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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 551           25th June 2019
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  Successful Ranelagh Richmond 10k – thanks to Michael Morris and team
 *  George Howard and Kathy Henry lead our runners
 *  Men’s team places 2nd
 *  Our men’s vets team wins their category in the Parkland Relay
 *  Gill Sanders wins the African Triathlon championship
 *  Bruce McLaren completes the South Downs Way 100 miles
 *  Fanny Vein wins the Second Sunday 5 miles
 *  Mini-Mob Match v The Stragglers at the Bushy parkrun on Saturday 29th
 *  Club AGM on Tuesday 2nd July in the clubhouse
 *  Coad Cup Handicap on Tuesday 9th July – please pre-register

 Our annual min-mob match against The Stragglers takes place this year on
 Saturday morning 29th June. It will be incorporated with the Bushy parkrun,
 starting at 9am. We need every runner we can get. If you’re running a
 parkrun that day, try to make it the Bushy one. Coffee and croissant on
 Stragglers afterwards at the Tiltyard Cafe. In case you haven’t taken part
 in a Bushy parkrun before, here are the details:. Make sure you are registered as Ranelagh
 or you won’t count.  
 The Ranelagh Harriers AGM will take place in the clubhouse after training on
 Tuesday 2nd July. All members are encouraged to attend.

 All under-18s are welcome. The first three events have already taken place,
 the next is on June 27th at the Hawker Centre. Remaining dates and venues
 are shown below. Registration opens at 6.50pm for a 7.25pm start.
 Pre-registration is necessary and a parental consent form must be completed
 for any child taking part for the first time.

 Thursday 27th June at the Hawker Centre
 Thursday 11th July at the Ranelagh Clubhouse
 Thursday 29th August at the Hawker Centre
 For registration and more details: 

 The Richmond 10km was the sixth club Grand Prix event. There’s a break now
 until the Elmbridge 10k on 21st July - here:.
 There are currently about 30 entries from Ranelagh and at the time of
 writing there are plenty of places left, but don’t delay too long!

 More details about the Grand Prix, including current full scoreboard and the
 list of races here:.  Leading scores after six events:
 Open: Ted Mockett 31, Jordan Mungovan 30, Neil Rae 26, Stewart Anderson 25,
 Mick Lane 25, Ian Kenton 21, Jonathan Smith 20, George Howard 18, James
 Riley 18, Richard Willoughby 17, Phil Roberts 16, Nick Twomey 15, Chris
 Bundhun 15, Kris Davidson 13, Carol Aikin 12, David Criniti 12, Szymon
 Chojnacki 12, Kathy Henry 11, Nick Impey 11
 Men Over 40: Ted Mockett 17, Neil Rae 15, George Howard 10, James Riley 9,
 Kris Davidson 8, Sergio Stillacci 7, David Criniti 6, John Rose 6, Andy
 Starr 6, Dan Chiechi 5
 Men Over 50: Mick Lane 18, Stewart Anderson 16, Richard Willoughby 12,
 Jonathan Moore 11, Marcus Atkins 10, Phil Roberts 8, Stephen Logue 7, Martin
 Harris 6, Peter Haarer 6
 Women: Kathy Henry 14, Laura Blazey 12, Carol Aikin 12, Marie Synnott-Wells
 11, Anna Reichwald 10, Becky Northmore 10, Wiebke Kortum 9, Sally Bamford 7,
 Rachel Smith 6, Rebecca Bissell 6,  Fiona Pugh 6, Claire Warner 6 
 Women Over 40: Kathy Henry 16, Rebecca Bissell 10, Fiona Pugh 9, Colette
 Doran 8,  Rachel Smith 6, Clare Fowler 6, Keeley Philips 5 
 Women over 50: Carol Aikin 22, Marie Synnott-Wells 18, Anna Reichwald 16,
 Wiebke Kortum 11, Sally Bamford 9, Tamsin Burland 6, Bronwen Northmore 4,
 Susan Ritchie 4 

 The Richmond 10k was the fourth race in the Surrey Road League. Our men’s
 team has moved up to 4th place while the women are 8th. Individually our
 best positions are Carol Aikin, who still leads the W55 category, Anna
 Reichwald 3rd W55, Neil Rae 4th M40, Richard Willoughby 10th M50 and Stephen
 Logue 7th M60. The next League event is the Elmbridge 10k on the 21st July -
 COAD CUP  5miles SUMMER HANDICAP  Tuesday 9th July in Richmond Park starting
 at 7.15pm
 For one week only you are excused normal Tuesday night training in favour of
 the 5 miles summer handicap in the Park! Of course it’s not compulsory but
 we hope most Tuesday nighters will give it a go. It’s free! To help your
 hard-working officials get everybody registered in a timely manner you can
 help in two ways.
 First – arrive at the clubhouse a little earlier than usual.
 Second – pre-register here:. If you
 think you will run it will help enormously if you pre-register. It doesn’t
 commit you to run, and you can still take part even if you haven’t
 pre-registered, but we hope it will speed things up and enable us to get the
 race underway more quickly.

 These are Andy Bickerstaff’s annual promotions on Wimbledon Common. The
 first two have been run, the remaining race is an 8-miler taking place on
 Wednesday 3rd July, It starts from the Windmill at 7pm. Details and entries:.    

 Elisa Ferrua writes:
 “Join us so you can Maximise your Energy, Optimise Body Composition, Prevent
 Injury and Enjoy Peak Running Performance
 14-day Programme (FaceBook Group hosted) includes: daily videos (only 15-20
 minutes), five Face Book Lives for Q&A's, Essential Handouts, Recipes and
 Resources (downloadable), access to private Facebook page. For beginners to
 experienced runners.
 WHEN: Beginning Saturday 29th June
 REGISTRATION: Eventbrite (Title: Easy Nutrition For Healthy Runners) PRICE:
 BOOK at.”  

 GUILDFORD 10k  Sunday 13th October
 We have been given a 20% discount code – p36jb315m7 – valid until 19th July.

 Our supplier for club singlets, men’s and women’s,. is iProsports. Details and orders:

 Please note the deadline for us to register you with England Athletics is
 30th June. We will only pay your £15 registration fee if you have paid your
 Ranelagh subs. 
 The club subscription rates are as follows:.
 Seniors £50
 Under 20 or Student £20
 Family Membership £90
 Retired and Over 60 £25
 Second Claim £20
 Non-Running Member £10

 Payment may be made by Standing Order or Bank Transfer to:
 Sort code: 40-23-29
 Account number: 81109847
 Reference: your initial and name and SUBS – e.g. J SMITH SUBS

 Those of you who pay by standing order will have to contact your bank to
 change the amount.  The club cannot do this for you.
 Alternatively you can leave a cheque for the Membership Secretary in a
 sealed envelope in the clubhouse or give cash to the Treasurer Chris Read or
 either of the Assistant Treasurers Deepa Sharma and John Herriott.

 Don’t forget that we meet for a casual drink after training on the first
 Tuesday of each month. Venue is the Roebuck on Richmond Hill. All welcome.

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager  ranelagh.women@gmail.com      

 Saturday 29th June         Mini-Mob Match v The Stragglers at the Bushy
 parkrun. 9am start.

 Tuesday 2nd July             Club AGM in the clubhouse after training. All

 Tuesday 9th July             Coad Cup 5 miles handicap in Richmond Park.
 7.15pm start. See above.

 Sunday 21st July             Elmbridge 10km           *GP race 7*   Details:.  9am start.

 Friday 26th July               Wedding Day 7km in Bushy Park       *GP race
 8*.  Entries already closed.  7.30pm start.

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 RICHMOND 10km  Sunday 16th June 
 Congratulations to Race Director Michael Morris and his team for another
 successful 10k. Overall winner by some margin was last year’s champion Ollie
 Garrod of South London Harriers in a time of 32.24, followed by the first
 veteran Simon Baines of Thames. Women’s winner was Emily Wicks of Aldershot
 n 36.23 over a minute clear of Australian Alice McGushin of Clapham and
 South London’s W35 Jo Vickers.   
 Phil Killingley writes:
 “It was great to see this race selling out a few days before race day. And,
 from the relative safety of the T-shirt stall this morning, to see so many
 Ranelites storming round.  While we didn't dominate the leaders' board,
 George Howard sneaked into the top ten with a cheeky 34:17, and was chased
 down by Ted Mockett, Ian Kenton, and James Riley, who as a four must surely
 have secured our second win in the Surrey Road League (four to score).  We
 dominated the fixture. With two races to go, at Elmbridge on 21st July and
 Wimbledon on 11th August, the League title is within reach. Some great
 photos: - we
 dominated the start line :). Special mention to James Whistler and Mark
 Herbert, both wearing Mike Peace-like Amber shorts, for being 1st and 3rd
 early on in the race.”

 Peter Haarer was the third over 50 to finish and also won the Whitlock-Welch
 Trophy for the club’s best age-graded performance on 83.9%. Club 10k champs
 were George Howard and Kathy Henry. We did indeed win the men’s League team
 fixture (four to score) and placed second to Fulham in the open team event
 (three to score). Kathy Henry was the leading Ranelagh woman ahead of Becky
 Northmore and the women’s team races went to Clapham with Ranelagh in 8th
 place. A new innovation this year was an under 18 category. This was not
 well supported but Ranelagh’s Emily Coulson and Tor Heron-Brett took second
 place in the girls and boys respectively. 

 Volunteers Co-ordinator Steve Whitehead adds: “Thank you very much for the
 role you played in making today's 10k a huge success once more.  We had 56
 volunteers covering a range of roles and while I managed to speak to a good
 number of you, there were still some volunteers that I did not thank in
 person. It was great to see many of our 'regular' marshals, the family
 groups of marshals, and all those who were new to the role of race
 marshal. Feedback from the finish line was overwhelmingly positive, but if
 you have any thoughts on how we could make the event even better next year,
 then please let Michael Morris (Race Director) or me know, no matter how
 small the change.”

 1   Ollie Garrod    South London H  32.24    SM  
 2   Simon Baines    Thames H&H      32.46    M40+
 3   Nick Marriage   Fulham RC       33.34    SM  
 10  George Howard   Ranelagh H      34.17    M40+
 14  Ted Mockett                     34.32    M40+
 18  Ian Kenton                      34.40    SM  
 20  James Riley                     34.49    M40+
 23  Jordan Mungovan                 35.18    SM  
 24  Peter Haarer                    35.24    M50+
 30  Graham Brook                    35.49    SM  
 31  Richard Kimber                  35.52    SM  
 39  Mark Herbert                    36.12    SM
 44  Emily Wicks     Aldershot F&D   36.23    SL    (1st woman) 
 49  Jonathan Moore                  36.35    M50+
 51  Sergio Stillacci                36.37    M45+
 52  Andy Starr                      36.40    M40+
 60  David Benton                    37.06    M50+
 63  David Ready                     37.14    SM
 73  Alice McGushin  Clapham C       37.32    SL    (2nd woman)
 74  Jo Vickers      South London H  37.33    L35+  (3rd woman)        
 76  Dave Lawley                     37.38    SM  
 77  James Whistler                  37.40    SM  
 89  Neil Rae                        38.21    M45+
 121 Dan Little                      39.32    M40+
 136 James Ritchie                   40.12    M45+
 141 Phil Beausang                   40.25    SM +
 149 Mick Lane                       40.38    M55+
 166 Richard Gurd                    41.28    M45+
 176 Ben Shore                       41.46    M40+
 194 Richard Willoughby              42.16    M50+
 217 Colin Brett                     42.56    M55+
 220 Kathy Henry                     43.03    L40+
 225 Ben Johnson                     43.14    SM  
 240 Rebecca Northmore               43.52    SL  
 245 Marcus Atkins                   43.59    M55+
 258 Stephen Logue                   44.40    M60+
 288 Phil Roberts                    46.05    M50+
 293 Emily Coulson                   46.11    U18G
 294 Tor Heron-Brett                 46.11    U18B
 297 Jon Lear                        46.18    M40+
 331 Alberto Esguevillas             47.47    M45+
 335 Simon Taylor                    47.55    M55+
 338 Chris Read                      48.02    M55+
 351 Marie Synnott-Wells             48.36    L50+
 364 Anna Reichwald                  49.05    L55+
 373 Claire Warner                   49.33    L35+
 381 Susan Ritchie                   50.02    L50+
 392 Carol Aikin                     50.52    L55+
 412 Keeley Philips                  51.57    L40+
 418 Fiona Pugh                      52.12    L45+
 420 Sally Bamford                   52.21    L55+
 425 Felix von Schubert              52.49    M45+
 437 Dave Kew                        53.39    M75+
 452 Paul Seddon                     54.45    M55+
 466 Melanie Davison                 55.52    L45+
 471 Eleanor Smith                   56.23    SL  
 505 Andrew Ritchie                  59.36    U18 
 519 Clive Naish                     60.58    M60+
 534 Fiona Ford                      62.38    L45+
 544 Tamsin Burland                  62.14    L50+
 554 Sue Lear                        66.41    L55+
 562 Katrina Roche                   70.59    L60+
 572 Anne Childs                     76.29    L60+
 PARKLAND RELAY  Wednesday 12th June in Richmond Park
 Phil Killingley reports:
 “A highly successful night out in Richmond Park. Our men's A team matched
 their best in 5th place, only 23sec off 2nd, with Nick Twomey's superb first
 leg 15:21 just being pipped by the flying Eirin McDaid in 15:19 on the
 anchor.  Our vet M40 team – led off by James Riley’s 15.31 - appears to have
 won in that category, 8th overall, and our B team was not far behind in
 12th.  Well done also to the Vet B team and the ladies A team - the latter
 14th in their competition led off by Laura Blazey. Honorary mention to Kris
 Davidson's son Sam with an excellent time on his first appearance - a star
 of the future. Thank you as ever to Peter Fordham for putting these teams

 1   Thames H&H               59.37
 2   Ful-On Tri               61.52
 3   Clapham Chasers          62.02
 4   West 4 Harriers          62.10
 5   Ranelagh Harriers A      62.15
     Nick Twomey         15.21
     Mark Herbert        15.56
     Richard Kimber      15.39
     Eirin McDaid        15.19
 8   Ranelagh H Vets A        64.34
     James Riley         15.31
     Kris Davidson       15.43
     Vaughan Ramsay      17.52
     Ted Mockett         15.28
 12  Ranelagh Harriers B      67.04
     Dave Lawley         15.30
     Rick Jenner         17.25
     Sam Davidson        17.55
     James Whistler      16.14
 50  Ranelagh H Vets B        82.04
     Marcus Atkins       19.23
     Andy Bickerstaff    20.29
     Simon Martin        17.57
     Stephen Logue       20.15             

 1   Thames H&H               51.11
 14  Ranelagh Harriers        58.51
     Laura Blazey        18.09
     Wiebke Kortum       20.26
     Marie Synnott-Wells 20.16  

 AFRICAN TRIATHLON CHAMPIONSHIP  Saturday 1st June on Mauritius 
 Gill Sanders, representing South Africa, writes:
 “A successful trip to Mauritius for the African Champs! Delighted to come
 away with my 7th African title and bag some Olympic qualification points.”

 SOUTH DOWNS WAY 100 miles  Saturday 8th June  Winchester to Eastbourne
 Bruce McLaren reports:
 “To run the length of the South Downs Way non-stop is perhaps not on every
 bucket list but it has been on mine for a while.  I therefore found myself
 in Matterley Bowl, just outside Winchester, at 6am on an overcast and
 slightly damp Saturday morning at the start of the Centurion Running’s South
 Downs Way 100 with the ambition of running to Eastbourne before 6am on
 Sunday to receive the ‘100 miles - One Day’ belt buckle.

 The forecast was great for running, not too warm, pretty much dry and with a
 decent wind from the South West promising to blow me all the way there.  I
 hadn’t done much on the South Downs before but would certainly recommend it.
 Once up on the ridge the views were pretty amazing and whilst it is a
 12,000ft climb overall it is generally rolling terrain with only a few
 short, sharp climbs.

 The first 100km or so went pretty smoothly with a decent and steady pace and
 feeling comfortably inside my endurance limits.  I was joined by fellow
 Ranelite, James Ritchie, to pace me from mile 56 (a navigational error not
 on my part having put paid to the target meeting point at mile 51, but
 that’s another story!) to Clayton Windmills at mile 70.  The company was
 very welcome as I was getting the first indications of a tiring body but
 this stretch, which takes in Devil’s Dyke, is particularly beautiful and the
 weather was holding out with clear skies to the South, clouds over us and
 rain north of the Downs.  It felt like no time before we reached mile 70
 where a grinning Simon Martin was ready to take over the pacing baton.

 I was 13 hours in by then but with only 30 miles to go was flirting with
 being able to break 20 hours, something I would not have contemplated
 pre-race.  However, just as rapidly as that thought arrived my body started
 telling me that it had run 70 miles and frankly wasn’t that enamoured with
 carrying on.  By mile 80, and despite Simon’s gentle encouragement, anything
 other than a shallow decline was a walk and even these declines produced
 nothing more than a shuffle.  

 It was dark now and then my knee became rather painful so I took some
 painkillers which did the trick and as side effect seemed to loosen my quads
 so we were back to shuffling more often and increasingly the finish line
 became a reality.  Entering the last mile I was 51st overall but Coach
 Simon, with the night vision of an owl, spotted prey ahead.  Entering the
 Eastbourne track having passed two runners and with only a lap of the track
 to the finish, another target was identified.  Putting my Thursday night
 track training to good use (always knew these speed sessions would come in
 handy but hadn’t visualised deploying them at the end of a 100 miler before)
 I set off in pursuit passing my victim on the back straight to claim a 48th
 place overall finish in a time of 20:46.

 A huge thanks to my pacers, James and Simon, who helped me in my darker
 moments and reminded me the values of being part of a great club.”

 1   P Maskell (St Austell)   14:28.53
 48  Bruce McLaren            20:46 25
 305 finished, 156 inside 24 hours  

 SECOND SUNDAY OF THE MONTH 5 miles  Sunday 9th June on Wimbledon Common
 Fanny Vein was the leading woman and Gordon Whitson was top over 60.

 1   P Burke (unatt)          31.10
 8   Fanny Vein               35.24
 14  Gordon Whitson           37.12
 17  Martin Harris            37.40
 31  Steve Aikin              39.39
 52  Carol Aikin              43.52 

 SRI CHINMOY DASHING DEER 5k  Monday 10th June in Battersea Park
 1   N Buckle (Belgrave)      15.35
 86  Ben Johnson              20.07

 RUN THROUGH CHASE THE SUN 10k  Wednesday 12th June at Victoria Park
 1   E Font (VP&TH)           34.36
 175 Roger Wallace            54.39

 RUN THROUGH REGENTS PARK 10k  Saturday 15th June
 1   G Ramsey (Warn)          36.55
 100 Roger Wallace            53.40

 HARRY HAWKES 10 miles  Sunday 23rd June at Thames Ditton
 1   A Dunbar (Norwich)       52.44
 43  Chris Bundhun            65.43
 128 Martin Harris            75.02
 347 Ian Harrison             92.36
 402 Colette Doran            97.09
 518 Janet Turnes            114.50     

 WEYBRIDGE 10km  Sunday 23rd June
 1   S Overall (B&B)          30.13
 165 Jon Lear                 47.47
 200 Kirsty Steel             48.48
 812 Edward Josey             65.14
 941 Sue Lear                 70.21  

 parkrun results...
 Follow this link for the latest Ranelagh results:. Then follow
 the “Previously” link at the bottom of the parkrun screen to access previous
 weeks’ results.     

 Convicts quick on their feet in the world's first ever prison marathon. 
 Michael Burke broke free from the chasing pack to win the first ever Prison
 Marathon on Sunday 16th June. Aptly named 'The Green Mile', Shepton Mallet
 Prison - which was the oldest working prison in the UK up until it was
 closed in March 2013 - provided the venue for the race. Runners passed
 through 'A' wing and 'B' wing, upstairs, along prison corridors and through
 exercise yards with each of the 78 laps including 70 steps - a total of
 nearly 5500 per competitor. Burke proved himself to be a capable escapee,
 negotiating the gruelling course in just four hours and 13 minutes.” 

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