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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 542           7th February 2019
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  Holly McGuigan and Graham Brook lead our “Southern” Championships teams
 *  Ranelagh women finish 26th, men 42nd    
 *  Good junior performances
 *  Marc Leyshon wins the Vale Gallop
 *  Surrey League races this weekend  

 The next Surrey Cross-Country League races will take place on February 9th,
 the women in Richmond Park (Kingston Gate) and the men at Lloyd Park,
 Croydon. For the men, this is the final League fixture, but for the women
 there is one more race to come – on March 2nd also at Lloyd Park, Croydon..
 The remaining races are therefore:
 Saturday February 9th at Lloyd Park, Croydon   3pm start for seniors, 2.30pm
 for juniors. Details:. Team train:
 1316 from Clapham Junction (platform 13) arriving East Croydon 1326.  Then a
 tram eastbound to Lloyd Park. 

 Saturday February 9th in Richmond Park (Kingston Gate)    11am start for
 seniors, 12 noon for Under 15s and Under 17s, 12.30pm for Under 13s.
 Saturday March 2nd at Lloyd Park Croydon    1pm start for seniors, 12 noon
 for Under 15s and Under 17s, 12.30pm for Under 13s 

 Entries already closed. Good luck to all those making the long trek north.

 Our final mob match of this season is away to Blackheath and Bromley H&AC on
 their 7.5 miles course at Hayes, Kent. At our opponents’ request it will be
 held on Sunday morning 3rd March starting at 11am, rather than the usual
 Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately this is the day after the rescheduled
 final women’s Surrey League race.  
 The course lives up to the tile “cross-country” as it’s actually in the
 country, and scenic country at that. It's multi-terrain  with a few sections
 of road near the end, so trail shoes are preferable to  spikes.  As ever, we
 need all the runners we can get. The more runners we have, the better our
 chances of retaining the Pelling Ratcliff Cup. Watch this space for
 travelling details – we’ll probably organise a car pool nearer the time.
 NOTE that the usual Blackheath HQ is not being used for this race. Go
 instead to the Met Police sports ground at The Warren, Croydon Road, Hayes
 BR2 7AL.Parking is available. It’s a short jog from there to the start. The
 course is the usual one.  
 There‘s just one Surrey League junior race still to come. That’s this
 Saturday 9th February at Lloyd Park, Croydon. See above for details.
 Following that, the club junior championships for the Lotinga Cup and the
 Camilla Cup take place on Saturday 30th March in Richmond Park over a 2.5
 miles / 4km course. Start time is 3pm and all under 20s are welcome.
 Register on the day at the clubhouse or at the start. One week later we have
 the last club handicap of the season, the 3 miles road race for the Baker
 Cup. Again, all juniors are welcome and the Jack Ellicock Trophy goes to the
 first under 18 to finish.

 Looking forward to our two road races – the Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon
 on Sunday 5th May and the Ranelagh Richmond 10km on Sunday 16th June.
 Entries for the Half Marathon are already coming in here:. We’ll need
 plenty of marshals as well as runners, so make a note of the date
 The 10k has also just opened for entries.  here:.  

 Gordon Whitson writes:
 “I retrieved a pair of blue trainers from the Dysart bus stop shelter
 towards Richmond after training on 29th January. I placed them on the table
 just inside the door of the clubhouse.” 

 You will have received separate emails detailing a sale of club kit from our
 previous supplier. Meanwhile we now have a new supplier for our club
 singlets, men’s and women’s. This is iProsports.  Details and orders:.

 Kirsty Yull writes:
 “I’m contacting you to see if any of your members are competing in London
 Marathon 2019 and would be interested in taking part in a study. I am an MSc
 student studying Applied Sports Nutrition at St Mary’s University Twickenham
 and am planning on conducting a study observing gastrointestinal disturbance
 and hydration in runners with different diets (vegan, vegetarian &
 meat-eater) during a marathon. This would involve taking a urine sample and
 a couple of questionnaires on race day, and a food diary and some
 questionnaires on another day that is convenient for participants. After the
 study, participants will have access to their results. 
 If you are interested, please let me know by emailing me at kirsty.yull94@gmail.com
 or calling me on  tel:07731971302. If you do so, I can let you know more
 about the study and answer any questions you may have.”

 Don’t forget that we meet for a casual drink after training on the first
 Tuesday of each month. Venue is upstairs at the Roebuck on Richmond Hill.
 All welcome.

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager  ranelagh.women@gmail.com      

 Saturday 9th February       Surrey Leagues – women in Richmond Park
 (Kingston end) at 11am, men at Lloyd Park, Croydon at 3pm. 

 Saturday 23rd February    National Cross-Country Championships at Leeds.

 Saturday 2nd March          Surrey Ladies League Division 1 at Lloyd Park,
 Croydon. Juniors from 12 noon, senior women at 1pm.

 Sunday 3rd March            Mob Match v Blackheath & Bromley HAC for the
 Pelling Ratcliff Cup at Hayes, Kent. 11am start.  

 Saturday 9th March          Ranelagh Cup Schools Race in Richmond Park. 
 2.30pm start.

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 Parliament Hill.  
 Pheidippides reports on the men’s race:
 “The Southern at Parliament Hill is notorious for taking place in the raw
 depths of winter and for being a mud-fest over an undulating course; but in
 spite of freezing conditions in the days leading up to the weekend the race
 took place on a January day with temperatures in double digits, a mostly
 light wind, and dry conditions (the torrential rain that drenched London
 held off until the evening).  As for the mud, no one seemed to have seen a
 Hampstead Heath so dry at this time of year (quite a contrast to those
 occasions when my feet have been soaked before the crest of the first hill,
 or the brook at the back of the course has filled with filth that warms up
 with each lap); but there were still plenty of sections where long spikes
 were a distinct advantage.
 In the men's event we fielded a small team (we had a larger number against
 the Bank of England the previous week).  This was a shame given all the good
 reasons for running the Southern (excellent conditioning, good preparation
 for the National, and at nine miles of unrelenting heath arguably the most
 epic contest in the whole of the cross country calendar).  The happy few
 were led home by Graham Brook who ran a well-paced race and who, with Ed
 Perry, produced his best age-graded performance at an away fixture to date
 for the club.  Man of the match, however, must surely go to Mike Peace who
 completed his twenty-fifth and, he tells us, his last Southern for
 Ranelagh. His dedication has been exemplary and regulars will feel the loss
 of his unfailingly cheerful presence on the start-line and his generous
 shouts of encouragement to those higher up the field whenever possible as
 the course folds back on itself.  Alan Hedger was very sensibly confined to
 barracks and sorely missed (as was his post-race coffee with analgesic
 additive), but Gordon Whitson provided excellent ubiquitous encouragement.”

 With six to score the men’s team placed 42nd. Our only representative in the
 junior men’s races was Jacob Patterson, a fine 128th in the Under 17s. 

 In the women’s race there was another great run from Holly McGuigan in 77th
 place, barely half a minute down on Cordy Parker who was representing her
 first claim club Abingdon. Laura Blazey was the next Ranelagh finisher,
 running strongly but just outside the top hundred. Fanny Vein was close at
 hand at 132nd and then Alice Littler closed in the scoring team of four in
 278th. Eugenie McLachlan, Katherine Henry, Rebecca Northmore and Marianne
 Malam gave us eight finishers altogether. The team placed a very respectable
 26th. The race incorporated our club women’s championship for the Hugh Jones
 Salver and this of course went to Holly McGuigan.

 In the junior events Izzy Atkins placed an excellent 25th in the Under 17s
 with Emily Coulson also showing well at 139th. Alice Patterson put in
 another good run at 41st in the Under 20s.

 Senior Men
 1    Henry Pearce (Tonbridge       45.53      
 2    Adam Hickey (Southend)        45.57      
 3    Ed Shepherd (Woodford G)      46.18      
 209  Graham Brook (Ranelagh)       54.27      
 286  Peter Haarer                  56.02    
 344  David Ready                   57.11      
 347  Richard Kimber                57.16     
 472  Ed Perry                      59.34      
 872  Marcus Atkins                 67.07    
 1012 William Griffin               71.39
 1110 Mike Peace                    80.01 
 1154 finished    
 Teams  (6 to Score)              
 1   Aldershot F & Dist. AC   105          
 2   Tonbridge AC             115          
 3   Serpentine RC            167          
 42  Ranelagh Harriers       2530 
 77 teams closed in 

 Under 17 Men
 1   D Stone (Shaft B)              21.12
 128 Jacob Patterson (Ranelagh)     25.11

 Senior Women
 1   Pippa Woolven (Wycombe P)      26.53      
 2   Iona Lake (Norwich)            27.59      
 3   Naomi Taschimowitz (Shaft B)   28.08    
 60  Cordy Parker (Abingdon)        31.54   
 77  Holly McGuigan (Ranelagh)      32.27    
 104 Laura Blazey                   33.08      
 132 Fanny Vein                     33.47    
 278 Alice Littler                  37.10      
 315 Eugenie McLachlan              37.55      
 317 Katherine Henry                37.56    
 342 Rebecca Northmore              38.28      
 346 Marianne Malam                 38.31  
 703 finished  
 Teams (4 to score)
 1   Thames H&H                86 
 2   Highgate H                95                
 3   Wycombe Phoenix          101                
 26  Ranelagh H               591   
 71 teams closed in             
 Under 20 Women    
 1   Amelia Quirk (Bracknell)       23.15     
 41  Alice Patterson (Ranelagh)     17.33     

 Under 17 Women
 1   Tia Wilson (Bedford)           18.46     
 25  Isabel Atkins (Ranelagh)       20.23     
 139 Emily Coulson                  24.13     

 BOX HILL FELL RACE  Saturday 19th January at Dorking
 James Riley reports:
 “With mist drifting across the Surrey Downs, three intrepid Ranelaghites
 (me, Kris Davidson and Bruce McLaren) joined 250 other brave souls
 attempting one of the only fell races south of the Peak District. The Box
 Hill Fell Race is a no frills affair - no medals, no t-shirts - but it sells
 out in 12 hours.

 I’d confidently left home in a pair of ‘road to trail’ shoes, ignoring my
 wife’s sage advice to take a pair of trail shoes ‘just in case’ - certain it
 wouldn’t be that muddy. ‘It’s a hill right, the water will drain off.’
 During the warm up I realised my mistake. It was muddy, very muddy.

 For those familiar with Box Hill, you start at the stepping stones. From
 there it was straight up the steps to the view point. I was up the steps
 near the front only for runners to come streaming past me on the immediate
 descent. After that it was round the hill and up through Box Hill village,
 followed by a beautiful wooded section to Eiger steps. It was at this point
 I lost the route slightly leading a small group astray with me. It turns out
 this worked to our advantage as it was a small shortcut (we came clean at
 the end but the organisers were unconcerned). It was then a steep descent
 over stones to the Zig Zag Road before up and over one last time past the
 Mad Major’s grave and down the steps to the stepping stones. It was here I
 passed a runner for 14th as he wrapped himself around a tree (fortunately he
 was unhurt).

 For those interested here’s a YouTube clip:.
 Despite (or because of) the 600m of ascent we’ll be back next year. Come and
 join us!”

 1   C Smith (unatt)           53.49
 14  James Riley               60.53
 31  Kris Davidson             65.54
 161 Bruce McLaren             83.46

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 25th January in Hyde Park
 1   E Auden (Belgrave)        15.53
 10  Ian Kenton                16.42
 133 Matthew Roberts           20.29
 176 Matt Aikin                22.10
 223 Carol Aikin               25.21
 247 Alan Davidson             28.39 
 RUN RICHMOND PARK 10km  Saturday 26th January
 1   A Pendred (unatt)         38.39
 23  Bruce McLaren             46.14

 VALE GALLOP 10km   Sunday 27th January at Walton-on-the-hill
 Marc Leyshon was over two minutes clear of the field in this tough
 multi-terrain race over Epsom Downs.

 1   Marc Leyshon              38.28  

 1   A Patterson (unatt)       1:13.27
 184 Roger Wallace             2:12.18 

 parkrun results...
 Follow this link for the latest Ranelagh results:. Then follow
 the “Previously” link at the bottom of the parkrun screen to access previous
 weeks’ results.     

 Pagham’s annual Boxing Day pram race, circa 1954:

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