Newsdesk 2017

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 500               5th May 2017
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 *  Carl Selya-Hammer and Fiona Ford win the club Marathon championships at
     the "London"
 *  Mike Peace maintains his London Marathon ever-present record
 *  Izzy Atkins finishes 4th in the London Mini Marathon 
 *  Another successful Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon
 *  Individual winners Ollie Garrod (Epsom & Ewell) and Alice Germana'
 *  Richard Gregory and Laura Blazey win club Half Marathon championships,
     Laura also takes a county silver medal
 *  Ranelagh teams both do the double - first in the open and in the county
 *  Many thanks to the Half Marathon organising team
 *  Ranelagh juniors win the first race of the Stragglers/Ranelagh handicap
 *  Ian Kenton wins Last Friday 5km in Hyde Park
 *  Nic Jackson finishes 2nd in the Yorkshire Three Peaks race
 *  Archie St Aubyn and Gill Sanders first home in the Kingfisher Aquathlon 
 *  More Marathon news
 *  Sutton 10km this Sunday
 *  Richmond 10km on Sunday 18th June - enter now, or volunteer to help
 *  Subscriptions for 2017/18 are now due

 ...for 2017-18 are now due.
 The club membership fee includes the England Athletics registration and
 despite another increase in the England Athletics registration fee to 14,
 we are keeping our subscription rates unchanged for another year. That's 40
 for seniors, 20 for second-claim members and those who are retired and over
 60, 10 for under 20s and students and non-running members. There is also a
 70 family membership. Preferred method of payment is by Bank Transfer: our
 account is at HSBC, sort code 40-23-29, account number 81109847; please add
 a message, for example SubscriptionJSmith. A Standing Order form is
 available from our website here: . Alternatively post a
 cheque to Membership Secretary, Ranelagh Harriers, 135a Petersham Road,
 Richmond, Surrey TW10 7AA or leave it in an envelope at the clubhouse. For
 any queries, e-mail the Membership Secretary aachrisowens@yahoo.co.uk.  

 If you are thinking of applying for a place in the 2018 London Marathon, you
 have only until 5pm today (Friday 5th May) in which to submit your name for
 the public ballot. For details see.

 SUTTON 10km  Sunday 7th May
 Following our Half Marathon, this is the next race in the Surrey Road League
 and the Ranelagh Road Grand Prix. 9.30am start at Nonsuch Park. 

 RANELAGH RICHMOND 10k  Sunday 18th June
 Race Director Rick Jenner writes:
 "In a few weeks it'll be time for the Ranelagh 10k on Sunday 18th June.
 Entries are now open, so please do visit here: to put
 your name down. 45 members already have. You may notice we've had to put
 prices up by 1 to 13 this year to account for the increased costs in
 putting on the event but it's still got to be the best value event around.
 In past years we've had a fantastic number of Ranelagh members enter, as
 well as great support from people helping out as marshals etc. We need over
 50 people to ensure the safe running of the event so if you can spare the
 time please email Hannah at ranelagh10khelpers@gmail.com. Whether you're
 running or helping, please put the date in your diaries and spread the word
 to friends and family."

 Last week's Towpath 10 was the opening race in our road Grand Prix. The
 second event is a spring Marathon - GP scores will be calculated on times
 recorded in any Marathon up to the date of the third GP race, which was our
 Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon on 30th April.  Scores and race details are
 here:. Subsequent races are the
 Sutton 10km on 7th May and the Dorking 10 miles on 4th June. 

 Andy Bickerstaff writes:
 "This is the 4th year your ever stressed Ranelagh Chief Race Organiser will
 be doing the trail series of races on Wednesday evenings on Wimbledon
 Common. The first race on 3rd May has already taken place and as predicted
 looked like a mob match between Clapham and Fulham. Two Ranelagh took part
 but it would be good to see a few more of my own club keeping their cross
 country skills alive over this summer and giving those clubs a race. Enter
 here: for the
 second race on June 7th or click through to number three on July 5th. As
 ever a free bar is provided after the race for anyone who can help me out on
 the evenings - please get in touch here:." 

 The joint Stragglers/Ranelagh junior handicap series began on Thursday 27th
 April. There are six events altogether, the first took place at the Hawker
 Centre, the second and third are from the Ranelagh clubhouse on Thursday
 18th May and Thursday 8th June and the remainder are back at the Hawker
 Centre. Registration is from 7pm for a 7.30pm start. Full details:. 

 Race Director Roy Reeder writes:
 "Now in its fourth year, this has become a popular local half marathon. I'm
 offering Ranelagh Harriers a 5 discount off the entry price until 31
 August. To claim the discount, enter the code 'RANHAR' at the Sport Systems
 store here:.

 Our annual "mini mob match" against the Stragglers will take place this year
 on Saturday 24th June, incorporated within the Bushy Park parkrun. Please
 note the date now, and opt for the Bushy Park parkrun that day rather than
 your usual favourite.

 Karen Weir writes:
 "Ex-Ranelagh head coach, Karen Weir, is launching a new 'Strength and
 Stretch' session aimed at runners looking to incorporate a strength and
 conditioning element into their regular training programme. The session will
 be held fortnightly on a Wednesday at St Mary's in Strawberry Hill and will
 include; warm up and mobility, specific strength exercises that target the
 common weaknesses in runners (using only body weight or very basic equipment
 so you can replicate them at home without needing a gym membership). The
 session will finish with a mobility and stretching component. Karen is
 offering the first session to Ranelagh members for 5, thereafter it is 10
 a session on a pay as you go basis (or 50 for 6 sessions bought in
 advance). The first was on Wednesday 26th April, fortnightly thereafter,
 7.45-8.45pm at the Rehab Gym, St Mary's. Please email hello@runwithkaren.com
 for more information or to reserve your place."

 Tom Roberts from St Mary's University writes:
 "I am currently recruiting for a research study looking into recovery
 strategies from exercise induced muscle damage at St. Mary's University,
 Twickenham, in return for physiological testing worth over 100. The
 research will take place over the summer months from May until July and the
 aim is to assess the benefits of varying recovery strategies following
 exercise. Participants will be required to come to St. Mary's University,
 Twickenham for 3 consecutive days for ~90 minutes on the 1st day and ~30
 minutes on days 2 and 3. In return for participation we are offering free
 VO2 Max test and Body Fat% measurements.. For further details please email
 Tom Roberts at 155954@live.stmarys.ac.uk."

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:.

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil
 or Trevor ) ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager ( e-mail Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )      

 Sunday 7th May                 Sutton 10km. Entries closed.

 Thursday 18th May             Stragglers / Ranelagh Junior Handicap Series
 race 2. 7.30pm start (register from 7pm) at the Ranelagh clubhouse. See
 above for details. 

 Saturday 20th / Sunday 21st May    Green Belt Relay

 Sunday 4th June                Dorking 10 miles. Entry and details:

 Thursday 8th June             Stragglers / Ranelagh Junior Handicap Series
 race 3. 7.30pm start (register from 7pm) at the Ranelagh clubhouse. See
 above for details. 

 Sunday 18th June             Ranelagh Richmond 10km. See above.

 Saturday 24th June           Mini mob match v The Stragglers at the Bushy
 Park parkrun. All needed! 

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 LONDON MARATHON  Sunday 23rd April
 It was a record-breaking day for the London Marathon. First, once again, the
 size: 40,048 officially started the race, of whom 39,487 finished. Then the
 well-nigh perfect conditions enabled Kenyan Mary Keitany to survive a
 near-suicidal early pace and hang on to set a new world record for a
 women-only race of 2:17.01. Paula Radcliffe of course still holds the
 outright record at 2:15.25 back in 2003 but she was assisted by male
 pacemakers. There were no records in the men's race, but there was an
 exciting finish as the relatively unheralded Daniel Wanjiru held off a late
 charge from Kenenisa Bekele. Bekele had slipped behind the lead group with
 several miles to go and after the race revealed that a new pair of Nike
 shoes had led to his developing blisters, costing him possible victory. He
 explained: "When I was between 15 and 20k the shoes started blistering my
 foot. I changed the style to protect my foot more. It was difficult and
 changing the style affected my balance. Because of that I feel a little bit
 my hamstring. That's why I slowed the pace. Around 35k I was feeling better
 and increased the pace." In the words of the sage Homer Simpson: D'oh.

 Carl Selya-Hammer was the leading Ranelagh runner and retained the club
 Marathon champion's Winter Cup he won last year. 2016 had been a masterpiece
 of even-pace by Carl but this time he went out a little harder and clocked
 1:16.39 at half way. He faded a little towards the end  but held on to set a
 new PB of 2:36.30, a few seconds faster than last year's time. Carl writes
 on Facebook: "A new personal best of 2:36:30 (5:58/mile). Went through
 halfway ahead of schedule in an ambitious 1:16:39 and paid the price during
 some dark times over the last few miles. Only thing left to do now is soothe
 my aches with all the beer I can get my hands on."   Nick Twomey went out
 hard too, and was closely tracking Carl for the first few miles. He went
 through halfway in 1:18.26 but ran into a bad patch around 30k and was
 passed by Aussie James Winch. Nick revived a bit towards the end but by then
 James was off down the road and on his way to recording a fine 2:41.45 for
 second place in our championship. Nick held on for third.  

 We had a mini blue wave of Rick Jenner, Jonathan Smith and Ted Mockett in
 the low 2:50s, followed by Michael Everard and Richard Dunley also inside
 the three hours barrier. Here's Ted on Facebook: "Ran my first marathon
 today. Got cramp at 21 miles and struggled a bit from then on but still very
 pleased with my time." Jonathan on FB: "Chuffed to get a PB at London today
 with some great friends and fantastic support. Thanks to Rick Jenner for
 getting me through the first half and on a great PB. Well done to all the
 Harriers." And Rick: "What a day! Big PB at best marathon in best city in
 the world. Cheered on by London and lots of friends and family on the
 course. Tired but happy."

 New member Ed Perry recorded 3:06 and then it was Duncan Mallison on 3:08.
 Here's Duncan: "Schoolboy error at the marathon today, stood on the start
 line and realised I had left all my 'nutrition' in my bag, which was on the
 truck, which was on the way to the finish line. Clearly nutrition is over
 rated as I managed to negative split 1:34:42 first half, 1:33:47 second
 half. Delighted on the basis this time last year I could barely walk. Big
 thanks to Michelle Dillon for getting me back into shape. As always a
 fantastic day, my only gripe is that they need to start looking at how many
 people are running. It's packed and it's getting dangerous, I had my ankles
 tapped 2 or 3 times in the first 6 miles and it's carnage at drinks
 stations, what it must be like for those further back I can't imagine."

 Right behind Duncan and Mick Lane - who had been on target for sub-3 until
 past 30k - was our leading woman Fiona Ford. Fiona's race followed a similar
 pattern to Mick's in that she was sub 1:30 at half way but her pace fell
 away after 30k. Still she was comfortably first finisher for Ranelagh in a
 fine 3:09.43 and the Chris Brasher Bowl will be her reward. Bill Neely came
 in next: "I finished in 3.11.12. Loved it. Thank you to everyone who
 sponsored me- I thought of everything you gave while I gave everything."
 James Whistler, Michael Morris and Bruce McLaren followed. Bruce: "Despite
 Plan A (sub 3:10) not working, I've got to be happy with a 4 min London PB,
 3rd fastest ever marathon and Good For Age secured for 2018 and 2019.
 3:18:59, comfortably under 3:19!"

 Second placed in our club women's Marathon championship was Ria Woodfield,
 who was I believe another tackling the distance for the first time. Ria
 recorded a very creditable 3:25.50. It was a close thing for third place,
 the experienced Lara Werrett finishing just half a minute ahead of Becky
 Northmore in 3:37. Just behind them was Dave Lawley, who was not having such
 a good time: "I have a lot to be proud of today yet it's shrouded in
 disappointment as I bonked from mile 17. So, so tough to keep going with
 cramp in every fibre of your legs for 9 miles. BUT I DID IT! I finished and
 I know why: because of all the support from my rock, family, friends,
 Ranelagh Harriers, my amazingly talented training friends and the simply
 mind blowing amount you all stumped up for an amazing charity. THANK YOU!" 

 Karen Weir came in next, and she, Colin Brett, Jim Old, Chris Cato, Mark
 Herbert, Simon Martin, Mike Peace and Ian Keith completed our sub-4s. Simon
 Ogle, Amelie Hunton, Ann Kearey and Siobhan Sharp were not far outside and
 the anchor man of our 33 finishers was Ian Grange. Special mentions to Mark
 Herbert who ran 3:42 dressed as a Fuller's Beer can, and of course to Mike
 Peace, now one of only eleven men who have run every London Marathon since
 its inception in 1981. The Ever-Presents have their own website:. 
 1     Daniel Wanjiru (Kenya)  2:05:48      
 2     Kenenisa Bekele (Eth)   2:05:57      
 3     Bedan Karoki (Kenya)    2:07:41      
 177   Carl Selya-Hammer (Ran) 2:36:30      
 376   James Winch             2:41:45      
 516   Nick Twomey             2:44:38      
 967   Rick Jenner             2:52:09      
 1004  Jonathan Smith          2:52:43      
 1031  Ted Mockett             2:53:05
 1503  Michael Everard         2:57.51        
 1729  Richard Dunley          2:59:16      
 2505  Edmund Perry            3:06:55      
 2685  Duncan Mallison         3:08:29    
 2742  Mick Lane               3:08:55    
 2993  Bill Neely              3:11:13 
 3707  James Whistler          3:14.37
 3996  Michael Morris          3:16.16   
 4012  Bruce McLaren           3:18:59    
 4947  Colin Brett             3:26:50    
 6334  James Old               3:37:00    
 6676  Dave Lawley             3:39:29      
 6947  Christopher Cato        3:41:32      
 7085  Mark Herbert            3:42:30      
 7403  Simon Martin            3:44:28    
 9809  Mike Peace              3:58:17    
 10104 Ian Keith               3:59:35    
 10224 Simon Ogle              4:00:07    
 18373 Ian Grange              4:56:25    

 1     Mary Keitany (Kenya)    2:17:01     
 2     Tirunesh Dibaba (Eth)   2:17:56     
 3     Aselefech Mergia (Eth)  2:23:08     
 166   Fiona Ford (Ran)        3:09:43   
 628   Ria Woodfield           3:25.50
 1298  Lara Werrett            3:37:17   
 1332  Rebecca Northmore       3:37:45     
 1505  Karen Weir              3:40:15   
 3618  Amelie Hunton           4:05:41     
 3740  Ann Kearey              4:07:21   
 4490  Siobhan Sharp           4:16:05     

 LONDON MINI-MARATHON  Sunday 23rd April
 We had nine Ranelagh members taking part in the Mini-Marathon which is held
 over the final 3 miles of the London Marathon course. Two or three others
 qualified to represent their boroughs but were unable to take up their
 places. Best placed was Izzy Atkins who represented Richmond In the Under 15
 Girls race and finished an excellent 4th. Lexi Keech was 43rd in the same
 race and in the Under 17 Girls Alice Patterson and Josie Kearey ran well for
 23rd and 81st. Izzy's brother Greg was 23rd in the Under 17 Boys, just ahead
 of Reef Boericke 32nd, Jacob Patterson was 48th in the Under 15 Boys and
 Jonny Brook and Euan Sinclair 40th and 72nd in the Under 13 Boys.  

 Boys  Under 13                  
 1    Jaden Kennedy (Wands)    15.57 
 40   Jonny Brook (Rich)       18.27 
 72   Euan Sinclair (King)     18.59  

 Boys  Under 15                  
 1    Oliver Bright (Lewish)   15.11 
 48   Jacob Patterson (Rich)   17.21 
 Boys  Under 17                  
 1    Ricky Lutakome (Sutton)  14.36 
 23   Greg Atkins (Rich)       16.26 
 32   Reef Boericke (Rich)     16.51 
 Girls  Under 15                 
 1    Yasmin Marghini (West)   16.46 
 4    Isabel Atkins (Rich)     17.28 
 43   Lexi Keech (Wands)       20.13 

 Girls  Under 17                 
 1    Olivia Stillman (Sutton) 16.49 
 23   Alice Patterson (Rich)   19.16 
 81   Josie Kearey (Houns)     21.46 
 Entries were a little down this year at just over 900. This is certainly not
 a reflection of the quality of the race organisation, but rather the
 increasing number of Half Marathons now being held in the Richmond area.
 Arguably we offer the best value for money!  

 Epsom's Ollie Garrod made it clear from the off that he wasn't going to let
 a little thing like having run the London Marathon seven days previously get
 in the way of defending the title he won last year. By the one mile point at
 Richmond Bridge he was already well clear and though Hercules Wimbledon's
 Ben Toomer never gave up the chase, he could not get back on terms. Garrod's
 winning time was over a minute quicker than last year and he had a thirty
 seconds lead over Toomer at the finish. Third place went to an unattached
 runner in his first Half Marathon, Chris Phillips-Hart. For Ranelagh,
 Richard Gregory cruised the first five miles down in the pack and then
 opened the throttle and forged through to 5th place. Nick Impey was an
 excellent 8th and our team for the open race was completed by Ted Mockett -
 another London Marathoner - in 14th. This was easily good enough to give us
 the team prizes, though with Ted ineligible for Surrey it was Seiko Angelo
 who completed our team for the county championship. As fourth Over 50 home
 Seiko just missed the metaphoric podium individually, but anchored the
 county team which took golds by a single point - Seiko, that sprint finish
 made all the difference!. 

 Our next two finishers behind Seiko were fellow over 50s Trevor Maguire and
 Paul Doyle, and following them home was Kris Davidson. Behind Kris came the
 leading woman, Alice Germana' from Sutton Runners, though it was a close
 thing with just over half a minute covering the first three. Not far behind
 was Laura Blazey, running a gun time PB for 4th place, and 2nd in the county
 championship senior women category. For good measure Laura led the Ranelagh
 team of herself, Suzy Whatmough and Wiebke Kortum to echo the success of the
 men's team and win golds by a single point.

 Many thanks go to Race Director Sandra Forrest and her team for another
 highly successful race, and thanks also to the dozens of volunteers who
 marked the course, manned the water stations and filled any number of other
 roles. Your help is much appreciated. The race wouldn't happen without you!

 1    Ollie Garrod (Epsom & E)  71.00  
 2    Ben Toomer (Herc Wimb)    71.30      
 3    Chris Phillips-Hart (u/a) 72.40      
 5    Richard Gregory (Ran)     74.29      
 8    Nick Impey                75.31      
 14   Ted Mockett               77.29      
 33   Seiko Angelo              81.42    
 49   Trevor Maguire            84.41    
 56   Paul Doyle                85.21    
 60   Kris Davidson             85.46
 66   Alice Germana' (Sutton)   86.33  (1st woman)
 67   Jo Wilkinson (Woking)     86.47  (2nd woman)
 68   Jo Vickers (SLH)          87.07  (3rd woman)    
 79   Bill Neely                89.13    
 80   Laura Blazey              89.18      
 84   Richard Gurd              89.28    
 112  Lars Lundqvist            91.45      
 135  Philip Andrews            93.59    
 137  Simon Martin              94.04    
 169  Suzy Whatmough            96.38      
 171  Amrut Sharma              96.42    
 172  Stewart Anderson          96.45    
 177  Wiebke Kortum             97.33    
 194  Phil Roberts              98.31    
 197  Egis Vincel               98.53    
 239  Alberto Esguevilla       101.44    
 246  Ben Shore                102.09      
 298  Rachel Revett            105.49    
 389  Michael Osborne          112.01    
 530  Cathy Holman             124.14    
 543  Peter Fordham            125.27    
 564  Fiona Pugh               127.46    
 660  Julian Holden            147.30    
 668  Alan Meaden              155.35    

 PARIS MARATHON  Sunday 9th April
 Also running was Alice Forbes, 4010th in 3:23.19. 

 BOSTON MARATHON  Monday 17th April
 Paul Doyle ran with his elder brother Brendan, finishing in 3:31.12.

 KINGFISHER AQUATHLON  Sunday 23rd April at Morden Park
 This event comprises a 400m swim and a 9km run. It attracted a large field
 including a number of Ranelagh members competing in the colours of their
 Triathlon clubs - mostly Optima, one or two Thames Turbo. Archie St Aubyn
 was the overall winner, nearly  a minute clear of Gill Sanders, who was of
 course the leading woman.
 1   Archie St Aubyn           38.53  (swim 5.05 / run 33.47)
 2   Gill Sanders              39.49  (5.25 / 34.23)
 26  Jess Wenlock              45.03  (5.54 / 39.09)
 28  Jenny Silva               45.08  (5.58 / 39.09)
 38  Matt Elliott              46.23  (8.00 / 38.22)
 52  Rachel Rowan              48.38  (7.50 / 40.48)
 60  Lexie Elliott             50.12  (7.07 / 43.05)
 Matt and Lexie's sons Cameron and Zachary also competed in the junior races.

 HAMBURG MARATHON  Sunday 23rd April
 While his clubmates were pounding the streets of London, Jonathan Moore was
 doing the same in Hamburg. A remarkable piece of even-paced running brought
 him home in an excellent 2:51.

 1   T Mekkonen (Ethiopia)     2:07.26
 249 Jonathan Moore            2:51.20             

 Hawker Centre
 This was the first in the six-event handicap series held over the summer
 months. There were 63 runners in the main event and another half-dozen in
 the Minis race. Eleven clubs and schools were represented. As usual, the
 front of the race was dominated by "first timers" who receive a standard
 handicap but score just a couple of points for their teams and are excluded
 from the reckoning for medals. Amongst the regular runners, Ranelagh's
 Nathaniel Bond and Angus O'Brien were placed 2nd and 3rd boys, and Alistair
 Brendon's time of 7.26 was the second fastest of the day. Fastest girl of
 the day was Ranelagh's Harriet Wiltshire on 7.51.

 The Rushby boys were prominent  for us, as were the Beals. As most of the
 Ranelagh team were not first timers they scored well, and will carry a
 four-point lead into the second race which is on Thursday 18th May at the
 Ranelagh clubhouse.

 In the Minis race, Cian O'Brien was first boy in second place overall.

 1   B Thake (unatt)           14.07  (actual time 9.07)
 6   Ashton Morgans (unatt)    16.33  (11.33 - 1st boy)
 10  Nathaniel Bond (Ran)      17.29  (8.59 - 2nd boy)
 12  Angus O'Brien             18.05  (11.05 - 3rd boy)
 16  Tilly MacKenzie (FP)      18.40  (11.10 - 1st gal)
 19  Alistair Brendon          18.56  (7.26 - 2nd fastest boy)
 22  Ben Rushby                19.07  (10.37)
 31  Harriet Wiltshire         19.21  (7.51 - fastest girl)
 33  James Rushby              19.22  (8.22)
 39  Daniel Rushby             19.38  (8.08)
 40  Oscar Luck (unatt)        19.41  (7.11 - fastest boy)  
 45  Sam Rushby                19.58  (8.28)
 47  Matthew Beal              20.00  (8.00)
 48  Oliver Beal               20.01  (9.01) 
 1   Ranelagh H                32
 2   Flaming Penguins          28
 3   Sheen Shufflers           12
 4   The Stragglers            10
 5   Coombe Hill                3
 6   Latchmere                  2
 7   Holy Cross                 2  

 1   J Goulding (unatt)        2.53  (1st gal)
 2   Cian O'Brien (Ran)        3.10  (1st boy)

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 28th April in Hyde Park
 Last Friday regular Ian Kenton scored his first victory.

 1   Ian Kenton                16.21
 17  Louis Randall             17.44
 29  S Pemberton (Serp)        18.26  (1st woman) 
 80  Becky Curtis-Hall         19.45
 117 Paul Hodges               20.56
 241 Pete Warren               27.19
 THREE PEAKS RACE  Saturday 29th April at Horton-in-Ribblesdale
 This classic of the Fell Running calendar covers 23 miles over the peaks of
 Pen-y-ghent, Ingleborough and Whernside in the Yorkshire Dales, and
 incorporated the Yorkshire Championship. The total ascent is 5,279 feet. In
 the women's race Victoria Wilkinson of Bingley won by a massive 17 minutes
 and beat the course record by some four minutes in a time of 3:09.19.
 Equally clear in second place was Nic Jackson who recorded 3:26.17 running
 in Preston colours.    

 RIMINI MARATHON  Sunday 30th April
 Gavin Jones writes from Italy:
 "Just let you know I'm still (clandestinely) flying the Ranelagh flag in
 marathons, 36 years after the first one, in Neath of all places! I did
 Rimini yesterday in 3 hrs 02 mins. Crumbled over the last 10k after doing
 first half on an over-ambitious 2:56 pace, and first 15k even faster.
 Trouble is that as I haven't done any shorter races in the last year I had
 nothing to base an expected time on, other than my wishful thinking! Oh
 well, I'll know for next time. You know of any flat marathons anywhere at
 end-May/early June?"

 56  Gavin Jones               3:02.38  (chip time 3:02.36 - 3rd M55) 

 1   A Twelde (unatt)          1:12.21
 171 Bob Beatson               1:45.51

 1   D Hudson (BRJ Tri)        1:14.16  (chip time 1:14.14)
 88  Vaughan Ramsay            1:33.09  (1:32.58)  

 parkrun results...
 For those of you who are not currently shown as Ranelagh in the parkrun
 database, it would be very helpful if you could update your details. You can
 also access Ranelagh results here:.       

 parkruns 5km Saturday 22nd April

 Bushy Park
 David READY 17:52, Marc SNAITH 17:54, Clive NAISH 27:41, Wally GARROD 38:19

 Banstead Woods
 Jackie DUNKLEY 29:58

 Richmond Park
 Tom BRADLEY (jnr) 18:25, James RITCHIE 20:09, Jess HARBERT (jnr) 22:05,
 Stephen AIKIN 22:22, Alberto ESGUEVILLAS 22:26, Cecily DAY (jnr) 23:04, Karl
 GARVEY 23:37, Simon TAYLOR 23:38, Amrut SHARMA 24:07, Ellie LUXMOORE (jnr)
 24:21, Hadi KHATAMIZADEH 25:53, Alastair RITCHIE 26:07, Clare DAY 26:08,
 Ally PICKARD 26:12, Karen HARBERT 26:36, Ben RUSHBY (jnr) 27:38, Sam RUSHBY
 (jnr) 27:39, James RUSHBY(jnr) 27:42, Daniel RUSHBY (jnr) 27:43, Maia RUSHBY
 27:43, Phil RUSHBY 27:44, Michael SIKORA 27:45, Carol AIKIN 28:05, Sue CAMP
 28:06, Deepa SHARMA 28:44, Bronwen NORTHMORE 31:38, Annemarie GOODRIDGE
 32:47, Penny MERRETT 34:38, Pat HEWLETT 40:52, Phil AIKEN 45:58, Andrew
 BROWN 51:55

 Bedfont Lakes
 First and third places for Ian Kenton and Nick Wright.
 Ian KENTON 16:56, Nick  WRIGHT 18:02

 Black Park
 Colette DORAN 29:05

 Laura BLAZEY 25:42

 Old Deer Park
 Eirin McDair and Peter Weir filled first and third spots.
 Eirin MC DAID 17:15, Peter WEIR 20:16, Karen WEIR 25:52, Deborah BLAKEMORE
 38:18, Henry MAGUIRE 48:54

 Jo Billings was the leading woman.
 Jo BILLINGS 19:09, Gary LEE 20:38, Chris CAMACHO 23:29, Tomas STERNER 24:05,
 Rob KITCHEN 26:31, Fiona PUGH 26:48, Alan DAVIDSON 28:03, Martin CLARK 38:02

 Chris WRIGHT 24:52

 Gunnersbury Park
 Richard GURD 21:02, John HERRIOTT 27:23

 Deirdre INMAN 37:33

 Ally Pally
 Verka LAFEUILLE 30:15

 Melissa GLACKIN 26:31, Pete WARREN 28:14

 Crane Park
 Philip ROBERTS 21:16, Kevin KEAREY 24:08, Tamsin BURLAND 28:36, Michael
 WHITE 28:37, Heather MARTINGELL 28:38, Victoria ORME 29:38, Hilary THOMSON
 32:03, Jane CRAIGIE-PAYNE 33:33, Leeanne BRYCE 33:33, Danni CROUCHER 34:06,
 Cindy CROUCHER 34:08, Louise WAPSHOTT 36:03, Lexi SLAUGHTER 39:36, Su CLARK

 Nick FORDHAM 20:16, Peter FORDHAM 26:25

 Forest of Dean
 John ATKINSON 20:40

 Preston Park, Brighton
 John PRATT 27:08

 Trevor Maguire was first finisher.
 Trevor MAGUIRE 18:47

 St Francis, South Africa
 Jarryd HILLHOUSE 29:04, Ewa SALTYS 29:05

 Cathy HOLMAN 25:33

 Northala Fields
 Clare Fowler was the leading woman.
 Paul SINTON-HEWITT 19:55, Clare FOWLER 22:10, Jo SINTON-HEWITT 30:03

 Claire WARNER 25:45 

 Reigate Priory
 Duncan MALLISON 25:32

 Tooting Common
 Marie SYNNOTT-WELLS 20:38

 Paul HODGES 22:46

 parkruns 5km Saturday 29th April

 Bushy Park
 Jonathan SMITH 17:38, Euan SINCLAIR (jnr) 19:40, Adam WRIGHT 21:17, Finlay
 SINCLAIR (jnr) 21:48, Emma WELLHAM 25:29, Rob KITCHEN 26:22, Wally GARROD
 37:57, John HANSCOMB 51:26

 Richmond Park
 Tom BRADLEY (jnr) 18:52, Michael MORRIS 19:08, Stephen AIKIN 22:15,
 Christopher READ 23:13, Cecily DAY (jnr) 23:32, Ellie LUXMOORE (jnr) 23:36,
 Gary MCKEOWN 24:02, Amrut SHARMA 24:28, Alastair RITCHIE 24:40, John HOBSON
 24:52, Alberto ESGUEVILLAS 25:42, Clare DAY 25:52, Hadi KHATAMIZADEH 26:10,
 Michael SIKORA 27:47, Deepa SHARMA 29:05, Ben RUSHBY 29:32, James RUSHBY
 29:32, Ally PICKARD 29:58, Hannah DOYLE 30:10, Bronwen NORTHMORE 31:30,
 Andrew BROWN 33:43, Pat HEWLETT 41:16, Phil AIKEN 48:27

 Roundshaw Downs 
 Duncan MALLISON 19:23

 Old Deer Park
 First place for Eirin McDaid, second for Karen Weir.
 Eirin MC DAID 16:43, Kris DAVIDSON 19:42, Karen WEIR 23:16, Stewart ANDERSON
 23:52, Wyn WILLIAMS 28:16, Katie WALTON 34:09, Deborah BLAKEMORE 34:11

 Allan WHATMOUGH 18:42, Matt SOWTON 20:26, Jodie GRAY 22:58, Rachel REVETT
 23:33, Kirsty NOBLE 23:43, Simon TAYLOR 23:49, Alison DICKS 25:52, Tom REAY
 28:37, Chris CAMACHO 29:24, Fiona PUGH 43:44

 Chris WRIGHT 24:42

 Alan DAVIDSON 27:57

 Nick FORDHAM 21:29, Andy BICKERSTAFF 26:54, Peter FORDHAM 29: 40

 Moors Valley
 James RITCHIE 19:40

 Nonsuch Park
 Jackie DUNKLEY 29:42

 Colette DORAN 26:43, Christine DAVID 29:58, Tracey SMALL 31:42, Penny
 MERRETT 32:.00

 Gloucester North
 John ATKINSON 20:05

 Ally Pally
 Verka LAFEUILLE 30:21 

 Malahide, Ireland
 Marie Synnott-Wells finished third woman.
 Marie SYNNOTT-WELLS 20:19

 Crane Park
 Richard GURD 21:25, Daniel CHIECHI 21:29, Rob CURTIS 23:36, Rue TURNER
 23:53, Claire WARNER 24:39, Ellen VAN KEULEN 26:02, Michelle BEAUMONT 28:05,
 Michael WHITE 30:20, Hilary THOMSON 32:20, Louise WAPSHOTT 35:05
 Alice Holt
 Nick TWOMEY 18:53

 Paula MAGUIRE 27:07, Luke MAGUIRE 28:05

 Osterley Park 
 Michael OSBORNE 23.05

 Mike PEACE 24:32

 Bobby JACKSON 22:27 

 Peter WEIR 20:32

 Who needs scenery? The first multi-storey car park marathon took place at
 the Teville Gate car park in Worthing on 26th February. Fortunately the car
 park was closed to traffic for the duration of the race, which involved 71
 laps of eleven levels. The winner recorded 3:05. Sounds like fun?