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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 530               27th July 2018
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  James Whistler and Suzy Whatmough lead our teams in the Elmore 7m
 *  Nick Impey and Fanny Vein lead our teams in the Elmbridge 10k
 *  One Road League race to go – Ranelagh currently 4th (women) and 2nd (men) 
 *  Potential individual Road League podium places for Seiko Angelo and Fiona
 *  Nick Twomey wins the Bracknell 10k  
 *  Chris Owens wins the World 65-69 Duathlon Championship 
 *  40% off club kit – buy now!

 Here are the leading scores after eight events (i.e. before the Wedding Day
 race). For race details and the full scoreboard go to here:. 
 Open  Nick Impey 60, Seiko Angelo 55, Martin Halvey 45, Neil Rae 29, James
 Whistler 28, Nick Twomey 27, Ted Mockett 23, Michael Everard 22, Carl
 Assmundson and Carl Selya-Hammer 21, Stewart Anderson and James Riley 20,
 Kris Davidson and Peter Haarer 19, Marc Leyshon, Ed Perry and Stephen Logue
 Men Over 40 Neil Rae, Stewart Anderson and Michael Everard 18, James Riley
 16, Kris Davidson 12, Duncan Mallison and Jonathan Moore 10, Daniel Chiechi
 Men Over 50  Martin Halvey 40, Seiko Angelo 34, Stephen Logue 14, Bill Neely
 and Peter Haarer 12, Steve Aikin 9, Mick Lane 7, Alan Meaden 6
 Women  Fiona Ford 22, Suzy Whatmough 15, Marie Synnott-Wells 14, Cordelia
 Parker 12, Lara Werrett 11, Adrienne Baddeley and Fanny Vein 10, Bronwen
 Northmore and Carol Aikin 9, Wiebke Kortum 8, Rebecca Northmore, Annemarie
 Goodridge and Alice Littler 7 
 Women Over 40  Fiona Ford 36, Rachel Revett 20, Lara Werrett 11, Melanie
 Davison  6, Karen Campbell and Niamh Holt 5 
 Women Over 50  Marie Synnott-Wells  30, Carol Aikin 18, 18, Bronwen
 Northmore16, Wiebke Kortum and Anna Reichwald 15, Deborah Blakemore and
 Annemarie Goodridge 11 
 120 members have completed at least one race so far.

 After six races Ranelagh’s women are in fourth place and our men in second.
 Individually, Seiko Angelo leads the M50 class but with the same number of
 points as his nearest rival. Martin Halvey is fourth M50. Fiona Ford is in
 2nd place in the W45s. Results and current tables:. 

 Perseverance Wimbledon Dash 5km:  Sunday  12th August at 9.30am. 
 Final event in our 2018 Road Grand Prix and the Surrey Road League, and also
 serves as the Surrey 5km championship, Starts and finishes at the athletics
 stadium in Wimbledon Park. The rest of the course is hilly and on road.
 Details and entry.

 Angus Cater is the man who frames the start list for our handicap races. He
 has being doing the job for five or six years and wonders whether anyone
 else would like to take a stab at it. If you have a statistical bent and
 would like a bit more info about what the job entails, please reply to this

 We’re changing kit suppliers and we have a lot of kit to move. Many items
 are on offer at 40% discount. Treat yourself! It may not be the weather for
 fleeces and log-sleeved tops right now, but take advantage of these prices!
 Order direct from the AlleyCatz website here:. 

 The annual joint Stragglers and Ranelagh junior handicap series has been
 taking place again this year, and the first five events have been completed.
 The last one is on Thursday 30th August at the Hawker Centre. Registration
 7pm, start time 7.30pm  For more details:. 

 We made mention of Ralph’s Orienteering activities in the last edition, but
 here is some more detail from Ralph’s mum Sarah Brown:
 “Ralph has been picked to represent Great Britain at the World Orienteering
 Championships (WOC) in Latvia from 4th - 11th August. Ralph is selected for
 two disciplines: the middle distance race and also for the forest relay
 where he has had some great results: 4th in both 2015 and 2016 at WOC, and
 5th in 2018 at the European Championships.
 With Ralph's dad, I have set up ontheredline.org.uk  to help make it easier
 to follow the British Orienteering Team as we feel this is a good way to
 promote orienteering as the challenging sport it is. As the GB team get very
 little help financially we have also set up a funding appeal for Ralph and
 the GB team with money donated going via the charity The Orienteering
 Foundation. This has the benefit of including gift aid (and also for those
 who are in the higher tax bracket, there is the possibility of claiming 20%
 back.) The Orienteering Foundation report annually on the distribution of
 their funds.
 If anyone from Ranelagh would like to send Ralph a message of support, that
 would be great:
 https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/orienteeringfoundationwoc. And of course
 please follow Ralph and the team at the World Championships at

 Roy Reeder writes:
 "I'm once again organising the River Thames Half Marathon. The start is in
 Walton-on-Thames and a fair bit of the route is along the towpath, so it's
 flat, scenic and mostly traffic free – ideal if you are looking for a PB.
 Full details here:  I'm offering £5 off the
 entry fee to Ranelagh runners till 30th September. Use the entry code RANHAR
 at the Sport Systems store." 

 LONDON DUATHLON  Sunday 16th September in Richmond Park
 Rick Jenner writes:
 “The London Duathlon is held on closed roads in Richmond Park every autumn.
 This year it is on Sunday 16th September and incorporates a new Club
 Championships to find out who is the best sports club in London and beyond.
 Lots of Ranelagh people have taken part before and are again this year, so
 it would be great to put in a team. If you’re interested there are more
 details here: and you can enter
  here: and receive £10 off with
 the code CB_RANELAGHHARRIERS. Please note this is the day after the Surrey
 Road Relays so anyone targeting that may want to steer clear, and I must
 declare my interest as the event is put on by my company.”

 Don’t forget that we meet for a casual drink after training on the first
 Tuesday of each month. Venue is upstairs at the Roebuck on Richmond Hill.
 All welcome.

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager  ranelagh.women@gmail.com      

 Friday 27th July                  Wedding Day 7km  **Grand Prix** event.
 7.30pm start in Bushy Park. Entries closed.

 Sunday 12th August           Perseverance Wimbledon Dash 5km  ** Grand
 Prix** and **Surrey Road League** final event. See above.

 Saturday 8th September    TBC  Opening Run and Thomas Cup 3.8m handicap in
 Richmond Park

 Saturday 15th September  Surrey County Road Relays at Wimbledon Park. 

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 ELMORE 7 miles  Saturday 14th July
 It goes without saying that this was yet another stiflingly hot day which
 made it hard going for those racing. The Elmore is on quiet country lanes
 (quiet, that is, but for odd irate motorists held up for a minute or two on
 their life and death missions). But it offers little shade. Consequently the
 St John Ambulance people had some customers at the finish – none from
 Ranelagh I believe, though Seiko Angelo was looking a bit wobbly as he
 approached the finish.

 For some the problems started before the race. A significant number were
 under the impression that the race was due to start at 2pm. It wasn’t.
 1.30pm was the correct time and ten or a dozen missed the start by anything
 between 2 and 20 minutes. Sadly two of those were ours – Liam Griffin and
 Fiona Ford  - frustrating but they may have enjoyed charging through the
 tail-enders. it’s to be hoped that Fiona’s chances of a podium place in the
 Road League haven’t been spoiled.

 While Epsom’s Ollie Garrod was a very clear race winner, it was James
 Whistler in 13th place who was our leading finisher, ahead of Seiko, Duncan
 Mallison and Martin Halvey all in the top fifty. Seiko and Martin placed 6th
 and 7th  in the M50s. SLH’s diminutive Steph McCall was the first woman home
 by an even larger margin than Ollie. Suzy Whatmough in 17th place was our
 leading woman ahead of Marie Synnott-Wells, Wiebke Kortum and the chasing
 Fiona Ford, 4th, 7th and 9th respectively in the W45 category.        

 1   Ollie Garrod (Epsom & E)  36.57                         
 2   Joe Croft (SLH)           38.20                         
 3   Ben Goddard (Woking)      38.37                         
 13  James Whistler (Ranelagh) 42.04                         
 18  Steph McCall (SLH)        42.34  (1st woman)  
 34  Eleanor Harrison (G&G)    44.17  (2nd woman) 
 41  Debbie Jackson (Coll)     45.26  (3rd woman)              
 43  Seiko Angelo              45.44                       
 47  Duncan Mallison           46.14                       
 50  Martin Halvey             46.31                       
 70  Eliott Wells              48.25                         
 92  Suzy Whatmough            50.10                         
 109 Marie Synnott-Wells       51.37                       
 110 Stephen Aikin             52.01                       
 111 Daniel Chiechi            52.03                       
 126 Wiebke Kortum             53.40                       
 127 Stephen Logue             53.44                       
 138 William Griffin           51.10    (Started 3.22 late)
 150 Rebecca Northmore         55.48                         
 157 Fiona Ford                52.04    (Started 4.15 late)
 158 Rachel Revett             56.27                       
 161 Marianne Malam            56.31                       
 192 Anna Reichwald            59.48                       
 210 Chris Read                64.12                       
 228 Carol Aikin               68.51                       
 266 Alan Meaden               82.14                      
 ELMBRIDGE 10km  Sunday 22nd July
 Pheidippides reports:
 “’Water is best!’  Looking back at Ken's stats, the last time that I had run
 at Elmbridge had been some eleven years ago (let's not mention that it is
 also the graveyard of my 10k personal worst).  My memories were of a first
 half in which the course scorched along a stretch of hot tarmac, followed by
 a sharp turn and a gravelly run beside the Thames back to the race
 finish.  This year's course had been changed and missed out most of the road
 for the very good reason of avoiding an otherwise nasty clash with another
 major event. In addition, the revised route made the most of a brand new and
 most impressive athletics stadium complete with ample changing facilities
 and a lovely springy track.  Air Products had sponsored the event and had
 provided a generous list of cash prizes which duly drew quality athletes in
 all categories to the race (including one Olympian).  We set off on time,
 and I must say that the start was organised very well with pens clearly
 marked for athletes of different abilities (as well as well-behaved
 athletes): I don't recall any pinch points anywhere, or much shuffling of
 position beyond the first kilometre.  We wound our way around the new
 complex, down to the river, and along a stretch of sure-footed asphalt until
 we met the traditional gravel path, at which point a noticeable cloud of
 dust arose.  We turned away from the river and emerged on to a section of
 road before turning back for home at the 5k mark.  So far, so good, but most
 of the second half was run on that gravelly track (passing a bemused
 regatta) and the speed-sapping heat combined with the dust was all the talk
 at the finish by parched and exhausted runners (thankfully rather less
 sun-blasted than we might have been due to a morning covering of light
 cloud).  Ranelagh had strode to the start with aspirations of team wins and
 successes in the individual categories.  We were disappointed that these
 remained unfulfilled but a second for the men's team and a third for women's
 were perhaps rather respectable after all. Thirty-one of our runners
 completed the course, led home by Nick Impey for the men and Fanny Vein for
 the women. Hats off (should that be timing chips?) to Elmbridge Road Runners
 for organising a splendid event.
 Many will remember the late Stephen Instone as a keen runner with Ranelagh
 but fewer may have encountered him as a Classical scholar. It was a pleasure
 to spend last week teaching on a course in London that he used to organise
 and to have one of his commentaries to hand to help with some fiendishly
 difficult Greek by Pindar (which infamously makes even less sense when
 translated).  Not only is Stephen's commentary erudite and informative, but
 it is witty and uncompromising in pointing up the centrality of athletics in
 the modern as much as the ancient world (I can think of no other classicists
 who would enthuse so unashamedly in print about the major modern
 championships).  Pindar wrote enigmatically at the start of one of his odes
 for a victor at the Olympic Games that ‘Water is best’ - something of which
 I was reminded acutely at the finish line as we all slaked our thirst with
 water by the gallon.”
 1   Scott Overall (B&B)       30.53      
 2   Kevin Quinn (SLH)         31.19      
 3   Ollie Garrod (E&E)        31.58      
 10  Nick Impey (Ranelagh)     33.44     
 25  Peter Haarer              35.41    
 28  Nick Twomey               36.07      
 34  James Whistler            36.44      
 42  Eleanor Harrison (G&G)    37.27   (1st woman)  
 60  Seiko Angelo              38.15    
 71  Michael Everard           38.59
 75  Lisa Rooney (Coll)        39.13   (2nd woman)
 82  Debbie Jackson (Coll)     39.40   (3rd woman)      
 89  Martin Halvey             39.51    
 96  Jonathan Smith            40.11     
 124 Fanny Vein                41.07    
 128 Chris Owens               41.21    
 133 Suzy Whatmough            41.40      
 135 Fiona Ford                41.45    
 136 Alex Ring                 41.49    
 151 Becky Curtis-Hall         42.29    
 178 Tom Cameron               43.30      
 188 Stewart Anderson          43.55    
 200 William Griffin           44.18    
 212 Marie Synnott-Wells       44.50    
 228 Daniel Chiechi            45.28    
 230 Alice Littler             45.31      
 243 Stephen Logue             46.20    
 246 Richard Gurd              46.32    
 285 Rachel Revett             48.10    
 329 Rob Curtis                49.48    
 355 Anna Reichwald            51.02    
 360 Paul Wapshott             51.31    
 385 Carol Aikin               52.33    
 394 Chris Read                53.08    
 421 Michael Sikora            54.45    
 551 Bronwen Northmore         68.00    
 553 Alan Meaden               68.42    
 563 Annemarie Goodridge       71.43     

 SAMARITANS BRACKNELL 10km  Saturday 30th June
 Nick Twomey won by over a minute and a half.
 1   Nick Twomey               37.22

 There were seven graded 5,000m track races in all. In race 6, Carl
 Selya-Hammer finished 3rd in 16:27.33, while in the final race Carl
 Assmundson placed 15th in 16:00.33.

 MULTI-SPORT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS  Thursday 5th – Saturday 14th July in
 Odense, Denmark
 Chris Owens reports: 
 "I had the pleasure of travelling to Odense, the fourth city of Denmark in
 early July to compete in a duathlon (10k run, 40k bike, 5k run),
 representing ‘Team GB’. To my surprise, as lots of age groups compete
 together, I discovered about 10mins after finishing that I had won my age
 group, and so was Duathlon World Champion (for old geezers). This adds to my
 previous success this year in winning the British Championships in the same
 event way back in March, when the weather was cool and chilly. A good
 adventure in the Land of Hygge!”

 M65 category
 1   Chris Owens               2:04.12  (Run1 37.01, T1 1.42, Bike 60.24, T2
 2.19, Run2 22.16)
 2   B Warren (NZ)             2:10.48  (38.26, 2.27, 62.26, 2.55, 24.34)     

 GIBBETT HILL 10km  Wednesday 11th July
 Nick Twomey writes:
 “Crazy climb, finished 5th but should have got on the podium! Finished with
 a 4.53 min mile!”

 1   J Baker (Chich)           35.35
 5   Nick Twomey               38.53 

 BRITISH 10k  Sunday 15th July at Westminster
 1    D Griffiths (Swansea)    29.41
 3458 Siobhan Sharp            56.31
 6232 Mel Davison              64.11 

 SRI CHINMOY KANGAROO HOP 5km  Monday 16th July in Battersea Park
 1   J Poole (Serp)            15.24
 11  Carl Selya-Hammer         16.51
 115 Alan Davidson             27.55  

 OREGON SUMMER MARATHON  Saturday 21st July Vernonia, Oregon, USA 
 Tom Reay reports:
 “A 26 mile continuous trail from Vernonia to Banks in Oregon USA. It runs
 through shady forests and rolling farmland. I was good to 20 miles then the
 usual slomo last 6. Good plan, no probs except tired.” 

 1   M Tanner (USA)            2:56.24
 171 Tom Reay                  6:16.03

 SRI CHINMOY SILVER STARLING 5km  Monday 23rd July in Battersea Park
 Almost a re-run of the previous week!

 1   R Weston (Serp)           15.37
 11  Carl Selya-Hammer         16.31
 135 Alan Davidson             27.56  

 parkrun results...
 Follow this link for the latest Ranelagh results:
 Then follow the “Previously” link at the bottom of the parkrun screen
 to access previous weeks’ results.     

 The ultimate in running shoes #2?
 From The Times:
 “Eyebrow-raising claims that a model of training shoe can boost performance
 may actually be true, according to a study that found they helped runners to
 shave minutes off their race times. When Nike launched its Zoom Vaporfly 4%
 last year the company claimed that its foam sole with inbuilt carbon fibre
 offered “an average of 4 per cent improvement in running economy” over other
 high-end shoes. Analysts have now examined 280,000 marathon and 215,000
 half-marathon times since 2014, The New York Times analysis found that those
 wearing Vaporflys ran between 3 and 4 per cent faster on average than
 runners of a similar level wearing different shoes, and 1 per cent faster
 than those using the next fastest model. Nike explains that the shoe
 “features new Nike Zoom X foam that is ultra-lightweight, soft and capable
 of providing up to 85 per cent energy return” and a “full-length curved
 carbon fibre plate that increases stiffness to provide a sensation of

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