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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 515               5th December 2017
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  Ranelagh women finish 7th in the South of the Thames team race.
 *  Fanny Vein leads our team and wins the club women’s championship  
 *  Tom Cameron leads an incomplete men’s team
 *  Carl Selya-Hammer wins Last Friday of the Month 5km
 *  All needed for our next mob match on December 9th
 *  Deadline in this Friday to enter the ballot for three London Marathon
     guaranteed places.  

 We have one more mob match this side of Christmas and it’s at Coulsdon this
 Saturday 9th December against South London Harriers. 7.5 miles of pure
 country, 2.30pm start. As usual for mob matches we need all the bodies we
 can get, everyone counts towards the final result and the more runners we
 have the better our chances of success. You can see details of the venue on
 SLH’s website here:.
 More background and parking details here:. Suggested public transport
 route from Clapham Junction: 12:29 from Clapham Junction platform 13 to East
 Croydon; 12:47 from East Croydon platform 6 to Purley; 13:05 replacement bus
 service from Purley to Coulsdon South. 

 We have been assigned three guaranteed places this year, and as usual there
 will be a ballot to decide the lucky trio. To qualify for the ballot you
 need to have run two mob matches during 2017 or run one mob match and helped
 marshal at a cross-country event. The draw will be made at the club
 Christmas Party on 9th December. To put your name in the hat please reply to
 this email by 8th December. 

 … this Saturday. Have fun!

 SOUTH OF THE THAMES 7.5 miles CHAMPIONSHIP RACE Saturday 16th December at
 Aldershot. 2pm start.
 Race information here:. Closing date for entries is December 10th, please contact the
 Captains/Team Managers if you want to run.

 HENTY RELAY  Saturday 30th December 12 noon start in Richmond Park
 This is our Christmas fun relay around Sidmouth Wood. It’s teams of three,
 drawn on the day. All members and friends welcome, start time is 12 noon –
 but you must register at the clubhouse by 11.30am to be assigned to a team. 

 Paul Gregory revived this event a few years ago, but we have only put in a
 crew on one or two occasions since. The event has been growing in popularity
 and five local running clubs put in crews last year. The cup is actually
 ours – it was donated by Ranelagh member R H Franckeiss in 1929 – but we
 haven’t brought it home for some time. This year’s races will take place at
 The Skiff Club Teddington on Sunday 14th January.

 We have one pair lined up to fly the Ranelagh flag - do we have any other
 rowers in our midst, or anyone who would like to give it a try? The boats we
 use are two-person skiffs with a cox.  Paul writes: “Crews are doubles,
 ladies, men’s and mixed. No experience is necessary, three free training
 sessions are optionally available on Saturdays or Sundays - pre-booked only.
 The Skiff Club provides coxes if needed. Entry fees are £12 per crew on the
 day. For more info: and here:.” Reply to this email if you’re interested.

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager  ranelagh.women@gmail.com      

 Saturday 9th December     Stubbs Cup mob match v South London Harriers at
 Coulsdon  2.30pm  start. All welcome, register on the day.

 Saturday 16th December   South of the Thames 7.5 miles championship at
 Aldershot. 2pm start. Entries in advance, contact the captains if you want
 to run.

 Saturday 30th December   Henty Relay in Richmond Park. Our Xmas fun relay
 around Sidmouth Wood. 12 noon start. All welcome, register on the day by

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 SOUTH OF THE THAMES 5 miles TEAM RACE  Saturday 25th November at Beckenham
 Place Park
 Phil Aiken reports:
 “Last December, Beckenham Place Park played host to the 7.5 mile South of
 Thames Championship Race. Within a year, we were back again, this time for
 its sister event, the 5 Mile Team Race. While there was a downgrading in
 terms of the race distance, the same couldn’t be said for the race HQ,
 relocating from the local rugby club to the grander Palladian-style mansion
 that gave the park its name.

 From October to Christmas, the race calendar is packed, with barely a free
 weekend and it was unfortunate that not only was a Kent League fixture
 taking place on the same day, but it was being staged a few miles away in
 Danson Park. Numbers were inevitably down and, of the 14 clubs that were
 represented, 13 were from the Surrey League, the other being Aldershot,
 Farnham and District. 

 While numbers were lost to the Kent League, quality was lost to the
 Liverpool Cross Challenge and Aldershot’s Georgie Bruinvels coasted to a
 comfortable minute-and-a-quarter victory over Kent’s Amy Clements, returning
 to competitive action after a number of months out injured. It was to be a
 similar gap back to third place, Herne Hill’s Ella Newton, who also took the
 prize for first Under 20. Hercules Wimbledon’s Alex Binley was 30th at
 Nonsuch Park a couple of weeks beforehand, but took the higher placed Kent
 scalps of Katie Rowland and Teresa Murphy to bag fourth.

 Not that the hosts would have been bothered by that. Penelope Teoh crossed
 the line in 8th to close out the Kent ‘A’ team. Such was their dominance,
 the 19th finisher saw in the ‘B’ team to claim second place and, by the time
 another eight had finished, the ‘C’ team was complete too, taking 5th. There
 would also be ‘D’ and ‘E’ teams on the results sheet, Kent providing 22 of
 the 73 runners to finish. Herne Hill, always there or thereabouts, took
 bronze, four points ahead of Thames Hare & Hounds. 

 Ranelagh had to settle for 7th, pipped to 6th by Dulwich Runners by just a
 couple of points. Fanny Vein led home a modest-sized contingent with a 12th
 place finish. For this she becomes Club Champion and will be awarded the
 Hugh Jones Salver at the Baker Cup Supper in the spring. A couple of minutes
 later came Eugenie McLachlan in 26th, ahead of Marie Synnott-Wells in 35th
 (winner of Trish’s Trophy for being first over 40) and the two Beckys, 39th
 and 42nd. Lara Werrett was our final runner home, missing out on the top 50
 by a mere couple of seconds.

 In the accompanying Men’s race, likewise dominated by Kent AC, with not just
 the winning team but four of the first seven, an incomplete Ranelagh were
 represented by Tom Cameron (107th), Vaughan Ramsay (126th) and Rob Curtis
 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 24th November in Hyde Park
 A clear victory for Carl Selya-Hammer. 

 1   Carl Selya-Hammer          16.37 

 1   E Auden (Belgrave)         33.02
 28  Neil Rae                   38.10

 BUSHY PARK XMAS 5km / 10km  Sunday 26th November
 1   T Foster (G&G)            34.24
 10  Richard Gurd (Ranelagh)   41.54
 26  Matt Sowton               48.11 

 1   C Ore (Herc Wimb)         18.31
 4   Kirsty Steel (Ranelagh)   22.36  (1st woman)                            

 KINGSTON 10km  Sunday 26th November
 Gordon Whitson was the leading over 60.  

 1   A Abdulle (Ilford)        31.15  (chip time 31.15)
 40  Gordon Whitson (Ranelagh) 43.10  (43.06)
 150 Claire Warner             54.16  (53.58)
 232 Roger Wallace             64.59  (64.40)                 

 Jigsaw 10km  Sunday 26th November at Dunsfold
 1   C Peck (Waverley)         33.31  (chip time 33.31)
 74  Phil Roberts (Ranelagh)   44.16  (44.09)  

 Putney Riverside 10km  Sunday 3rd December
 1   M Vardy (Newbury)         34.39
 27  Nick Wright (Ranelagh)    42.37

 Regents Park 10km  Sunday 3rd December
 1   D Pavilukovicius (Neko)   34.19  (chip time 34.15)
 17  Matthew Roberts (Rane)    39.10  (39.08) 

 parkrun results...
 For those of you who are not currently shown as Ranelagh in the parkrun
 database, it would be very helpful if you could update your details. You can
 also access Ranelagh results here:.       

 parkruns 5km Saturday 25th November

 Bushy Park
 Ted MOCKETT 16:37, David LAWLEY 17:36, Ross MACDONALD 17:40, Jonathan SMITH
 17:40, Mark HERBERT 18:02, James WHISTLER 18:27, Euan SINCLAIR (jnr) 19:33,
 Joe BRYANT 22:06, Richard GURD 23:11, Emma WELLHAM 25:16, Jackie DUNKLEY
 29:03, Catherine HOLMAN 35:53, Wally GARROD 40:03, John HANSCOMB 51:02

 Wimbledon Common
 Laura Blazey was the leading woman at Wimbledon…
 Laura BLAZEY 19:28

 Richmond Park
 …and Suzy Whatmough in Richmond Park.
 Jonathan MOORE 18:44, Suzy WHATMOUGH 19:45, James RITCHIE 19:53, Stewart
 ANDERSON 20:12, Stephen AIKIN 22:12, Karl GARVEY 22:36, Wiebke KORTUM 22:36,
 Elisa FERRUA 22:47, Cecily DAY (jnr) 22:55, Amrut SHARMA 23:44, James RUSHBY
 (jnr) 24:08, John HOBSON 24:30, Margie MARSHALL 24:33, Aoife KILPATRICK
 24:47, Hadi KHATAMIZADEH 24:48, Gavin  HILLHOUSE 25:05, Jarryd HILLHOUSE
 25:05, Simon TAYLOR 25:16, Ally PICKARD 25:24, Clare DAY 26:08, Karen
 HARBERT 26:57,  Ian HARRISON 27:20, Sally K YAU 28:05, Andrew BROWN 28:33,
 Ben RUSHBY(jnr) 28:47, Phil RUSHBY 28:50, Jess HARBERT (jnr) 28:18, Tom
 BRADLEY (jnr) 29:18, Philippa KITCHEN 29:33, Rob KITCHEN 31:05, Ewa SOLTYS
 31:28, Bronwen NORTHMORE 32:01, Deepa SHARMA 32:43, Annemarie GOODRIDGE
 34:23, Wendy FISHER 34:58, Beverly WALSH 37:17, Tanya ALLEN 38:04, Yvonne
 HOWIE 41:28, Sally SPAULL 42:09, Lexi SLAUGHTER 42:14, Pat HEWLETT 49:56

 Frimley Lodge
 Nick Twomey placed second.
 Nick TWOMEY 18:16

 Old Deer Park
 James RILEY 17:55, Kris DAVIDSON 18:42, Paul GILBERT 23:21, Michael OSBORNE
 24:01, Michael BEVERLY 25:51, Paula MAGUIRE 28:53, Lorna SMITH 29:21, Julian
 HOLDEN 29:43, Katie WALTON 32:11, Deborah BLAKEMORE 42:16 

 Hampstead Heath
 Melissa GLACKIN 27:52, Pete WARREN 30:13

 Jake Waldron was top man and Julia Bailey was third woman.
 Jake WALDRON 16:33, Julia BAILEY 21:56, Chris CAMACHO 23:27, Tom REAY 26:04,
 Fiona PUGH 26:11, Geoffrey FISHER 27:12, Verka LAFEUILLE 30:12  

 Evelyn JOSLIN 29:42

 Mike WHITE 29:37

 Faelledparken, Denmark
 Carl Assmundson was first home.
 Carl ASSMUNDSON 16:44

 Cannon Hill, Birmingham
 Janet TURNES 29:06

 Long Eaton
 Estelle Damant was the second woman to finish.
 Estelle DAMANT 19:07

 Delta, South Africa
 Gareth WILLIAMS 19:39

 Tamsin BURLAND 27:09

 Paul SINTON-HEWITT 19:55, Clare Fowler 22:41, Jo SINTON-HEWITT 27:33

 Crane Park
 Cordelia Parker was the leading woman.
 Cordelia PARKER 18:56, Eliott WELLS 19:33, Eric PLUE 20:28, Alan ELDER
 22:24, Marianne MALAM 23:42, Ann KEAREY 23:43, Kevin KEAREY 23:44, Kevin
 JACQUES 23:49, Hannah MALAM (jnr) 25:26, Michelle BEAUMONT 25:40, Claire
 WARNER 26:40, Josie KEAREY (jnr) 26:50, Abigail MALAM (jnr) 26:51, Lewis
 EMERY 27:05, Louise WAPSHOTT 32:48, Paul WAPSHOTT 32:49, Hilary THOMSON
 32:50, Ellen VAN KEULEN 37:58, Nigel COOMBES 51:14

 Fulham Palace
 Colette DORAN 27:48

 Sam DALGLEISH 18:26

 Mike PEACE 25:22

 Ballito, South Africa
 Peter FORDHAM 30:56

 Lac de Divonne, France
 Alastair RITCHIE 25:03

 Junior parkruns 2km  Sunday 26th November

 Campbell MCLAREN 9:36

 Nathaniel BOND 9:07

 parkruns 5km Saturday 2nd December 

 Bushy Park
 Jonathan SMITH 17:28, Richard KIMBER 17:30, Finlay SINCLAIR (jnr) 21:23,
 James WHISTLER 21:26, Kevin JACQUES 23:11, Noel SIMPSON 27:57, Wally GARROD
 40:57, John HANSCOMB 54:45

 Richmond Park
 Tom CAMERON 19:57, Stewart ANDERSON 20:02, Alberto ESGUEVILLAS 21:26,
 Stephen AIKIN 21:51, Jess HARBERT (jnr),  Karl GARVEY 22:45, James
 RUSHBY(jnr) 23:05, Amrut SHARMA 23:19, Rachel REVETT 23:28, Ellie LUXMOORE
 (jnr) 23:33, Simon TAYLOR 24:04, Gavin HILLHOUSE 24:28, Jarryd HILLHOUSE
 24:29, Hadi KHATAMIZADEH 24:31, Christopher READ 24:36, Clare DAY 25:49,
 Margie MARSHALL 26:00, Andrew BROWN 26:53, Ian HARRISON 26:54, Karen HARBERT
 27:07, Adrienne BADDELEY 28:26, Michael SIKORA 29:23, Val LOWMAN 30:37,
 Deepa SHARMA 31:59, Bronwen NORTHMORE 32:24, Annemarie GOODRIDGE 33:56,
 Martin CLARK 40:03

 Amager Faelled (Denmark)
 Emma WELLHAM 27:38

 Bedfont Lakes
 Rob CURTIS 25:36, Becky Curtis-Hall 25:36, Colette DORAN 48:07


 Old Deer Park
 Kris Davidson was the first finisher.
 Kris DAVIDSON 19:02, Fiona PUGH 27:36, Julian HOLDEN 30:10, Katrina ROCHE

 Penny MERRETT 31:56       

 Wiebke KORTUM 22:28, Chris CAMACHO 23:29, Kirsty NOBLE 25:40, Geoffrey
 FISHER 28:15

 Heartwood Forest
 Tamsin BURLAND 29:48

 Dan LITTLE 19:15

 Walsall Arboretum
 Joe BRYANT 22:54

 Jackie DUNKLEY 29:55

 Delta, South Africa
 Gareth WILLIAMS 20:03

 Crane Park
 Ann Kearey was third woman home.
 Kevin KEAREY 20:04, Eliott WELLS 20:58, Alan ELDER 21:30, Richard GURD
 21:47, Philip ROBERTS 22:16, Daniel CHIECHI 22:51, Ann KEAREY 23:17, Hannah
 MALAM (jnr) 24:38, Abigail MALAM (jnr) 24:42, Marianne MALAM 24:51, Claire
 WARNER 25:13, Josie KEAREY (jnr) 26:10, Melanie DAVISON 30:11, Heather
 MARTINGELL 30:12, Michael WHITE 30:18, Christine DAVID 30:57, Tracey SMALL
 31:47, Hilary THOMSON 32:37, Katie WALTON 35:00, Cindy CROUCHER 35:09, Nigel
 COOMBES 43:18

 Peter WEIR 21:02, Karen WEIR 24:22

 Shorne Woods
 Clare FOWLER 22:46, Jo SINTON-HEWITT 27:15

 Greenpoint, South Africa
 Jordan Mungovan was the first man.
 Jordan MUNGOVAN 17:09

 Fulham Palace
 Alan WHATMOUGH 18:29, Pete WARREN 26:33

 Reigate Priory
 Duncan MALLISON  20:21

 Mike PEACE 26:10

 Nick Twomey and Mark Herbert were second and third finishers.
 Nicholas TWOMEY 17:35, Mark HERBERT 17:57

 Dawn BATES 31:52

 Hove Promenade
 Ally PICKARD 25:26

 Lac de Divonne, France
 Alastair RITCHIE 25:57

 Kuechenholz, Germany
 Peter FORDHAM 27:51

 Junior parkruns 2km  Sunday 3rd December

 Savill Gardens
 John RICKETTS 13:33, Connor SCALLY 16:01, Aaron SCALLY 16:07

 Bushy Park
 Finlay SINCLAIR 8:14

 This originally appeared in the US version of Runner’s World, written by
 Roger Robinson.
 “It's cross country season, when thousands of high school and college
 runners become harriers. They join the field, race with the pack, take
 hurdles in their stride, cover the course, run in to the finish, and impress
 their coach. And in those few familiar words of English, they also pay
 tribute to the lively high school runners 200 years ago who invented this
 fascinating sport.

 They called themselves harriers—‘hare hunters’-- because they were imitating
 their fathers' sport of hunting. Two runners would be designated the ‘hares’
 or ‘foxes’ and run ahead by 10 minutes or so (that time was called ‘law’),
 laying a ‘scent’ of shredded paper. The pack was the younger runners
 (roughly ages 13-15), who were supposedly hounds. At Shrewsbury School in
 England, the first to organize the sport, they were even given appropriate
 doggy names, like ‘Trojan’ or ‘Challenger’ Their job was to follow the
 scent, working as a team to cover any ‘checks’ (where the scent was lost).
 Skilled hares would zigzag and double, and lay false trails to make the
 hounds' job difficult. So when you modestly say you are a mid-pack or
 back-of-the-pack runner, you are linking yourself to those young hounds of
 the early 1800s.
 The field was the older students (ages 16-18), who were supposedly the
 pursuing huntsmen. They followed the hounds, and once the hares were
 sighted, they began the serious run in. If they caught the hares, it was
 ‘the kill.’ So if you're ‘ahead of the field,’ you are indeed winning the
 race, just as the best schoolboy runner did as he chased the hares any misty
 October day in 1825.
 They also organized more formal races, which they called steeplechases,
 modelled on their fathers' daredevil horseback gallops from one village
 church steeple to the next. This time there would be a marked course. That
 came from the Latin word "currere’, to run, which also gave us other running
 words like ‘courier’ and ‘current’ -- the latest news brought by running
 messenger. Fences, streams, and thorny hedges were all part of the
 challenge, and the students at Shrewsbury next day proudly displayed the
 scars inflicted by a technique they called ‘belly-hedging’. When I visited
 Shrewsbury in my 60s, I ran all their courses but I did not try
 belly-hedging, thank you.
 Sometimes they would jump hurdles, which were movable sections of fencing,
 used by farmers for penning sheep. And your team coach? He or she takes the
 name from a little town called Kocs or Kotcz, in western Hungary, where in
 the 1400s they devised a special cart, a ‘kotczi-wagon’, for transporting
 passengers on the rough local roads. ‘Kotczi’ became ‘coach’ in English. In
 about 1845, at Oxford University, it was adapted to mean someone who gives
 special tutoring -- who carries the student (or athlete) along, as if
 driving them in a coach.
 One last word that I especially like is exercise. Its original meaning
 (Latin ‘exercere’) is ‘to move out of confinement or restraint’. That fits
 every harrier. We leave the classroom or office behind to run free with the
 pack, enjoying the open air and natural surface of fields or trails. Words
 can tell us a lot about why we run, and how it all began.”