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  RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 58           20 MARCH 2002
  Web site: http://www.surreyweb.net/rharriers
  A final reminder that this Saturday March 23rd will be the Baker Cup 3
  miles road handicap in Richmond Park. It's only three miles and it's road
  so let's see a good crowd out. Start is 3pm but allow time to get to the
  centre of the Park (the start is near White Lodge)...
  ...and another final reminder that in the evening at the Rose of York,
  Petersham Road, will be the annual Baker Cup supper and prize
  presentation. It will be dedicated to the memory of Bill Day and it will
  be FREE of charge to all club members, a fiver for guests. Book with Bev
  Ali  mailto:bev.ali@fluor.com or Mike Peace
  mailto:admin@frimley.surrey.sch.uk. stating your menu choice. They are:
  (Starter) Eggs Mayonnaise or Pate and Toast or Prawn Cocktail or Mixed
  Salad; (Main Course) Roast Chicken or Roast Beef or Lasagne or Vegetarian
  Ranelagh's 2002 Road Grand Prix kicked off on Sunday with the Thames
  Towpath Ten at Chiswick, and for the second time in a fortnight Paul Doyle
  was forced to watch Hercules Wimbledon's Richard Xerri disappear into the
  distance. Heavy overnight rain had left the towpath in a bit of a state
  but Paul splashed on for an excellent second place, three quarters of a
  minute clear of Marcus Gohar who was 4th overall but first vet. Giles
  Marshall was 9th and Mike Peace 15th (and 1st over 50) giving the Ranelagh
  boys the top place in the four-to-score team race.
  Our next finisher after President Mike was Liz Kipling who echoed Paul's
  performance with 2nd place in her first ever 10; and together with Sue
  Healey (3rd over 35) and Rachel Dixon she also completed a brace of team
  wins for Ranelagh. Further back Martin Clark and Pat Hewlett completed a
  successful day for us by winning the over 60 and over 55 categories
  Official results haven't appeared yet but Computer Ken had the provisional
  results up on our website by Sunday lunchtime!
  Alastair Sinclair was the only RH to complete the Cranleigh 21 miles on
  Sunday, Lucy Facer and John Hanscomb opting for the 15 miles alternative:
  1	I Johnson (Stragglers)	2.01.32
  71	Alastair Sinclair		2.36.41
  1	D McGlennon (Serp)	1.29.13
  55	Lucy Facer		2.10.41
  66	John Hanscomb		2.14.13
  Allan Lang was 4th over 60 in the Eastleigh 10km on Sunday in a time of
  Full results have now materialised for the Camberley Half Marathon on
  March 3rd, though the Surrey championship results have still to be sorted
  1	A Brewer (Bracknell)	71.45
  4	Paul Doyle		76.01
  12	Mike Peace		82.05
  71	Bridget Cuthbert		97.50
  Alberto Simon writes to report that Stephen Stuart is running the Rome
  Marathon on Sunday (24th March) and to wish him the best of luck:
  "I work with Stephen and he targeted Rome to enable him to train with me
  and keep encouraging me in my pursuit of running London.  He also didn't
  want to run London because a) we would be asking many of the same people
  for charitable donations (Make-a-Wish Foundation) and b) he'd done it
  The Bramley 20 was fantastic.  I surprised myself by running with the sub
  2.35 pacer, but although I 'blew up' with 3.5 miles to go, I hung on and
  managed a very creditable time.  My London original target time of 3.45 is
  looking achievable to say the least.  But despite the good time, I was
  unable to carry on training properly for quite a few days after.
  I got back on track at the Reading Half on March 10th.  This was the
  largest field I'd run in so far.  Good practise.  I guess I won't start
  running at London until at least the first mile.  My official time at
  Reading was 1.36.15.  Stephen finished three minutes ahead.  The only
  other Ranelagh Harrier I know of was Clare Gutch whose official time was
  1.36.42 but she took at least a minute to get to the starting line.  She
  is also running London and is hoping to finish inside 3h30m on her watch".
  1	M Rotich (Kenya)	63.23
  624	Stephen Stuart		93.14
  841	Alberto Simon		96.15
  884	Clare Gutch		96.42
  Bev Ali would like all commitee members to note that the next meeting has
  been switched from Wednesday 10th April to Tuesday 23rd April.  It will
  take place in the clubhouse at 8.30pm.
  More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
  mailto:norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /
  Saturday March 23rd    Baker Cup 3 miles road handicap in Richmond Park.
  3pm start for the shortest handicap race of the year. In the evening will
  be the club supper and prize-giving. See above for details.
  Sunday April 14th      London Marathon
  Sunday April 28th      1900 Stafetten Relay in Aarhus, Denmark
  Saturday May 11th / Sunday May 12th	Green Belt Relay
  Sunday May 19th      Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon at Old Deer Park, 8am

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