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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 553           31st July 2019
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  Ted Mockett and Wiebke Kortum lead our teams at the Elmbridge 10km
 *  Ranelagh men win the team race at the Wedding Day 7km
 *  Ross Macdonald and Cordelia Parker lead our teams
 *  Ranelagh Juniors finish 2nd in the latest event in the handicap series
 *  Paul Doyle wins M55 class in the London 10km 
 *  Ratchford Relay and Tamsin Trail Handicap on August 6th
 *  Final GP and League race is the Wimbledon Dash 5km on August 11th

  Please note that all access to and from the clubhouse must be via our
 new gate from the public footpath.
 Please do not cross the pub car park under any circumstances.  

 We regret to inform you that Ranelagh's former club Captain, Jim Forrest,
 died recently after a  long illness. A service will be held in his memory
 at Holy Trinity Church, Claygate, at 14:00 on  Friday 9 August 2019 and Jim's
 family would welcome all Ranelagh Harriers who wish to attend. 

 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  Tuesday 2nd July at the Ranelagh clubhouse
 One addition to the list of club coaches is Amrut Sharma.

 All under-18s are welcome. The first five events have already taken place,
 and now there is a   gap for summer holidays. The final race is on August 29th 
 at the Hawker Centre.. Registration   opens at 6.50pm for a 7.25pm start.
 Pre-registration is necessary and a parental consent form  must be completed
 for any child taking part for the first time.
 For registration and more details: 

 The ninth and last club GP race is the Wimbledon Dash 5k on Sunday11th
 August - here: 
 More details about the Grand Prix, including current full scoreboard and
 the list of races here:.   

 Leading scores after eight events:
 Open: Ted Mockett 43, Nick Twomey 37, Mick Lane 31, Jordan Mungovan 30,
 Stewart Anderson 30,   James Riley 28, Neil Rae 26, Jonathan Smith 23,
 Ross Macdonald 22, Ian Kenton 21, Phil Roberts   20, George Howard 18,
 Richard Willoughby 17, Carol Aikin 16, Sergio Stillacci 16, Chris Bundhun 
 15, Rick Jenner 15, Mark Herbert 14, Andy Starr 14 
 Men Over 40: Ted Mockett 23, Neil Rae 15, James Riley 14, Sergio Stillacci 11,
 Andy Starr 10,   George Howard 10, James Riley 9, Kris Davidson 8, Rick Jenner 8,
 Dan Chiechi 7, John Rose 7,   Gareth Wiliams 7 
 Men Over 50: Mick Lane 27, Stewart Anderson 22, Richard Willoughby 12, Jonathan
 Moore 11, Marcus  Atkins 11, Phil Roberts 10, Paul Doyle 9, Martin Harris 9,
 Bill Neely 8, Stephen Logue 7
 Women:, Laura Blazey 18, Wiebke Kortum 15, Anna Reichwald  15, Carol Aikin 14,
 Kathy Henry 14,   Marie Synnott-Wells 13, Rachel Smith 11, Becky Northmore 10,
 Claire Warner 10, Rebecca Bissell   9, Sally Bamford 8, Fiona Pugh 7, Clare Fowler 7 
 Women Over 40: Rebecca Bissell 20, Kathy Henry 16, Fiona Pugh 13, Rachel Smith 12,
 Clare Fowler  12, Colette Doran 8, Fiona Ford 7, Mel Davison 6, Keeley Philips 5 
 Women over 50: Carol Aikin 30, Marie Synnott-Wells 24, Anna Reichwald 24,
 Wiebke Kortum 17,   Sally Bamford 12, Susan Ritchie 10, Hedy Loran 9,
 Tamsin Burland 6, Bronwen Northmore 5 

 The Elmbridge 10k was the fifth race in the Surrey Road League. 
 Our men's team has gained   another couple of places to move up to 2nd
 but the women slipped back a couple to 10th.   Individually our best
 positions are Anna Reichwald and Carol Aikin, who are 2nd and 3rd  
 respectively in the W55 category, and Neil Rae who is 6th M40.
 The final League and GP race is the Wimbledon Dash 5k on Sunday
 11th August .- see above.   

 These will take place on Saturday 14th September on the usual
 course at Wimbledon Park.  Start  time for all is 12 noon. More details
 will be available shortly but please note that only  Surrey-qualified
 runners will be eligible to compete this year. 

 RATCHFORD RELAY  Tuesday 6th August in Richmond Park
 This is our women-only relay on a course of 1km laps inside the Park
 opposite the clubhouse. 7.  30pm start. All welcome, enter on the night.

 INAUGURAL TAMSIN TRAIL HANDICAP  Tuesday 6th August in Richmond Park
 James Riley writes:
 "In a change to the advertised sessions for Advanced 1 & 2,
 while the ladies compete in the Ratchford Relay we are going to do an
 informal handicap race followed by drinks in the Roebuck.The race will
 be run as a traditional handicap with a staggered start and our 'scratch
 man' starting last. If our handicapper, Simon Martin, gets his calculations
 correct there should  be a simultaneous finish of all the runners!

 Session location & race route:
 - Meet first at 19:00 at the clubhouse as usual or at 19:10 by Petersham Gate
 - 8 mile (approximately 13km) anti-clockwise lap of the Tamsin Trail in
 Richmond Park starting   and finishing just inside Richmond Park near
 Petersham Gate - Map of the route: here: Ranelagh Harriers Tamsin Trail
 Handicap (ACW) here:

 The route was inspired by some of the club greats of the 80's who allegedly
 used to run the   route in about 45 minutes! Conveniently GPS watches and
 Strava did not exist at that time so we  can only rely on word of mouth...

 How to register your interest:
 - Handicaps will be determined in advance
 - So, if you think you might like to run please complete this doodle ASAP 
 here:. It does not commit you to running but  will assist the  handicapper
 to assign you a fair handicap!

 If you do not fancy running but would instead like to help out on the
 night please let James   Riley (mailto:riley.j@sky.com) know as we
 could ideally do with an additional helper or two at   the start / finish.
 Many thanks in advance."

 John Herriott writes:
 "I am pleased to report that Anna Reichwald recently passed her UK
 Athletics Leader Course and   is now helping out Intermediate 2 with myself
 and Martin Nance. She will be a great  help to the  group with her unique
 style of help and encouragement to members of Intermediate 2!
 If anyone else would like to become an accredited leader please speak to
 any of the leaders at   the club. The club will pay for the course fees
 which is run by UK Athletics."

 Our supplier for club singlets, men's and women's,. is iProsports.
Details and orders:

  Paul Head from St Mary's University writes:
 "Do you want to improve the size and strength of your quadriceps
 muscles without having to move?  If this sounds appealing, then this
 study is for you! This study is looking at combing two novel  techniques;
 blood flow restriction training and neuromuscular electrical stimulation
 to improve  muscular strength and size when movement is not possible
 i.e. after surgery or during   neurological disorders. 
 The combination of these two techniques has never been assessed in the
 UK and the protocol that  we have developed has never been studied before
 globally! We need your help to conduct this   cutting-edge research! 
 Who do we want: healthy adults aged between 18-65. What does it involve:
 You will be relaxed in  a chair and your quadriceps muscles electrically
 stimulated to a level that is comfortable for   you. 
 How many sessions: 18 over six weeks, three sessions a week, with the
 training sessions taking   30 minutes of your time at the biomechanics
 lab in St Mary's University. 
 What will be tested: Quadriceps strength (isokinetic dynamometer),
 quadriceps size, endurance   and architecture (ultrasound) and muscle
 oxidative capacity (NIRS) The only active part is the quadriceps strength
 and endurance testing. 
 Contact Paul Head for further phphysio@hotmail.com 
 Where: St Mary's University, Twickenham: Biomechanics laboratory." 

 Cindy Croucher-Wright writes:
 "I work with The Exchange, an arts venue in Twickenham (opposite
 the train station).  They are  looking for volunteer ushers for all
 their events.  This involves coming around 30 minutes  before an event,
 seeing the audience into the auditorium/helping people to their seats
 and then  seeing them out afterwards.  In return, you get to see the
 show for free!  If anyone is  interested please email
 catherine.lencz@stmarys.ac.uk for more  information.
 To see if the events are your cup of tea look here: for the schedule.

 Don't forget that we meet for a casual drink after training on
 the first Tuesday of each month.  Venue is the Roebuck on Richmond Hill.
 All welcome.

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings
 at the Osterley track.   All groups and all abilities are welcome.
 The sessions are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to  the map is here:

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ( mailto:ranelagh.men@gmail.com)
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager ( mailto:ranelagh.women@gmail.com )

 Tuesday 6th August        Ratchford Relay in Richmond Park. Enter on the night  7. 30pm start

 Tuesday 6th August        Tamsin Trail Handicap. Pre-entry required - see above. 7.10pm start

 Sunday 11th August        Wimbledon Dash 5km  at Wimbledon Park  *GP race 9*  9am start      Details above.

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or www.parkrun.org.uk/events/juniorevents/. 

 ELMBRIDGE 10k  Sunday 21st July at Walton-on Thames
 This was the fifth Surrey League race, with one more - the Wimbledon Dash 5k - still
 to come.   The men's competition is four to score and our quartet - Ted Mockett,
 Nick Twomey, James Riley   and Sergio Stillacci - placed 4th today and moved up
 to 2nd overall. Unfortunately Fulham RC won  the race, so they will carry a two
 point advantage into the final decider. They would have to be  the bookies'
 favourites but the title isn't out of our reach. It will all depend, of course,
 on  which club fields the stronger team on the day. 

 Our leading women was Wiebke Kortum and she led the team of herself, Rachel Smith
 and Anna   Reichwald - only three to score - into 13th place today and 10th overall.
 Anna is probably best  placed to come away from the final race with an individual
 League medal, though it's a close   thing.  

  WEDDING DAY 7k  Friday 26th July in Bushy Park
 The spectacular heat that had been broiling us for a few days peaked on
 Thursday with   temperatures soaring to 38 degrees plus. Had it lasted
 another day there would have been carnage  in the Wedding Day 7k. As it
 was, by Friday evening the thermometers were thankfully reading a 
 relatively comfortable 25 degrees. 

 Ranelagh was well represented as usual , even though the "Race Full"
 signs went up several weeks  before race day. We had 71 finishers, and we've
 become accustomed to that sort of figure being   ample to win us the
 "Mob Match" trophy. Alas, this year Ealing Eagles came in numbers
 and waltzed home first with 89 finishers. Fortunately they had few at the
 sharp end and we were able  to regain the handsome Stag trophy for the
 winning men's team. Our squad consisted of Ross   Macdonald in a fine
 5th place, Nick Twomey 9th, Mark Herbert  17th and James Whistler 18th. 
  Gareth Williams - 21st overall - was the 6th M40 home, followed in 7th
 and 8th places by Rick   Jenner and Andy Starr. Ed Perry and Dave Lawley
 were our last finishers before our leading woman  Cordy Parker, who was
 3rd senior. John Shaw and Paul Doyle were 4th and 7th M50s, while Dave Kew
  was 3rd over 70. Laura Blazey was our next woman home after Cordy, and she
 placed 4th in the W35  class. In the W45s Marie Synnott-Wells was 8th. 
 at the Ranelagh   clubhouse
 There was definitely some déjà vu in the latest junior race,
 with Flaming Penguins finishing   well clear in the lead and Ranelagh
 equally clear in 2nd place. 

 There were 18 Ranelagh youngsters in the field of 77.  Unusually we did
 not provide the day's   fastest runners - our quickest on the day was
 Oliver Beal who just missed the 8 minutes barrier,  with his brother Matthew
 just three seconds behind. Our fastest girl was Alexandra Bramwell who
 recorded 8.56. First Ranelagh home in the handicap was Marcus and Eliete's
 son Fabio Gohar .

 In the individual reckoning, Tate Lawler is currently in 3rd place, with
 Ben Rushby 6th, Cian  O'Brien 9th and James Ricketts 10th.   

 There is a summer break now, the 6th and final event being at the Hawker
 Centre on 29th August. 

 1   Y Follman (unatt)   
 15.19  (actual time 10.19)
 12  Fabio Gohar              19.23  (11.23)
 14  Tate Lawler              19.24  (8.54)
 17  Daniel Rushby            19.40  (8.40)
 23  Alexandra Bramwell       19.56  (8.56)
 24  Connor Clarke            19.57  (8.27)
 27  Oliver Beal              20.03  (8.03)
 30  Matthew Beal             20.06  (8.06)
 37  Cian O'Brien             20.27  (11.57)
 38  Isabella Taylor          20.28  (10.28)
 45  Remy Lafeuille           20.35  (10.35)
 46  Alfie Lafeuille          20.36  (8.36)
 48  Nathaniel Bond           20.37  (9.07)
 49  James Ricketts           20.40  (10.40)
 52  Ben Rushby               20.45  (9.15)
 53  Chase Lawler             20.46  (8.46)
 59  Angus O'Brien            20.55  (9.25)
 65  Ellis Macmillan          21.11  (10.11)
 71  Diae Cheon               21.33  (9.33)  
 1   Flaming Penguins       
 45  (total after 5 races 282)
 2   Ranelagh Harriers        29  (162)
 3   The Stragglers RC        12  (94)
 4   26.2 RRC                  5  (48)
 5   Meadlands School          5  (33)
 6   Coombe Hill School        3  (33)   

 SRI CHINMOY KANGAROO HOP 5km   Monday 8th July in Battersea Park
 1   S Eglen (AFD)            15.19
 159 Alan Davidson            28.28  (2nd over 70) 

 RUN THROUGH REGENTS PARK 10k  Saturday 13th July
 1   W Durkin (unatt)         34.25
 280 Roger Wallace            55.37

 SECOND SUNDAY 5 miles  Sunday 14th July on Wimbledon Common
 1   N Altmann (TH&H)         30.25
 40  Steve Aikin              39.04
 65  Dave Kew                 44.14
 66  Carol Aikin              44.17   

 SRI CHINMOY SILVER STARLING 5km   Monday 15th July in Battersea Park
 1   N Torry (Serp)           14.34
 210 Alan Davidson            28.48  (1st over 70) 

 ASICS LONDON 10k  Sunday 21st July
 Paul Doyle ran well to win the 55-59 category.

 1   J Griffiths (Swansea)    29.47
 129 Paul Doyle               38.30 

 Alan Davidson (lap in 8.23) and John Pratt (9.13)  linked up with Strags'
 Steve Satchell (8.03)  to win the over 70 class. 

 RUN THROUGH CHASE THE SUN 10k  Wednesday 24th July in Hyde Park
 1   A Jaksevicius (Belg)     33.05
 187 Roger Wallace            60.14

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5k  Friday 26th July in Hyde Park
 1   N Besson (Serp)          15.44
 18  Ian Kenton               16.46
 213 Alan Davidson            29.012 

 SRI CHINMOY FLYING FALCON 5km   Monday 29th July in Battersea Park
 1   R Corney (Reading)       15.05
 167 Alan Davidson            29.11  (3rd over 70) 

 parkrun results...
 Follow this link for the latest Ranelagh results:.
 Then follow the "Previously" link  at the bottom of the parkrun
 screen to access previous weeks' results.     

 The NYC Triathlon was cancelled owing to excessive heat, but the
 weekend's big race went ahead -  the 2019 Diaper Derby:  Video:

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