
 Beneficiary Bank:    HSBC
 Sort code:                 40-23-29
 Account Number     81109847
 Account name         Ranelagh Harriers
 Thursday evening track training at Osterley Park restarts on 15 April. For the first
 few weeks at least, sessions will run from 19:00 until 20:00. 
 As is the case with the Tuesday evening group training, the track sessions will
 operate within the guidelines set by England Athletics for a Covid 19 Secure
 Environment for so long as UKGov Covid restrictions apply. The key points are:
 1) Participants must pre-book a place on each session and provide contact details.
 Colin Brett will be coordinating the juniors group. 
 For the endurance group, an Eventbrite registration has been set up for the session
 on April 15th here:
 A fresh link will be distributed each Friday for the following Thursday's endurance
 Places on the Endurance session will be limited initially to 25, although a waiting
 list will operate so please make sure you cancel if you can't come. Registration
 will open each Friday morning for the next Thursday session.
 2) The junior/speed group should remain socially distanced from the endurance group
 and will meet at the 100mts start whereas the endurance group will meet at the 100mts
 3) Participants within a group should adhere to social distancing rules before, during
 the warm up, and during the warm down exercises to minimise transmission risk.
 4) Any participant testing positive for Covid 19 or exhibiting symptoms within 5 days
 of attending a session should inform the session leader.
 5) Any parents or spectators should remain socially distanced from the participants
 other than their family members and may interact with them only before or after the
 The schedule of endurance sessions for the next 14 weeks has been posted on the Club
 website. The sessions will be led by one or more of Marcus Atkins, Dan Chiechi,
 Becky Curtis-Hall, Gordon Whitson with Maia Rushby providing backup.
 Any queries should be directed to ranelagh.hon.secretary@gmail.com 
 Gordon Whitson
 The current England Athletics guidance for the return of athletics and running states
 that as from Monday 29 March 2021, organised training within a Covid secure
 environment may resume. This means that Ranelagh restarted organised group training
 on Tuesday 30 March 2021. Participation in group training sessions will be on a
 pre-booked basis only and all the restrictions that applied to our training sessions
 regarding social distancing during the summer of 2020 will again apply.
 Group leaders will doubtless be posting details via the established social media
 channels and all members wanting to take part in organised sessions are encouraged
 to look out for these details and to contact the group leaders directly if necessary.
 You are also reminded that unorganised training (uncoached in a non-Covid secure
 environment) has also resumed, which means members can run in small groups of up
 to 6 runners at any time.
 If all goes according to plan the junior parkruns will recommence on 11th April for
 under 11s only. The main parkruns open to all will start up again on Saturday 5th June.   
 John Herriott writes:
 Intermediate 2 are looking for help on a Tuesday evening. At the moment one of our
 coaches, Anna, is unable to assist as she has a long term back injury. Martin and 
 I are looking for volunteers to help do the warm ups 2 or 3 times a month. You don't
 have to be UK Athletics qualified to do warm ups . All you need is some experience
 in doing stretching exercises and an enthusiastic personality! If you do have a UK
 Athletics Licence as a Leader or Coach and would like to help take a session every
 2 to 3 weeks then please also get in touch via ranelagh.hon.secretary@gmail.com.
 Thank you.
 We're still looking for someone to take over the role of Fixtures Secretary.
 It's not an arduous job, most of the work being carried out in the Spring.
 The essential duty is the creation and maintenance of the club fixture list each year:
 the key races for the club including mob matches, club handicaps, Surrey League XC,
 and other local races of interest to members. It does NOT involve organising any of
 the races yourself!
 Could members interested in taking on this role or wanting further information please
 contact Gordon Whitson, Hon Secretary, in the first instance via email at ranelagh.hon.secretary@gmail.com 
 Note that we are also without a social secretary or secretaries. We normally organise
 half a dozen or so social events per year and these could be handled by one person
 or by a small team. Please get in touch if interested.  
 We have been offered one team entry in this invitation-only event on 3rd July. For
 more details go to www.southdownsrelay.com. For this first year we're entering
 one A team but hope to be offered more entries in future years. A team comprises
 6 runners each doing 3 legs. It's a great event over a single day in the summer
 and hopefully will be able to go ahead having been cancelled in 2020. If you're
 interested in running or helping please get in touch with Rick Jenner at rickjenner77@gmail.com, via social, WhatsApp etc.
 Andy Bickerstaff’s popular Wednesday evening events on Wimbledon Common are
 expected to take place again this year, albeit slightly later in the summer
 than usual. Dates are 7th July, 4th August and 1st September, distance 5 miles.
 For anyone interested, the Middlesex championships are to be held on Saturday
 24th  July (Under 13 and Under 15), and Monday 30th August (Bank Holiday)
 (Under 17, Under 20 and seniors.  Dates for the Surrey championships have yet
 to be decided.  
 Ranelagh member Karen Campbell writes:
 If you would like to know more about how nutrition and Pilates could support your
 running performance, then you may wish to join this workshop to be held on
 30th June 7pm-9pm. There is an early bird price of £20 until the end of May at
 which time the price rises to £25. Just register here:
 The four sessions will include:
 Food For.......up to 10K
 Flexible Foot Workshop 
 Food for .....Half Marathon Plus
 Pilates to Activate Your CORE and more
 1. Join the Strava group: https://www.strava.com/clubs/ranelagh-harriers
 2. Log your run and give it a catchy title.
 3. Give our segments a shot!
 4. Check back every week for highlights
 5. Note that Activity and Profile Privacy settings will need to be set to Everyone
 if you want the rundown team to be able to see your individual runs
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