Newsdesk 2018

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 529               13th July 2018
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  
 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  Annual General Meeting
 *  The Stragglers win our mini-mob match
 *  Our mob is led by Ted Mockett and Suzy Whatmough  
 *  Euan Sinclair is the first finisher in our club junior championships
 *  Mike White wins the Coad Cup summer 5 miles handicap
 *  Fastest times in the handicap by Marc Leyshon and Becky Curtis-Hall
 *  Ranelagh juniors finish second in their handicap series 
 *  40% off club kit – buy now!

 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  Tuesday 3rd July at the clubhouse
 Attendance was sparse owing to a clash with some football game or other. But
 we just managed to muster a quorum and the business went ahead with little
 or no controversy. Before this, however, there was a minute’s silence in
 memory of  the late Wyn Williams who had been in the Secretary’s seat one
 year ago. The new Hon Sec Gordon Whitson presented his Report and the
 Treasurer Chris Read presented his. Both were approved, demonstrating that
 we are flourishing and solvent. 

 There were a few changes in list of club Officers.  After eight years in the
 Presidential chair Steve Rowland stood down in favour of Becky Curtis-Hall
 who thereby becomes the club’s second female President. Becky Northmore
 replaces her namesake to become women’s Captain. Rick Jenner takes over as
 Fixtures Secretary from Simon Burrell, Anna Reichwald is appointed Auditor
 and Ted Mockett becomes Trophies Steward. 

 Proposed subscription increases were approved. Senior sub will  now be £50,
 though this includes the EA registration fee which now stands at £15 per
 annum and is  likely to continue its upward path. 
 Under Any Other Business, in recognition of the unfailingly high standard of
 post-race teas she has produced for so many years, Carol Barnshaw was
 proposed for life membership by Wally Garrod with the support of the
 committee, and this was approved. 

 Here are the leading scores after six events. For race details and the full
 scoreboard go to http://www.ranelagh-harriers.com/gp.html. 
 Open  Nick Impey 48, Seiko Angelo 36, Martin Halvey 30, Neil Rae 29, Ted
 Mockett 23, Carl Assmundson and Carl Selya-Hammer 21, James Riley 20, Kris
 Davidson 19, Marc Leyshon, Ed Perry and Stewart Anderson 18,  Nick Twomey 17
 Men Over 40 Neil Rae 18, James Riley 17, Stewart Anderson 14,  Kris Davidson
 and Michael Everard 12, Jonathan Moore 10, George Howard and Ben Shore 6
 Men Over 50  Martin Halvey 31, Seiko Angelo 23, Bill Neely 12, Stephen Logue
 10, Mick Lane 7, Peter Haarer 6, Bruce McLaren, Steve Aikin and Paul Doyle 5
 Women  Fiona Ford 16, Cordelia Parker 12, Lara Werrett 11, Adrienne Baddeley
 10, Bronwen Northmore 8, Marie Synnott-Wells and Carol Aikin 7, Annemarie
 Goodridge, Alice Littler and Holly McGuigan 6 
 Women Over 40  Fiona Ford 24, Lara Werrett 11, Rachel Revett 10, Melanie
 Davison  6, Karen Campbell 5 and Niamh Holt 5, 
 Women Over 50  Marie Synnott-Wells 18, Bronwen Northmore13, Carol Aikin and
 Deborah Blakemore 11, Wiebke Kortum 10, Annemarie Goodridge and Jackie
 Dunkley 9 
 115 members have completed at least one race so far. 

 After four races Ranelagh’s women are in third place and our men in second.
 Individually, Seiko Angelo is a close-up second in the M50 class.  Results
 and current tables:. 

 Elmore 7 miles: Saturday 14th July at 1.30pm:
 An uncommon Saturday afternoon race starting and finishing at the Chipstead
 Flower Show, a typical English fete. Undulating course on country lanes.
 Grand Prix and Surrey Road League event.  Details and entry:.
 Entries on the day normally accepted.

 Elmbridge 10km: Sunday 22nd July at 9am.
 Flat course, partly on road, partly Thames tow path. Grand Prix and Surrey
 Road League event. The entry limit of 730 has been reached, with 40 Ranelagh
 in the entry list.

 Wedding Day 7km:  Friday 27th July at 7.30pm
 The ever-popular Friday evening 7km race on the roads and tracks in Bushy
 Park. The race usually sells out, so don’t delay. Juniors welcome. Grand
 Prix event only. 58 RH have entered so far. Details and entry:.  

 Perseverance Wimbledon Dash 5km:  Sunday  12th August at 9.30am. 
 Final event in the Grand Prix and the Surrey Road League, and also serves as
 the Surrey 5km championship, Starts and finishes at the athletics stadium in
 Wimbledon Park. The rest of the course is hilly and on road. Details and
 entry:   https://www.herculeswimbledonac.org.uk/the-perseverance-5km-dash.

 Ralph competed for Great Britain in the European Orienteering Championships
 in Switzerland in May. He ran in three events, the sprint, the middle
 distance and the relay. In the sprint he finished 9th in his heat and
 comfortably qualified for the final where he placed 27th. He finished 13th
 in his heat of the middle distance race and was 31st in the final. Ralph
 finished off by running the anchor stage for the relay team which finished
 5th. Ralph now goes on to represent GB in the world championships in Latvia
 next month.

 Congratulations to Ted Mockett who celebrated his 40th birthday earlier this

 We’re changing kit suppliers and we have a lot of kit to move. Many items
 are on offer at 40% discount. Treat yourself! It may not be the weather for
 fleeces and log-sleeved tops right now, but take advantage of these prices!
 Order direct from the AlleyCatz website  here:.  

 The annual joint Stragglers and Ranelagh junior handicap series has been
 taking place again this year, and the first five events have been completed.
 The last one is on Thursday 30th August at the Hawker Centre. Registration
 7pm, start time 7.30pm  For more details:. 

 Roy Reeder writes:
 "I'm once again organising the River Thames Half Marathon. The start is in
 Walton-on-Thames and a fair bit of the route is along the towpath, so it's
 flat, scenic and mostly traffic free – ideal if you are looking for a PB.
 Full details:.  I'm offering £5 off the
 entry fee to Ranelagh runners till 30th September. Use the entry code RANHAR
 at the Sport Systems store." 

 LONDON DUATHLON  Sunday 16th September in Richmond Park
 Rick Jenner writes:
 “The London Duathlon is held on closed roads in Richmond Park every autumn.
 This year it is on Sunday 16th September and incorporates a new Club
 Championships to find out who is the best sports club in London and beyond.
 Lots of Ranelagh people have taken part before and are again this year, so
 it would be great to put in a team. If you’re interested there are more
 details here: and you can enter
 here: and receive £10 off with
 the code CB_RANELAGHHARRIERS. Please note this is the day after the Surrey
 Road Relays so anyone targeting that may want to steer clear, and I must
 declare my interest as the event is put on by my company.” 

 Don’t forget that we meet for a casual drink after training on the first
 Tuesday of each month. Venue is upstairs at the Roebuck on Richmond Hill.
 All welcome.

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager  ranelagh.women@gmail.com      

 Saturday 14th July               Elmore 7 miles **Grand Prix** and **Surrey
 Road League** event. See above.

 Sunday 22nd July                Elmbridge 10km **Grand Prix** and **Surrey
 Road League** event. See above.

 Friday 27th July                  Wedding Day 7km **Grand Prix** event. See

 Sunday 12th August           Perseverance Wimbledon Dash 5km  ** Grand
 Prix** and **Surrey Road League** final event. See above.

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 MINI MOB MATCH v THE STRAGGLERS  Saturday 30th June  at the Crane Park
 Phil Killingley reports:
 “After last year's thrashing of the blue and amber mob at the hands of
 150-odd Stragglers (note the hyphen...), it was with nervous anticipation
 that Ranelagh lined up on a warm, but pleasant Saturday morning in Crane
 Park.  Sure, there were plenty of yellow-vesters, but we had done well too
 with turnout, and had some stars at the sharp end.  Could it be that we
 would see the mini-mob title pass back from Kingston to Petersham? 

 Ted Mockett led us home, besting Paul Lowe at the final knockings to win in
 16:58. And with six in the first eight, it was a good start. Suzy Whatmough
 also made it first lady home in 19:36, followed 5 seconds later by Adrienne
 Baddeley.  20 from each side made up the first 40, but then we only got 6 of
 the next 23, Stragglers' yellow brick road - the equivalent of a Ranelagh
 blue wave - coming between 21 mins and 22:30. And that did for us,
 Stragglers securing 6065 points vs our 6507, on a 79 to score race.  

 Nonetheless, what a great contest - no-one knew the result at the end and we
 had an excellent time!   Many thanks to those of you volunteering - the
 organisers greatly appreciated having us support, and it felt like we ought
 to, given we sort of took over the race today. “

 RAN  STR      Name                Club  Time     Cat.
   1      Ted MOCKETT              RAN   16.58    SM  
   2      Marc LEYSHON             RAN   17.21    SM  
       3  Robert WILCOX            STR   17.28    SM  
   4      James WHISTLER           RAN   17.33    SM  
       5  Pete GREGOROWSKI         STR   17.36    M40+
   6      Phil KILLINGLEY          RAN   17.50    SM  
   7      Graham BROOK             RAN   18.07    SM  
   8      Mark HERBERT             RAN   18.08    SM  
       9  Richard BAGGOTT          STR   18.11    SM  
      10  Roy REEDER               STR   18.26    M50+
  11      Rick JENNER              RAN   18.30    M40+
  12      David READY              RAN   19.00    SM  
  13      Michael David EVERARD    RAN   19.01    M45+
      14  Charlie JEFFREY          STR   19.02    U18B
      15  Aaron ISRAEL             STR   19.09    M45+
      16  Oliver GARNER            STR   19.23    SM  
      17  Malcolm DAVIES           STR   19.29    M50+
  18      Suzy WHATMOUGH           RAN   19.36    SL  
  19      Adrienne BADDELEY        RAN   19.41    L35+
      20  Jonathan DAVIES          STR   19.47    M45+
  21      Alex RING                RAN   19.49    M45+
      22  Daniel GREENSLADE        STR   19.55    M40+
      23  Martin VIVIAN            STR   19.57    M45+
  24      Jonathan SMITH           RAN   20.00    SM  
      25  Harriet NAISMITH         STR   20.09    SL  
  N/S     Euan SINCLAIR            RAN   20.17    U15B  
      26  Liz KILLIP               STR   20.19    L55+
      27  Neil BROWNING            STR   20.22    M45+
  28      Marcus ATKINS            RAN   20.26    M55+
  29      Richard GURD             RAN   20.35    M45+
      30  Helen DAVIES             STR   20.37    L45+
      31  Carl MORAN               STR   20.46    M50+
      32  Thomas Jacob HOWARTH     STR   20.50    SM  
  33      Toby COOPER              RAN   20.52    SM  
      34  Steve COCHRANE           STR   20.53    M55+
  35      Alberto ESGUEVILLAS      RAN   20.58    M45+
      36  Marcin DYSZKOWSKI        STR   21.03    SM  
  37      James RITCHIE            RAN   21.04    M45+
      38  Sabrina CANT             STR   21.04    L40+
  39      Finlay SINCLAIR          RAN   21.08    U15B
  40      Gordon WHITSON           RAN   21.09    M60+
  41      Chris BROOK              RAN   21.11    M40+
      42  Wade VAN EYSSEN          STR   21.12    M40+
  43      Stephen AIKIN            RAN   21.13    M50+
      44  Simon J WEBB             STR   21.20    SM  
      45  Kevin PRICE              STR   21.21    M50+
      46  Daniel LILL              STR   21.21    M40+
      47  David BREWIN             STR   21.22    M60+
  48      Tor HERON-BRETT          RAN   21.26    U18B
  49      Marc SNAITH              RAN   21.27    M40+
      50  Peter COLWILL            STR   21.29    M60+
      51  David MORLEY             STR   21.31    M45+
      52  Michael FOWLER           STR   21.48    M45+
  53      Osian JONES              RAN   21.55    U15B
      54  Brigid HIBBERD           STR   21.58    L50+
      55  Maddie GARNER            STR   21.59    SL  
      56  Robert GREENWOOD         STR   21.59    M40+
      57  Stephen PENPRAZE         STR   22.00    M45+
      58  Simon SHANKS             STR   22.01    M55+
  59      Daniel CHIECHI           RAN   22.16    M40+
      60  Ramona THEVENET          STR   22.23    L55+
      61  Andrew ALLEN             STR   22.24    M60+
      62  Pamela WHITTER           STR   22.28    L55+
      63  Juliana GREENWOOD        STR   22.29    L35+
  64      Perry RENDELL            RAN   22.32    M45+
      65  Phil DAVIES              STR   22.33    M60+
  66      Rebecca NORTHMORE        RAN   22.37    SL  
      67  Andrew MAYALL            STR   22.39    SM  
  68      James RUSHBY             RAN   22.39    U15B
  69      Jarryd HILLHOUSE         RAN   22.43    SM  
  70      Bruce MCLAREN            RAN   22.44    M50+
      71  Andrew HOWARTH           STR   22.45    M55+
  72      William ATKINS           RAN   22.52    SM  
      73  Richard PATIENT          STR   22.53    M45+
  N/S     Noah HERON-BRETT         RAN   22.57    U15B 
      74  Simon FLOWERS            STR   22.59    M65+
  75      Rebecca CURTIS-HALL      RAN   23.03    L35+
  76      Rachel REVETT            RAN   23.06    L40+
      77  Carys MILLS              STR   23.15    L50+
  78      Marianne MALAM           RAN   23.19    L45+
  79      Amrut SHARMA             RAN   23.19    M45+
      80  Steve MILLER             STR   23.27    M60+
  81      Rob CURTIS               RAN   23.36    M45+
  82      Nathaniel BOND           RAN   23.39    U11B
      83  Evan BOND                STR   23.40    M40+
  84      Simon TAYLOR             RAN   23.54    M55+
      85  Jennifer DARLING         STR   23.54    L50+
      86  Jon PARRY                STR   23.56    M40+
      87  Laura LA FRENAIS         STR   23.57    L40+
      88  Julie HOLMES             STR   23.58    L55+
  89      Rue TURNER               RAN   24.05    M45+
  90      Daniel RUSHBY            RAN   24.09    U15B
      91  Stuart THOMPSON          STR   24.11    M60+
      92  Michael TROTT            STR   24.16    M60+
  93      Anna REICHWALD           RAN   24.23    L55+
  94      Chris HUNTON             RAN   24.26    M55+
      95  Richard GRAY             STR   24.29    M55+
      96  David VENTER             STR   24.32    M50+
  97      Margie HARRISON          RAN   24.40    L60+
  98      Carol AIKIN              RAN   24.45    L50+
  99      Wonderbrawn BROWN        RAN   24.58    M65+
 100      Aoife KILPATRICK         RAN   24.59    L35+
 101      Heather MARTINGELL       RAN   25.03    L50+
 102      Luke MAGUIRE             RAN   25.05    U18B
 103      Paul WAPSHOTT            RAN   25.07    M50+
     104  Andrew RONKSLEY          STR   25.09    M55+
     105  Janet ROBINSON           STR   25.18    L50+
     106  Martin POWELL            STR   25.22    M60+
 107      Maia RUSHBY              RAN   25.28    L45+
     108  Peter WEDDERBURN         STR   25.30    M65+
     109  Julie GARNER             STR   25.31    L55+
 110      Fiona PUGH               RAN   25.34    L45+
 111      Verka LAFEUILLE          RAN   25.38    L35+
     112  Laura BOWDEN             STR   25.40    L35+
     113  Joshua BATES             STR   25.49    M45+
 114      Chris CAMACHO            RAN   25.51    M45+
     115  Charles WORTH            STR   25.57    M55+
 116      Louis SARTORI            RAN   25.59    U18B
 117      Seren JONES              RAN   26.01    U18G
 118      Trevor MAGUIRE           RAN   26.05    M50+
 119      Ian HARRISON             RAN   26.17    M65+
     120  Rose WINTER              STR   26.24    SL  
     121  Ingrid WAGNER            STR   26.35    L50+
 122      Claire WARNER            RAN   26.49    SL  
     123  Helen NANCE              STR   26.56    L65+
 124      Ellen VAN KEULEN         RAN   27.05    L35+
 125      Sue CAMP                 RAN   27.08    L45+
 126      Gavin HILLHOUSE          RAN   27.09    M45+
 127      Melanie DAVISON          RAN   27.32    L45+
     128  Edward MILLS             STR   28.00    M50+
 129      Ben RUSHBY               RAN   28.02    U11B
 130      Phil RUSHBY              RAN   28.03    M50+
     131  Kate HAYWARD             STR   28.37    L40+
     132  Emily CARTWRIGHT         STR   29.04    L35+
 133      Alan DAVIDSON            RAN   29.07    M70+
 134      Clive NAISH              RAN   29.14    M60+
 135      Paula MAGUIRE            RAN   29.30    L50+
 136      Michael WHITE            RAN   29.32    M55+
 137      Nick IMPEY               RAN   29.37    SM  
 138      Haani MAZARI             RAN   29.38    SL  
     139  Jonathan COX             STR   29.42    M55+
     140  Chrissie GLEW            STR   30.16    L60+ 
     141  Julie PAPWORTH           STR   30.18    L50+
 142      Deepa SHARMA             RAN   30.39    L35+
     143  Kathy HAYNES             STR   30.41    L55+
 144      Siobhan SHARP            RAN   30.47    SL  
     145  Rosemarie CLANCY         STR   30.58    L50+
     146  Patricia GILLESPIE       STR   31.00    L60+
 147      Louise ROPER             RAN   31.24    L45+
 148      Mark ROPER               RAN   31.25    M55+
 149      Christine DAVID          RAN   31.29    L50+
     150  Susan HOWARTH            STR   32.08    L55+
     151  Sue HOBBS                STR   32.32    L60+
 152      Hadi KHATAMIZADEH        RAN   32.33    SM  
 153      Annemarie GOODRIDGE      RAN   33.09    L50+
 154      David MEADEN             RAN   33.18    M70+
     155  Dave KELLY               STR   33.52    M60+
 156      Anne CHILDS              RAN   34.09    L60+
     157  Pierre VENTER            STR   34.14    M55+
 158      Louise WAPSHOTT          RAN   37.46    L50+
 159      Yvonne HOWIE             RAN   38.18    L60+
 160      Allison PEACH            RAN   39.38    L50+
 161      Deirdre INMAN            RAN   39.49    L55+
 N/S      Lloyd CAMP               RAN   40.29    M55+ 
     162  Katherine CURTIS TYLER   STR   40.56    L45+
     163  Jackie BROWN             STR   48.03    L70+
     164  Les BROWN                STR   48.52    M80+
     165  Keith HAWORTH            STR   48.53    M70+
     166  Peter David THOMPSON     STR   50.36    M45+
                TEAMS: (Scoring 79 a side)            
                 1.  Stragglers    6065               
                 2.  Ranelagh      6507  

 RANELAGH JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS (incorporated with the Mini Mob Match)
 1   Euan Sinclair             20.17  (1st U15)
 2   Finlay Sinclair           21.08  (1st U13)
 3   Tor Heron-Brett           21.26  (1st U17)
 4   Osian Jones               21.55  (2nd U13)
 5   James Rushby              22.39  (2nd U15)
 6   Noah Heron-Brett          22.57  (3rd U15)
 7   Nathaniel Bond            23.39  (1st U11)
 8   Daniel Rushby             24.09  (3rd U13)
 9   Luke Maguire              25.05  (4th U15)
 10  Louis Sartori             25.59  (2nd U17)
 11  Ben Rushby                28.02  (2nd U11) 

 1   Seren Jones               26.01  (1st U15)
 2   Eilidh Sinclair           28.55  (1st U11)                 

 Richmond Park
 Conditions for this year’s Coad Cup were in stark contrast to last July when
 we had a tropical storm to contend with. This year, after weeks with no
 rain, the Park was brown and rock hard. Mark Herbert was setting out the
 flags before the race and managed to break the corkscrew he had taken with
 him to make holes for the flags. At least the very high temperatures
 relented a little and running conditions were comfortable. 

 As usual with many runners arriving at the same time it took a while to get
 everyone registered and handicapped and the race underway. Over 60 members
 and guests took numbers but a few decided that taking part would make them
 too late getting home and withdrew, leaving 57 finishers.

 Beverly Walsh was the first starter and must have held the lead for quite a
 distance before being overtaken by Anne Childs. Anne in turn held off
 pursuers until the final mile around Sidmouth Wood when the tall figure of
 Mike White appeared and swept past into the lead. Mike ran on to an
 untroubled and popular victory and his first club trophy. Anne doggedly kept
 going to take the silver medal with Bruce McLaren an isolated third.     

 Fastest time of the day was Marc Leyshon’s 28.21, ahead of Graham Brook on
 29.37 and Ed Perry on 30.04. Fastest woman was our new President Becky
 Curtis-Hall who ran 34.53. Adele Potts’s 36.32 was next, and then it was
 Wiebke Kortum on 36.48.
                                   H'cap     H'cap    Actual   Speed
                                   Time      Allow     Time    Order
  1   Michael White                19.44     21.50     41.34     36 
  2   Anne Childs          (L)     20.30     29.40     50.10     48 
  3   Bruce McLaren                21.32     12.20     33.52     11 
  4   Stephen Hurton               22.22     14.40     37.02     23 
  5   Marcus Atkins                22.44     12.00     34.44     12 
  6   Simon Taylor                 22.54     16.40     39.34     30 
  7   Beverly Walsh        (L)     24.13     40.10     64.23     57 
  8   Bob Beatson                  24.39     16.20     40.59     34 
  9   Paul Wapshott                24.46     19.00     43.46     38 
 10   Graham Brook                 24.47      4.50     29.37      2 
      Yvonne Howie         (L)(G)  25.06     34.00     59.06     55 
      John Tovell             (G)  25.15     14.50     40.05     33 
 11   Vaughan Ramsay               25.18      6.20     31.38      6 
 12   Marc Leyshon                 25.21      3.00     28.21      1 
 13   Stephen Aikin                25.53     11.00     36.53     20 
 14   Wiebke Kortum        (L)     26.08     10.40     36.48     19 
 15   Ed Perry                     26.14      3.50     30.04      3 
 16   Marianne Malam       (L)     26.25     11.30     37.55     27 
      Bernadette Ryan      (L)(G)  26.28     17.30     43.58     40 
 17   James Ritchie                26.32      9.10     35.42     15 
      Mike Adam               (G)  26.34      4.10     30.44      5 
 18   Ian Kenton                   26.35      3.30     30.05      4 
 19   Eliott Wells                 26.40      5.30     32.10      7 
 20   Jarryd Hillhouse             26.49     10.10     36.59     22 
 21   Fiona Pugh           (L)     26.56     16.50     43.46     38 
 22   Carol Aikin          (L)     27.00     15.30     42.30     37 
 23   Ann Kearey           (L)     27.04     12.40     39.44     31 
      Ian Harrison         (L)(G)  27.08     18.00     45.08     44 
 24   Paul Keen                    27.10      8.30     35.40     14 
      Kathy Henry          (L)(G)  27.20     10.50     38.10     28 
 25   Kevin Knowles                27.22      9.40     37.02     23 
 26   Clare Day            (L)     27.28     16.50     44.18     41 
 27   Jessica Harbert      (L)     27.29     10.20     37.49     26 
 28   Anna Reichwald       (L)     27.32     13.50     41.22     35 
 29   Tom Cameron                  27.37      4.50     32.27      9 
 30   Rebecca Northmore    (L)     27.47      9.10     36.57     21 
      Alex Ring               (G)  27.51      6.00     33.51     10 
 31   Gordon Whitson               28.00      8.20     36.20     16 
 32   Sue Camp             (L)     28.08     18.20     46.28     46 
      Adele Potts          (L)(G)  28.12      8.20     36.32     18 
 33   Cecily Day           (L)     28.25      9.20     37.45     25 
      Jim Naughton            (G)  28.26      4.00     32.26      8 
      Pascal Revine           (G)  28.36      7.50     36.26     17 
 34   Jackie Dunkley       (L)     28.51     22.30     51.21     49 
 35   Becky Curtis-Hall    (L)     29.03      5.50     34.53     13 
      Kate Mills           (L)(G)  29.15     20.50     50.05     47 
 36   Chris Read                   29.16     17.10     46.26     45 
      Fran Jones           (L)(G)  29.16     22.10     51.26     50 
 37   Rob Curtis                   30.09      9.50     39.59     32 
 38   Chris Camacho                30.19     14.20     44.39     42 
 39   Hilary Thomson       (L)     31.11     26.50     58.01     54 
 40   Paula Maguire        (L)     31.16     23.20     54.36     52 
      Joe Spratley            (G)  32.04     12.40     44.44     43 
      Laura Lennuyeux      (L)(G)  34.29     25.10     59.39     56 
 41   Mark Herbert                 34.38      4.20     38.58     29 
 42   Michael Sikora               36.45     18.10     54.55     53 
 43   Trevor Maguire               48.27      5.40     54.07     51 
 at the Ranelagh HQ
 Numbers were down for the fourth race of the series, with just over 50
 taking part. Once again it was the Flaming Penguins team that dominated but
 once again Ranelagh showed up best in the individual results. Tom
 Armstrong’s 7.08 was the fastest time of the day by almost a minute, with
 his brother Harry second fastest on 7.59. Amongst the girls Alexandra
 Bramwell was also second fastest with a time of 9.37. Ranelagh finished
 second in the team race and remain second overall. In the Minis race Remy
 Lafeuille scored his second consecutive win.

 1   G Townsend (Flaming P)    16.24  (actual time 11.24 – 1st timer)
 3   A Greenslade (Stragglers) 18.50  (12.20 – 1st Gal)
 7   M Cavanagh (Flaming P)    19.50  (12.20 – 1st Boy)
 9   Angus O’Brien (Ranelagh)  19.55  (9.25)
 13  Harry Armstrong           19.59  (7.59)
 15  H Norman (Coombe Hill)    20.02  (9.02 – fastest Girl)
 16  Alfie Lafeuille           20.02  (9.32)
 18  Sam Rushby                20.06  (8.36)
 20  Alexandra Bramwell        20.07  (9.37)
 28  Tom Armstrong             20.38  (7.08 – fastest Boy)
 31  Tate Lawler               20.42  (10.42)
 32  Ben Rushby                20.43  (10.43)
 33  James Rushby              20.44  (9.14)
 49  Cian O’Brien              23.55  (15.55)      

 1   Flaming Penguins          59      1   Flaming Penguins          356  
 2   Ranelagh H                18      2   Ranelagh H                106
 3   The Stragglers            14      3   The Stragglers             74
 4   Coombe Hill School)        8      4   Coombe Hill School         44

 1   Remy Lafeuille            3.01    
 WEST HIGHLAND WAY RACE  Saturday 23rd June 
 Bruce McLaren reports:
 “1am on Saturday 23 June saw myself, fellow Ranelite Kris Davidson, and
 around 230 others gathered nervously outside Milgnavie Railway station
 anticipating the start of the 2018 West Highland Way Race and wondering how
 we would cope with 96 miles of trail with an advertised 14,700 feet of
 climbing.  The pre-race briefing simply warned us to beware of ‘the weather’
 but this year it was perfect running conditions throughout – not too warm,
 overcast and dry.  One blessing! 

 The first stage to Balmaha is through the dark.  I love running in the dark
 on trail, however as the sun came up we were faced with the first serious
 climb.  At the time, a beast, but by the end of the day a foothill.  It was
 so steep descending that it was as slow as going up, however I was greeted
 by the heartening sight of my support crew and breakfast.  Well, if they
 could get the stove to work. After a midge-infested bowl of soup I was off
 up the east side of Loch Lomond. What I thought would be a nice jaunt along
 the loch shores and what, on paper, was a flat section, turned out to be the
 worst stage of the race.   The terrain was not in any way conducive to
 running – lumpy, rocky, gnarly, undulating, horrible.  Often you’d get a 5
 yard run then have to scramble.  Turns out Loch Lomond is very long as well,
 however after around 15 miles of fun I reached Beinglas Farm and checkpoint
 2 coming in 78th.  Unfortunately Kris had experienced a reoccurrence of a
 leg problem and was forced to pull out having been placed in the top 10 for
 most of the first 42 miles.

 Stage 3 was much calmer and whilst gradually uphill it passed with some ease
 and it seemed no time before I was at the halfway point and onto the next
 stage to Bridge of Orchy.  This was a great stage for me.  Gradually uphill
 then gradually downhill and one of my fastest split times saw me arriving at
 Bridge of Orchy in 42nd place. En route to Bridge of Orchy we were greeted
 by the view of Jelly Baby Hill which looked about the size of Everest and
 was characterised by a group standing on the top handing out jelly babies.
 As I approached after a beast of a climb I was greeted by the melodic
 harmony of Star Wars played on a penny whistle.  Bizarre yet fantastic
 breaking up the loneliness of the race which had now thinned out to only
 meeting the occasional runner.  Downhill was followed by the trek across
 Rannoch Moor.  A stunningly desolate wilderness but also a gruelling 7 mile
 march uphill.  This was not my favourite stage! 

 After a fuel stop in Glencoe Ski Centre (70 miles down, just a marathon to
 go!) the route descended to the main road and along to the Devil’s
 Staircase.  The short break had caused my legs to seize and they were not
 willing to run down the hill only beginning to behave when we got to a flat
 section.  I underestimated Devil’s Staircase, I guess the clue is in the
 name, and I told myself it was no worse than the Souths Downs.  Turns out it
 is a lot worse.  More disheartening was that the descent into Kinlochleven
 was so rocky, steep and gnarly that with legs losing their ability to resist
 meant most of that was also conducted at walking pace.  It is also a long
 way down, so long that I was convinced I was lost.

 By now I had lost any appetite so the final checkpoint was brief.  You are
 weighed occasionally for health and safety reasons.  I was down 2kg, roughly
 3%, so was passed to continue and set off after the briefest of breaks to
 refill bottles.  Well I thought the Devil’s Staircase was tough.  The climb
 out of Kinlochleven up to the Larig Mor was unexpectedly tougher and I think
 I logged my slowest mile (including rest stops), at 26 minutes getting up
 this one.  To then be greeted by a 3 mile uphill path once I had ’summitted’
 did not put me in an emotionally good place.  With less than 15 miles to go
 it’s that stage in an ultra where you just want it to end. However, the good
 news is that once up that it’s a gentle roll downhill to Lundavra and an
 intermediate timing point where I was greeted by Trish who then ran with me
 the last 7 miles to the finish.  Advertised as downhill all the way the
 first 2 miles were distinctly uphill leading to the occasional verbal
 ‘complaint’ on my part.  The last 4 miles into Fort William were however
 downhill and on a forest trail.  We picked up the pace, rather painfully,
 and rolled into the finish just after 11pm on the same day I’d started just
 as darkness was settling in.

 It had taken 22 hours and 10 minutes and I placed 37th overall.  I had a
 goal of breaking one day and an aspirational target of 23 hours which would
 mean I finished on the same day as starting.  I don’t really know how I
 managed to exceed these goals but I had a terrific support crew and decent
 pacing.  This truly is one of the toughest things I have done but equally
 one of the most memorable and enjoyable, especially in hindsight!  I’d
 recommend it to anyone who is that way inclined.”

 1   D McLure (Kilmarnock)     16:24.14
 37  Bruce McLaren             22:10.03 
 198 finished

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 29th June in Hyde Park
 1   J Taylor-Caldwell (ES&M)  15.27
 13  Carl Selya-Hammer         16.56
 180 Andy Bickerstaff          23.52
 221 Alan Davidson             28.43 

 WIMBLEDON COMMON TRAIL RACES Race 3  8 miles  Wednesday 4th July
 Marie Synnott-Wells was 2nd over 45.

 1   N Thomas (Fulham)         46.05
 23  R Penfold (Clapham)       52.25  (1st woman)
 67  Marie Synnott-Wells       60.11     

 REIGATE SUMMER EVENING 10km  Wednesday 4th July
 1   T Bowen (Dulwich R)       34.53
 16  Neil Rae                  40.41

 CLAYGATE COUNTRY 5 miles  Sunday 8th July
 1   C Kissane-Wood (Famalam)  26.58
 66  Daniel Chiechi            37.04
 245 Jackie Dunkley            50.55   

 parkrun results...
 Follow this link for the latest Ranelagh results:
 http://www.parkrun.com/results/consolidatedclub/?clubNum=947. Then follow
 the “Previously” link at the bottom of the parkrun screen to access previous
 weeks’ results.     

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