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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 550           11th June 2019
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  Ross Macdonald and Fanny Vein lead our teams in the London 10k
 *  Peter Haarer wins M50 bronze
 *  Jordan Mungovan and Laura Blazey win club 10 miles champs at Dorking
 *  Ranelagh juniors finish 2nd in race 3 of the handicap series, James
     Rushby runs the fastest time
 *  Surrey Masters track medals for Paul Doyle
 *  Cordy Parker finishes 3rd in Wimbledon Common Trail race    
 *  Ross Macdonald finishes 5th in Man v Horse
 *  Izzy Atkins and Alice Patterson finish 3rd and 5th in Blenheim Palace
     Junior Elite Triathlon
 *  Ranelagh Richmond 10km this Sunday 
 *  Mini-Mob Match v The Stragglers at the Bushy parkrun on 29th June

 Our Richmond 10k takes place next Sunday16th June. We can never have too
 many marshals, so if you haven’t volunteered yet, please don’t hold back.
 Steve Whitehead is the volunteers co-ordinator. Anyone who can help please
 message Steve at mailto:ranelagh10khelpers@gmail.com or 07973 439978.
 If you’re planning to race, entries are still being accepted at the time of
 writing. Here is the link for entries: ranelagh-10k.co.uk/.  
 All under-18s are welcome. The first three events have already taken place,
 the next is on June 27th at the Hawker Centre. Remaining dates and venues
 are shown below. Registration opens at 6.50pm for a 7.25pm start.
 Pre-registration is necessary and a parental consent form must be completed
 for any child taking part for the first time.

 Thursday 27th June at the Hawker Centre
 Thursday 11th July at the Ranelagh Clubhouse
 Thursday 29th August at the Hawker Centre
 For registration and more details: 

 The Dorking 10 miles was the fifth Grand Prix event. Next comes our own 
 Ranelagh Richmond 10k on Sunday 16th June – see above. 

 More details about the Grand Prix, including current full scoreboard and the
 list of races here:.  Leading
 scores after five events:
 Open: , Stewart Anderson 25, Neil Rae 24, Mick Lane 23, Jordan Mungovan
 22,Ted Mockett 20, Jonathan Smith 20, Richard Willoughby 15, Nick Twomey 15,
 Chris Bundhun 15, Phil Roberts 14, Kris Davidson 13, David Criniti 12,
 Szymon Chojnacki 12, Nick Impey 11, Ian Kenton 11, Carol Aikin 10, Ross
 Macdonald 10
 Men Over 40: Neil Rae 14, Ted Mockett 12, Kris Davidson 8, David Criniti 6,
 John Rose 6, Dan Chiechi 5, James Riley 5
 Men Over 50: Stewart Anderson 16, Mick Lane 15, Richard Willoughby 10,
 Marcus Atkins 9, Phil Roberts 7, Martin Harris 6, Jonathan Moore 6
 Women: Laura Blazey 12, Carol Aikin 11, Wiebke Kortum 9, Kathy Henry 8, Anna
 Reichwald 7, Marie Synnott-Wells 7, Rachel Smith 6, Sally Bamford 6, Rebecca
 Bissell 6,  Fiona Pugh 5, Alice Forbes 5, Becky Northmore 5 
 Women Over 40: Kathy Henry 10, Rebecca Bissell 10, Colette Doran 8,  Rachel
 Smith 6, Clare Fowler 6, Fiona Pugh 5, Fiona Ford 5 
 Women over 50: Carol Aikin 19, Marie Synnott-Wells 12, Wiebke Kortum 11,
 Anna Reichwald 11, Sally Bamford 7, Tamsin Burland 5  

 The Dorking 10m was the third race in the Surrey Road League. Our women’s
 team currently sits in 6th place while the men are 9th. So far we don’t have
 any front runners in the individual competitions except Carol Aikin who
 leads the W55 category. Also well placed are Anna Reichwald, 6th in the W55s
 and Neil Rae 4th in the M40s. Our Richmond 10k is the next League event.
 Full details here:.  

 Our annual min-mob match against The Stragglers takes place this year on
 Saturday morning 29th June. It will be incorporated with the Bushy parkrun,
 starting at 9am. We need every runner we can get. If you’re running a
 parkrun that day, try to make it the Bushy one. Coffee and croissant on
 Stragglers afterwards at the Tiltyard Cafe. In case you haven’t taken part
 in a Bushy parkrun before, here are the details:. Make sure you are registered as Ranelagh
 or you won’t count.  

 COAD CUP  5miles SUMMER HANDICAP  Tuesday 9th July in Richmond Park starting
 at 7.15pm
 For one week only you are excused normal Tuesday night training in favour of
 the 5 miles summer handicap in the Park! Of course it’s not compulsory but
 we hope most Tuesday nighters will give it a go. To help your hard-working
 officials get everybody registered in a timely manner you can help in two
 First – arrive at the clubhouse a little earlier than usual.
 Second – pre-register at doodle.com/poll/wnc452vsdtpspee8. If you
 think you will run it will help enormously if you pre-register. It doesn’t
 commit you to run, and you can still take part even if you haven’t
 pre-registered, but we hope it will speed things up and enable us to get the
 race underway more quickly.

 These are Andy Bickerstaff’s annual promotions on Wimbledon Common. The
 first two have been run, the remaining race is an 8-miler taking place on
 Wednesday 3rd July, It starts from the Windmill at 7pm. Details and entries:.    

 LONDON UK ENDURANCE CONFERENCE  Sunday 12th July from 10am to 5pm at
 Kingston University.
 This is a Coaching Conference for coaches and runners to meet like- minded
 people who are open, positive, willing to learn and share. Speakers are
 Lindsay Dunn, 2012 Olympian Ross Murray, Jeff Seddon and current GB
 international Zak Seddon. This is a self-funded, not-for-profit
 event with the speakers volunteering their time for free (your ticket cost
 helps cover venue hire). Tickets are available here:. More information on their Facebook page here:

 We would like to make up a list of all those members who are qualified First
 Aiders. If you have such a qualification please reply to this e-news.

 Our new supplier for club singlets, men’s and women’s. is iProsports.
 Details and orders:

 Please note the deadline for us to register you with England Athletics is
 30th June. We will only pay your £15 registration fee if you have paid your
 Ranelagh subs. 
 The club subscription rates are as follows:.
 Seniors £50
 Under 20 or Student £20
 Family Membership £90
 Retired and Over 60 £25
 Second Claim £20
 Non-Running Member £10

 Payment may be made by Standing Order or Bank Transfer to:
 Sort code: 40-23-29
 Account number: 81109847
 Reference: your initial and name and SUBS – e.g. J SMITH SUBS

 Those of you who pay by standing order will have to contact your bank to
 change the amount.  The club cannot do this for you.
 Alternatively you can leave a cheque for the Membership Secretary in a
 sealed envelope in the clubhouse or give cash to the Treasurer Chris Read or
 either of the Assistant Treasurers Deepa Sharma and John Herriott.

 Don’t forget that we meet for a casual drink after training on the first
 Tuesday of each month. Venue is the Roebuck on Richmond Hill. All welcome.

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager  ranelagh.women@gmail.com      

Wednesday 12th June    Parkland Relays in Richmond Park. 7pm start.

Sunday 16th June           Ranelagh Richmond 10km      *GP race 6*  Details:. 9am start.

Saturday 29th June         Mini-Mob Match v The Stragglers at the Bushy
parkrun. 9am start.

Tuesday 9th July             Coad Cup 5 miles handicap in Richmond Park.
7.15pm start. See above.

Sunday 21st July             Elmbridge 10km           *GP race 7*   Details:.  9am start.

Friday 26th July               Wedding Day 7km in Bushy Park       *GP race
8*.  Entries already closed.  7.30pm start.

5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
on Sundays.
Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 VITALITY LONDON 10km  Monday 27th May 
 Phil Killingley reports:
 “Ross Macdonald led home our troops in a speedy 33:17, only good enough for
 158th in this super competitive race!  Next was Peter Haarer in an superb
 bronze for his age category and a time under 35min, with Marc Leyshon just
 behind. Dave Lawley and Chris Bundhun has good runs under 37min, a few
 seconds apart. Fanny Vein was first lady home in 40:31 with Becky Northmore
 and Suzy Whatmough in the 43 minutes bracket.” 

 As a warm-up, Paul Doyle ran the Westminster 5.35 for 5th place in the 50-54
 age group.

 1     Mo Farah (N&EB)        28.15
 83    Steph Twell (AFD)      31.55
 158   Ross Macdonald (Rane)  33.17
 272   Peter Haarer           34.50
 299   Marc Leyshon           35.04
 494   Dave Lawley            36.51
 500   Chris Bundhun          36.54
 590   Eirin McDaid           37.39
 833   Vaughan Ramsay         38.57
 890   Paul Doyle             39.12
 1183  Fanny Vein             40.31
 1589  Bill Neely             42.05
 1966  Becky Northmore        43.16
 2111  Suzy Whatmough         43.41
 2535  Simon Hedger           44.56
 2575  Marie Synnott-Wells    45.05
 2673  Alex Ring              45.21
 3262  Marianne Malam         46.51
 3264  Jarryd Hillhouse       46.51
 3468  Jeremy Day             47.23
 4667  Ian Keith              49.18
 5899  Fiona Pugh             51.52
 6067  Charlotte Hyde         52.10
 7269  Clare Day              54.10
 7317  Siobhan Sharp          54.14
 7792  Roger Wallace          54.57
 7808  Carol Aikin            54.59
 8823  Lindsey Simmonds       56.40
 11984 Ellie Lawley           61.38
 14643 Mel Davison            66.56         
 DORKING 10 miles  Sunday 2nd June
 As usual it was a sultry humid day for the Dorking 10, and the conditions
 left a trail of bodies by the wayside. Amongst the drop-outs was former
 winner Phil Wickes of Belgrave, who had built up a 100m lead in the first
 mile but was out of the race by half way. Wickes’s departure left the race
 as a fight between Foster of Guildford and Watson of Heanor. Foster proved
 the stronger in the tough closing stages but Watson had the consolation of
 taking the British Masters title. 

 First home for Ranelagh and winner of the club 10 miles championship was
 Jordan Mungovan who finished with a sprint of Bolt-like speed up the home
 straight. Only seconds behind came Nick Twomey, then Chris Bundhun and
 Jonathan Smith. Leading our women once again was Laura Blazey – club women’s
 10 miles champ -  ahead of Becky Northmore and Wiebke Kortum. 

 1   Tom Foster (G&G)         53.35   SM  
 2   Kristian Watson (Heanor) 53.52   SM  
 3   Andrius Jaksevicius (Bel)54.43   SM  
 31  Jordan Mungovan (Rane)   60.44   SM  
 33  Nick Twomey              60.54   SM  
 42  Clare Grima Herc Wimb)   62.03   L35+  (1st woman) 
 50  Chris Bundhun            62.41   SM  
 55  Rose Penfold (Fulham)    63.14   SL    (2nd woman)  
 60  Jonathan Smith           63.52   SM  
 69  Georgie Bruinvels (AFD)  64.29   SL    (3rd woman)
 105 Neil Rae                 67.42   M45+
 159 John Rose                72.33   M45+
 161 Stewart Anderson         72.35   M50+
 172 Laura Blazey             73.09   SL  
 187 Richard Willoughby       74.13   M50+
 243 Rebecca Northmore        79.06   SL  
 245 Stephen Logue            79.08   M60+
 250 Wiebke Kortum            79.32   L50+
 281 Michael Osborne          82.01   M55+
 352 Rebecca Bissell          88.24   L40+
 359 Chris Read               89.17   M55+
 365 Anna Reichwald           89.43   L55+
 437 Carol Aikin              97.49   L55+
 449 Colette Doran            99.39   L45+
 507 David Meaden            122.05   M70+
 508 Bronwen Northmore       123.43   L65+
 the Russell School
 A change of venue to the Russell School in Petersham did nothing to change
 the now-familiar pattern of the Flaming Penguins dominating the race with
 the Ranelagh juniors gallant runners-up. Once again, though, there was a
 silver lining for us in newcomer Ellis Macmillan finishing first in the
 handicap and James Rushby setting the fastest boy’s time of the day with
 6.41. Not far behind were Bertie and Ned Thomas on 6.43 and 6.49
 respectively. Our fastest girl was Izabella Taylor on 9.26.       

 1   Ellis Macmillan (Rane)   14.08  (actual time 9.08)
 12  Cian O’Brien             17.59  (9.59)
 31  Izabella Taylor          18.56  (9.26)
 40  Ben Rushby               19.03  (8.03)
 41  Tate Lawler              19.03  (8.33)
 46  Remy Lafeuille           19.08  (9.38)
 49  James Ricketts           19.11  (9.41)
 50  James Rushby             19.11  (6.41)
 56  Angus O’Brien            19.15  (8.15)
 60  Ned Thomas               19.19  (6.49)
 63  Sam Rushby               19.27  (7.27)
 67  Nathaniel Bond           19.42  (8.12)
 68  Bertie Thomas            19.43  (6.43)
 70  Alfie Lafeuille          19.44  (7.44)
 75  Josh Harwood-White       20.46  (9.46)
 79  Grace Cooper             22.38  (13.08)      
 1   Flaming Penguins         93  (overall 189)
 2   Ranelagh Harriers        33  (103)
 3   The Stragglers RC        24  (57)
 4   Coombe Hill School       17  (28)    
 5   26.2 RRC                 13  (33)
 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 31st May in Hyde Park
 1   R Goodman (Shaft B)      14.44
 15  Ian Kenton               16.33
 265 Alan Davidson            28.26  

 SRI CHINMOY MID-SUMMER 10km  Saturday 1st June in Battersea Park
 Jonathan Moore was the leading over 50.

 1   S Woolley (West 4)       33.08
 13  Jonathan Moore (Ranelagh)37.10       

 Izzy Atkins and Alice Patterson both competed in the Junior Elite race,
 finishing 3rd (70.24) and 5th (72.21) respectively. Izzy was only just over
 a minute behind the winner.

 Paul Doyle reports:
 “I got three medals, 1st M50 5000m, 2nd M50 800m, and 2nd M50 1500m.  It's
 so hard to get vets road medals, but ironically so easy to get track

 800m: 2nd in 2:31.86
 1500m: 2nd in 5:08.33
 5000m: 1st in 19:25.01
 SRI CHINMOY SPEEDY STEEDS 5km  Monday 3rd June in Battersea Park
 1   C Grierson (Serp)        15.50
 109 Alan Davidson            28.46
 111 John Pratt               30.59

 This was the second of Andy Bickerstaff’s three summer evening promotions on
 Wimbledon Common. Cordy Parker finished as 3rd senior woman, while Marie
 Synnott-Wells and Wiebke Kortum filled second and third places in the W45

 1   C High (G&G)             27.45
 17  L Custance (Clapham)     29.53  (1st woman)
 20  Al Morgan (Rane)         30.05
 23  Chris Bundhun            30.27
 46  Cordy Parker             32.12  (3rd woman)
 111 Bonnie Morgan            36.51
 113 Marie Synnott-Wells      36.57
 122 Wiebke Kortum            37.23
 234 John Ricketts            51.51 (started late)
 247 Peter Fordham            58.59    

 MAN vs HORSE 22 miles  Saturday 8th June at Llanwrtyd Wells
 Ross Macdonald reports:
 “I was 5th human (10th overall) at the excellent Man vs Horse race in Powys,
 Wales at the weekend. 22 miles of tough, undulating but excellent muddy
 trail. I've gone the wrong way after winning it in 2016 and then being third
 in 2018 but the field was more competitive this year. Man has still only
 beaten the horse twice in 40 years!”

 1   M Adams/Wootonheath Herbie  2:18.51  (1st horse)
 4   J Wood (Ilkley)             2:23.48  (1st human)
 10  Ross Macdonald              2:39.54  (5th human)   

 RUN DORNEY HALF MARATHON  Saturday 8th June at Windsor
 1   B Parkes (unatt)         1:13.53
 130 Roger Wallace            1:58.41

 HAMPSHIRE HOPPIT HALF MARATHON  Sunday 9th June at Kingsclere
 1   J Bradford (Birch)       1:20.52
 120 Phil Roberts             1:57.46    

 COMRADES MARATHON  Sunday 9th June  86.83km from Durban to Pietermaritzburg,
 South Africa
 1    E Mothibi (RSA)         5:31.33
 4567 Jarryd Hillhouse        9:43.42

 parkrun results...
 Follow this link for the latest Ranelagh results:. Then follow
 the “Previously” link at the bottom of the parkrun screen to access previous
 weeks’ results.     

 South African ultra legend Bruce Fordyce on parkrun and the Comrades
 Marathon: Video:. 

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