Newsdesk 2016

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 490             6th December 2016
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 *  Nic Jackson wins the South of the Thames women's championship, and the
     Ranelagh team places second
 *  Gill Sanders leads our team to second place in the Surrey Ladies League
 *  Good results at San Sebastian 
 *  Michelle Beaumont and Verka Lafeuille complete Teddington - Shoreham 58
     miles ultra
 *  All needed for the Stubbs Cup mob match v South London Harriers in
     Richmond Park on Saturday 10th December 
 *  An evening with Ed Whitlock on Saturday 10th December at the Roebuck
 *  Results of the draw for 2017 London Marathon places
 *  Deadline is this week for entries to the South of England Championships
     at Parliament Hill on 28th January 
 *  An extra person is needed for the Richmond Half Marathon organising team
 Ranelagh's Blue Wave lines up again on Saturday 10th December in Richmond
 Park to mob against South London Harriers for the Stubbs Cup. Win and we
 will more firmly cement ourselves into mob history with a 14th consecutive
 mob match victory, though SLH have the firepower to bring down if they
 decide to target this - they were first team in both the men's and women's
 Surrey League fixture 1. Let's mob them! It's our usual 7.5 miles mob match
 route, starting at 2.30pm. The more runners we have, the better our chances
 of success. All are welcome - men, women, young, old, fast, slow - and all
 count towards the final result. The race incorporates our club championship
 for the magnificent Wynne Cup and a sealed handicap. Register preferably at
 the clubhouse but if you can't get there register at the start beside
 Sidmouth Wood opposite Pembroke Lodge. More details and a course map here:.   

 This is also your chance to line up alongside multiple world-record-holding
 super-vet Ed Whitlock, who is visiting from Canada. You may beat his time
 but you won't beat his age-graded score!  In the evening up at the Roebuck
 on Richmond Hill  Ed has agreed to give us a short talk about his running
 career and his connection with Ranelagh, following which we'll have a
 question and answer session. We'll be aiming to start at about 7.30pm
 upstairs at the Roebuck, which should give people time to get something to
 eat there first if they wish. All are welcome, there's no charge, but please
 let Andy Hayward a-hayward4@sky.com  know if you're planning to

 Good luck to those who are competing in the SEAA Masters Championships at
 Horspath, Oxford on Saturday.

 December at the Lass O'Richmond Hill
 Many thanks to Michele Gibson and Andy Hayward for all their work in
 organising another successful Christmas Party. Thanks also to Cindy Croucher
 for organising the raffle. In the draw for guaranteed places in the 2017
 London Marathon, we had nine applications for the three places that we were
 allocated this year. The lucky trio whose names were pulled out of the hat
 were Dave Lawley, Ann Kearey and Chris Cato. Congratulations, our Hon Sec
 Wyn Williams will be in touch with you shortly. 

 SOUTH OF THE THAMES 7.5 miles CHAMPIONSHIP  Saturday 17th December at
 Beckenham Place Park
 All members are eligible to take part, but entries must be submitted in
 advance. Closing date is December 10th. Contact the Captains / Team Managers
 if you wish to be entered. Start time 2pm. More details about the race here:. 

 ...to other championship races in the New Year for which entries have to be
 made in advance - in many cases a long time in advance! In each case contact
 the Captains / Team Managers if you want to be entered (see What's Coming
 below for e-mails). All events include junior as well as senior races. 
 Sat 7 Jan 2017 Surrey Cross-Country Champs at Lloyd Park, Croydon.
 Must be Surrey qualified, first and second claim members eligible. Deadline
 31 Dec.
 Sat 7 Jan 2017 Middlesex Cross-Country Champs at Hillingdon. Must
 be Middlesex qualified, first and second claim members eligible. Deadline 31
 Sat 28 Jan 2017 South of England Cross-Country Champs at Parliament Hill,
 Hampstead Heath. First claim only, DEADLINE 11 Dec!!
 Sat 25 Feb 2017 National Cross-Country Championships at Nottingham. First
 claim only, deadline 31 Dec

 HENTY RELAY  Saturday 31st December in Richmond Park 12 noon start
 A festive fun relay with teams of three racing laps of Sidmouth Wood. All
 members and guests welcome, all ages. The race starts at 12 noon but
 register at the clubhouse by 11.30am to be allocated to a team.

 It's taking place on Sunday 30th April 2017 but organisation under Race
 Director Sandra Forrest is already under way. In particular, one of the
 organising team, Tamsin Burland, wishes to step down after the 2017 race.
 Tamsin is the volunteer co-ordinator and would very much like someone to
 join the team now and shadow her for this year's race in order to learn the
 ropes. Also it's not too early to volunteer as a marshal for the 2017 race!
 We realise a definite commitment may not be possible this far ahead, but if
 you think you might be able to help please let Tamsin know. Contact Tamsin
 ranelaghhalfhelpers@hotmail.co.uk .    

 "Sign the petition to help us halt construction of a skyscraper destroying
 the 300 year old view of St Paul's from Richmond Park. We are campaigning to
 halt construction of Manhattan Loft Gardens temporarily and urgently
 investigate how the destruction of the historic protected 300 year old view
 from Richmond Park to St Paul's was allowed to happen, and what actions can
 be taken to mitigate the impact of the building. 

 The view from King Henry's Mound in Richmond Park to St Paul's was created
 in 1711 by the planting of an avenue of trees. It is one of the ten
 protected views in London. The protection stops high-rise buildings
 encroaching on the sightline, either between the Mound and St Paul's or
 behind St Paul's. The view is now threatened by the construction of
 Manhattan Loft Gardens at Stratford. Already the building compromises the
 profile of the whole of the dome of St Paul's, in contravention of the
 Mayor's planning guidance that requires a 'clear sky background'. The
 building was given planning permission with GLA acquiescence, without
 reference to the protected view. The development undermines the whole system
 of protected views, questions the competence of the GLA planners and
 destroys a view that has been cherished by Londoners for 300 years.

 To sign the petition:

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:.

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil
 or Trevor ) ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager ( e-mail Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )      

 Saturday 10th December         Stubbs Cup mob match v South London Harriers
 in Richmond Park. 7.5 miles, start time 2.30pm
                                    Followed by An Evening With Ed Whitlock

  Saturday 10th December         SEAA Masters Championships at Horspath,

  Saturday 17th December        South of the Thames 7.5 miles championships at
  Beckenham Place Park  

 Saturday 31st December        Henty Relay in Richmond Park at 12 noon. A fun
 Christmas event, all members and guests welcome. 

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 CHAMPIONSHIPS  Saturday 26th November at Polesden Lacey near Dorking
 This race was originally due to take place close to home on Ham Lands. When
 permission was withdrawn, Dorking kindly stepped into the breach with an
 offer to repeat last year's course at the National Trust property of
 Polesden Lacey near Dorking in the Surrey Hills. The contrast could hardly
 have been greater. Where Ham Lands would have been virtually flat, the
 Surrey Hills are...well, hilly. Not to mention spectacular. The view south
 from the great house to Ranmore Common and the North Downs is stupendous.
 And the course is ...memorable. It begins with a helter skelter charge down
 a stony track to the bottom of the valley below the house, before crossing a
 couple of rolling fields and then entering the woods for a mile-long
 unrelenting slog uphill to the top of Ranmore Common. No sooner is the
 summit reached than it's a hold-on-to-your-hat descent down to the little
 Tanners Hatch Youth Hostel tucked away in the valley. Then it's a couple of
 short sharp pimples, a bit of respite along the valley floor and the final
 coup-de-grace: any feature calling itself Cardiac Hill obviously has
 pretensions towards fell-dom. In this case it's a murderous climb back out
 of the valley to rejoin the stony track for a last uphill quarter mile to
 the finish at the house.  

 Serious fell runners claim we don't have real fells down here in the effete
 south, notwithstanding that there is an annual Box Hill Fell Race (21st Jan
 if you're interested - http://slow.org.uk/events/boxhill2017/ ). They
 probably have a point, but this course may be as close as we can get. All
 hearts seemed to survive Cardiac Hill, but the same couldn't be said for the
 legs, many of which were seen to be buckling and wobbling long before the
 top. No such trouble for overall winner Phil Wicks of Belgrave, nor for the
 leading woman, Ranelagh's new recruit Nic Jackson. As runner-up in the 2016
 English Fell Running Championship Nic could hardly have hoped for a course
 better suited to her talents. She was in her element here, leading pretty
 much from the start. Belgrave's Zoe Smith tried to keep in touch and never
 allowed the gap to extend too far - but never looked like catching Nic
 either. At the finish there was nineteen seconds in it, and the individual
 winner's trophy was Nic's reward - the first Ranelagh name on the winner's
 trophy since Marie Synnott-Wells's victory at Lloyd Park in 2005.

 On that occasion Marie also led the Ranelagh team to top spot and gold
 medals all round. We were within an ace of repeating that feat today - Megan
 de Silva was a strong but isolated 4th, Estelle Damant a battling 8th and
 Suzy Whatmough anchored the team in 25th, grimly clinging on to her position
 just a few strides clear of Marie. But when the maths was done it was Kent
 AC who came out on top by a mere three points and so it was splendid silvers
 rather than glorious golds for the Ranelagh squad.      

 Clare Fowler and Becky Northmore both had Marie in sight most of the way,
 then came Becky Curtis-Hall closing in our 'B' team in 6th place, the
 leading 'B' team. Anna Scally, who had been second Ranelagh scorer in 4th
 place in that race back in 2005, led our 'C' team of herself, Sonia Rowland,
 Tamsin Burland and Carol Aikin into 19th spot, the leading 'C' team out of
 only two that closed in. Sally Bamford was a one-woman 'D' team!  

 This race incorporated Ranelagh's women's club championships, and the name
 of Nic Jackson will go onto the Hugh Jones Salver as club champion. Trish's
 Trophy for the leading over 40 goes to Marie Synnott-Wells. Thanks to Ellen
 Clague we now also have a trophy for the leading Over 50. This was in fact
 Marie, but as she won the Over 40 title the new Petersham Trophy will go to
 the second over 50 to finish, Sonia Rowland. 

 Men and women run together in this race and Belgrave, with four men in the
 top thirteen, easily took the title. Ranelagh's men by and large elected to
 give the race a miss, which was a shame - they missed a good day out and a
 course the like of which you don't see every day. Steve Whitehead was our
 first finisher in 41st place, and he seems to have been third over 40,
 albeit behind the top two over 50s. Vaughan Ramsay and Rob Curtis completed
 our line-up and both enjoyed the day.          

 SURREY LADIES LEAGUE  Saturday 3rd December on Mitcham Common
 We had a great turnout of 25 runners including four under 20s and three over
 60s, and a great result in finishing 2nd on the day behind SLH. Due to
 editorial deadlines the full report will follow next time. Results shown
 below are still provisional at the time of writing. 

 1   Alex Brown (HHH)         21.11     
 2   Steph McCall (SLH)       21.12     
 3   Gill Sanders (Rane)      21.14   
 5   Nic Jackson              21.57     
 11  Megan de Silva           22.32     
 27  Jessica Wenlock          23.33    
 46  Suzy Whatmough           24.23     
 68  Marie Synnott-Wells      25.16   
 69  Bonnie Morgan            25.22   
 77  Jessica Harbert          25.22    
 83  Rebecca Northmore        25.51     
 84  Becky Curtis-Hall        25.54     
 92  Julia Bailey             26.23     
 104 Emma Wellham             27.01     
 116 Victoria Elbourne        27.35     
 125 Lara Werrett             27.46   
 126 Jodie Gray               27.50     
 127 Cecily Day               27.57    
 130 Rachel Revett            28.09   
 132 Ellie Luxmoore           28.13    
 137 Sonia Rowland            28.27   
 161 Heather Martingell       29.59   
 165 Louise Piears            30.26   
 171 Tamsin Burland           30.46   
 195 Annemarie Goodridge      38.38   
 196 Bronwen Northmore        39.07   
 198 Wendy Fisher             42.21   
 TEAMS (5 to score)            
 1   South London H            76              
 2   Ranelagh H                92              
 3   Herne Hill H             107              
 4   Clapham Chasers          132              
 5   Belgrave H               136 
 6   Thames H&H               143
 7   Kent AC                  227
 8   Hercules Wimbledon AC    233
 9   Ful-On-Tri               239
 10  Reigate Priory AC        261
 11  West 4 H                 291
 12  Epsom & Ewell AC         298
 13  Clapham Chasers B        333
 14  Dulwich Runners          371
 15  Ranelagh H B             381
 20  Wimbledon Windmilers     497
 21  Dorking & Mole Valley AC 499             

 Under 17 / Under 15 
 1   C Alexander (HHH)        14.00     
 9   Izzy Atkins (Rane)       15.05    
 13  Lexi Keech               15.30     
 TEAMS (4 to score)               
 1   Reigate Priory AC         38               
 2   Herne Hill H              40               
 3   Walton AC                 45               
 5   Ranelagh H               101               
 WINDSOR and ETON HALF MARATHON  Sunday 19th November
 1   M Costley (Soton)        1:12.34  (chip time 1:12.33)
 24  S Harrison (Leam)        1:24.05  (1:24.04 - 1st woman)
 148 Jarryd Hillhouse         1:44.36  (1:44.22)
 234 Robbie Hillhouse         1:52.41  (1:52.26)
 396 Gavin Hillhouse          2:16.05  (2:15.50)
 397 Ewa Soltys               2:16.05  (2:15.50)
 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 25th November in Hyde Park
 1   E Hind (Leighton B)      16.18
 11  Ian Kenton               16.55
 28  C Elms (Dulwich R)       17.51  (1st woman)  
 192 Carol Aikin              24.23
 224 Pete Warren              26.11

 SAN SEBASTIAN MARATHON / HALF MARATHON / 10km  Sunday 27th November
 Half the club seems to have decamped to Spain for the weekend! Sue Camp
 writes on Facebook:
 "A great race in perfect conditions - cool, clear and flat! Really well
 organised and a very pretty city. San Sebastian comes highly recommended!
 Thanks to all for a fun weekend!"
 Phil Killingley highlights some standout performances:
 "Richard Gregory - 1:13 half. A stitch prevented him from going much faster.

 Nick Impey - 2:45 marathon - still a pb by six minutes despite a hamstring
 cramp which pulled him away from 2:37 pace.
 Laura Blazey - a six minute pb for the half in 1:29 - metronomic pacing
 between 6:42s and 6:51s, with a 5:43 pace for the last 200m!
 Mark Herbert - 2:58 and a new marathon pb (though I think the second time
 under 3h)"

 1    H Maiyo (Kenya)         2:11.51  (chip time 2:11.50)
 18   M Casanueva (Spain)     2:35.32  (2:35.30 - 1st woman)
 73   Nick Impey              2:46.03  (2:45.46)
 287  Mark Herbert            2:59.13  (2:58.56)
 1110 Lee Davies              3:29.31  (3:25.10)
 1501 Matt Sowton             3:41.56  (3:39.30)
 1610 Rachel Revett           3:46.41  (3:42.16)
 1635 Heather Martingell      3:47.35  (3:43.10)
 1707 Lloyd Camp              3:50.10  (3:44.58)
 2363 Tania Sherry            4:26.01  (4:21.37) 
 2465 Ian Grange              4:42.19  (4:37.54) 

 Half Marathon
 1    F Urhbom (Germany)      1:07.40  (chip time 1:07.39)
 13   Richard Gregory         1:13.34  (1:13.32)
 36   C Norrbom (Sweden)      1:16.15  (1:16.13 - 1st woman)
 292  Laura Blazey            1:30.03  (1:29.11)
 404  Peter Weir              1:33.48  (1:32.39)
 834  Ian Keith               1:43.58  (1:42.18)
 864  Karen Weir              1:44.35  (1:43.25)
 970  Amrut Sharma            1:47.04  (1:42.42)
 983  Elisa Ferrua            1:47.14  (1:45.34)
 1638 Claire Warner           2:02.48  (1:58.23)
 1643 Sue Camp                2:03.00  (1:57.48) 
 1829 Ian Wilson              2:09.36  (2:04.16)
 1893 Deepa Sharma            2:11.59  (2:07.34)

 1    J Wallden (Sweden)      31.30  (chip time 31.30)
 226  Chris Read              46.16  (46.00)
 364  Ashleigh Ferris         50.47  (50.32)
 810  Cindy Croucher          70.34  (70.20)

 TEDDINGTON - SHOREHAM 58.5 miles  Sunday 27th November
 Michelle Beaumont reports:
 "Ranelagh goes Ultra...
 On Sunday 27th November two crazy Harriers completed their first Ultra.
 Michelle Beaumont and Verka Lafeuille completed a 58.5 mile run, just for
 the fun of it! The run, organised by Stuart Levett of Foundry Fitness in
 Teddington, started at 7am in Teddington and finished on the seafront at
 Shoreham over nine hours later. Our ladies were joined by six other runners,
 several cyclists and an excellent group of friends and family (who manned
 the four check points and provided food, water and spare clothes!). The
 route was spectacular, largely following the Downs Link footpath, most of it
 was mildly undulating and very pretty. 

 I was surprised at how easy I found the run, I had previously only run 27
 miles so to manage 58.5 was a great personal achievement for me. I may be
 tempted to do another! I would also like to say how lovely the route was and
 how great the team were. I have known Stuart since secondary school and
 would recommend that fellow Harriers check out his Facebook page here: , where you can also view
 pictures and videos from Sunday. Stuart was also the main organiser and
 captain of the world record run that Verka and I took part in over Easter.

 Lastly - I was doing it for charity so here's my justgiving link:. 

 Verka adds:
 "The checkpoints provided hugs as well (I needed them!) and I found it very
 hard pretty much as soon as I went over the marathon distance and had a
 mental battle with my body until about 40 miles (walking bits and making
 myself run with various distractions and mantras as I was running solo for
 several hours at this point), then at the last checkpoint I had nothing left
 but couldn't let the others run further than me so had a cry, then ran a few
 more miles :-)"  

 BUSHY PARK 10km  Sunday 27th November
 1   A Vince (unatt)          36.40  (chip time 36.38)
 17  N Poole (unatt)          43.04  (43.03 - 1st woman)  
 128 Ellen Van Keulen         58.07  (57.44)
 187 David Meaden             64.45  (64.23)
 210 Alan Meaden              68.31  (68.09) 

 KINGSTON 10km  Sunday 27th November
 John Shaw was the second M50.

 1   A Milne (Enf & Har)      32.01  (chip time 32.01)
 17  John Shaw                38.16  (38.14)
 20  Ivo Prochazka            38.56  (38.54)
 34  Bill Neely               41.15  (41.12)

 JIGSAW RUN 10km  Sunday 27th November at Dunsfold
 1   D Hull (Waverley)        34.23  (chip time 34.23)
 74  Phil Roberts             44.34  

 HOG'S BACK 11.7km  Sunday 4th December at Guildford
 1   J Sanderson (G&G)        37.14
 10  G Bruinvels (AFD)        42.15  (1st woman)
 440 Carol Aikin              62.07
 496 Simon Burrell            63.40
 629 Colette Doran            69.41
 759 David Meaden             79.20
 777 Alan Meaden              80.35  

 parkrun results...
 ...showing all PBs, all performances with an age-graded percentage of 65%
 and above, and all junior results. For this week's full Ranelagh results
 follow this link:. From this
 screen you can also access the previous week's Ranelagh results. 

 parkruns 5km Saturday 26th November
 Bushy Park
 Ted Mockett 17.35 (76.49%), Dave Lawley 17.37 (75.31% and PB), James
 Whistler 17.47 (72.54%), Jonathan Smith 17.50 (72.71%), Jackie Dunkley 29.05

 Richmond Park
 Tom Bradley 18.19 (72.79% and jnr), Bill Neely 19.58 (78.30%), Stewart
 Anderson 20.24 (71.16%), James Ritchie 20.46 (71.16%), Jess Harbert 21.38
 (69.88% and jnr), Steve Aikin 22.16 (66.77%), Cecily Day 23.09 (65.30% and
 jnr), Sam Rushby 23.28 (72.51% and jnr), Ellie Luxmoore 24.02 (jnr), Karen
 Harbert 26.20 (66.96%), Daniel Rushby 26.23 (jnr), Aoife Kilpatrick 26.29
 (PB), Ben Rushby 29.57 (66.00% and jnr), Bronwen Northmore 33.10 (63.02%),
 Pat Hewlett 43.09 (61.76%)

 Canons Park
 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 19.54 (77.89%), Jo Sinton-Hewitt 25.32 (67.30%)

 Old Deer Park
 Kris Davidson 18.11 (76.17%), Rick Jenner 18.57 (71.50%), Allan Whatmough
 19.01 (67.92%), Jodie Gray 22.34 (65.66%), Paula Maguire 26.48 (63.31%)

 Crane Park
 Louis Sartori 18.57 (73.44% and jnr and PB), Danny Little 19.12 (70.51%),
 Kevin Kearey 21.01 (69.63%), Ann Kearey 24.29 (66.85%), Josie Kearey 25.03

 Chris Camacho 22.46 (62.74%), Wiebke Kortum 22.50 (71.68%)

 Osterley Park
 Michael Osborne 23.00 (65.72%), Phil Jackson 25.05 (67.51%)

 Mike Peace 25.18 (67.52%)

 Duncan Mallison 19.34 (68.94%)

 Wycombe Rye
 Nick Wright 18.31 (73.72%)

 Chipping Sodbury
 Jake Waldron 16.37 (77.63%), Julia Bailey 20.36 (71.84%)

 Swansea Bay
 Nick Fordham 22.21 (jnr)

 Richmond Olympic (Canada)
 Lauryn Clague 35.57 (jnr)

 parkruns 5km Saturday 3rd December

 Bushy Park
 Nick Wright 17.53 (76.33%), David Ready 18.02 (71.53%), Clare Fowler 21.00
 (71.67%), Noel Simpson 27.20 (PB)

 Richmond Park
 Peter Faull 20.29 (63.71%), James Ritchie 20.33 (68.45%), Alberto
 Esguevillas 20.47 (67.68%), Julian Sampson 20.49 (68.13%), Steve Aikin 22.11
 (67.02%), Elisa Ferrua 23.25 (64.27%), Carol Aikin 24.13 (70.96%), Daniel
 Rushby 24.55 (jnr), Maia Rushby 25.13 (62.99%), Sam Rushby 31.33 (jnr), Ben
 Rushby 31.45 (jnr), Phil Rushby 31.50, Penny Merrett 33.06 (60.32%), Pat
 Hewlett 42.02 (63.40%)

 Wimbledon Common 
 Ben Shore 20.44 (65.35%), Laura Blazey 21.10 (70.08%), Gordon Whitson 21.53

 Bedfont Lakes
 Colette Doran 32.41 (PB)

 Old Deer Park
 Kris Davidson 17.53 (77.45%), Vaughan Ramsay 20.04 (69.60%), Paul Maguire
 26.34 (63.86%)

 Wormwood Scrubs
 Pete Warren 27.56 (69.03%)

 Crane Park
 Ted Mockett 17.49 (75.49%), Danny Little 19.57 (66.92%), Kevin Kearey 20.33
 (71.21%), Daniel Chiechi 21.31 (63.90%), Phil Roberts 21.42 (68.51%), Afrah
 Sait 33.00 (jnr)

 Upton Court
 Sean Paynter 18.19 (70.43%)

 Peter Fordham 26.42 (62.23%)

 Osterley Park
 Dave Lawley 17.55 (74.05%), Michael Osborne 23.01 (65.68%), Phil Jackson
 24.50 (68.19%)

 Mike Peace 24.46 (68.98%)

 Paul Hodges 21.35 (73.05%)

 BUSHY PARK JUNIORS parkrun 2km  Sunday 4th December
 1   B Dibley (Thames T)       7.01
 10  Finlay Sinclair           8.29
 87  Isla Sinclair            12.06

 SAVILL GARDENS JUNIORS parkrun 2km  Sunday 4th December
 1   H Hudson (unatt)          8.13
 89  James Ricketts           12.58
 143 Connor Scally            16.33
 168 Aaron Scally             27.14 

 "Running Nike Funny Commercial" (other sports goods manufacturers running
 funny commercials are available. Possibly.)  Video: