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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 535                     8th October 2018
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  Michael Osborne wins the Page Cup handicap
 *  Fastest times by Peter Haarer and Becky Curtis-Hall  
 *  Our women’s team finishes 38th in the National Road Relays
 *  Peter Haarer runs 74.47 Half Marathon to go to the top of our all-time
     M50 rankings
 *  26 Ranelagh juniors run 2:44.42 in Marathon Challenge
 *  First Surrey League races on October 13th. Note new venues
 *  Cabbage Patch 10m on 14th October
 *  Still time to enter the Surrey Masters Championships on October 20th 
 *  Change of date for our first mob match – the race will now be on Sunday
     morning 4th November 
 *  Marshals and officials needed for our home races
 *  40% off club kit – buy now!

 The first  League fixture for both our men’s and women’s teams is on
 Saturday 13th October. All are welcome to run, register on the day. The men
 will be using the new course in Richmond Park that we used for the women’s
 League last year. This starts and finishes near Sheen Crossroads. The
 Division 2 race will also take place on the same course but starting at
 1.30pm. All juniors will run at 2.30pm and the Division 1 race – our race - 
 will follow at 3pm. Avoid using cars at all if possible, but in any case
 please avoid using Pembroke Lodge for parking or toilets. Instead use the
 car parks and facilities at Sheen, Roehampton or Robin Hood Gates. There may
 be a 20p charge for the toilets.  Details and course map:. 

 The women are running on Wimbledon Common, but NOT as originally planned at
 Putney Vale. Instead they will use the Belgrave Harriers course starting
 towards the Wimbledon Village end of the Common. For details and course map.  
 The seniors will start at 11am, Under 17s will run at 12 noon and under 13s at 12.30pm.         

 We have two major events coming up in the Park in the next couple of weeks.
 We’ll need plenty of marshals and officials for both. First is the Surrey
 League on October 13th, then the Surrey Masters Championships on October
 20th. Both are Saturday afternoons. If you can help at either or both of
 these please contact our chief race official

 SURREY MASTERS CHAMPIONHIPS  Saturday 20th March in Richmond Park.
 Still time to enter! As usual we are hosts for the Surrey Masters
 Championship. The men over 60 and all women over 35 run first at 2.15pm over
 6km, the men 40-59 follow on at 3pm over 9km. There are NO entries on the
 day. If you are Surrey qualified (born or living in Surrey or SW London) and
 would like to run please contact Stewart Anderson
 Deadline is Wednesday October 10th.  

 Note the date now – Sunday 4th November for our first mob match of the
 season. We’re away to Orion Harriers on many people’s favourite course
 through a beautiful autumnal Epping Forest. PLEASE NOTE that Orion have been
 obliged to move the race to Sunday morning 4th November rather than the
 originally scheduled Saturday afternoon. As ever with mob matches we need as
 many runners as we can get if we’re to have a chance of retaining the Harold
 Lee Cup. Everyone is welcome, register on the day. Start time is 11am.

 CROSS-COUNTRY at RMA SANDHURST Saturday 27th October at 2pm.
 We have been invited to run against the Sandhurst officer cadets,
 Milocarians and other clubs on the 27th at the Royal Military Academy in
 Camberley. It makes for a fascinating visit as well as providing a
 challenging course and a sumptuous tea. Unfortunately security issues mean
 that names and car registrations must be declared a week in advance, and
 passports must be shown on the day. No three-line whip on this one, but if
 you’re interested in taking part please reply to this email.  

 Good luck to the 65 RH entered for the Cabbage Patch 10 on Sunday 14th
 October. Entries are long since closed. 

 Our Christmas do will take place on Saturday 8th December from 6.30pm to
 midnight at the Lass O’Richmond Hill pub on Queens Road, Richmond. Tickets
 are £45 to include a three-course meal and DJ. Book with Lexi Godfrey at
 lexigod@mac.com or by text to 07758004863. The Christmas Feast menu
 is here:. Please state your choices when you book. There are several ways to pay:
 by cheque payable to Ranelagh Harriers; by cash to Lexi at the clubhouse on
 a training evening; or by BACS transfer (account name Ranelagh Harriers,
 account number 12154501, sort code 401310, Ref Xmas + your name.  

 Suzy Whatmough writes:
 “Ranelagh have entered three teams for next year's Green Belt Relay, taking
 place on the 18th - 19th May. It’s a 22 stage relay race around 220 miles of
 the Green Belt around the outside of London. We have a men’s, women’s and
 mixed team entered. Due to the popularity of the event, spaces have already
 been filled for the teams. However, do email Suzy Whatmough and Clare Fowler
 at ranelaghgbr@gmail.com if you’d like to be added to the waiting
 list, as there are bound to be a few drop-outs / injuries! For more info
 about the race, see here:.” 
 Rick Jenner writes:
 “On 16th October Ben Evans, who runs for Guildford & Godalming, is going to
 visit the club to talk about his book which is based on our own Ranelagh
 Half Marathon. After training with us he'll talk about the book and sign
 copies upstairs at The Roebuck from 8.45pm. Below is more on the book for
 anyone interested.”

 The Road Runner, by Ben Evans
 500 runners. 13.1 miles. Five athletes fighting for victory. The Road Runner
 is a breathless account of a single running race along the banks of the
 River Thames. Through the course of thirteen chapters, it depicts intense
 battles, vivid characters and occasional humour, as Evans competes with the
 calculated Fabien, the manic Patrick, the arrogant Cornelius and the
 spiritual Dwayne, for victory. Viewed from inside the mind of an elite
 athlete, it provides a uniquely human perspective on the challenges faced by
 the modern runner, and the strange mix of determination and inner peace that
 comes with pushing the body to its physical limits. A homage to the power of
 the human spirit, the sentiments of the story will appeal to sportsmen and
 women of all abilities, and anyone looking to take on a challenge and see
 how far they can go

 We’re changing kit suppliers and we have a lot of kit to move. Many items
 are on offer at 40% discount. Treat yourself and take advantage of these
 prices! Order direct from the AlleyCatz website:. 

 Paddy Noon writes from Plymouth Marjon University:
 “I am a Master’s Sport and Exercise Psychology student at Plymouth Marjon
 University. I am contacting you to ask whether some of your club members
 (who participate in parkruns) would be interested in participating in a
 study that involves trying a psychological strategy. I have created a brief
 video on a psychological strategy that aims to be useful for runners who
 participate in parkruns. I would like to get feedback on the video and its
 usefulness. Participating would involve watching a short video, providing
 parkrun details after four parkruns, and completing some brief surveys. I
 will provide detailed information on participating to those who are
 interested. Contact me at 20055443@oncourse.marjon.ac.uk.” 

 Richie Barclay writes from Roehampton University:
 “I'm a PhD student investigating muscle health in young (20-30yr) and older
 adults (60-80yrs). I'm recruiting the final few volunteers for my study
 which involves 3 visits to our labs and we offer a battery of tests for free
 as a thank you. We take several measurements to find out more about the way
 your body uses protein at rest and in response to exercise and whey
 protein. There are several benefits of taking part; including a bodpod test
 (usually £60), a resting metabolic rate test (usually £150) and I also offer
 physiological testing such as V02max/lactate threshold and nutritional
 advice all as a thank you for taking part. All in all, around £400 worth of
 stuff. If you’re interested contact me at barclayr@roehampton.ac.uk.”

 Don’t forget that we meet for a casual drink after training on the first
 Tuesday of each month. Venue is upstairs at the Roebuck on Richmond Hill.
 All welcome.

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager  ranelagh.women@gmail.com      

 Saturday 13th October      Surrey Ladies Cross-Country League Div 1 at
 Wimbledon Common. Senior Women start at 11am followed by juniors from 12

 Saturday 13th October      Surrey Cross-Country League (men)  Div 1 in
 Richmond Park. Start 2.30pm (juniors) and 3pm (seniors) 

 Sunday 14th October         Cabbage Patch 10 miles at Twickenham. Entries

 Saturday 20th October       Surrey Masters Cross-Country Championships in
 Richmond Park. M60+ and women 35+ 6km at 2.15pm, M40-59 9km at 3pm 

 Saturday 20th October       South of England Cross-Country Relays at
 Wormwood Scrubs

 Saturday 27th October       RMA Sandhurst at Camberley. 2pm start

 Sunday 4th November      Lee Cup Mob Match v Orion Harriers in Epping
 Forest. 11am start. Please come along, all needed!

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 PAGE CUP HANDICAP  Saturday 29th September
 There were 36 starters, all hoping that our new handicapper Simon Martin
 would let them slip through the statistical net and run away with the cup.
 Simon’s predecessor Angus Cater was on hand to oversee Simon’s first effort,
 as of course was statsman Ken Powley. The rest may have all been hoping, but
 there was only ever going to be one winner and that was Michael Osborne.
 Michael only had five starters ahead of him and it was not long before he
 had left most of them gasping. Last to be caught were Alan Davidson and
 Paula Maguire who enacted their own little battle for the minor placings,
 won in a sprint by Alan. But by then Michael was home and dry for his first
 club Cup. 

 Paula’s son Luke Maguire came in 4th just ahead of Ben Shore. Then the
 crowds started to appear, headed by Clare Day. Between Clare in 6th and
 Trevor Maguire in 27th there was only a little over three minutes,
 demonstrating that Simon had done a pretty good job framing his first

 Fastest time of the day was Peter Haarer’s 28.56 followed by new dads Graham
 Brook (30.28) and Dave Lawley (30.47). Despite finishing last in the
 handicap, Becky Curtis-Hall was the fastest woman on 37.29 ahead of Becky
 Northmore on 38.04 and Rachel Revett on 39.17

                                H'cap     H'cap    Actual   Speed
                                Time      Allow     Time    Order
  1   Michael Osborne           17.40     22.30     40.10     21  
  2   Alan Davidson             20.33     35.50     56.23     34 
  3   Paula Maguire     (L)     20.44     29.40     50.24     32 
  4   Luke Maguire              22.58     17.00     39.58     20 
  5   Ben Shore                 23.14     12.40     35.54     10 
  6   Clare Day         (L)     24.31     19.10     43.41     25 
  7   Louis Randall             24.32      6.40     31.12      4 
  8   Beverly Walsh     (L)     24.33     33.40     58.13     35 
  9   Allan Lang                24.34     34.20     58.54     36 
 10   Dave Lawley               24.57      5.50     30.47      3 
 11   Rob Curtis                25.03     14.30     39.33     19 
 12   Sally Bamford     (L)     25.14     19.00     44.14     26 
 13   Simon Martin              25.19      7.20     32.39      6 
 14   Chris Camacho             25.26     17.20     42.46     23 
 15   Louise Piears     (L)     25.27     17.00     42.27     22 
 16   Euan Sinclair             25.41      8.30     34.11      7 
 17   Graham Brook              25.48      4.40     30.28      2 
 18   Pete Warren               25.53     21.50     47.43     31 
 19   Angus Cater               26.12     19.10     45.22     30 
 20   Peter Haarer              26.16      2.40     28.56      1 
 21   Amrut Sharma              26.19     12.30     38.49     17 
 22   Kevin Knowles             26.31     10.20     36.51     12 
 23   Rebecca Northmore (L)     26.44     11.20     38.04     16 
 24   Rachel Revett     (L)     27.07     12.10     39.17     18 
 25   Chris Bundhun             27.10      5.20     32.30      5 
      Pascal Levine        (G)  27.12      8.50     36.02     11 
 26   Karen Harbert     (L)     27.22     17.50     45.12     29 
 27   Trevor Maguire            27.35     17.00     44.35     27 
 28   Chris Brook               27.49      7.40     35.29      9 
 29   Tom Reay                  28.01     17.00     45.01     28 
 30   Anna Reichwald    (L)     28.27     14.20     42.47     24 
 31   Marcus Atkins             28.45      8.10     36.55     13 
 32   Deborah Blakemore (L)     29.15     23.50     53.05     33 
 33   Jonathan Smith            29.41      5.10     34.51      8 
 34   Bruce McLaren             30.16      7.40     37.56     15 
 35   Becky Curtis-Hall (L)     30.39      6.50     37.29     14  

 NATIONAL ROAD RELAY CHAMPIONSHIPS  Saturday 6th October at Sutton Park,
 We contested only the women’s race this year, and our quartet performed very
 well indeed to finish just inside the first half of the 83 starters.
 Estelle Damant led off for us on the always hectic first stage, and she ran
 our fastest time of the day in 46th place with 16.24. Thereafter the blue
 vests made steady progress with Laura Blazey gaining two  places, Fanny Vein
 another five and Alice Littler clawing back one more on the anchor leg to
 bring us home in 38th place. Few Surrey clubs supported the race and only
 two – Belgrave and Herne Hill – finished ahead of us.

 1   Aldershot F&D AC           57.56
 38  Ranelagh Harriers          69.19
     Estelle Damant       46    16.24
     Laura Blazey         44    17.12
     Fanny Vein           39    17.38
     Alice Littler        38    18.05            
 BERLIN MARATHON  Sunday 16th September
 In addition to Paul Doyle (reported last week), we had at least three more
 runners in Berlin:

 732 Nick Twomey               2:50.22
 811 Jonathan Moore            2:51.40  
 ?   Jonathan Smith            3:02.37

 RICHMOND RUNFEST  Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th September
 Ian Harrison reports:
 “Margie Harrison ran the Richmond Runfest Marathon and finished in an
 impressive  4hrs 15mins and 34 seconds as the first and only woman in the 60
 - 64 category.” 

 JUNIOR MARATHON CHALLENGE  Tuesday 25th September in Richmond Park
 Colin Brett reports:
 “We had a very successful Junior Marathon Challenge with 26 juniors taking
 part and clocking a combined time of 2:44.42.”

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 28th September in Hyde Park
 1   N Besson (Serp)           15.34
 10  Ian Kenton                16.50
 194 Alan Davidson             28.24

 RUNNING4WOMEN WINDSOR 10km  Saturday 29th September
 1   D Godwin (Windle V)       41.05
 38  Marianne Malam            48.53
 206 Hannah Wells              57.01          

 MAVERICK SNOWDON MARATHON  Saturday 29th September 
 1   L Mills (unatt)           4:42.16
 8   Mark Herbert              5:31.33 

 MIDDLESEX 10km  Sunday 30th September at Victoria Park
 1   A Abdulle (Hill)          30.54
 32  Carl Assmundson           34.33
 51  Al Whatmough              35.41 

 EALING HALF MARATHON  Sunday 30th September
 1    J Poole (Serp)           1:09.42
 34   R Thomas (VP&TH)         1:20.20  (1st woman)  
 ?    Rick Jenner              1:23.44
 414  Martin Harris            1:35.17
 795  Richard Pender           1:41.35
 1210 Jarryd Hillhouse         1:47.24
 1589 Siobhan Sharp            1:51.57
 1954 Fiona Pugh               1:56.18
 2139 Gavin Hillhouse          1:58.25
 2637 John Herriott            2:06.14
 2725 Ewa Soltys               2:07.36
 2932 Roger Wallace            2:11.15
 3176 Colette Doran            2:16.38
 OXFORD HALF MARATHON  Sunday 7th October
 Peter Haarer won the over 50 class and his time of 74.47 takes him to the
 top of Ranelagh’s all-time M50 half marathon ranking list. He admits to
 being “rather pleased”.

 1    B Cole (Tonbridge)       1:08.37
 12   S Van der Wiele (Neth)   1:12.01  (1st woman)
 26   Peter Haarer             1:14.47
 4223 Siobhan Sharp            1:59.22 
 1    A Dunbar (Norwich)       1:09.54  (chip time 1:09.54)
 21   R Harvey (Clapham)       1:20.00  (1:19.59 – 1st woman)
 23   Chris Bundhun            1:21.11  (1:21.08)
 64   David Ready              1:26.46  (1:26.41)
 362  Matt Sowton              1:44.07  (1:42.47)
 798  Chris Read               2:02.14  (1:59.26)
 997  Roger Wallace            2:16.35  (2:13.49)  

 Marie Synnott-Wells was second over 50.

 1    I Trickett (Dorset)      2:25.45  (chip time 2:25.45)
 228  Alex Ring                3:29.10  (3:28.18)
 392  Marie Synnott-Wells      3:41.07  (3:40.53)
 1676 Ian Grange               5:01.53  (4:57.49)

 KEMPTON PARK CHASE  Sunday 7th October
 Half Marathon
 1   R Lloyd-Smith (Sutton R)  1:17.26
 6   James Whistler            1:28.04
 Stewart Anderson was the first over 50.
 1   E Rolls (Ox Uni)          36.11
 8   Stewart Anderson          41.44
 75  Alan Meaden               63.42
 76  David Meaden              64.01  

 CAMBERLEY 10km  Sunday 7th October
 1   I Bailey (AFD)            32.35
 25  Mick Lane                 40.58 

 parkrun results...
 Follow this link
 for the latest Ranelagh results:
 Then follow the “Previously” link at the bottom of the parkrun screen to
 access previous weeks’ results.     

 The wisdom of the ancients:
 “If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and
 exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest
 way to health.” 
 Hippocrates 470-375BC
 “Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being while
 movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.”
 Plato 427-347BC 

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