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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 532               26th August 2018
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  Alice Littler, Anna Reichwald and Deepa Sharma win the Ratchford Relay
 *  Nick Impey and Cordelia Parker lead our teams at the Wimbledon Dash 5k
 *  Silver county team medals for Suzy Whatmough, Becky Curtis-Hall and Fiona
 *  Bronze county team medals for Nick Impey, Seiko Angelo and Mario
     Perinelli, and individual bronze for Seiko
 *  Men’s and women’s teams finish 2nd and 3rd in the Surrey Road League
 *  Individual League silvers for Fiona Ford and Seiko Angelo
 *  Ranelagh Road GP winners: Fiona Ford, Marie Synnott-Wells, Nick Impey,
     Neil Rae and Seiko Angelo 
 *  Ralph Street finishes 13th in the World Orienteering Championships
 *  Opening Run and Thomas Cup 3.8 miles handicap in Richmond Park on
     Saturday 8th September preceded by annual club photo
 *  Surrey Road Relays at Wimbledon Park on Saturday 15th September
 *  40% off club kit – buy now!

 Here are the final leading scores after all ten events. Nick Impey and Fiona
 Ford were clear winners of the Open and Women’s categories, but some of the
 others went right on down to the line. There was a single point in it
 between Neil Rae and Stewart Anderson in the over 40 men and between Seiko
 Angelo and Martin Halvey in the over 50 men. In contrast, Fiona Ford won the
 Women’s over 40 class with the maximum possible score. Marie Synnott-Wells
 won the women’s over 50 title for the fourth year in succession. Thanks go
 to Ken Powley for maintaining the full scoreboard which can be found here:. 

 Open  Nick Impey 84, Seiko Angelo 76, Martin Halvey 51, Neil Rae 37, Carl
 Selya-Hammer 32, James Whistler 28, Nick Twomey 27, Stewart Anderson 25, Ted
 Mockett 23, Michael Everard 22, Fiona Ford and Stephen Logue 22, Carl
 Assmundson 21, James Riley 20, Kris Davidson and Peter Haarer 19, Marc
 Leyshon, Ed Perry and Richard Gurd 18, Eliott Wells 17
 Men Over 40  Neil Rae 23, Stewart Anderson 22,  Michael Everard 18, James
 Riley 16, Kris Davidson 12, Duncan Mallison, Nick Wright, Daniel Chiechi and
 Jonathan Moore 10, Alex Ring and Rob Curtis 9
 Men Over 50  Seiko Angelo 46, Martin Halvey 45, Stephen Logue 18, Bruce
 McLaren 13, Bill Neely and Peter Haarer 12, Steve Aikin 9, Alan Meaden and
 Marcus Atkins 8, Mick Lane 7
 Women  Fiona Ford 29, Suzy Whatmough 20, Cordelia Parker 18, Marie
 Synnott-Wells 16, Adrienne Baddeley 15, Laura Blazey, Becky Northmore and
 Lara Werrett 11, Wiebke Kortum, Fanny Vein, Bronwen Northmore and Carol
 Aikin 10, Annemarie Goodridge 8, Alice Littler and Becky Curtis-Hall 7 
 Women Over 40  Fiona Ford 48, Rachel Revett 20, Lara Werrett 11, Niamh Holt
 10, Marianne Malam 9, Melanie Davison  6, Karen Campbell 5 
 Women Over 50  Marie Synnott-Wells  36, Anna Reichwald 25, Carol Aikin 22,
 Wiebke Kortum 21, Bronwen Northmore 17, Annemarie Goodridge 12, Deborah
 Blakemore and Jackie Dunkley 11  
 139 members completed at least one of the ten races.

 After the seventh and final race Ranelagh’s women finished in third place
 and our men in second. Individually, Seiko Angelo was runner-up in the M50
 class with Martin Halvey not far behind in 4th. Fiona Ford finished in 2nd
 place in the W45s. Results and final League tables here:. 

 Saturday 8th September in Richmond Park
 Our 138th season kicks off in the traditional fashion  with the 3.8 miles /
 6km handicap race for the Thomas Cup. This is one of our historic trophies,
 first presented to the club in 1890 by the multi-world record holder Sid
 Thomas. For those not familiar with handicaps, they work like this: our
 Handicapper Angus Cater assigns a handicap start to every active member. The
 runner with the biggest handicap is set off first, followed at intervals by
 the rest of the runners according to their assigned starts. The fastest
 runner is last away. If the handicapper has done his job perfectly all the
 runners should finish together. This doesn’t happen! All members are welcome
 to take part , but note that new members for whom the Handicapper does not
 have sufficient data must compete as guests ineligible for the trophy. The
 race starts opposite Pembroke Lodge inside Richmond Park at about 3.15pm.
 Please come to the clubhouse first to register and get your handicap
 assigned. Also, at about 2.45pm we’ll have the annual club photo in the Park
 opposite the clubhouse. 

 These will take place on Saturday 15th September from the Wimbledon Park
 track starting at 12 noon. Each stage is about 3 miles on a similar course
 to last week’s Wimbledon Dash. All run together but there are separate
 categories for teams of Senior Men (6 stages), Senior Women, Women Over 35,
 Men Over 40 and Men Over 50 (all 4 stages) and Women Over 45 and Men Over 60
 (3 stages). If you’d like to run please contact the Captains (see below).
 Andy Bickerstaff writes:
 “It's that time of year again and I am asking you, YES YOU, to help out in
 at least one of the Ranelagh fixtures this winter. First up is the Opening
 Run / Thomas Cup on September 8th and I need a few marshals and timekeepers.
 If you may be able to help on the 8th September or any other of the fixtures
 please email me at andy.bickerstaff@goodrunguide.co.uk
 and I'll add you to my list of possible helpers. Thanks.”

 Wiebke Kortum writes:
 “A small group of 8 students (maximum) are invited to attend a 10-week ‘Yoga
 for Runners’ course on Sunday nights (6 - 7:15 pm) at the Ranelagh Clubhouse
 with me. The course starts 9th September and runs until the first week of
 December. Students will learn yoga postures, how to stretch and build
 strength, some basic principles of yoga philosophy and how to raise
 awareness of movement and mind. Each class incorporates a breathing
 technique and a relaxation at the end. The level of students should be
 beginners or intermediate. The first session is free, afterwards it is £8
 per session (40% donated to Ranelagh). I am first-aid trained and fully
 insured through the British Wheel of Yoga. Those interested please contact
 me in advance at wiebke.kortum@gmail.com.” 

 We’re changing kit suppliers and we have a lot of kit to move. Many items
 are on offer at 40% discount. Treat yourself! It may not be the weather for
 fleeces and log-sleeved tops right now, but take advantage of these prices!
 Order direct from the AlleyCatz website here:. 

 The last race of the annual joint Stragglers and Ranelagh junior handicap
 series takes place on Thursday 30th August at the Hawker Centre.
 Registration 7pm, start time 7.30pm  For more details:. 

 Roy Reeder writes:
 "I'm once again organising the River Thames Half Marathon. The start is in
 Walton-on-Thames and a fair bit of the route is along the towpath, so it's
 flat, scenic and mostly traffic free – ideal if you are looking for a PB.
 Full details:. 
 I'm offering £5 off the entry fee to Ranelagh runners till 30th September.
 Use the entry code RANHAR at the Sport Systems store." 

 LONDON DUATHLON  Sunday 16th September in Richmond Park
 Rick Jenner writes:
 “The London Duathlon is held on closed roads in Richmond Park every autumn.
 This year it is on Sunday 16th September and incorporates a new Club
 Championships to find out who is the best sports club in London and beyond.
 Lots of Ranelagh people have taken part before and are again this year, so
 it would be great to put in a team. If you’re interested there are more
 details at here: and you can enter
 here: and receive £10 off with
 the code CB_RANELAGHHARRIERS. Please note this is the day after the Surrey
 Road Relays so anyone targeting that may want to steer clear, and I must
 declare my interest as the event is put on by my company.”

 Mike Peace writes:
 “Annie and I are now well-established in our new home on Dartmoor and 'home
 improvements' have been completed. The result is that we now have a
 self-contained guest suite available for visitors: double room, ensuite,
 satellite TV, private entrance and parking. Superb views over Dartmoor.
 Excellent running, cycling and walking opportunities with the challenging
 'Parke' parkrun a mere 20 min jog down the lane. Special rates for Ranelagh
 members - 2/3 days, long weekends OR extended stays if you wish. Also please
 pop in if you are passing on your way to/from the South West.”
 Don’t forget that we meet for a casual drink after training on the first
 Tuesday of each month. Venue is upstairs at the Roebuck on Richmond Hill.
 All welcome.

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager  ranelagh.women@gmail.com      

 Saturday 8th September    Opening Run and Thomas Cup 3.8m handicap in
 Richmond Park

 Saturday 15th September  Surrey County Road Relays at Wimbledon Park. 

 Sunday 23rd September    South of England Road Relays at Crystal Palace

 Saturday 29th September  Page Cup 5 miles handicap in Richmond Park

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 RATCHFORD RELAY  Tuesday7th  August in Richmond Park
 We had nine teams taking part in this year’s Ratchford Relay. There were
 three women in each team covering a total of six laps of about 1km.
 Laura Blazey was not only the fastest runner on the day but also one of the
 most consistent, with times of 3.31, 3.32 and 3.28. Laura of course led the
 field in at the end of lap 1 though Suzy Whatmough and Becky Curtis-Hall 
 were within a few seconds and the rest of the field close at hand. Jo
 Sinton-Hewitt took over from Laura but soon had to give way to Marianne
 Malam who led the way home on lap two.  

 On the third lap there was a tight finish with Laura Blazey just fighting
 back into the lead ahead of Adrienne Baddeley. Moving up to third at this
 point was Alice Littler. Marianne completed lap four with a very clear lead
 with Sally Bamford in second place and Deepa Sharma third. Anna Reichwald
 took over from Deepa to secure the lead for her team, which Alice then
 consolidated with a 3.39 clocking on the final stage. Laura brought her team
 up to second place just eleven seconds behind Alice. Becky Curtis-Hall
 anchored her team to close in third.      
      1st TEAM                       
 7  Alice Littler        3.52   3.52
 4  Anna Reichwald       8.24   4.32
 3  Alice Littler       12.13   3.49
 3  Deepa Sharma        17.20   5.07
 1  Anna Reichwald      21.52   4.32
 1  Alice Littler       25.31   3.39
      2nd TEAM                       
 1  Laura Blazey         3.31   3.31
 2  Jo Sinton-Hewitt     8.02   4.31
 1  Laura Blazey        11.34   3.32
 4  Cindy Croucher      17.37   6.03
 2  Jo Sinton-Hewitt    22.14   4.37
 2  Laura Blazey        25.42   3.28
      3rd TEAM                       
 3  Becky Curtis-Hall    3.39   3.39
 5  Sally Bamford        8.27   4.48
 4  Becky Curtis-Hall   12.15   3.48
 2  Sally Bamford       17.08   4.53
 3  Claire Kearns       22.40   5.32
 3  Becky Curtis-Hall   26.22   3.42
      4th TEAM                       
 5  Sarah Palmer         3.44   3.44
 3  Carol Aikin          8.04   4.20
 8  Katrina Roche       14.40   6.36
 6  Sarah Palmer        18.25   3.45
 4  Carol Aikin         22.53   4.28
 4  Sarah Palmer        26.53   4.00
      5th TEAM                       
 6  Fanny Vein           3.47   3.47
 6  Sue Camp             8.43   4.56
 5  Fanny Vein          12.39   3.56
 5  Sarah Moran         18.25   5.46
 5  Sue Camp            23.23   4.58
 5  Fanny Vein          27.15   3.52
      6th TEAM                       
 8  Rebecca Northmore    4.05   4.05
 9  Karen Harbert        9.00   4.55
 6  Rebecca Northmore   13.07   4.07
 7  Deborah Blakemore   18.38   5.31
 7  Karen Harbert       23.40   5.02
 6  Rebecca Northmore   27.44   4.04
      7th TEAM                       
 2  Suzy Whatmough       3.35   3.35
 8  Lorna Smith          8.53   5.18
 9  Anne Childs         15.19   6.26
 8  Suzy Whatmough      18.55   3.36
 9  Lorna Smith         24.15   5.20
 7  Suzy Whatmough      27.53   3.38
      8th TEAM                       
 4  Adrienne Baddeley    3.43   3.43
 1  Marianne Malam       7.43   4.00
 2  Adrienne Baddeley   11.37   3.54
 1  Marianne Malam      15.50   4.13
 8  Christina Kearns    24.00   8.10
 8  Adrienne Baddeley   27.56   3.56
      9th TEAM                       
 9  Clare Day            4.32   4.32
 7  Ann Kearey           8.47   4.15
 7  Clare Day           13.32   4.45
 9  Janet Turnes        19.16   5.44
 6  Ann Kearey          23.32   4.16
 9  Clare Day           28.12   4.40
 PERSEVERANCE WIMBLEDON DASH 5km  Sunday 12th August at Wimbledon Park
 Nick Impey takes up the pen:
 "With the after effects of Twomey's wedding party dance moves in my blood, I
 lined up with Carl Selya-Hammer who had casually jogged into the Wimbledon
 track just 15 minutes before the hooter, having run 11 miles across London
 fully inspired and ready to enjoy the last summer Road League of the year.
 Behind us on the line was Seiko Angelo, who has run all the League races
 this year and new boy Marco Perinelli, of course the regular legion of blue
 'n gold vests amongst the pack. There simple wasn't enough pace to contend
 with a Guildford trio who clearly enjoyed a fast track effort and ended up
 scoring 1,2,4 to seal the team win of the day. Better luck next year!"
 Marco Perinelli's comment was less hedonistic:
 "Loved the race though the hilly part came as being pretty hilly and
 selective. Nice atmosphere overall"

 This was the final Surrey Road League race and Ranelagh took a couple of
 podium places through Seiko Angelo in the M50s and Fiona Ford in the W45s.
 Seiko and Martin Halvey – just missing the M50 podium in 4th place – were
 two of only five runners overall who completed all seven races. Team-wise it
 was near-miss day as our women finished in third spot and our men second.
 However, in the 5k Surrey Champs we perhaps unexpectedly earned two sets of
 team medals. It was bronzes for the men (Nick, Seiko and Marco) and silvers
 for the women (Suzy Whatmough, Becky Curtis-Hall and Fiona). There was
 another bronze for Seiko in the individual M50 county championship. 

 Cordelia Parker in 7th place was the first woman home in a Ranelagh vest.
 She was our first League counter, though she was entered for her first-claim
 club Abingdon. Suzy and Becky both made the top dozen.

 1   G Grundy (G&G)            15.16      
 6   Nick Impey                16.50
 23  I Brinsden (Epsom & E)    18.02  (1st woman)  
 25  Carl Selya-Hammer         18.06      
 27  Seiko Angelo              18.12    
 41  Marco Perinelli           18.48    
 56  Neil Rae                  19.31    
 57  Cordelia Parker (Abing)   19.35      
 70  Martin Halvey             20.07    
 73  Suzy Whatmough            20.13      
 76  Becky Curtis-Hall         20.17    
 90  Fiona Ford                21.02    
 99  Marie Synnott-Wells       21.20    
 104 Bruce McLaren             21.36    
 116 Richard Pender            22.03    
 119 Elisa Ferrua              22.17    
 127 Stephen Logue             22.37    
 132 Will Cavendish            22.54    
 139 Rebecca Northmore         23.21     
 140 Niamh Holt                23.33    
 150 Rob Curtis                24.05    
 155 Anna Reichwald            24.20    
 192 Chris Read                28.39    
 201 Alan Meaden               31.41    

 WORLD ORIENTEERING CHAMPIONSHIPS  Saturday 4th August – Saturday 11th August
 in Latvia
 Ralph Street was selected for Team GB in two events, the Middle Distance and
 Forest Relay. Ralph’s mum Sarah Brown writes:
 “The World Championships were extremely exciting with Ralph delivering a
 great race in the Middle Distance discipline (in orienteering terms that's a
 race with an expected winning time of 35 minutes in a very technical, mostly
 low visibility forest). He finished 13th, the 8th best British result ever,
 and in percentage terms behind gold, 5th best ever.” But for an error on the
 first stage which cost him over a minute he might have been looking at a top
 six position.

 Here is a link to a short article and video clip of him talking to Kris
 Jones (GB team member and Scottish Cross Country Champion, plus sub-65 half
 marathon runner) immediately after the race here:.

 Ralph was entrusted with the third and final stage of the forest relay,
 which saw an exceptionally close finish. Team GB finished 6th a mere 37
 seconds behind the winners Norway.

 Sarah continues:  
 “If anyone fancies having a go, South London Orienteers are running the
 London City race on September 15th starting near the Tower of London.
 Visibility easier than the forest! And there is a newcomers course. Details:.” 

 Middle Distance  Tuesday 7th August
 1   E Kinneberg (Norway)      32.59
 13  Ralph Street              34.57

 Forest Relay  Thursday 9th August
 1   Norway                    1:47.26
 6   Great Britain             1:48.03   

 BEGINNERS COURSE  Summer Tuesdays in Richmond Park 
 Deborah Blakemore writes:
 “The 2018 Ladies Beginners Course started with 12 joiners, culminating in
 our annual 5k event around Sidmouth Wood on 10th July - see results below.
 It was another successful year and congratulations go to all the ladies who
 took part. We are already seeing some of them in the club on Tuesday
 evenings. A big thank you to everyone who helped over the course,
 particularly Louise Wapshott and to Lorna Smith for her help with timing in
 the final week. I couldn't do it on my own.”

 1   Poppy Lawley              27.02
 2   Scarlett Lawley           28.30
 3   Claire Kearns             31.18
 4   Emily Lawson              31.21
 5   Camilla Ghiassee          31.28
 6   Sarah Moran               32.10
 7   Wendy O’Brien             35.27
 8   Tina Kearns               41.19

 SOAR SUMMER MILE  Friday 27th July at Olympic Park
 Race 4
 1   j Dale (VP&TH)            5:04.48
 10  Suzy Whatmough            5:39.11 

 Race 7
 1   M Sibert (West 4)         4:55.78
 8   Allan Whatmough           5:08.34
 9   James Riley               5:08.83

 1   A Jaksevicius (Belgrave)  1:11.46  (chip time 1:11.46)
 17  Nick Twomey               1:26.04  (1:26.03)
 82  Alex Ring                 1:40.45  (1:37.52)
 209 Matt Sowton               1:55.45  (1:52.30)
 584 Roger Wallace             2:31.16  (2:22.15) 

 RUN THROUGH HYDE PARK 10km  Saturday 11th August
 1   S Trott (unatt)           34.26
 187 Roger Wallace             57.25

 ISLE OF MAN HALF MARATHON  Sunday 12th August at Douglas
 Ally Salisbury writes:
 “A few of us - including Ally, Paul and Jo S-H went over to the Isle of Man
 for Paul’s birthday. Jo had decided entering him  into a half marathon was a
 good birthday present! They drove in their camper van and we did glamping on
 a lovely farm near Peel. We ran parkrun and the team are super friendly. The
 island is very scenic with lots of rolling hills. The half and full
 marathons on Sunday start in Douglas and the route has some lovely views.
 It’s well organised by the local running club and quite low key. There were
 approximately 150 in the marathon and double that for the half and there was
 the most amazing free buffet I’ve ever seen after the race! So overall a
 really well organised race to combine with a weekend in the Isle of Man!”

 1   M Soszka (Saltaire)       1:15.03
 44  Paul Sinton-Hewitt        1:40.46
 121 Ally Salisbury            1:58.38
 153 Jo Sinton-Hewitt          2:04.37 
 SELF-TRANSCENDENCE HASTY HARE 5k  Monday 13th August in Battersea Park
 1   N Besson (Serp)           15.54
 94  Neil Rae                  19.11
 153 Marie Synnott-Wells       21.08
 233 Alan Davidson             27.35  

 HERCULES WIMBLEDON 5k FESTIVAL  Wednesday 15th August at Wimbledon Park
 Race 1
 1   T Corbett (E&E)           17:31.97
 9   Neil Rae                  18:50.26
 13  Suzy Whatmough            19:24.94  

 CHASE THE SUN HYDE PARK 10km  Wednesday15th August
 1   S Trott (unatt)           34.21
 182 Roger Wallace             56.18

 parkrun results...
 Follow this link for the latest Ranelagh results:. Then follow
 the “Previously” link at the bottom of the parkrun screen to access previous
 weeks’ results.     

 Sack Race World Record! Mo Farah deposed!  Video:. 

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