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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 552           12th July 2019
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  AGM 
 *  Ranelagh wins the mini-mob match v The Stragglers
 *  George Howard and Cordy Parker lead our mob 
 *  Andres Arana wins the Coad Cup
 *  Fastest times by Marc Leyshon and Fanny Vein
 *  Ranelagh juniors finish 2nd in the Handicap series, fastest time by Sam Rushby
 *  Good road results from Nick Twomey
 *  James Riley wins Ham and Lyme 100km
 *  Nick Impey runs 70.18 in Gold Coast Half Marathon in Australia
 *  Ross Macdonald completes Iron Man Austria Triathlon 
 *  Coming up – Elmbridge 10km (GP and League) and Wedding Day 7km (GP only)
 *  Final GP and League race is the Wimbledon Dash  5km

 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Tuesday 2nd July at the Ranelagh clubhouse
 President Becky Curtis-Hall conducted proceedings efficiently and with nothing 
 contentious to discuss the meeting was concluded in double-quick time.
 The detailed reports from the Hon Treasurer Chris Read and the Hon Secretary
 Gordon Whitson were accepted without demur and the small number of changes in 
 office holders were approved. Phil Killingley stood down as Men’s 
 Captain and proposed Richard Kimber as his successor. Michael Morris has decided
 not to continue as our 10k Race Director and we are actively seeking a replacement
 or replacements for the 2020 race.  

 All under-18s are welcome. The first five events have already taken place, and
 now there is a gap for summer holidays. The final race is on August 29th  at 
 the Hawker Centre.. Registration opens
 at 6.50pm for a 7.25pm start. Pre-registration is necessary and a parental
 consent form must be completed for any child taking part for the first time.
 For registration and more details: 

 The seventh club GP race is the Elmbridge 10k on 21st July - here:.
 There are currently nearly 40 entries from Ranelagh and at the time of writing 
 there are plenty of places left, but entries close on the 13th July . following
 Elmbridge is the Wedding Day 7km in Bushy Park on 26th July. Entries are closed.
 The final GP race is the Wimbledon Dash 5k on Sunday 11th August -  here:.
 More details about the Grand Prix, including current full scoreboard and the
 list of races here:.  

 Leading scores after six events:
 Open: Ted Mockett 31, Jordan Mungovan 30, Neil Rae 26, Stewart Anderson 25,
 Mick Lane 25, Ian Kenton 21, Jonathan Smith 20, George Howard 18, James Riley 18,
 Richard Willoughby 17, Phil Roberts 16, Nick Twomey 15, Chris Bundhun 15, Kris 
 Davidson 13, Carol Aikin 12, David Criniti 12, Szymon Chojnacki 12, Kathy Henry 11,
 Nick Impey 11 Men Over 40: Ted Mockett 17, Neil Rae 15, George Howard 10, James
 Riley 9, Kris Davidson 8, Sergio Stillacci 7, David Criniti 6, John Rose 6, Andy
 Starr 6, Dan Chiechi 5 Men Over 50: Mick Lane 18, Stewart Anderson 16, Richard
 Willoughby 12, Jonathan Moore 11, Marcus Atkins 10, Phil Roberts 8, Stephen Logue 7,
 Martin Harris 6, Peter Haarer 6 Women: Kathy Henry 14, Laura Blazey 12, Carol Aikin 12,
 Marie Synnott-Wells 11, Anna Reichwald  10, Becky Northmore 10, Wiebke Kortum 9,
 Sally Bamford 7, Rachel Smith 6, Rebecca Bissell 6, Fiona Pugh 6, Claire Warner 6 
 Women Over 40: Kathy Henry 16, Rebecca Bissell 10, Fiona Pugh 9, Colette Doran 8,
 Rachel Smith 6, Clare Fowler 6, Keeley Philips 5 
 Women over 50: Carol Aikin 22, Marie Synnott-Wells 18, Anna Reichwald 16, Wiebke Kortum 11, 
 Sally Bamford 9, Tamsin Burland 6, Bronwen Northmore 4, Susan Ritchie 4 

 The Richmond 10k was the fourth race in the Surrey Road League. Our men’s team has
 moved up to 4th place while the women are 8th. Individually our best positions are
 Carol Aikin, who  still leads the W55 category, Anna Reichwald 3rd W55, Neil Rae 4th M40, 
 Richard Willoughby 10th M50 and Stephen Logue 7th M60. The next League event is the
 Elmbridge 10k on the 21st July.. The final League and GP race is the Wimbledon
 Dash 5k on Sunday 11th August .- see above.   

 RATCHFORD RELAY  Tuesday 6th August in Richmond Park
 This is our women-only relay on a course of 1km laps inside the Park opposite
 the clubhouse. 7.15pm start. All welcome, enter on the night.

 INAUGURAL TAMSIN TRAIL HANDICAP  Tuesday 6th August in Richmond Park
 James Riley writes:
 “In a change to the advertised sessions for Advanced 1 & 2, while the ladies compete
 in the Ratchford Relay we are going to do an informal handicap race followed by
 drinks in the Roebuck.
 The race will be run as a traditional handicap with a staggered start and our
 ‘scratch man’  starting last. If our handicapper, Simon Martin, gets his calculations
 correct there should be a  simultaneous finish of all the runners!

 Session location & race route:
 - Meet first at 19:00 at the clubhouse as usual or at 19:10 by Petersham Gate
 - 8 mile (approximately 13km) anti-clockwise lap of the Tamsin Trail in Richmond 
 Park starting  and finishing just inside Richmond Park near Petersham Gate
 - Map of the route
 -  Ranelagh Harriers Tamsin Trail Handicap (ACW) Strava segment

 The route was inspired by some of the club greats of the 80’s who allegedly used 
 to run the route in about 45 minutes! Conveniently GPS watches and Strava did not
 exist at that time so we can only rely on word of mouth...

 How to register your interest:
 - Handicaps will be determined in advance
 - So, if you think you might like to run please complete this doodle ASAP.
 It does not commit you to running but will assist the handicapper to assign
 you a fair handicap!

 If you do not fancy running but would instead like to help out on the night please
 let James  Riley riley.j@sky.com know as we could ideally do with an
 additional helper or two at the start / finish. Many thanks in advance.”

 Our supplier for club singlets, men’s and women’s,. is iProsports. Details and orders:

 Don’t forget that we meet for a casual drink after training on the first Tuesday
 of each month. Venue is the Roebuck on Richmond Hill. All welcome.

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions are 
 every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager  ranelagh.women@gmail.com      

 Sunday 21st July             Elmbridge 10km           *GP race 7*   
 9am start.

 Friday 26th July               Wedding Day 7km in Bushy Park       *GP race 8*.
 Entries already  closed.  7.30pm start.

 Tuesday 6th August        Ratchford Relay in Richmond Park. Enter on the night
 7.15pm start

 Tuesday 6th August        Tamsin Trail Handicap. Pre-entry required – see above.
 7.10pm start

 Sunday 11th August        Wimbledon Dash 5km  at Wimbledon Park  *GP race 9*  9am start 

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or   www.parkrun.org.uk/events/juniorevents/. 

 MINI-MOB MATCH v THE STRAGGLERS  Saturday 29th June at the Bushy Park parkrun
 Phil Killingley reports on his last race as men’s Captain:
 “Trust this to fall on the hottest day of the year so far, with the mercury 
 hitting 34C later on  in the day.
  Following Stragglers' easy win last year on Ranelagh turf at Crane Park,
 competing in their  back yard never felt like it was going to produce anything
 other than a massacre, hardly an ideal  swansong for a departing captain. 
 But Ranelagh turned out in massive numbers - 89 - still a bit short of Stragglers'
 117 but with enough pace in our legs to storm a victory by 6786 (Ranelagh) to 8166   (Stragglers).
  What a score!!!   Special mentions to: 
 - George Howard - first scorer in 16:42 with an age graded 82.93% (parkrun calculation)
 - Chris Owens - narrowly behind George in an age graded of 82.8%, though a bit
 further behind in  time terms - all those who got my scalp for the first time, as 
 I sneaked in under 19 minutes (v. happy with  that too!) - Cordelia Parker - first
 lady home in 18:48. - Ivan Boggis winning the M80 category - Ken Powley for getting
 the results of the mob match up on our website approximately 3  nanoseconds
 after the parkrun results were posted online. 

 This really meant a lot to go out on a high - thank you all so much for your
 brilliant running.” 

 TEAMS (Scoring 86 a side )         
 1   Ranelagh        676            
 2   The Stragglers  8660            
 COAD CUP SUMMER 5 miles HANDICAP  Tuesday 9th July in Richmond Park
 68 Ranelagh Harriers took part in our summer handicap held on a still and
 sultry Tuesday  evening.
 The idea of asking members to pre-register was only partly successful, as only 
 about half of  the 68 actually did so. However, we will stick with the idea for
 our next handicap, the Thomas Cup  in September. 

 Clear winner was infrequent racer Andres Arana Garcia who made full use of his
 13.10 handicap to  come home over a minute ahead of Mike White. Marc Leyshon
 impressively ran through most of the field to 3rd place, catching ex- men’s
 skipper Phil Killingley in the closing straight and Amrut  Sharma on the line..
 In the process Marc set the day’s fastest time of 28.08, some 25 seconds ahead of 
 Ted Mockett with new men’s skipper Rich Kimber  on 29.32. Fanny Vein was the fastest
 woman with 34.15, just quicker than Suzy Whatmough’s 34..27. Third fastest was
 Becky Northmore’s  36.29.

 Special mention to James Riley who cruised round in 31.38 just three days after
 completing a  100km race!.
 Hawker Centre
 It was the same old story – the Flaming Penguins team out in front and Ranelagh in
 an isolated second place – though not so far behind this time. There were 15 Ranelagh
 youngsters in the field of 81 runners, and again we provided the fastest boy in Sam
 Rushby and the second fastest in Bertie Thomas. But one up for the girls - the fastest
 Isabel Melbourne was actually quicker than Sam and Bertie..  

 1   W Judd (unatt)           14.22  (actual time 9.32)
 8   I Melbourne (Lovelace)   18.06  (6.36 – fastest girl)
 9   Sam Rushby               18.49  (6.49 – fastest boy)
 13  Angus O’Brien            19.30  (8.00)
 28  Tate Lawler              19.45  (9.15)
 30  Isabella Taylor          19.53  (9.53)
 31  Ned Thomas               19.53  (7.23)
 33  Bertie Thomas            19.54  (6.54)
 34  Josh Harwood-White       19.55  (7.25)
 35  Nathaniel Bond           20.00  (8.30)
 37  James Ricketts           20.04  (10.04)
 45  Alfie Lafeuille          20.14  (8.14)
 46  Ben Rushby               20.14  (8.44)
 47  Daniel Rushby            20.22  (9.22)
 58  Remy Lafeuille           20.41  (10.41)
 61  Chase Lawler             20.45  (8.45)
 68  Cian O’Brien             21.14  (12.44) 
 1   Flaming Penguins         40  (total after 4 races 239)
 2   Ranelagh Harriers        28  (131)
 3   26.2 RRC                 12  (45)
 4   Lovelace School          11  (20)
 5   The Stragglers RC        10  (67)
 6   Meadlands School          5  (27)
 7   Coombe Hill School        3  (31)   
 TIME TRIAL 5km  Tuesday 2nd July in Richmond Park
 Daniel Chiechi writes: “Coaches of the Adv2, Int1 and Int2 groups ran a joint
 training session last week. 
 It was a fun 5km time trial of the Richmond Park parkrun course. 
 Coaches of the three groups collaborated and contributed to make the training 
 session as parkrun like as possible, including taking down times and having pacers.”

 1   Neil Rae                 19.04
 2   Michael Thomas           19.35
 3   James Ritchie            19.40
 4   Philip Scard             19.42
 5   James Riley              19.48
 6   Richard Willoughby       20.35
 7   Jarryd Hillhouse         20.38
 8   Si Martin                20.47
 9   Tony Tailor              21.02
 10  Chike Nweke              21.15  
 11  Marcus Atkins            21.21
 12  Alex Ring                21.27
 13  Rebecca Northmore        21.45
 14  Ria Woodfield            22.03
 15  Paul Wapshott            23.32
 16  Michael Osborne          23.34
 17  Simon Taylor             23.42
 18  Gavin Hillhouse          23.48
 19  Rue Turner               23.43
 20  Hadi Khatamizadeh        23.56
 21  Sarah Savage             24.08
 22  Ian Grange               24.08
 23  Perry Rendell            24.11
 24  Amrut Sharma             24.18
 25  Chris Read               24.44
 26  Felix Von Schubert       24.54
 27  Rachel Revett            24.58
 28  Dave Kew                 25.31
 29  Clare Day                25.39
 30  Sally Bamford            25.48
 31  Lloyd Camp               25.56
 32  Roger Wallace            26.05
 33  Anna Reichwald           26.05
 34  Matt Wilson              26.51
 35  Sue Camp                 27.02
 36  Colette Doran            27.12
 37  Jules Monnery            27.13
 38  Phil Roberts             27.13
 39  Michael Sikora           28.06
 40  Chris Camacho            28.09
 41  Prelini Chiechi          29.46
 42  laura Blazey             29.49 

 FOREST 5 miles  Wednesday 19th June at Bracknell Forest
 Nick Twomey was runner-up.

 1   N Kevern (Brack F)       27.36
 2   Nick Twomey              28.21    

 HERCULES WIMBLEDON NIGHT OF 3000s  Wednesday 26th June at Wimbledon Park
 Race 1
 1   M Wilson (Highgate)       9:55.54
 7   Cordelia Parker          10:16.78
 11  Neil Rae                 10:30.85      

 RUN THROUGH CHASE THE SUN 10k  Wednesday 26th June on Wimbledon Common
 1   A Jaksevicius (Belg)     33.50
 110 Roger Wallace            53.40

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5k  Friday 28th June in Hyde Park
 1   A Greenleaf (Serp)       15.21
 195 Andy Bickerstaff         24.25
 236 Alan Davidson            29.22 

 1   A Jaksevicius (Belg)     33.50
 110 Roger Wallace            53.40

 BRACKNELL SAMARITANS 10k  Saturday 29th June
 A clear win for Nick Twomey           

 1   Nick Twomey              37.57

 This was the final event in the series organised by Andy Bickerstaff. John Shaw
 finished 2nd over 50 and Marie Synnott-Wells was 3rd over 45.

 1   S Farmer (Fulham)        45.26
 10  Al Morgan (Ranelagh)     49.35
 11  L Custance (Claphamm)    49.51  (1st woman)
 38  John Shaw (Ranelagh)     53.44
 66  Nick Fordham             58.03
 95  Marie Synnott-Wells      62.51
 98  Wiebke Kortum            63.10
 152 john Ricketts            77.13  (started late)                         

 RUN THROUGH VICTORIA PARK 10k  Wednesday 3rd July
 1   C Preece (unatt)         34.07 
 167 Roger Wallace            55.01

 1   G Grassly (DMV)          33.13
 15  Neil Rae (Ranelagh)      39.51

 YATELEY 10km  Wednesday 3rd July
 1   N Kevern (Bracknell F)   32.18
 8   Nick Twomey              35.30 

 Life in Singapore seems to suit Nick Impey as he set another big PB.
 He travelled over to Australia for this very high standard race and made the trip
 worthwhile by a great piece of even-paced running which brought him home in the
 excellentt time of 70.15. He was 3rd in the 35-39 category and leading Brit.

 1   J Rayner (Australia)     62.30
 47  Nick Impey               70.15

 HAM and LYNE 100km  Saturday 6th July at Lyme Regis
 James Riley reports:
 “At 6:30 am on 6th July, I found myself stood in a car park in Lyme Regis with a
 small group of hardy souls. A chest infection had rendered an adventure with my
 wife a solo challenge. 
 Talk of course records added to the ever so slightly intimidating atmosphere for
 an ultra newbie  like me.

 At 7 we were off. I'd been told navigation was difficult and, despite a watch with
 the GPX file, it was. The first real turn caused complete confusion amongst the
 large group of us. Two leaders quickly disappeared with a large chase group forming,
 splintering and reforming as breakaways took wrong turns. By 35k two of us had caught 
 the leaders. The lead group of three, me included, was then surprised at the top of
 Ham Hill by one of the runners we had left behind but had taken a shortcut.. 
 He promised to wait a while at the top but was gone within the two minutes it took
 us to refill our water bottles. The three of us set off again, quickly dropping  to two.
 By 60k, I found myself on my own in second place...

 The weather forecast had promised a relatively cool, cloudy day. But reality was
 temperatures in the mid-twenties and sunshine, with the fields seemingly radiating
 heat. I was now way beyond any distance I had previously run with a daunting 4+ hours
 of running left.  Chunking it down seemed to help, I could make the next aid station, 
 the next 5k...

 Passing through the checkpoints, I was told that the leader was ten minutes, five
 minutes then two minutes ahead. With 6k to go I was past him. It was then downhill
 to the sea front in Lyme and a win I couldn't have contemplated at the start!”

 1   James Riley           10:29.10 

 IRONMAN AUSTRIA TRIATHLON  Sunday 7th July at Klagenfurt
 Ross Macdonald put together a 59.09 swim, 5:01.35 on the bike and a 3:10.09
 marathon to finish in an impressive 35th  place.

 1   D Baekkegard (Denmark)   8:14,26
 35  Ross Macdonald           9:16.33 

 CLAYGATE COUNTRY 5 miles  Sunday 7th July
 1   O Garrod (SLH)           26.45
 316 Jackie Dunkley           48.10
 397 Katrina Roche            56.03

 SRI CHINMOY KANGAROO HOP 5km   Monday 8th July in Battersea Park
 1   S Eglen (AFD)            15.19
 159 Alan Davidson            28.28  (2nd over 70) 

 parkrun results...
 Follow this link for the latest Ranelagh results:. 
 Then follow the “Previously” link at the bottom of the parkrun screen to access
 previous weeks’  results.     

 Mo Farah beaten!    Video:. 

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