Newsdesk 2002

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 This Saturday sees the Southern Counties Cross-Country Championships at
 Parliament Hill. The action starts with junior events at 11am, the senior
 women are off at 1.50pm followed an hour later by the senior men.

 Andy Bickerstaff reports from the South of the Thames "Senior" championship
 at Wimbledon last Saturday:
 "Ranelagh launched a two pronged attack on the trophies on offer at the
 South of the Thames Senior on Saturday, a plan hatched bleary eyed and
 slurringly spoken between me and Marcus at the Thames mob match supper last
 November. Injuries to key personnel meant we left empty handed in both the 6
 and 12 to score competitions still it was a great turnout.
 Thanks to you all for coming and racing...when the remants of the team got
 kicked out of the pub (1am ish) we'd sucessfully forgotten our lack of
 pots...in fact forgotten almost everything. Shout of the day: 'Come on
 you're only 16 places behind Mick'. Thanks to Jim Forrest for that one and
 thanks to Jim, Ken, PG and Clive for good support." 

 Full results from the Serpentine New Year's Day 10km:
 1	S Wurr (Thames H&H)	31.22
 3	Hugh Jones		32.50
 13	Chris Owens		36.04
 39	Alan Davidson		39.21
 44	Stephen Instone		40.00
 50	Pete Warren		40.49
 105	Margaret Auerback	44.25
 107	Ray Auerback		44.42
 192	John Hanscomb		49.11
 212	Simon Burrell		50.29 

 takes me to task for suggesting that the Barbados event was his only
 marathon last year. In fact Hugh ran two in a week in April (he should know
 better!), recording 2.39 in Turin on the 1st and 2.29 in Paris seven days

 Niels Andersen is organising a club trip to a relay in Denmark, the 1900
 Stafetten in Aarhus on Sunday 28th April. This is 10 x 10 km (men/women), 5
 x 10 km (women) and 5 x 10 km (over 60 men/women). Niels writes:
 "This race offers an excellent opportunity for those who did not run the
 London Marathon, or who need a good post marathon run to get their legs
 going again. It is classified as the toughest relay race in Denmark, and
 attracts runners from the Danish elite, as well as runners for whom this
 will be the only race they run all year. The race has been organised for the
 past 27 years by Aarhus 1900, which is one the three leading Athletics clubs
 in Denmark and usually wins the men's race. More than 2500 runners usually
 take part distributed over about 250 men's teams, 60-70 women's teams, but
 very few veterans' teams.
 The course is on well-trodden forest paths along the coast and running
 conditions are usually good with the odd mud hole along the way (more muddy
 and slippery conditions will prevail on a rainy day, but I have only run
 this race on magnificently sunny days). The total climb of the course is 250
 metres (not bad considering the highest point in Denmark is 190 metres!),
 which is distributed over 23 hills. The only flat stretches are reached
 about half way, along the beach, and on the final 800 metres.
 For a more detailed profile of the course see:
 http://www.aarhus1900.dk/stafet/kurver.htm, and the course is shown on a
 detailed contour map on: http://www.aarhus1900.dk/stafet/Rutekort.htm
 The course record is just over 32 mins, set by someone who would do 28 mins
 something on the track. The average time for the winning teams in the three
 categories last year were 35:28 mins (men), 41:50 mins (women), and 45:11
 (veterans). However, the fifth placed men's team last year completed the
 course in an average of 38:03 mins, while the second placed women's team
 recorded an average of 45:18 mins. So, we have all chances of coming away
 with some good results. For full results from last year's race visit:
 One Ranelagh team is already taking form, so if you are interested in
 forming part of this or other teams for this year's race, please contact
 Andy Bickerstaff, or myself, Niels Andersen. We will need to have an idea of
 how many teams to enter by mid February.
 It is possible to travel to Aarhus by flying RyanAir from Stansted, and
 accommodation in Aarhus is likely to be B&B or equivalent. Aarhus is the
 second city of Denmark, and is actually a nice place worth a visit!" 

 The Green Belt Relay is on the horizon again. This year's event will take
 place over the weekend of May 11th/12th. For the benefit of newer members
 who weren't around when we last took part, this is a 20-stage relay taking a
 scenic 200 miles+ circular route right around the fringes of London. This
 makes the average stage length about 10 miles. There are ten stages on
 Saturday and another ten on Sunday, with a mass start for each stage. Teams
 comprise 10 runners and each has to run one stage each day.
 You can see more details, including route descriptions, maps, results,
 photos etc on the race website at www.greenbeltrelay.org.uk.
 Last year's event was cancelled due to foot and mouth restrictions but two
 years ago we fielded four teams and scored a clean sweep of the major
 trophies - first overall, first vets and first women's. It was certainly the
 highlight of the year in most people's estimation.
 We'll run four teams again if there's sufficient interest (or more....?).
 You don't have to give up the whole weekend: stay with the race by all means
 if you can spare the time, but otherwise you can run your stage and go home.
 We'll need logistical help with driving etc too, so even if you don't run
 you can still be part of the team. Please let me know if you think you'd
 like to take part in any capacity (mailto:srowland@calorgas.co.uk).
 More details of all the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380). 

 Saturday January 26th    Southern Championships at Parliament Hill

 Saturday February 2nd    Surrey League Div 1 final fixtures, women (12 noon)
 and men (3pm) both at Farthing Downs, Coulsdon

 Saturday February 9th   Pelling-Ratcliff Cup mob match v Blackheath Harriers
 at home in Richmond Park, incorporating our club championship for the Wynne
 Cup. 2.30pm start. Our last chance to win a mob match this season! 

 Sunday February 10th    Richmond Mini Marathon trial in Richmond Park,
 incorporating the Ranelagh junior women's championship for the Camilla Cup. 

 Looking further ahead, the Camberley Half Marathon on March 3rd incorporates
 the Surrey county championship so might be a good pre-London choice. Entry
 forms in the clubhouse or from www.camberleyathleticclub.co.uk. The Thames
 Towpath 10 miles at Chiswick on March 17th will again be the first event in
 this year's Ranelagh road Grand Prix. Entry forms in the clubhouse.
 Steve Rowland
 Telephone: 01926 318734
 Fax: 0870 4006901
 e-mail: srowland@calorgas.co.uk