Newsdesk 2017

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 508               31st August 2017
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  Wimbledon Dash 5k-– Jake Waldron and Laura Blazey lead our teams
 *  Ranelagh Road Grand Prix winners: Nick Impey, Michael Morris, Seiko
     Angelo, Suzy Whatmough, Rachel Revett, Marie Synnott-Wells
 *  Surrey Road League-– Ranelagh me'’s and wome'’s team double victory, plus
     six individual podium places
 *  Fast times at Hercules Wimbledon 5k Festival 
 *  Surrey Road Relays this Saturday
 *  Thomas Cup handicap on Saturday 9th September
 *  Track sessions at Osterley suspended
 *  Bob Maslin

 As usual, this will be the 6km handicap race for the Thomas Cup on Saturday
 9th September. The annual club photo will be taken at about 2.45pm in the
 Park opposite the clubhouse, and the first starters in the race will be set
 off as soon after 3pm as we can get everyone assembled at the start. The
 start and finish are beside Sidmouth Wood opposite Pembroke Lodge. All
 members welcome.    

 I'm sorry to report that our oldest member Bob Maslin died on Wednesday 30th
 August aged 101. Obituary to follow.

 Our Thursday night speed sessions on the track at Osterley have been put on
 hold until the end of September while the track is resurfaced. If the work
 goes to schedule our first session on the new surface will be Thursday
 October 5th, though bad weather could further delay the work.   

 Phil Killingley writes:
 "I'm very lucky that Jon Smith (road captain over the summer) and Dave
 Lawley have jointly agreed to step into Trevor Maguire's extra-large
 vice-captain shoes.  They will both be helping me out with leading the men's
 section.  We're going to sit down over a pint or twain in the Roebuck to
 thrash out the details next month.  Thank you to them too - very excited to
 have them on board "

 Final leading scores after all ten events (best eight scores to count):
 (Open) Nick Impey 89, Ted Mockett 74, Jake Waldron 60, Seiko Angelo 44, Carl
 Selya-Hammer 44, Jonathan Smith 37, Mark Herbert 29, Eirin McDaid 27, Allan
 Whatmough 23, Suzy Whatmough 23, Laura Blazey 21, Michael Morris 21, Mick
 Lane 20, Steve Whitehead 20, Stewart Anderson 20, Chris Bundhun 19 
 (Men over 40) Michael Morris 30, Stewart Anderson 25, Michael Everard 21,
 Steve Whitehead 18, Duncan Mallison 17, Philip Andrews 16, Neil Rae 14,
 Richard Gurd 12, Kris Davidson 11, Rob Curtis 10 
 (Men Over 50) Seiko Angelo 36, Mick Lane 27, Simon Hedger 22, Stephen Logue
 19, Trevor Maguire 11, Martin Halvey 10, William Griffin 10, Alan Meaden 10,
 Phil Roberts 10, Bruce McLaren 8, Bill Neely 8 
 (Women)Suzy Whatmough 37, Laura Blazey 36, Becky Curtis-Hall 25, Marie
 Synnott-Wells 22, Wiebke Kortum 14, Fiona Ford 11, Rachel Revett 10, Becky
 Northmore 10, Ria Woodfield 9, Elisa Ferrua 8 
 (Women Over 40) Rachel Revett 38, Wiebke Kortum 24, Fiona Ford 12, Ann
 Kearey 7, Louise Wapshott 6, Niamh Holt 6, Prelini Chiechi 6, Louise
 Wapshott 5, Lara Werrett 5, Fiona Pugh 5 
 (Women Over 50) Marie Synnott-Wells 42, Carol Aikin 15, Bronwen Northmore
 13, Lorna Smith 12, Katrina Roche 10, Ally Pickard 10, Sally Bamford 9, Anna
 Reichwald 5, Annemarie Goodridge 4, Fiona Hopwood 4, Deborah Blakemore 4 
 152 members completed at least one of the ten races.  
 Full scoreboard and race details are here:.  

 As you’ll read below, we pulled off our first double team victory in the
 Surrey Road League since 2002. Congratulations to all concerned! We didn’t
 win any of the individual categories this year, but recorded a good bunch of
 podium places: Jake Waldron and Nick Impey 2nd and 3rd senior men, Laura
 Blazey and Suzy Whatmough 2nd and 3rd senior women, Seiko Angelo 2nd men
 over 50, Marie Synnott-Wells 2nd women over 45. Full scoreboard:. 

 SURREY ROAD RELAYS  Saturday 2nd September at Wimbledon Park. 12 noon start
 from the stadium. All age groups run together but there are championships
 for senior men and women, M40s, M50s, M60s, W35s and W45s. The lap is about
 3 miles, and each race consists of four laps - excepting the senior men who
 cover six laps and the M60s and W45s who cover only three. Contact the
 captains if you would like to run.   

 WEE AND PEE 5km and 10km Saturday 2nd September in Staines
 Andy Hayward writes,
 “It clashes with the Surrey Road Relays, but for anyone preferring a low key
 alternative fun run, the above event is this coming Saturday at 1pm at the
 Wheatsheaf & Pigeon pub in Staines. Entry is £5 of which 100% goes to the
 Swan Sanctuary in Shepperton. A free pint of Thames Side beer (4 to choose
 from) to all participants and helpers. BBQ at the pub afterwards.”

 Andy Woodhouse writes:
 “For those of you that know me from the running club, you may know that I've
 always shied away from doing a marathon. Well, I'm about to do one. But not
 on land…on the Thames. And I won't be running. The Thames Great River Race
 is a 'marathon' for various shapes and sizes of rowing boat. Insanely, I'll
 be in a big heavy boat, without those lovely slidey seats that are so
 helpful to those more competitive rowing crews, and so it won't be easy. But
 it's all for two very good causes: 
 - for Kingston Rotary Club, a great organisation that helps the Kingston
 Local Community in many varied ways and 
 - Leander Sea Scouts who offer challenging activities for over a hundred
 boys and girls from the local area.
 The event is on Saturday 9th September. It'll be all day, though I hope to
 be on the river from only 10am (near Millwall) till about 2.30pm (at the
 finish line in Ham). It would be really good if you could come and show your
 support; and/or, better still, give whatever you can at the following site:.”

 There is one race left in the joint Stragglers/Ranelagh junior handicap
 series. This is on Thursday 31st August at the Hawker Centre in Ham.
 Registration is from 7pm for a 7.30pm start. Full details:. 

 Rick Jenner writes:
 "The Descente London Duathlon, the world's biggest, takes place in Richmond
 Park Sunday 17 September 2017. There’s a challenge for everyone – Half
 Duathlon (5k run, 22k bike, 5k run), Duathlon (10k,44k,5k) and Ultra
 Duathlon (20k,77k,10k). Entry includes a Descente race jersey. Descente
 RUN10 is a 10k sharing the beautiful closed roads of Richmond Park with the
 world's biggest duathlon on Sunday 17 September 2017. Entry includes a
 Descente running T-shirt. There is £10 off any duathlon challenge with code
 RANELAGH10 and £5 off RUN10 with code RANELAGH5."

 Race Director Roy Reeder writes:
 “Now in its fourth year, this has become a popular local half marathon. I'm
 offering Ranelagh Harriers a £5 discount off the entry price until 31
 August. To claim the discount, enter the code 'RANHAR' at the Sport Systems
 store. Website:.

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:. BUT see note above about temporary closure of the track.

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook:. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil
 or Trevor ) ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager ( e-mail Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )      

 Thursday 31st August       Final race in the Junior Handicap series – see

 Saturday 2nd September  Surrey County Road Relay Championships. 12 noon
 start at Wimbledon Park. All senior age groups.  

 Tuesday 5th September   Monthly post-training social upstairs at the
 Roebuck. All welcome from 8.45-ish.

 Saturday 9th September  Opening Run and Thomas Cup 3.8 miles handicap
 preceded by the annual club photo. 3pm start.

 Saturday 24th September  South of England Road Relays at Crystal Palace.
 Men, women and vets races

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 PERSEVERANCE WIMBLEDON DASH 5km  Sunday 13th August at Wimbledon Park incl
 Surrey Road League and Surrey championships
 We have become so accustomed to Phil Wicks running away with these League
 races that when a competitor in a Croydon vest had the temerity to pursue
 him out of the stadium the general refrain was - He'll never last - So it
 came as quite a surprise when the Croydon man was seen to be still closely
 tracking Wicks as they re-entered the stadium - and not only that, but also
 sprinting past him in the finishing straight. The man in the Croydon vest
 was Peter Chambers and he was rewarded with the county championship and a
 course record on this hilly circuit. Penney of Hercules Wimbledon took third
 spot, pushing our leading man Jake Waldron off the podium and into fourth

 For the men's League trophy the last ditch shoot-out between ourselves and
 Reigate Priory failed to materialise as Reigate brought a weakened team
 which finished no higher than eighth. Ranelagh placed third thanks to Jake,
 Nick Impey and Eirin McDaid and that was good enough to bring the title our
 way. It was a close-run thing, however, for we finished level on points with
 Reigate and won only on count-back. We also placed third men's team in the
 county championship with Seiko Angelo replacing the ineligible Eirin McDaid
 as the third counter. Seiko also defeated his arch-rival Mark Rabbetts of
 the Windmilers to win gold in the county championship M50 class.      

 Our wome'’s team does not care to leave things until the last minute and had
 already secured the League trophy even before the final race had been
 completed. Even so, it was another close contest with a single point
 separating Ranelagh and second-placed Guildford and Godalming. The Gees
 actually placed first on the day and won the county team championship with
 Ranelagh - Laura Blazey, Becky Curtis-Hall and Suzy Whatmough - taking away
 the silver medals. Becky also won a bronze in the W35 category while the
 dependable Marie Synnott-Wells won W45 silver.
 SRI CHINMOY RELAY Monday 24th July in Battersea Park
 Alan Davidson writes:
 "The winning 0/70 team in the Sri Chinmoy Battersea Park relays contained
 two Ranelagh stalwarts John Pratt and Bill Harvey, easily beating the
 horribly named 'Overaged teenagers' team I was languishing in "

 Richard Gregory continued his summer on the track with a nifty 3k.

 1   B Toomer (Herc Wimb)      8:46.97
 5   Richard Gregory           8:51.75 

 THAMES MEANDER MARATHON  Saturday 12th August
 1   D Clark (unatt)           2:57.49
 118 Verka Lafeuille           4:44.52

 Jonathan Moore finished 7th overall and first M45.

 1   A Cumine (unatt)          75.28
 7   Jonathan Moore            82.41

 BURNHAM BEECHES 10km  Sunday 13th August
 1   L Jones (Dac & T)         36.12
 156 Pete Warren               57.57

 ROYAL PARKS SUMMER 10km  Sunday 20th August in Hyde Park
 1   J Ellis (TVH)             33.55
 104 Elisa Ferrua              46.45 
 315 Paul Wapshott             56.25
 444 Jon Sandapin              62.36
 452 Louise Wapshott           63.05          

 HERCULES WIMBLEDON 5K FESTVAL NIGHT  Wednesday 23rd August at Wimbledon
 Marc Snaith reports: 
 "Great runs last night! Carl A in particular blitzed his race, running solo
 and won by 13secs in 15:46! PBs also from Rich, Jon and Laura, whilst Ian,
 Carl S-H and Jake were just outside their bests."

 Race 1
 1   A Lyne (SLH)              18:09.31
 5   Laura Blazey              18:35.46  (1st woman)

 Race 2
 1   J Lyne (SLH)              16:58.43
 2   Marc Snaith               17:15.74

 Race 3
 1   E Cameron (VP&TH)         16:18.83
 11  Jonathan Smith            16:50.41

 Race 4
 1   Carl Assmundson           15:46.29
 11  Ian Kenton                16:32.36

 Race 5
  1   A Hamilton (SLH)          15:26.52
 11  Carl Selya-Hammer         16:10.82
 Race 6
 1   N Shreeve (CUH&H)         15:08.38
 9   Jake Waldron (N&EB)       15:31.90
 13  Richard Gregory           15:36.80
 1   P Hogben (Canterbury)     1:17.42
 306 Roger Wallace             2:23.09  

 parkrun results...
 For those of you who are not currently shown as Ranelagh in the parkrun
 database, it would be very helpful if you could update your details. You can
 also access Ranelagh results here:.       

 parkruns 5km Saturday 12th August

 Bushy Park
 Jonathan SMITH 17:24, James WHISTLER 19:20, Euan SINCLAIR (jnr) 20:24, Fiona
 FORD 20:34, Finlay SINCLAIR (jnr) 23:01, Wally GARROD 40:13, John HANSCOMB

 Richmond Park
 Andrew FORTH 20:16, Eamonn O'DWYER 20:38, Alberto ESGUEVILLAS 21:38, Jeremy
 DAY 22:38, Elisa FERRUA 22:45, Karl GARVEY 23:37, Hadi KHATAMIZADEH 23:43,
 Matt SOWTON 23:52, Amrut SHARMA 24:34, Jess HARBERT (jnr) 25:53, Clare DAY
 26:30, Ian HARRISON 26:42, Gavin HILLHOUSE 27:56, Andrew BROWN 31:16, Rob
 KITCHEN 31:37, Wendy FISHER 33:45, Katie WALTON 35:16, Penny MERRETT 36:47,
 Phil AIKEN 41:51, Pat HEWLETT 41:53

 Bedfont Lakes
 Daniel CHIECHI 22:25, Becky CURTIS-HALL 27:01, Rob CURTIS 27:03, Prelini
 CHIECHI 28:16

 Ted MOCKETT 17:23

 Hackney Marshes
 Sue CAMP 26:35

 Old Deer Park
 Francesca BATY-SYMES (jnr) 24:30, Mark ROPER 27:06, Luke MAGUIRE (jnr)
 27:15, Paula MAGUIRE 29:05, Katrina ROCHE 32:57, Louise ROPER 34:36

 Jo Billings was the second woman to finish.

 Jo BILLINGS 20:06, Philip ANDREWS 21:27, Chris CAMACHO 24:15, Kirsty NOBLE
 24:34, Chris CATO 25:54, Rachel REVETT 25:59, Fiona PUGH 27:16, Tom REAY

 Alan DAVIDSON 27:44

 Evelyn JOSLIN 28:47

 Su CLARK 36:16

 Paul DOYLE 19:16

 Crane Park
 Lydia ESLER 20:14, Richard GURD 22:13, Ann KEAREY 23:33, Kevin KEAREY 23:36,
 Tamsin BURLAND 25:38, Paul WAPSHOTT 26:06, Josie KEAREY (jnr) 26:26, Louise
 WAPSHOTT 30:16, Michelle BEAUMONT 32:49, Heather MARTINGELL 32:49, Michael
 WHITE 32:51

 Newent, Forest of Dean
 John ATKINSON 20:44

 Colette DORAN 27:59

 Bangor, Northern Ireland
 Peter FAULL 19:20, Matthew WILLIAMS 19:47

 Annemarie GOODRIDGE 34:19

 Swansea Bay
 Claire WARNER 26:02

 Bevendean Down
 Ally PICKARD 33:48, Paul SINTON-HEWITT 33:49

 Tooting Common
 Simon OGLE 20:26

 Edward FORBES 18:26

 Simon TAYLOR 25:26

 parkruns 5km Saturday 19th August

 Bushy Park
 George HOWARD 17:54, Ed SMITH 19:01, James WHISTLER 19:01, Marcus ATKINS
 20:52, Philip ANDREWS 21:50, Julie DRUMMOND 28:03, Jackie DUNKLEY 30:04,
 Wally GARROD 39:31

 Wimbledon Common
 Marie SYNNOTT-WELLS 21:12
 Richmond Park
 Jordan MUNGOVAN 18:04, Richard KIMBER 18:14, Matthew WILLIAMS 19:48, Peter
 FAULL 19:58, Adrienne BADDELEY 20:47, Eamonn O'DWYER 21:00, Wiebke KORTUM
 22:17, Elisa FERRUA 22:29, John HOBSON 23:10, Christopher READ 23:23, Amrut
 SHARMA 23:44, Simon TAYLOR 24:58, Margie MARSHALL 25:06, Ian HARRISON 27:15,
 Gavin HILLHOUSE 28:12, Carol AIKIN 29:09, Alison DICKS 29:13, Sue CAMP
 29:14, Andrew BROWN 29:39, Karolina KAFADAR 31:02, Philippa KITCHEN 37:18,
 Martin CLARK 40:42, Pat HEWLETT 42:31, Phil AIKEN 43:03

 Old Deer Park
 There was a brace of Ranelagh wins from Allan and Suzy  Whatmough and a
 third place from Kris Davidson.

 Allan WHATMOUGH 17:52, Kris DAVIDSON 19:21, Michael EVERARD 19:30, Bruce
 MCLAREN 19:44 Si MARTIN 19:58, Suzy WHATMOUGH 21:06, Stewart ANDERSON 21:13,
 Richard GURD 21:52, Kevin KNOWLES 21:56, Mark ROPER 26:31, Karima GRAHAM
 27:56, Lorna SMITH 29:32, Wyn WILLIAMS 37:13

 Hampstead Heath
 Katie WALTON 35:57

 Chris CATO 23:03, Kirsty NOBLE 23:43, Chris CAMACHO 24:23, Tom REAY 28:18

 Alan DAVIDSON 27:32 

 Milton Keynes
 Fiona PUGH 35:36

 Nonsuch Park
 Simon HEDGER 20:33

 Cannon Hill, Birmingham
 Jonathan SMITH 17:35

 Gunnersbury Park
 Colette DORAN 27:25, Penny MERRETT 34:39

 Gloucester North
 John ATKINSON 20:23

 Wormwood Scrubs
 Pete WARREN 28:15

 Crane Park
 Daniel LITTLE 18:44, Lydia ESLER 20:37, Kevin KEAREY 21:09, Philip ROBERTS
 22:32, Ann KEAREY 24:33, Josie KEAREY (jnr) 26:21, Claire WARNER 27:25,
 Christine DAVID 31:12, Tamsin BURLAND 32:07, Cindy CROUCHER 35:20, Su CLARK

 Warszawa Praga, Poland
 Rachel REVETT 23:26

 Chipping Sodbury
 Ashleigh FERRIS 35:22

 Preston Park
 John PRATT 27:38

 Jeremy DAY 23:18, Clare DAY 26:41

 Lyme Park
 Peter WEIR 23:55, Karen WEIR 28:43, Jo SINTON-HEWITT 31:18  Paul

 Reigate Priory
 Eirin McDaid finished first and Mark Herbert was third..

 Eirin McDAID 17:12, Mark HERBERT 18:20 

 Cabinteely, Ireland
 Paula MAGUIRE 28:16

 Rob CURTIS 22:34

 Donabate, Ireland
 Leeanne BRYCE 29:19

 Portsmouth Lakeside
 Michael WHITE 27:13

 Lac de Divonne, France
 Alastair RITCHIE 25:18

 Junior parkruns 2km 
 Sunday 13th August

 Nathaniel BOND 8:45 

 National cross-country championships at Crewe, 1927.