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 Sarah Seal reports from the Surrey championships at Lloyd Park on January
 "The fog was drawing in on a slippery Lloyd Park as we girls lined up ready
 to race. Kristina had phoned just half an hour before the race to say that
 she was stuck in traffic about 10 miles away - eek! but made it with 5
 minutes to spare. As the gun went off Liz Kipling and Kristina surged ahead
 of the rest of the Ranelagh lasses, and  we just had to watch their heads
 bobbing in the distance. Unfortunately the tough slopes and muddy conditions
 took their toll on Liz's back early on and she had to pull out of the race,
 leaving Kirstina leading the blue and amber brigade around the course and
 quite frankly making it look like a stroll in the park!  Following closely
 behind were myself , Kathy and Margaret, closing in, but never quite
 catching her up. Still, the thought of tea and cakes spurred us all on and
 we finished in a style, with Kristina, Kathy, myself and Margaret finishing
 in 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 29th places and Sue and Louise not far behind. Our
 reward for the day was third place for the team and a lovely bronze medal!

 But it wasn't just the seniors who got wet feet, there was also some junior
 representation from the Ranelagh girls. Alex Hook had a fantastic run,
 finishing 9th in the U13s, Emily Ball also U13 worked very hard around the
 muddy fields. In the U15s Anair Beverly finished a fantastic 6th,  and
 Laura Ball a little further down the field was also running hard for
 Ranelagh. In the combined U20's/U17's, Estelle Damant, Jessica Harvey and
 Louise Webster all performed well in an extremely high standard race.
 Estelle lead the team home but Jessica and Louise looked very strong just
 behind, and they finished with a well deserved 3rd place for the team .

 A big thanks to everyone who ran and to our supporters Alan, Ray and Andy".

 Ranelagh men were thin on the ground for the Surreys again, and Paul Doyle
 led the way in the exalted company of the Captain and President.

 1	J Kelsey (Army)		33.15
 21	Kristina Semple		38.56
 22	Kathy Mallett		39.07
 23	Sarah Seal		39.10
 29	Margaret Auerback	40.13
 36	Sue Healey		42.13
 50	Louise Piears		44.43
 (4 to score)
 1	South London	32
 2	Belgrave	36
 3	Ranelagh	74
 Under 20
 1	L Vyse (Woking)	20.21
 11	Estelle Damant		22.37
 14	Jessica Harvey		25.11
 15	Louise Webster		25.18
 (3 to score)
 1	Aldershot F&D	10
 2	Guildford & G	11
 3	Ranelagh	29
 Under 15
 1	D Christmas (Crawley)	16.53
 6	Anair Beverly		18.20
 21	Laura Ball		24.46
 Under 13
 1	L Eley (Aldershot F&D)	13.45
 9	Alex Hook		15.19
 30	Emily Ball		17.34
 1	D Taylor (Herne Hil)	41.51
 38	Paul Doyle		48.36
 65	Andy Bickerstaff		51.38
 71	Mike Peace		51.58 

 Peter Haarer competed for the first time in the Oxfordshire championships at
 Shotover on 6th January and duly qualified for their inter-counties team:
 "I changed allegiance from Middlesex to Oxfordshire to improve my chances of
 getting to the race on time by having less far to travel, though as it
 happens, the Oxon champs are held on Sunday mornings.  Another good reason
 was to escape from some of the more testing Middlesex courses.  More success
 on this front (predictably - there's not much worse than the ankle-deep
 slurries of Ruislip where the Middx champs are often held) but there was
 mud, a steep gradient and a random toddler wandering over the course on the
 precipitous down-hill section.  Third reason for change, the field is less
 competitive, but then, as I found out, so was I.  Some support was offered
 by Jude, a friend of mine and girlfriend of Gary, the man just in front:
 "Come on Pete! ... but not as much as Gary".
 1	M.Flint (RAF)		39:40
 7	Peter Haarer	 	41:09  

 On December 2nd Hugh Jones ran what now seems to be his one annual marathon,
 the Barbados. And as seems to be his habit, he finished 2nd, this time to
 Kenyan J Nderitu who recorded 2.31.53 to Hugh's 2.32.35. 
 Chris Owens was with the sassenachs for Hogmanay:
 "The New Year started with a bang (or was it a hangover-induced whimper?) as
 several Ranelagh members took part in the Serpentine-promoted New Year 10k
 in Hyde Park. Sub-zero temperatures and a cloudless sky made it a day to
 enjoy from a warm sitting room, but the race started at 11am with 150-ish
 Three laps of a flat course were reeled (it was New Year's Day) off in quick
 succession, although the easy leader after one lap dropped out at about 4k
 to leave Hugh Jones fighting it out for the placings, eventually finishing
 third. Hugh had returned from Barbados only two days previously, but said
 afterwards that he thought he was fully recovered from the journey.
 Behind him (well behind), a band of the usual suspects including John
 Hanscomb, Steve Instone and the Auerbacks could be seen, but somehow we
 still managed to win the men's Team prize. The team was Hugh Jones, Chris
 Owens and Alan Davidson.
 The ladies' race was won by Juliette Clark (Belgrave) in 38:17, main point
 of interest being that she is one of the UK entrants to the Hawaii
 IronMan/Person, and the race served as the morning's training session for
 speed work (well it is 2.5 mile sea swim, 120m bike and a full
 1	S Wurr (Thames H&H)		31.22
 3	Hugh Jones 			32.50
 	Chris Owens (2nd O/45)		36.04
	Pete Warren (2nd O/60)		40.49
	Margaret Auerback (2nd O/50)	44.25
 The Serpies are uncharacteristically dragging their feet getting the full
 results onto their website, but I'll pass them on when they finally appear. 

 Five days later, Hugh and Pete had moved as far as Regents Park, where Hugh
 won the 10km race by over a minute in 33.34 and Pete was first over 60 in

 Chris Spink writes:
 "Hi folks just a quick one to say hi this is my new email address
 chriss@fulham.hphc.co.uk Thanks for the club London Marathon place. I'm
 looking to find a team of 14 motivating club members who will run 10 miles
 apiece with me while I run from Birmingham to London via the Grand Union
 Canal over a weekend in early May. Rules are you've got to run the 145
 course in under the cut off time of 45 hours with a cumulative stop not
 exceeding 40 mins. Nearer the time I'll hire a mini bus for the team".
 Many members will know Paul Keen, a Ranelagh first-team man for many years
 (after starting his athletic career as a high hurdler!), but now with
 Hallamshire Harriers in Sheffield - though still second-claim to us and an
 occasional visitor to the Dysart. After a lifetime in athletics Paul finally
 reached international status back in November when he was selected for the
 English team for the Home Countries cross-country championship in Falkirk.
 There he finished 10th in the over 50s race in a time of 33.31, to winner
 Graham Tuck's 31.54. Paul was the fifth man in the winning English team. 

 More details of all the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /

 Saturday January 19th   South of the Thames "Senior" Championships at
 Saturday January 26th    Southern Championships at Parliament Hill

 Saturday February 2nd    Surrey League Div 1 final fixtures, women (12 noon)
 and men (3pm) both at Farthing Downs, Coulsdon

 Saturday February 9th   Pelling-Ratcliff Cup mob match v Blackheath Harriers
 at home in Richmond Park, incorporating our club championship for the Wynne
 Cup. 2.30pm start. Our last chance to win a mob match this season!

 Sunday February 10th    Richmond Mini Marathon trial in Richmond Park,
 incorporating the Ranelagh junior women's championship for the Camilla Cup. 

 Mike Rowland was accepted in the ballot for the London Marathon this year -
 after eleven consecutive rejections.... 

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