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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 510               29th September 2017
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  Good Ranelagh results at the South of England Road Relays
 *  Gill Sanders qualifies for the South African team at the 2018
     Commonwealth Games  
 *  Chris Owens finishes 2nd in World Age Group Triathlon Championships
 *  James Winch runs 2:40 in the Berlin Marathon
 *  Page Cup handicap on Saturday 30th September at 3pm
 *  Opening Surrey League races at Reigate on Saturday 14th October.
 *  Bob Maslin Obituary

 Our Thursday night speed sessions on the track at Osterley have now resumed
 on a pristine new-laid track. All members are welcome.   

 PAGE CUP HANDICAP  Saturday 30th September
 Our second club handicap race of the season is the 5-miler for the Page Cup
 tomorrow. All members are welcome. Start time is 3pm, but please register at
 the clubhouse by 2.30pm.

 The opening Surrey League races for our men’s and women’s teams both take
 place on Saturday 14th October in Priory Park, Reigate. It’s unusual
 nowadays for both teams to be at the same venue, and this is the only time
 this season that we’ll have that luxury, so make the most of it! Mind, it’ll
 be a long day. Not before time the decision has been made to split the
 women's race - which has been attracting fields in excess of 400 - into
 separate division 1 and division 2 races.  The first senior race will start
 at 11am, the under 17 / under 15 girls will run at 12 noon, the under 13
 girls at 12.30pm and the second senior race at 1pm. The divisions will
 alternate as to which races first. At Reigate, our race - Division 1 – will
 be at 11am. Then, following on from the second women's race will come the
 boys race (all age groups together) at 2.30pm and finally the men's Division
 1 senior race at 3pm.

 Men's Captain Phil Killingley writes:
 "The Surrey League is a big focus for the men's team in the winter racing
 calendar.  Previously the preserve of sub 36min 10km runners, so hot was our
 top ten, we're now posting both an A team and a B team for this series of 4
 races.  The A team will do very well to get anywhere near last season's
 awesome third place in the league.  But can the B team be the best?  
 Ranelagh's strength in depth, if converted into race attendance, makes this
 emphatically possible."

 Here's Women's Captain Becky-Curtis-Hall:
 "Surrey League is a great way to getting into cross country racing for those
 who have never done it before. The first two fixtures are 6k, so just a
 little longer than a parkrun. The scoring works like this: The position of
 the first five runners from each team is added up to give the team score.
 The lower the better. Everybody helps the team - even if you are not in the
 first five, you push other runners from other teams down so give their teams
 higher team scores. The more runners who turn out for us the better. As if
 that wasn't enough to persuade you, the vice captains and I bake cakes to
 enjoy afterwards!"

 Reigate's Priory Park has toilets, a cafe and parking.  Reigate railway
 station is not far from the park.
 Richmond Park. 
 As usual we are hosting the Surrey Masters. There are two races: the first,
 at 2.15pm, is for men over 60 and all women 35 and above over a 6km course.
 Then at 3pm men 40-59 run 10km. There are championship medals in 5 year age
 groups and team awards in 10 year age groups. You must be Surrey / SW London
 qualified by birth or residence to take part. Entries must be made in
 advance – contact the Captains / Team Managers if you want to run.    

 SOUTH OF ENGLAND XC RELAYS  Saturday 21st October at Wormwood Scrubs
 Beautiful Wormwood Scrubs is the venue for the South of England
 Cross-Country Relays, but note it is the same day as the Surrey Masters.
 Contact the Captains / Team Managers  if you want to run.

 Michael Morris writes:
 "Dear Ranelagh friends,
 I am co-organising the Amazing Maasai Girls Project’s Global Run in London –
 Richmond on Saturday 7th October. It will take place at 10.00am starting and
 finishing at The White Cross pub in Richmond. The route will run along the
 Thames towpath in the direction of Mortlake / Barnes and back. We have
 distances of 5km or 10km, whichever is preferred.

 The run will be one of several charity fun runs held around the world on the
 same day to raise money for girls in Africa to be able to have secondary
 school education. Our run is to support Fridah Meshami. She is a student at
 St. Francis Secondary School, which is the most prestigious school in the
 Laikipia area in Kenya. She is a Form 1 student.

 Please note it is an informal fun run and not a race.  It is open to anyone
 of any ability who wants to run, jog or walk. You are free to run at your
 own pace, there will be no time record, no ranking or prizes, you’ll be
 there to support by donating your run. There is no joining fee but we are
 asking for a small donation when registering. The run is open to the first
 60 people to register and there will be a medal for all finishers as a thank
 you for taking part.

 Registration is here:.  All participants are encouraged to wear red, see this
 inspirational video from the 2016 Global Runs  here:.
 More information about the Amazing Maasai Girls Project can also be found

 Also, if anyone can help on the day please let me know at

 The club lost its oldest member with the death on August 30th of Bob Maslin
 at the age of 101. Here is part of the tribute to Bob read at the funeral by
 Steve Rowland.

 Bob was an energetic youngster. Like most children at that time he walked to
 school each day and when he started work for the Post Office he cycled to
 the sorting office and back. He had access to the PO's private gymnasium and
 tried his hand at everything from the trapeze to fencing. At this time
 running didn't get a look in...and then the war intervened and his attention
 was taken by the greater struggle. 
 Back home after six years fighting there were other priorities - getting
 married, finding a job, starting a family. It was not until the mid 1950s
 that he decided to take up cross-country running and initially he joined the
 Polytechnic Harriers. Then in 1958 he switched to Ranelagh Harriers, who
 were based in Richmond Park. He was by this time 42 years old and already in
 the "veteran" category. His first race for his new club was on the other
 side of London on a thoroughly muddy course through Epping Forest in
 November 1958. He revelled in the tough conditions and finished well inside
 the first half of the field, an impressive debut that probably worried his
 fellow veterans. They were right to be worried. In March 1959 Bob won the
 club's Veterans championship, the first of a sequence of six consecutive
 victories. He was finally narrowly beaten in 1965 but went on to win three
 more times in the following years.
 Area and national championships for veterans began to be inaugurated in the
 mid-1970s, just in time for Bob to get a look in. He was a member of the
 team that won silver medals in the National Over 50s championships in 1976.
 He won the South of England Over 60s title in 1978, the over 65s three years
 later and the Surrey over 60s in both 1979 and 1980. He later donated a
 trophy for the leading over 60 in the club veterans championship.
 In contemporary reports, Bob is often referred to as "Family Man Maslin".
 This was because he usually brought his own cheerleaders to races, in the
 shapes of his wife Olive and his three daughters. At one event where a
 biting winter wind whipped across the barren expanses of Hampstead Heath, a
 policeman took pity on the three little girls. "Wouldn't you rather be at
 home in the warm?" he asked. "YES!!!!!!!" they chorused disloyally.
 Nevertheless, such early traumas did not put off Trish and Sonia becoming
 keen runners themselves.
 Running was Bob's sport but for a short time he was persuaded to play
 cricket in the summer. The experiment was not a success, owing to an
 unfortunate tendency of his to run out his batting partners by sprinting too
 fast between the wickets. 
 Bob kept running into his 80s and holds age group records for two of the
 club's cross-country courses. When he finally retired from racing he and
 Olive would act as marshals for our home cross-country races, and their spot
 beside the Pen Ponds became known as Maslin corner. Wally Garrod writes:
 "Bob was one of the nicest people I have ever met and I or any other oldie
 foolish enough to think they can beat Bob's records..well, think again!"
 Frances Ratchford adds: "Bob was very special and always encouraged me and
 all runners because he loved running. He started me on my running journey."
 Bob ran the occasional road race and even essayed a 20 miler a couple of
 times, but the country was his love. He epitomised the two lines that
 feature on the front of the club's magazine:
 "And we run because we like it / Through the broad bright land."
 A few more facts and figures: Despite his relatively advanced age Bob
 featured for several years in our championship teams. He clocked up 78 mob
 matches and was a regular competitor in club handicaps. He was successful
 only once, however, winning the Clutton Cup in 1977. Bob was himself a
 shrewd club handicapper for several years, and was also the Hon Secretary
 from 1973 - 76. He was always ready to help in any capacity - everything
 from demolishing the old clubhouse to driving for our various Pennine Way
 Relay attempts - a real club stalwart.    
 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil
 or Trevor ) ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager ( e-mail Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )      

 Saturday 30th September  Page Cup 5 miles handicap in Richmond Park. 3pm

 Saturday 7th October         National Road Relays at Sutton Park,
 Birmingham, women 11.15 start.

 Saturday 14th October       Women's and Men's Surrey Cross-Country League,
 both at Reigate. Women at 11am, men at 3.30pm.  

 Sunday 15th October         Cabbage Patch 10 miles at Twickenham. Entries
 already closed

 Saturday 21st October       Surrey Vets Championships in Richmond Park.
 Start 2.15pm for M60s and women, 3pm for M40s and M50s
                                          Also South of England XC Relays at
 Wormwood Scrubs, women 11.15am start

 Saturday 4th November     Mob Match v Thames H&H at Kingston Vale. 2.30pm
                                          Also National XC Relays at Berry
 Hill Park, Mansfield, women 14:05 start

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 Crystal Palace was at one time a regular venue for road relays and road
 races, and even cross-country events. The return of a major event could not
 be called an unqualified success. There were problems with the course itself
 – too short for some age groups, too complicated for others. Official
 results were still lacking some detail several days later. But the venue  -
 to quote Athletics Weekly - "has potential".

 Phil Killingley reports on the men's race:   
 "A glorious afternoon was in reality a little warm for running a
 hell-for-leather 5km (not 6km as advertised) in Crystal Palace.  The
 competition was pretty hot too, as various junior, women's and men's teams
 took on the might of the best clubs in the South of England. Nick Impey's
 time is one of those still missing but he is expected to be the fastest
 Ranelagh man of the day in 16:00ish - excellent time for a hilly course. Al
 Whatmough was the furthest away from his predicted time, running around
 16:30 instead of 18:15.  Luckily I didn't believe his predicted time and put
 him in the A team anyway :)   Marc Leyshon made an excellent debut for the
 club - time around 16:40  

 It will be an agonising wait for the senior men - top 25 teams (not
 including 'B' teams) qualify for the National Relay.  Someone told Peter
 Haarer after the last leg that we were around 26th.  Either way, a brilliant
 result given we've not got anywhere near the Nationals in the 13 years I've
 been with the club."

 Phil later added: "The big upshot of Sunday's relays is that somehow
 Ranelagh managed to qualify for the National finals on Saturday 7th October
 2pm in Birmingham. This is seriously impressive.  In 31st place, but with 6
 non-qualifying B/C teams ahead of us, we were the last team to make it. 
 Peterborough were 7 seconds slower than us over 90 minutes of running and
 they miss out. Would we have managed if it wasn't for the exhortations of
 Gordon Whitson from the sidelines, worth at least 1 sec per runner. 
 Initial results suggest that in our six-man team, Captain Killingley was the
 weakest link, but we were probably all within a minute of each other, so
 very consistent." 

 BUT current results on the SEAA website suggest we might have just missed
 out on National qualification after all. All will become clear" 

 The vet men acquitted themselves excellently, with 14th and 24th places and
 fastest time by Rick Jenner at 17.57. It was great to see two Ranelagh Under
 15 Boys teams taking part. They placed 38th and 43rd with Tom Armstrong's
 9:18 on the opening stage placing him in the top 50 times of the race."

 Our women were not under pressure to qualify for the Nationals as all clubs
 are allowed to take part. We fielded three complete teams in the senior
 event and like the men it was consistency that was our watchword. Becky
 Curtis-Hall ran fastest with 14:15 on the opening stage but all four runners
 in the 'A' team set times within 40 seconds of each other. Our 'B' team was
 not far behind the 'A's, led off by an excellent 14:28 from Fanny Vein. We
 finished 37th and 41st with a 'C' team 69th.      

 Video of the races courtesy of Tonbridge AC here:. 

 Senior Men
 1   Highgate H                1:30.11            
 2   Tonbridge AC              1:30.26                 
 3   Aldershot F&D AC          1:30.39                     
 33  Ranelagh H 'A'            1:39.43      
      Carl Selya-Hammer    16.43      
      Marc Leyshon         16.41 unofficial          
      Nick Impey           16.00 unofficial          
      Phil Killingley      16.59      
      Allan Whatmough      16.33     
      Peter Haarer         16.47    
 nf  Ranelagh H 'B'  
      Sam Dalgleish        17.15      
      Marc Snaith          18.05

 Men Over 40
 1   Kent AC                   1:05.12
 2   Thames H&H                1:05.43
 3   Herne Hill H              1:05.51
 14  Ranelagh H 'A'            1:14.02
      Neil Rae             18.37    
      Rick Jenner          17.57    
      Duncan Mallison      18.19    
      Vaughan Ramsay       19.13    
 24  Ranelagh H 'B'            1:25.04               
      James Ritchie        20.13    
      Stewart Anderson     20.22    
      Philip Andrews       21.37    
      Rob Curtis           22.52    

 Boys Under 15
 1   Aldershot F&D AC          35.40
 2   Chiltern H                36.05
 3   Windsor S&E AC            36.11
 38  Ranelagh H 'A'            40.42 
      Tom Armstrong         9.18     
      Euan Sinclair        10.10     
      Joe Murphy           10.54     
      Will Murphy          10.21    
 43  Ranelagh H 'B'            47.00 
      Jacob Cavendish      11.06     
      Ewan Lorimer         13.06     
      James Rushby         11.42     
      Matt O'Donovan       11.06    

 Senior Women
 1   Aldershot F&D AC          49.42
 2   Cambridge & C AC          51.28
 3   West Suffolk AC           51.40
 37  Ranelagh H 'A'            58.21
      Becky Curtis-Hall    14.15    
      Suzy Whatmough       14.53      
      Marie Synnott-Wells  14.47    
      Jo Billings          14.27    
 41  Ranelagh H 'B'            59.58
      Fanny Vein           14.28    
      Liz Kipling          15.07    
      Clare Fowler         14.50    
      Rebecca Northmore    15.33      
 69  Ranelagh H 'C'            85.04
      Charlotte Hyde       16.35
      Lara Werrett         16.10    
      Rachel Revett        16.58    
      Dee Mondair          19.23
 Juniors Jacob and Alice Patterson produced excellent performances. Jacob won
 his 1500m race by a good ten seconds in 4:27.91 while Alice ran 10:57.93 in
 her 3000m race. 

 WORLD TRIATHLON NEWS  Saturday 16th / Sunday 17th September in Rotterdam,
 Gill Sanders raced in the Grand Final of the World Triathlon Series in
 Rotterdam on 16th September, while Chris Owens competed in the World Age
 Group Championships at the same venue on the following day. Gill writes:
 "Last race in the World Triathlon Series - the Grand Final in Rotterdam. The
 main aim for this year was to qualify for the Commonwealth Games next year
 and to be as consistent as possible in the World Series. I'm ecstatic to
 have nailed Commies qualification and despite some ups and downs and a few
 health issues I was happy to perform how I did and finish off ranked 23rd in
 the World for the year. I was hoping for better but in the circumstances
 I'll take that!"
 1   Flora Duffy (Bermuda)     1:58.39  (19.14 / 1.44 / 63.40 / 0.28 / 33.36)
 29  Gill Sanders (S Africa)   2:07.53  (21.15 / 1.48 / 67.55 / 0.23 / 36.34)

 Chris reports:
 "In chilly and damp conditions on Saturday Gillian Sanders represented South
 Africa in the Women's Elite race and Chris Owens represented ‘Team GB’ on
 Sunday, when luckily the rain stopped and the course dried overnight, to
 make Sunday an ideal race day with sun and little or no breeze. This was
 just as well as after a 1500m swim in the Rhine, the bike course involved
 crossing three of Rotterdam's iconic bridges on cycle paths and then racing
 for 40km through town streets and cycle paths. Both Elite and AG courses
 were twisty and narrow in places making the ride a challenging and technical
 course (especially on a time trial bike) with lots of sharp turns and
 variable surfaces. It was a great relief to get round safely - at least 5 or
 6 competitors ended up in plaster! The final event  - a 10k run - was on
 paths and roads in a small park, and was essentially flat apart from a few
 short ramps.  

 I finished 2nd. I passed one Canadian, one Australian and two Dutchmen on
 the run, but did not quite catch the leader..."
 1   K-H Nottrodt (Germany)    2:18.27  (21.35 / 5.37 / 65.13 / 2.20 / 43.44)
 2   Chris Owens               2:22.52  (24.36 / 5.23 / 69.29 / 2.04 /

 Official results don't include club names, so the lists below for this race
 and the Marathon are probably incomplete. 

 1   A Milne (Enf & H)         1:10.11
 11  R Felton (Shaft B)        1:22.07  (1st woman)
 48  Dan Little                1:27.15
 140 Jim Old                   1:34.23
 265 Elisa Ferrua              1:40.09
 324 Matt Sowton               1:41.57              

 Bruce McLaren is believed to have been a finisher, but doesn't feature in
 the results.

 1   D Baker (Soton)           2:48.24
 110 James Ritchie             3:29.05

 1   A Richmond (Bideford)     1:08.07
 69  Jonathan Smith            1:19.24 

 ALICE HOLT FOREST 10km  Saturday 23rd September
 1   E Hutchings (unatt)       36.32  (chip time 35.49)
 87  Paul Wapshott             55.08  (54.08)
 214 Louise Wapshott           73.12  (72.11)  

 BERLIN MARATHON  Sunday 24th September
 Excellent runs at each end of the 2:40 bracket from James Winch and Jonathan

 1     Eliud Kipchoge (Kenya)  2:03.32
 356   James Winch             2:40.53
 716   Jonathan Moore          2:49.25
 3318  Paul Doyle              3:14.26
 5658  Egis Vincel             3:27.23
 12573 Chris Cato              3:54.57  

 EALING HALF MARATHON  Sunday 24th September
 1    J Poole (Serp)           1:08.05  (chip time 1:08.05)
 11   I Clark (Serp)           1:17.55  (1:17.53 – 1st woman)
 60   Matthew Roberts          1:23.41  (1:23.38)
 300  Richard Gurd             1:34.21  (1:33.49)
 545  Richard Pender           1:39.34  (1:39.10)
 1003 Jarryd Hillhouse         1:47.01  (1:45.09)
 1353 Jess Harbert             1:52.23  (1:50.13)
 1535 Dave Lawley              1:54.59  (1:53.53)
 1826 Cathy Holman             1:58.44  (1:56.56)
 2564 John Herriott            2:09.48  (2:07.28)
 2916 Karen Harbert            2:15.38  (2:10.49)
 3323 Ewa Soltys               2:23.19  (2:16.32)
 3324 Gavin Hillhouse          2:23.19  (2:16.34)  
 WINDSOR HALF MARATHON  Sunday 24th September
 1    D Jarvis (St Mary’s U)   1:09.49  (chip time 1:09.49)
 3520 Deborah Blakemore        2:48.17  (2:39.32)

 parkrun results...
 For those of you who are not currently shown as Ranelagh in the parkrun
 database, it would be very helpful if you could update your details. You can
 also access Ranelagh results here:.       

 parkruns 5km Saturday 16th September

 Bushy Park
 Excellent runs by juniors Jacob and Alice Patterson and Izzy Atkins. 
 Jacob PATTERSON (jnr) 17:24, James WHISTLER 17:44, Isabel ATKINS (jnr)
 19:02, Egis VINCEL 19:53, Alice PATTERSON (jnr) 20:10, Marcus ATKINS 20:20,
 Rebecca CURTIS-HALL 20:27 Emily COULSON 20:58, Rob CURTIS 22:18, Marianne
 MALAM 24:07, Joe BRYANT 24:59, Toby COOPER 26:48,  Noel SIMPSON 27:52,
 Jackie DUNKLEY 28:51, Janet TURNES 29:59, Hilary THOMSON 31:19, Clive NAISH

 Wimbledon Common
 Richard GURD 22:47

 Richmond Park
 Ted MOCKETT 17:55, David LAWLEY 18:38, Michael MORRIS 19:24, Tom BRADLEY
 (jnr) 19:44, Stewart ANDERSON 20:46, Stephen AIKIN 21:55, Wiebke KORTUM
 22:13, Elisa FERRUA 22:15, John HOBSON 22:29, Matt AIKIN 23:02, James RUSHBY
 (jnr) 23:11, Jess HARBERT (jnr) 23:14, Cecily DAY (jnr) 23:48, Suzy
 WHATMOUGH 24:48, Carol AIKIN 25:04, Ian HARRISON 26:19, Aoife KILPATRICK
 26:30, Tamsin BURLAND 26:58, Gavin HILLHOUSE 27:09, Michael SIKORA 27:25,
 Margie MARSHALL 28:23, Rachel REVETT 28:37, Verka LAFEUILLE 29:01, Bronwen
 NORTHMORE 32:12, Deepa SHARMA 33:01, Katie WALTON 34:44, Catherine HOLMAN
 41:48, Ellen VAN KEULEN 41:49, Phil AIKEN 42:22, Su CLARK 44:09, Pat HEWLETT
 45:23, Alberto ESGUEVILLAS 45:26, Beverley ALI 45:55

 Brighton and Hove
 Ally PICKARD 25:38

 Bedfont Lakes
 Eamonn O’DWYER 20:16

 Old Deer Park
 First place for Eirin McDaid.
 Eirin MC DAID 17:02, Gareth WILLIAMS 19:34, Fiona FORBES 26:19, Luke MAGUIRE
 (jnr) 27:08, Paula MAGUIRE 28:20, Wyn WILLIAMS 36:01

 Kirsty NOBLE 23:03, Chris CAMACHO 23:44, Julia BAILEY 24:03, Chris CATO

 Tomas STERNER 27:47

 Alan DAVIDSON 27:33

 Highbury Fields
 Carl Selya-Hammer was third finisher.
 Carl SELYA-HAMMER 17:18

 Colette DORAN 34:41

 Lee DAVIES 25:56, Deirdre INMAN 38:48

 Dawn BATES 29:56

 Crane Park
 Rebecca NORTHMORE 21:47, Philip ROBERTS 21:54, Adam WRIGHT 22:21, Ann KEAREY
 23:45, Paul WAPSHOTT 26:02, Rue TURNER 26:02, Josie KEAREY (jnr) 26:15, Alan
 ELDER 29:11, Danni CROUCHER 35:04, Tanya ALLEN 35:04, Cindy CROUCHER 35:16,

 Preston Park, Brighton
 John PRATT 27:24

 Tollcross, Glasgow
 Peter WEIR 22:04

 Reigate Priory
 Duncan MALLISON 19:43

 Marina QUAYLE 29:43

 Nick WRIGHT 19:35

 Leeanne BRYCE 28:24

 Lac de Divonne, France
 Alastair RITCHIE 24:30

 parkruns 5km Saturday 23rd September

 Bushy Park
 Nick WRIGHT 18:00, James WHISTLER 18:02, Euan SINCLAIR (jnr) 19:19, Finlay
 SINCLAIR (jnr) 21:09, Philip ANDREWS 21:47, Rachel REVETT 23:00, Joe BRYANT
 23:33, Julie DRUMMOND 27:33, Noel SIMPSON 27:42, Joanne MUIR-LITTLE 34:10,
 Wally GARROD 41:36, John HANSCOMB 61:20

 Wimbledon Common
 Gordon Whitson 21:21

 Richmond Park
 There was a 1-2-3 for the Ranelagh women thanks to Gill Sanders, Adrienne
 Baddeley and Elisa Ferrua. 
 Tom BRADLEY 19:53, Gillian SANDERS 19:56, Bill NEELY 20:30, Adrienne
 BADDELEY 21:00, Elisa FERRUA 21:52, Stephen AIKIN 22:15, Gary LEE 22:25, Sam
 RUSHBY (jnr) 22:56, James RUSHBY (jnr) 22:57, Karl GARVEY 23:15, Margie
 MARSHALL 24:51, Christopher READ 24:59, Hadi KHATAMIZADEH 25:26, Carol AIKIN
 25:49, Ian HARRISON 26:21, Jarryd HILLHOUSE 27:03, Ben RUSHBY (jnr) 27:08,
 Maia RUSHBY 27:16, Gavin HILLHOUSE 27:17, Lloyd CAMP 27:18, Aoife KILPATRICK
 27:21, Michael SIKORA 27:34, Sue CAMP 30:22, Ewa SOLTYS 30:22, Hilary
 THOMSON 32:30, Deepa SHARMA 33:04, John HOBSON 38:59, Phil AIKEN 42:48,
 Alberto ESGUEVILLAS 42:58, Andrew  BROWN 43:17, Pat HEWLETT 43:20 

 Kingsway, Gloucester
 Michael WHITE 27:45

 Old Deer Park
 Vaughan RAMSAY 19:58, Marcus ATKINS 20:35, Stewart ANDERSON 25:43, Luke
 MAGUIRE (jnr) 26:10, Paula MAGUIRE 28:15, Fran JONES 29:48, Wyn WILLIAMS
 33:53, Melanie DAVISON 33:56, Katie WALTON 34:47, Catherine HOLMAN 34:49

 Mark Herbert finished 2nd.
 Mark HERBERT 17:50

 Sam NESBITT 18:51, Bruce MCLAREN 19:47, Julia BAILEY 21:40, Chris CAMACHO
 23:55, Kirsty NOBLE 24:02, Nathaniel BOND (jnr) 24:06, Tom REAY 25:59, Fiona
 PUGH 26:20, Alison DICKS 26:42

 Evelyn JOSLIN 28:32

 Heartwood Forest
 Peter FORDHAM 27:57

 Alan DAVIDSON 27:51

 Highbury Fields
 Peter FAULL 18:58, Matthew WILLIAMS 19:06

 Nonsuch Park
 Jackie DUNKLEY 29:27

 Colette DORAN 33:15

 Deirdre INMAN 38:58

 Nick Twomey was 3rd finisher.
 Nick TWOMEY 19:31

 Leakin Park
 Ally PICKARD 26:19

 Crane Park
 Ted Mockett and Dan Little were first and third, with junior Kabir Sait
 right behind.
 Ted MOCKETT 17:59, Daniel LITTLE 19:10, Mohammed Kabir SAIT (jnr) 19:18,
 Eliott WELLS 19:40, Richard GURD 19:49, Alan ELDER 21:35, Kevin KEAREY
 22:31, Lisa TOVEY 23:04, Claire WARNER 29:05, Leeanne BRYCE 29:57, Ellen VAN
 KEULEN 30:12, Heather MARTINGELL 30:13, Christine DAVID 30:39, Tamsin
 BURLAND 31:34, Tracey SMALL 32:54, Su CLARK 34:49, Tanya ALLEN 36:15, Cindy
 CROUCHER 37:35, Aiah SONGU-MBRIWA 37:35


 Northala Fields
 Pete WARREN 26:23

 Marina QUAYLE 31:01

 Mike PEACE 24:54

 Alberts Farm, South Africa
 Gareth WILLIAMS 20:22

 Simon TAYLOR 23:36

 And we thought it rained in Richmond Park!  Report:.