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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 562           21st December 2019
 Editor: Steve Rowland
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 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  Ranelagh wins the Stubbs Cup mob match v South London Harriers
 *  Our mob led by Pat Wright and Natalie Haarer   
 *  Surrey county vest for Megan de Silva
 *  Joe Gomes finishes 2nd in the Osterley Park 10k
 *  Ryan Hogan finishes 3rd in the Milton Keynes Half Marathon
 *  Pat Wright wins the Second Sunday 5 miles
 *  Amelie Hunton wins the Tadley 5 miles
 *  Henty Relay on December 28th 
 *  County championships on 4th and 5th January
 *  Surrey Leagues on 11th January
 *  Strava Christmas Challenge
 *  Entries now open for our Half Marathon and 10k
 *  Bill Harvey tribute

 Clive Beauvais writes:
 “On Wednesday December 18th over sixty of the late Bill Harvey’s family,
 friends, work colleagues, and members of Ranelagh Harriers packed into the
 first floor reception room of The Lansdowne, one of Bill’s favourite
 “watering holes”, close to his North London home, to pay tribute to him.
 Many of the tributes were very moving, and presented a picture of a highly
 successful academic, a loving husband and father, and, of course, an
 extremely talented athlete.
 A browse through Ken’s wonderful stats section on the web site will remind
 all the club’s members of just how good a runner Bill was.
 I personally find it quite remarkable that a man who reached such heights in
 his professional career could, nevertheless, find both the time and the
 ambition to also run the sort of  race times that he did. His outstanding
 road race achievement was probably his 2.25 marathon way back in 1974. Forty
 years later he was still showing a clean pair of heels to runners in his age
 group, as well as to many half his age.
 A number of his old Ranelagh friends were present at the gathering. Bill’s
 old training buddy, Dave Wright, was in France, and unable to make the
 event, but sent a fine tribute which was read out by Paul Keen, who also
 gave a name check to some of Bill’s old club mates who were present,
 including John Pratt, Ned Sullivan, and Clive Naish.
 Bill’s wife, Michelle, laid on an afternoon of both laughter and tears – a
 great tribute to ‘The Prof.’”

 HENTY RELAY  Saturday 28th December 12 noon start in Richmond Park
 This is our Christmas relay around Sidmouth Wood. Fun but a hard interval
 session! It’s teams of three, drawn  / allocated on the day. “Fast” runners
 run three laps, “mediums” run two and “slows” run one. All members and
 friends welcome, start time is 12 noon – but you must register at the
 clubhouse by 11.30am to be assigned to a team. 

 The third Surrey League races of the season take place on Saturday 11th
 January. The men are at an unfamiliar venue, Chobham Common. The women, on
 the other hand, are on the very familiar ground of Wimbledon Common. Start
 times are early - 11am for women and 2.30pm for men. More details nearer the

 As usual the Bank have invited us to take part in their annual inter-club 5
 miles race. It’s on Saturday 18th January in Richmond Park, but starting
 over at Roehampton Gate. Half a dozen clubs normally take part and the start
 time is 2.30pm. HQ is the Bank sports ground in Bank Lane half a mile from
 the Park. The race incorporates the Hec Petersen Trophy between ourselves
 and Ealing, Southall and Middlesex AC. All are welcome, register on the day.

 Our victory over SLH at Coulsdon last week was our third mob match win this
 season. There’s just one to go to give us the Grand Slam – that’s the race
 with Blackheath Harriers and Bromley AC at home in Richmond Park on Saturday
 March 7th. Start time is 11am.  Everybody needed - reserve the date!

 RANELAGH RICHMOND 10k  Sunday 21st June
 Race Director Ed Perry writes:
 “Our 10k on June 21st 2020 is now open for registrations. It’s a fabulous,
 fast event, perfect for a PB in mid-summer. It’s also one of the biggest
 money raisers for the club so please do either consider running or
 volunteering. It’s sold out in the last few years so even if summer seems a
 long way away when you’re just trying to get to Christmas I can ensure you
 there’s no better time to register than now! ranelagh-10k.co.uk
 And of course entries are already coming in for our Half Marathon on 10th
 May. Details:. 

 James Ritchie writes:
 “To get you in the Christmas spirit, your Strava Rundown team are laying on
 a special festive challenge.  The winner will receive free entry into either
 the 2020 Ranelagh half-marathon or Ranelagh 10k! This is open to everyone,
 whether part of the Ranelagh Strava group or not.  

 Competitors should try to collect as many Days from the ‘12 Days of
 Christmas’ song as possible. Days may be collected by following the rules
 When out running, Days may be collected by taking a selfie with a street
 sign containing one of the words relating to the gifts given on one of the
 days of the song.  
 On many days there will be a choice of name that can be collected.  E.g. on
 day one any of Partridge Lane, Pear Street or Oak Tree Avenue would be
 acceptable.  There are no bonus marks for claiming more than one (though
 don’t let that stop you) – each Day can only be claimed once.
 Reasonable variations on the words will be accepted, so e.g. Drum Street
 would be acceptable for day 12 and Milk Lane on day eight. 
 Singular versions of the name are also acceptable, e.g. Goose Street or
 Geese Lane would both be acceptable on day ten.
 The name can be part of a longer word, so MAIDen Lane would be acceptable on
 day eight.
 A given adjective of the gift is allowed, so Gold Street would be acceptable
 on day five.
 You can’t claim the Day just by collecting the number – so a visit to Fourth
 Cross Road would be in vain on day four.
 The Rundown team’s decision on eligibility of street names / signs is final
 – although the more humorous the better!

 Photos should be either added to your run on Strava or uploaded to the
 Ranelagh community page on Facebook
 (https://www.facebook.com/groups/2371472447/).  To assist the team you
 should use an appropriate run title on Strava or accompanying text on
 Facebook, e.g. “Ranelagh Challenge Day 7: Swan Lane”.  Note – Days may be
 collected throughout December, there is no necessity to try to claim a
 specific Day on the correct day of the song (though no harm in trying).
 Once the competition is complete, all competitors will be entered into a
 draw for the prize, with one entry for each Day collected.  So the more Days
 you collect, the greater your chances of winning; but even if you collect
 only one Day you are still in with a chance.
 So dig out your A-Z and get planning.  And sing along now – here‘s what you
 need to collect:
 Day 1: A partridge in a pear tree
 Day 2: Two turtle doves
 Day 3: Three French hens
 Day 4: Four calling birds
 Day 5: Five golden rings
 Day 6: Six geese a-laying
 Day 7: Seven swans a-swimming
 Day 8: Eight maids a-milking
 Day 9: Nine ladies dancing
 Day 10: Ten lords a-leaping
 Day 11: Eleven pipers piping
 Day 12: Twelve drummers drumming
 Good luck, have fun collecting your Days – we look forward to seeing all the

 Our supplier for club singlets, men’s and women’s, is iProsports. here:

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 
Our provisional winter fixture list is now up on our website here:. 
More details of the following from the men’s Captains ranelagh.men@gmail.com
the women’s Captain / Team Manager ranelagh.women@gmail.com
 Saturday 28th December  Henty Relay 12 noon start. See above.

 Saturday 4th January  Middlesex Championships at Wormwood Scrubs. Men and
 women, all age groups

 Sunday 5th January  Surrey Championships at Denbies, Dorking. Men and women,
 all age groups

 Saturday 11th January  Surrey Leagues – women at Wimbledon Common (11am),
 men at Chobham Common (2.30pm)

 Saturday 18th January  Bank of England inter-club 5 miles. 2.30pm start. See

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 A respectable 36 blue vests assembled at the start up on Farthing Downs,
 against 34 of our hosts in white. Then just as the field began to disappear
 over the hill Mike Peace rolled up to make it 37 from Ranelagh.  Scoring was
 set at 31 a side. 

 When we last visited SLH in 2017 the result was a close run thing. We
 collected the Stubbs Cup by the slender margin of 126 points. Would this
 year’s tussle follow similar lines? Well, in the end the answer was yes it
 would. But to begin with the outcome looked quite clear cut in our favour.
 Although SLH provided the winner in Gary Laybourne the preliminary blue wave
 saw us take 13 of the first 18 home. Was it going to be a pushover? No, it
 wasn’t. The SLH white tide  brought in 13 of the next 18 places. And so it
 went on, white and blue, white and blue. It seemed impossible that we should
 hang on to that lead we had built up at the front of the race. Every place
 counted and back at the SLH HQ it was finally confirmed that we had indeed
 held on to our lead – by a mere 69 points!       

 The indefatigable Pat Wright was our leading finisher in a very isolated 2nd
 place. Ian Kenton was 3rd and supervet Peter Haarer led in a Ranelagh group
 in 5th place. Natalie Haarer was the leading woman with Suzy Whatmough 4th.
 Late starter Mike Peace was our final scorer in his 148th mob match. David
 Wright made it home in his 179th!  

 There are photos of the race on the SLH website here:. Follow the link at the bottom of the
 race report. 
 Pos       Name          Club    Time    Cat. 
 1   Gary Laybourne      SLH    46.41    SM  
 2   Pat Wright          RAN    47.57    SM  
 3   Ian Kenton          RAN    49.17    SM  
 4   Billy Casserly      SLH    49.37    SM  
 5   Peter Haarer        RAN    51.09    M50+
 6   David Lawley        RAN    51.23    SM  
 7   Ted Mockett         RAN    51.47    M40+
 8   Edward Forbes       RAN    52.02    M40+
 9   David Ready         RAN    52.24    SM  
 10  Neill Reissland     SLH    52.49    M50+
 11  Alex Lyne           SLH    52.53    SM  
 12  Mark Herbert        RAN    52.58    SM  
 13  Sergio Stillacci    RAN    53.19    M45+
 14  Rick Jenner         RAN    53.25    M40+
 15  Jonathan Smith      RAN    53.31    SM  
 16  Jono Wood           SLH    54.14    SM  
 17  James Whistler      RAN    54.25    SM  
 18  Ross Clayton        RAN    54.42    SM  
 19  David Ogden         SLH    55.35    M60+
 20  Hedley Humphrey     SLH    57.19    SM  
 21  Glenn Quarton       SLH    57.35    M60+
 22  Chris Phelan        SLH    57.42    M50+
 23  Paul Ramsier        SLH    58.01    M50+
 24  Natalie Haarer      RAN    58.13    SL  
 25  Jamie Freeland      SLH    58.42    M40+
 26  Shaun Cooney        SLH    58.48    M40+
 27  Stewart Anderson    RAN    59.23    M50+
 28  Amy Billups         SLH    60.05    SL  
 29  Lewis Tonks         SLH    60.29    SM  
 30  Ruth Hutton         SLH    60.31    L45+
 31  Alex Ring           RAN    61.10    M45+
 32  Richard Willoughby  RAN    61.23    M50+
 33  Paul Mitchell       SLH    61.28    M50+
 34  Mark Dudgeon        SLH    61.30    M40+
 35  Toby Kent           SLH    61.43    M50+
 36  Suzy Whatmough      RAN    62.23    SL  
 37  Alice Smith         SLH    62.24    L45+
 38  Mick Steele         SLH    62.47    M50+
 39  Peter Brown         SLH    63.45    M60+
 40  Barry Attwell       SLH    64.43    M60+
 41  Ian Kitching        SLH    65.55    M60+
 42  Mark Cawood         SLH    66.10    M50+
 43  Dave Wright         RAN    66.21    M60+
 44  Rebecca Northmore   RAN    66.28    SL  
 45  Neil Walford        RAN    66.32    M55+
 46  Marie Synnott-Wells RAN    66.35    L55+
 47  Tim Miller          RAN    66.50    M50+
 48  Rory Gaywood        SLH    67.05    M40+
 49  Angela Wilson       SLH    68.20    L35+
 50  Phil Roberts        RAN    68.32    M50+
 51  Marianne Malam      RAN    69.15    L45+
 52  Mellissa Oliver     SLH    69.22    SL  
 53  Simon Hedger        RAN    69.25    M55+
 54  Felicity Carr       SLH    69.48    SL  
 55  Paul Wapshott       RAN    70.24    M50+
 56  Stephen Aikin       RAN    70.32    M50+
 57  Hadi Khatamizadeh   RAN    70.45    M40+
 58  John Tovell         RAN    71.38    M65+
 59  Heidi Dann          SLH    71.45    L35+
 60  Mike Peace          RAN    71.52    M70+
 61  Susan Ritchie       RAN    71.57    L50+
 62  Chris Read          RAN    72.09    M55+
 63  Peter Emery         SLH    72.18    M60+
 64  Matthew Saunders    SLH    73.03    M60+
 65  Pippa Major         SLH    73.16    L45+
 66  Anna Reichwald      RAN    75.17    L55+
 67  Michael Osborne     RAN    75.54    M55+
 68  Anna Jenkinson      SLH    76.48    L45+
 69  Gina Coulson        SLH    77.24    L55+
 70  Carol Aikin         RAN    82.56    L55+
 71  Chris Camacho       RAN    92.40    M45+
            TEAMS: (Scoring 31 a side)           
         1. Ranelagh Harriers       944         
         2. South London Harriers  1013  

 Horspath, Oxford
 Megan de Silva was third finisher for the Surrey B team which finished 5th.

 Senior Women    
 1   E Davies (Essex)         22.28
 29  Megan de Silva (Surrey)  24.36

 SEAA MASTERS CROSS-COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIP  Saturday 7th December at Horspath,
 Marie Synnott-Wells was our only representative, finishing 6th in the W55
 age group.

 1   J Briggs (Arena 80)      24.25
 39  Marie Synnott-Wells      29.36

 OSTERLEY PARK WINTER 10k  Saturday 7th December 
 Joe Gomes lost out on a victory by just three seconds.

 1   T Lawrence (Kent)        34.23
 2   Joe Gomes                34.26
 74  Richard Gurd             44.11
 91  Richard Pender           45.05
 253 Sally Bamford            52.53
 397 John Herriott            57.21
 438 Collette Doran           59.14

 HOG’S BACK 10k  Sunday 8th December at Guildford
 1   J Sanderson (G&G)        35.53
 538 Tamsin Burland           76.47
 600 Susan Clark              89.03
 601 Katie Walton             89.03
 602 Cindy Croucher           89.03
 The rapidly improving Ryan Hogan ran another big PB to take third place.

 1   S Jamaal (London Hth)    1:06.05
 3   Ryan Hogan               1:14.17
 29  Dave Lawley              1:23.52
 30  Mark Herbert             1:23.52
 798 Eirin McDaid             1:55.52
 803 Keeley Phillips          1:56.04  

 SECOND SUNDAY 5 miles  Sunday 8th December on Wimbledon Common
 Pat Wright scored a runaway victory.

 1   Pat Wright (Ranelagh)    29.20
 47  Martin Harris            39.26
 57  Jarryd Hillhouse         40.35
 59  Jordan Mungovan          40.51
 96  Carol Aikin              47.48
 102 Dave Kew                 50.47   

 Paul Doyle was the first over 50 home with a time inside three hours. This
 places him 11th on our all-time M50 list.
 Paul writes: “It was a bit windy, but I had two local lads to run with all
 the way, which helped enormously.”
 We omitted to mention earlier that Jonathan Moore’s 2:47.13 in Reykjavik
 back in August puts him in 6th place on our M50 list.

 1   G Petts (Witney)         2:42.18
 8   Paul Doyle               2:56.22

 TADLEY 5.3 miles  Sunday 8th December
 Chris Hunton reports:
 “As a start to the festivities, Amelie and I always try and do a Christmas X
 Country race each year down in Hampshire, organised by Tadley Runners. It's
 a proper stream and mud race. Amelie won the ladies race this year, whilst I
 did my usual plod around.”

 1   A Hamilton (Basing)      35.41
 8   Amelie Hunton            42.00
 25  Chris Hunton             47.38    

 RUNTHROUGH CHASE THE MOON 10km  Wednesday 11th December at Olympic Park
 1   A Chambers (Highgate)    32.52
 204 Roger Wallace            54.32

 RUNTHROUGH OLYMPIC PARK 10km  Saturday 14th December
 1   S Cornforth (VP & TH)    33.54
 164 Roger Wallace            53.00

 Dorney Lake
 1   R Elmore (Leighton B)    73.55
 5   Nick Twomey              81.41     

 RUNTHROUGH VICTORIA PARK 10km  Sunday 15th December
 1   P OíHare (Camb & Col)    33.36
 284 Roger Wallace            54.34

 parkrun results...
 Follow this link for the latest Ranelagh results:. Then follow
 the “Previously” link at the bottom of the parkrun screen to access previous
 weeks’ results.     

 That awkward moment when you’re wearing Nike and you just can’t do it…

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