Newsdesk 2017

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 507               11th August 2017
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 HEADLINE NEWS                                                                     
 *  Ranelagh retain all three team titles in the Wedding Day 7km
 *  Eirin McDaid and Becky Curtis-Hall lead our team
 *  Nichola Jackson breaks her wrist in the World Long Distance Mountain
     Running Championship  
 *  Ranelagh juniors win the 5th race in the junior handicap series
 *  Fiona Ford, Rachel Revett and Molly Smith win the Ratchford Relay
 *  Final Grand Prix and Surrey Road League race-– Perseverance Wimbledon
     Dash 5km on 13th August 

 ...for 201-–18 are now overdue. England Athletics’ deadline was 30th June,
 all unpaid after that date will be considered unregistered. 
 The club membership fee includes the England Athletics registration and
 despite another increase in the England Athletics registration fee to £14,
 we are keeping our subscription rates unchanged for another year. Tha'’s £40
 for seniors, £20 for second-claim members and those who are retired and over
 60, £10 for under 20s and students and non-running members. There is also a
 £70 family membership. Preferred method of payment is by Bank Transfer: our
 account is at HSBC, sort code 40-23-29, account number 81109847; please add
 a message, for example SubscriptionJSmith. A Standing Order form is
 available from our website here:.
 Alternatively post a cheque to Membership Secretary, Ranelagh Harriers, 135a
 Petersham Road, Richmond, Surrey TW10 7AA or leave it in an envelope at the
 clubhouse. For any queries, e-mail the Membership Secretary

 Leading scores after nine events, one to go:
 (Open) Nick Impey 80, Ted Mockett 74, Jake Waldron 48, Carl Selya-Hammer 44,
 Jonathan Smith 37, Seiko Angelo 35, Mark Herbert 23, Suzy Whatmough 21, Mick
 Lane 20, Chris Bundhun 19, Laura Blazey 18, Stewart Anderson 18 
 (Men over 40) Michael Morris 25, Stewart Anderson 23, Michael Everard 21,
 Duncan Mallison 17, Philip Andrews 13, Richard Gurd 12, Steve Whitehead 12,
 Kris Davidson 11, Neil Rae 10 
 (Men Over 50) Seiko Angelo 30, Mick Lane 27, Simon Hedger 17, Stephen Logue
 16, Trevor Maguire 11, Martin Halvey 10, William Griffin 10, Alan Meaden 10,
 Phil Roberts 9, Bruce McLaren 8, Bill Neely 8 
 (Women)Suzy Whatmough 33, Laura Blazey 30, Becky Curtis-Hall 20, Marie
 Synnott-Wells 19, Wiebke Kortum 13, Fiona Ford 11, Rachel Revett 9, Becky
 Northmore 9, Ria Woodfield 7, Elisa Ferrua 7 
 (Women Over 40) Rachel Revett 33, Wiebke Kortum 18, Fiona Ford 12, Ann
 Kearey 7, Louise Wapshott 6, Niamh Holt 6, Prelini Chiechi 6, Louise
 Wapshott 5, Lara Werrett 5, Fiona Pugh 5 
 (Women Over 50) Marie Synnott-Wells 36, Carol Aikin 15, Bronwen Northmore
 13, Lorna Smith 12, Katrina Roche 10, Ally Pickard 10, Sally Bamford 9, Anna
 Reichwald 5, Annemarie Goodridge 4, Fiona Hopwood 4, Deborah Blakemore 4 
 Full scoreboard and race details are here:. The next and final race is the
 Perseverance Wimbledon Dash 5k on Sunday 13th August. See below for details.

 Six of the seven League events have now been completed-– up to the Elmbridge
 10k-– and our wome'’s team holds a healthy lead over Woking and London City,
 with Guildford and Godalming still lurking in the background. It looks as if
 Ranelagh should be home and dry, but it could still be a close-run thing.
 For the men i'’s even closer. Ranelagh and Reigate Priory are level on
 points and it will all come down to a shoot-out at the last race, which is
 the Perseverance Wimbledon Dash 5k. In the individual competitions Laura
 Blazey and Suzy Whatmough look set to finish 2nd and 3rd in the Senior Women
 class. Marie Synnott-Wells is joint top of the W45 category, but is likely
 to be pushed back at the last race. Nick Impey is in 2nd place in the Senior
 Men, but is also in danger of being overtaken, amongst others by Jake
 Waldron. Conversely, Seiko Angelo is currently 5th in the M50s but could
 move up to a podium place. Full scoreboard:. 

 SURREY ROAD RELAYS  Saturday 2nd September at Wimbledon Park. 12 noon start
 from the stadium. All age groups run together but there are championships
 for senior men and women, M40s, M50s, M60s, W35s and W45s. The lap is about
 3 miles, and each race consists of four laps - excepting the senior men who
 cover six laps and the M60s and W45s who cover only three. Contact the
 captains if you would like to run.   

 As usual, this will be the 6km handicap race for the Thomas Cup on Saturday
 9th September. The annual club photo will be taken at about 2.45pm in the
 Park opposite the clubhouse, and the first starters in the race will be set
 off as soon after 3pm as we can get everyone assembled at the start. The
 start and finish are beside Sidmouth Wood opposite Pembroke Lodge.    

 Race Director Rick Jenner writes:
"“I'm looking for a bit more help for next year's Ranelagh 10k - nothing huge
 but having a small team makes it more fun and manageable. If you could spare
 some time in the build up to help with a specific task (e.g. marketing,
 signage, suppliers) please rickjenner77@gmail.com. It also might be a
 good opportunity for a youngster wanting to get some experience and
 demonstrate their skills. And please share. Thanks"” 
 PERSEVERANCE WIMBLEDON DASH 5km  Sunday 13th August at Wimbledon Park.
 9.30am start.
 This is the final race in both the Ranelagh Grand Prix and the Surrey Road
 League. The entry limit of 250 has been reached and there will be no entries
 on the day. Details:.   

 SURREY 10,000 metres TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP  Saturday 26th August at Tooting Bec
 Entries are now open here:.

 There is one race left in the joint Stragglers/Ranelagh junior handicap
 series. This on Thursday 31st August at the Hawker Centre in Ham.
 Registration is from 7pm for a 7.30pm start. Full details:. 

 Rick Jenner writes:
 " The Descente London Duathlon, the world's biggest, takes place in Richmond
 Park Sunday 17 September 2017. Ther'’s a challenge for everyone-– Half
 Duathlon (5k run, 22k bike, 5k run), Duathlon (10k,44k,5k) and Ultra
 Duathlon (20k,77k,10k). Entry includes a Descente race jersey. Descente
 RUN10 is a 10k sharing the beautiful closed roads of Richmond Park with the
 world's biggest duathlon on Sunday 17 September 2017. Entry includes a
 Descente running T-shirt. There is £10 off any duathlon challenge with code
 RANELAGH10 and £5 off RUN10 with code RANELAGH5 "

 Race Director Roy Reeder writes:
 " Now in its fourth year, this has become a popular local half marathon. I'm
 offering Ranelagh Harriers a £5 discount off the entry price until 31
 August. To claim the discount, enter the code 'RANHAR' at the Sport Systems
 store here:.

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:.

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil
 or Trevor ) ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager ( e-mail Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )      

 Sunday 13th August         Perseverance Wimbledon Dash 5km. 9.30am start. GP
 and League event – see above.

 Thursday 31st August       Final race in the Junior Handicap series – see

 Saturday 2nd September  Surrey County Road Relay Championships. 12 noon
 start at Wimbledon Park. All senior age groups.  

 Saturday 9th September  Opening Run and Thomas Cup 3.8 miles handicap
 preceded by the annual club photo. 3pm start.

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 WEDDING DAY 7km  Friday 28th July in Bushy Park 
 As ever the Wedding Day race proved very popular with Ranelagh members and
 the local running fraternity in general. Perhaps i'’s the course-– flat and
 fast in the pleasant surroundings of Bushy Park – that is the attraction, or
 maybe i'’s because i'’s held on a Friday evening, with a bar on site ready
 to help you relax into the weekend. Wherever the truth lies, more than 60
 Ranelaghs lined up for the race and we were thus immediately guaranteed one
 team award at least. This was the Father Onn Trophy for the club with the
 highest number of finishers (excluding organisers The Stragglers). That
 trophy has made the Ranelagh clubhouse its second home and w'’ll hope to
 hang on to it for a few more years yet.

 Last year we won two more trophies-– the me'’s and wome'’s team prizes.
 Could we do it again? Certainly we could. In the me'’s race we had nobody at
 the very sharp end but Eirin McDaid led a blue mini-wave occupying all but
 one of the finishing spots between 5th and 10th. Well done Eirin, Ted
 Mockett, Jonathan Smith, Mark Herbert and Allan Whatmough, that was the
 me'’s trophy taken care of. There were four more Ranelagh men in the top

 On the wome'’s side things were not quite so clear cut. Our first two home
 were Becky Curtis-Hall and Fiona Ford in 11th and 12th places and not far
 behind in 16th was Suzy Whatmough. Also in the top thirty were Becky
 Northmore and Marie Synnott-Wells. Our team packing turned out to be good
 enough to secure the trophy. Fiona also made it onto the podium as the first
 W45 home.          

 Phil Killingley adds: "Jon Smith got his best ever age grading by some way -
 74.7%, as did Mark Herbert with 75.6%.  I make this Mark's best run by some
 way in his seven or so years with the club.  A pleasingly speedy run from
 new man Ed Perry too - well done all "  

 1   Joe Croft (SLH)           22.30  
 2   Andrius Jaksevicius (Bel) 22.41      
 3   Michael Skinner (B&B)     22.46      
 5   Eirin McDaid (Ranelagh)   24.14      
 7   Ted Mockett               24.25      
 8   Jonathan Smith            24.29      
 9   Mark Herbert              24.36      
 10  Allan Whatmough           24.40
 11  Steph McCall (SLH)        24.46  (1st woman)     
 14  Dave Lawley               24.56      
 15  James Whistler            24.57      
 18  Richard Kimber            25.21      
 20  Ed Perry                  25.25      
 33  Michael Morris            26.08    
 36  Michael Everard           26.13    
 39  Marc Snaith               26.23      
 52  Neil Rae                  26.42    
 53  Seiko Angelo              26.48    
 66  Edward Forbes             27.16      
 69  Dan Little                27.22      
 85  Becky Curtis-Hall         28.11    
 92  Fiona Ford                28.28    
 106 Stewart Anderson          28.57    
 110 Philip Andrews            29.12    
 116 Suzy Whatmough            29.22      
 128 Richard Gurd              29.49    
 142 Rebecca Northmore         30.23      
 146 Nick Impey                30.26     
 161 Marie Synnott-Wells       30.59    
 170 Stephen Aikin             31.15    
 186 Daniel Chiechi            31.36    
 196 Stephen Logue             31.57    
 197 Rob Curtis                31.59    
 200 Toby Cooper               32.02      
 222 Chris Read                32.37    
 228 Rachel Revett             32.48    
 238 Hadi Khatamizadeh         33.00      
 324 Carol Aikin               36.01    
 329 Tamsin Burland            36.14    
 335 Phil Roberts              36.25    
 352 Caroline Hall             37.07    
 388 Cathy Holman              38.34    
 393 Sue Camp                  38.45    
 394 Prelini Chiechi           38.45    
 396 Fiona Pugh                38.53    
 406 Lorna Smith               39.32    
 411 Laura Cole                39.44      
 430 Siobhan Sharp             40.31      
 437 Melanie Davison           40.40    
 460 Paul Wapshott             42.24    
 475 David Meaden              43.35    
 478 Louise Wapshott           43.45    
 480 Bronwen Northmore         43.48    
 484 Alan Meaden               44.15    
 485 Jane Craigie-Payne        44.19    
 487 Michael White             44.20    
 496 Christine David           44.54    
 504 Deborah Blakemore         45.38    
 516 Tracey Small              46.41    
 519 Penny Merrett             47.10    
 544 Anne Childs               49.47    
 545 Clive Naish               49.49    
 560 Su Clark                  52.09    
 574 Lexi Slaughter            57.38    
 575 Beverley Ali              57.59    
 the Hawker Centre
 There were 43 runners in all for the main event in the penultimate race of
 the series. Until today it looked very much as if the Flaming Penguins team
 had the team competition already sewn up. But they were low on numbers and
 for once the slightly esoteric scoring system worked in our favour. Four
 runners in the top ten gave us a hatful of points whereas the Penguins had
 slim pickings and finished way down in 4th place. They amassed a score of
 only 9 points against Ranelagh's 44. Overall they remain in the lead but the
 margin is now an eminently catchable 9 points. 

 First home for Ranelagh was Oliver Beal, 3rd overall and officially 1st boy.
 Angus '’Brien and Ben Rushby were 2nd and 3rd boys with James Ricketts not
 far behind. We fielded 11 runners altogether. There were only three sub-8
 minutes times posted this month, the top two of these coming from Ranelagh's
 Ben Riedel 7.47 and Matthew Beal 7.57. In the overall individual competition
 Alfie Lafeuille lies in 2nd place with Angus O'Brien 5th.   

 In the Minis race, Remy Lafeuille was the clear winner.

 1   L Hughes (F Penguins)     16.25 (actual time 11.25 - first timer)
 3   Oliver Beal (Ranelagh)    17.38 (9.08)
 5   Angus O'Brien             18.57 (10.57)
 7   Ben Rushby                19.09 (9.39)
 9   James Ricketts            19.16 (11.46)
 14  Alfie Lafeuille           19.26 (8.26)
 18  Nathaniel Bond            19.36 (8.36)
 28  Ben Riedel                19.47 (7.47)
 31  Sam Rushby                19.52 (8.22)
 32  Matthew Beal              19.53 (7.53)
 35  James Rushby              20.23 (9.23)
 41  Cian O'Brien              20.56 (15.56)

 1   Ranelagh H           44  (overall 156)
 2   Coombe Hill Sch      14  (63)
 3   Speedy 7             14  (36)
 4   Flaming Penguins      9  (165)
 5   The Stragglers        8  (47)
 6   Tower House Sch       6  (8)
 7   Sheen Shufflers       4  (47)
 13 schools and clubs represented                 

 RATCHFORD RELAY  Tuesday 1st August in Richmond Park
 Becky Curtis-Hall reports:
"“The Ratchford Relay is a bit of a different event, set-up to honour Frances
 Ratchford and her involvement with expanding the women's side of the club.
 It is a team event for the women to test their ability to run 1k and
 strategic lap selections over six laps. Teams are organised on the night
 with three runners, nominally each team includes one fast, one medium and
 one slower runner, but as with all these things there can be some

 Such was the case this year, when Fiona Ford came out of the clubhouse
 looking mighty pleased with being assigned as a "medium" and thus only
 running two laps. Fiona was first V45 woman at the recent Wedding Day 7k, so
 we knew there had been a mistake. Luckily she and Rachel Revett swapped so
 Fiona did end up having to run three laps of the course after all. 

 Twelve women lined up on the start line and as usual most teams had selected
 their fastest runner to go first, so lap 1 was rather pacey affair, with
 five women running under 4 minutes and several more merely seconds away.
 Lydia Esler ran away from the field to clearly put her team in first place
 with a sub 3:30 clocking - the fastest I have ever seen put on the lumpy
 trail course. However, quietly mid pack at this stage Rachel ran a very
 impressive 4:11 that was ominous of things to come. 

 Lap 2 saw an impressive debut from Laura Cole in 4:33 who had taken over
 from Julia Bailey, but it was Sue Sinclair who came home in the lead,
 retaining Lydia's advantage from lap 1. Lap 3 is where things get
 interesting, depending on whether you decide to go with a second lap from
 the fastest runner or your slower runner does her lap. Positions at the end
 of this one can be deceiving, as it was when Lydia and I filled the top two
 spots. Lap 4 saw Sally Bamford run a fantastic lap and hand over to me in
 first place, and when I got round to complete my third lap I handed over to
 9 year old Poppy who had only come down to watch her mum run and ended up
 getting talked into running! 

 Fiona went off not long after though and took the lead with about 400m to
 go, from where she held it strongly to the finish. Then there was a battle
 between Julia and Lydia for the podium places with Julia just coming out in
 front. Poppy came in shortly after, with an amazing run for 4th place.
 Special mentions must go to Fanny Vein who pulled a muscle in her thigh by
 slipping at the start of lap 1 and still managed to do three laps and
 Charlie Hyde who ran her laps as part of a 25k long run" 

    1st TEAM                       
  8 Rachel Revett        4.11  4.11 
  2 Fiona Ford           8.03  3.52 
  7 Molly Smith         13.23  5.20 
  3 Fiona Ford          17.12  3.49 
  2 Rachel Revett       21.25  4.13 
  1 Fiona Ford          25.19  3.54 
     2nd TEAM                       
  4 Julia Bailey         3.58  3.58 
  5 Laura Cole           8.31  4.33 
  3 Julia Bailey        12.31  4.00 
  2 Emma Flynn          17.10  4.39 
  3 Laura Cole          21.49  4.39 
  2 Julia Bailey        25.56  4.07 
     3rd TEAM                       
  1 Lydia Esler          3.26  3.26 
  1 Sue Sinclair         7.48  4.22 
  1 Lydia Esler         11.26  3.38 
  4 Anne Childs         17.58  6.32 
  3 Sue Sinclair        22.30  4.32 
  3 Lydia Esler         25.59  3.29 
     4th TEAM                       
  2 Becky Curtis-Hall    3.34  3.34 
  3 Sally Bamford        8.18  4.44 
  2 Becky Curtis-Hall   12.04  3.46 
  1 Sally Bamford       16.49  4.45 
  1 Becky Curtis-Hall   20.34  3.45 
  4 Poppy Cove          26.15  5.41 
     5th TEAM                       
  5 Wiebke Kortum        3.59  3.59 
  6 Fiona Pugh           8.47  4.48 
  5 Wiebke Kortum       12.57  4.10 
  5 Joanna Kinchlea     18.11  5.14 
  6 Fiona Pugh          23.04  4.53 
  5 Wiebke Kortum       27.09  4.05 
     6th TEAM                       
  7 Marianne Malam       4.08  4.08 
  4 Jo Sinton-Hewitt     8.29  4.21 
  4 Marianne Malam      12.43  4.14 
  7 Jackie Dunkley      18.42  5.59 
  7 Jo Sinton-Hewitt    23.10  4.28 
  6 Marianne Malam      27.23  4.13 
     7th TEAM                       
  3 Fanny Vein           3.53  3.53 
  9 Angela Duffy         9.02  5.09 
 10 Bronwen Northmore   14.21  5.19 
  6 Fanny Vein          18.14  3.53 
  9 Angela Duffy        23.47  5.33 
  7 Fanny Vein          27.41  3.54 
    8th TEAM                       
  6 Rebecca Northmore    4.01  4.01 
  7 Deepa Sharma         8.55  4.54 
  6 Rebecca Northmore   13.03  4.08 
  8 Katie Walton        18.57  5.54 
  5 Rebecca Northmore   22.58  4.01 
  8 Deepa Sharma        27.58  5.00 
    9th TEAM                       
 12 Anna Reichwald       4.33  4.33 
 10 Lorelle Garland      9.12  4.39 
 11 Marie Davies        14.23  5.11 
  9 Anna Reichwald      19.01  4.38 
  9 Lorelle Garland     23.42  4.41 
  9 Anna Reichwald      28.17  4.35 
    10th TEAM                       
 11 Margie Marshall      4.32  4.32 
  8 Alison O'Brien       9.00  4.28 
  8 Margie Marshall     13.37  4.37 
 11 Katrina Roche       19.33  5.56 
 10 Alison O'Brien      24.02  4.29 
 10 Margie Marshall     28.38  4.36 
    11th TEAM                       
  9 Carol Aikin          4.21  4.21 
 11 Lorna Smith          9.20  4.59 
  9 Carol Aikin         14.00  4.40 
 10 Louise Wapshott     19.30  5.30 
 11 Lorna Smith         24.35  5.05 
 11 Carol Aikin         29.11  4.36 
    12th TEAM                       
 10 Charlotte Hyde       4.25  4.25 
 12 Sue Camp             9.29  5.04 
 12 Annemarie Goodridge 15.38  6.09 
 12 Charlotte Hyde      20.15  4.37 
 12 Sue Camp            25.16  5.01 
 12 Charlotte Hyde      29.55  4.39 

 St MAGNUS MARATHON  Sunday 2nd July at Kirkwall, Orkney
 Rue Turner reports:
"“On Sunday 2nd July was the St Magnus Marathon in Orkney, the UK's most
 northerly marathon. The course is considered rather tough with 422m of
 elevation and has outstanding scenic views along the route from St Magnus
 Cathedral to the rocky coast at Birsay. Despite 30 km/h head winds I
 finished my first marathon in 23rd place with a time of 4:05:48 sporting the
 club colours.

 1   J Pyrah (Hastings)        2:56.05
 23  Rue Turner                4:05.48

 Bonnie Webster sends details of two recent triathlons in which she and Alyn
 have recorded some excellent results. First, in the Race to the Bill event
 at Portland on 18th June, Al finished 2nd overall and first M40 in a time of
 2:12.03. Bonnie went one better by placing 1st woman and first W40 in
 2:22.58. Then in the Weymouth Classic race Bonnie finished 2nd overall and
 1st W40 in 2:16.01.

 ELMBRIDGE 10km  Sunday 23rd July at Walton-on-Thames
 Here is Michael Morri'’s report for the SWLondoner:.

 SRI CHINMOY FLYING FALCON 5KM  Monday 31st July in Battersea Park
 1   J Hoy (AFD)               14.37
 132 Ian Keith                 22.52
 167 Alan Davidson             27.18

 Premana, Italy
 There was wretched luck for Nichola Jackson. She writes"“Well my first World
 Championships didn't quite end the way I hoped...a suspected broken wrist
 after falling on the first descent meant it was game over. Absolutely
 heart-breaking to say the least. However, I did get rescued by the
 helicopter which was incredible, although a little terrifying"”

 August at Aarhus, Denmark
 Heather Martingell reports:
"“I ran the championship Half Marathon incorporated into the Aarhus City Half
 Marathon. I'd plotted the route into an online plan so I knew prior to the
 event the amount of sharp twists and turns on the course. However the
 mixture of surfaces including slippery steel road plates and large stretches
 of cobbles were a tad lethal in the rain but I gave it my best. The weather
 was windy, gusts first one way then another, rain, sun ad infinitum.

 I checked the results before leaving the venue to see how any of us had
 fared, particularly the W35 composite team. They won Gold! DQs, corrections
 and adjusted results took ages but gave me the wonderful opportunity to chat
 to Angela Copson, 70 year-old Marathon record holder. On paper, I was one of
 the slowest of the W50s and 4th of the Brits so I didn't think I would be
 part of a potential medal team but to my enormous surprise I was part of the
 team winning W50 Team Silver (Susan MacDonald 1:30.09, Tracey Gibson
 1:38.33, Heather Martingell 1:46.09). There's something about wearing a GB
 vest that makes you raise your game. I know I certainly run with a different
 mindset. So it was a learning experience/curve for future championships: in
 my last experience I ran scared of being overtaken by any Portuguese age
 category female to lose our medal prospects and this time I didn't think I
 was part of our W50 team" 

 parkrun results...
 For those of you who are not currently shown as Ranelagh in the parkrun
 database, it would be very helpful if you could update your details. You can
 also access Ranelagh results here:.       

 parkruns 5km Saturday 29th July

 Bushy Park
 James WHISTLER 20:19, Philip ANDREWS 21:03, Rachel REVETT 24:21, Wally
 GARROD 39:19, John HANSCOMB 52:42

 Wimbledon Common
 Jarryd HILLHOUSE  23:33

 Richmond Park
 Edward FORBES 19:26, Bill NEELY 20:19, Eamonn O'DWYER 20:44, Gary LEE 22:34,
 Cecily DAY (jnr) 24:01, James RUSHBY (jnr) 24:19, Hadi KHATAMIZADEH 24:26,
 Margie MARSHALL 25:21, Maia RUSHBY 26:02, Stephen AIKIN 26:37, Phil RUSHBY
 26:43, Gavin HILLHOUSE 26:53, Clare DAY 26:57, Michael SIKORA 27:01, Aoife
 KILPATRICK 27:36, Rebecca NORTHMORE 27:55, Fiona PUGH 28:37, Colin BRETT
 29:34, Tomas STERNER 31:17, Annemarie GOODRIDGE 34:50, Wendy FISHER 35:29,
 Phil AIKEN 43:48, Pat HEWLETT 45:16, Beverley ALI 48:00, Andrew BROWN 51:55

 Bedfont Lakes
 Rob CURTIS 27:01, Becky CURTIS-HALL 27:01, Colette DORAN 28:40

 Old Deer Park
 Allan Whatmough was first across the line.
 Allan WHATMOUGH 18:19, Kevin KNOWLES 22:59, Jo SINTON-HEWITT 26:15

 Jo Billings was the leading woman.
 Jo BILLINGS 19:30, Kirsty NOBLE 24:56, Chris CAMACHO 24:58, Rob KITCHEN
 29:40, Chris CATO 30:03, Martin CLARK 38:43

 Evelyn JOSLIN 28:01, Ian BINGHAM 28:03

 Alan DAVIDSON 28:10

 Estelle Damant was third woman.
 Estelle DAMANT 19:48

 Alberto ESGUEVILLAS 20:41, Sue CAMP 27:15 

 Katie WALTON 34:47

 Michael WHITE 27:44

 Nathaniel BOND (jnr) 23:30

 Crane Park
 Mark Herbert and Eirin McDaid finished first and second.
 Mark HERBERT 18:05, Eirin MC DAID 18:05, Lydia ESLER 20:01, Gordon WHITSON
 21:47, Chris BROOK 21:50, Daniel CHIECHI 22:14, Prelini CHIECHI 28:14,
 Victoria ORME 30:30, Tamsin BURLAND 32:33, Paul WAPSHOTT 32:45, Cindy

 Upton Court
 Heather MARTINGELL 23:31

 Newent, Forest of Dean
 John ATKINSON 20:32

 Yeovil Montacute
 Lexi Keech was third woman.
 Lexi KEECH 22:23

 Reigate Priory
 Duncan MALLISON 20:01

 Marina Quayle 30:04

 Sam RUSHBY (jnr) 22:50, Ben RUSHBY (jnr) 27:25

 Nick FORDHAM 20:31, Peter FORDHAM 28:54

 Gorey (Ireland)  
 Niamh HOLT 23:10

 parkruns 5km Saturday 5th August

 Bushy Park
 Nick WRIGHT 18:21, Philip ANDREWS 20:03, Clare FOWLER 20:31, Euan SINCLAIR
 (jnr) 20:52, Rachel REVETT 23:11, Rebecca NORTHMORE 25:52, Janet TURNES
 30:56, Wally GARROD 40:01

 Wimbledon Common
 Ben SHORE 22:11

 Richmond Park
 Eirin McDaid was the anonymous first finisher and Ted Mockett and Adrienne
 Baddeley registered a pair of third places.
 Eirin McDAID 16:53, Ted MOCKETT 17:47, Jonathan SMITH 17:57, Mark HERBERT
 17:57, David LAWLEY 18:26, Peter FAULL 20:24, Adrienne BADDELEY 21:06,
 Michael MORRIS 21:06, Stephen AIKIN 22:11, Elisa FERRUA 23:01, Matt AIKIN
 24:26, Ian KEITH 24:45, Carol AIKIN 25:29, Sue CAMP 26:53, Alastair RITCHIE
 27:23, Hadi KHATAMIZADEH 27:55, Andrew BROWN 28:49, Colette DORAN 30:50,
 Ellen VAN KEULEN 31:57, Catherine HOLMAN 31:57, Bronwen NORTHMORE 32:04,
 Ellie LAWLEY 32:14, Deepa SHARMA 32:14, Wendy FISHER 35:20, Martin CLARK
 41:03, Phil AIKEN 44:04, Beverley ALI 48:03, Pat HEWLETT 48:25, Michael
 SIKORA 48:26

 Old Deer Park
 Stewart ANDERSON 21:07, Jodie GRAY 25:12, Luke MAGUIRE (jnr) 27:49, Katrina
 ROCHE 34:45, Lorna SMITH 39:44, Melanie DAVISON 39:45, Joanne SINTON-HEWITT
 39:46, Deborah BLAKEMORE 39:46, Katie WALTON 39:47 

 Ed Perry finished third.
 Ed PERRY 17:53, Chris CAMACHO 24:26, James MCLAUCHLAN (jnr) 25:39, Charlie
 MCLAUCHLAN (jnr) 26:40, Chris CATO 26:49, Jackie DUNKLEY 30:55 

 Evelyn JOSLIN 30:14

 Alan DAVIDSON 27:21

 Moors Valley
 Bobby JACKSON 21:13

 Heather MARTINGELL 30:08


 Wormwood Scrubs
 Pete WARREN 28:11

 Margie MARSHALL 24:02

 Mile End
 Verka LAFEUILLE 24:42

 Paul DOYLE 19:37

 Crane Park
 Daniel LITTLE 20:00, Richard GURD 21:19, Gordon WHITSON 21:37, Daniel
 CHIECHI 23:00, Kevin JACQUES 24:04, Tamsin BURLAND 26:52, Paul WAPSHOTT
 27:49, Prelini CHIECHI 27:52, Rebecca CURTIS-HALL 27:59, Rob CURTIS 28:40,
 Victoria ORME 30:19, Michelle BEAUMONT 31:02, Michael WHITE 31:03, Louise
 WAPSHOTT 31:24, Tracey SMALL 32:53, Danni CROUCHER 34:37, Cindy CROUCHER

 Nick FORDHAM 19:50, Peter FORDHAM 25:54

 Newent, Forest of Dean
 John ATKINSON 20:52

 Sheffield Castle
 Peter WEIR 21:28, Karen WEIR 23:59

 Yeovil Montacute 
 Lexi KEECH (jnr) 21:18

 Longrun Meadow
 Matt SOWTON 22:38

 Reigate Priory
 Duncan MALLISON 19:46

 Ed SMITH 19:33

 Junior parkruns 2km 
 Sunday 6th August

 Bushy Park
 Finlay SINCLAIR 8:22, Eilidh SINCLAIR 10:36

 Savill Gardens
 James RICKETTS 12:42, Thomas LANE 15:20, Matthew LANE 17:16, Aaron SCALLY
 18:02, Connor SCALLY 20:10

 Nathaniel BOND 9:04, Angus O'BRIEN 16:10, Cian O'BRIEN 16:29 

 From the Financial Times, April 10th 1904
 It had been hoped, after the enormous success of last yea'’s May Day Stock
 Exchange walk to Brighton, that a similar match would be arranged for May
 Day this year; but the police refused to sanction it. The public interest
 aroused last year was so great that tens of thousands of people gathered at
 the start, the finish and various parts of the route, involving the
 obstruction of the road and heavy work on the "man in blu". But
 Mr.T.E.Hammond and several other pedestrians of the Stock Exchange have
 managed to achieve their purpose. It was essential to keep the event a dead
 secret, and members heard with amazement on Saturday that a walk to Brighton
 was in progress. It was managed because the members in question happened to
 belong to one or the other of the Ranelagh and Blackheath Harriers. No
 public interest was thus aroused when the harriers held their walking race
 from Westminster to Brighton - in which the Stock Exchange cracks joined.