Newsdesk 2016

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 466             8 January 2016
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 *  Peter Haarer, Frida Roper and Louise Wapshott win the Henty Relay
 *  Marie Synnott-Wells finishes 2nd in the Wimbledon Christmas Morning
 *  Megan de Silva finishes 2nd woman in the Tadworth 10 and Megan, Marie
     Synnott-Wells and Wiebke Kortum place 2nd team 
 *  County championships this weekend
 *  Surrey Leagues on Saturday 16th January
 SURREY XC CHAMPIONSHIPS  Sunday 10th January at Denbies Vineyard and
 MIDDLESEX XC CHAMPIONSHIPS Saturday 9th January at Wormwood Scrubs
 We have teams entered at the Surrey Championships on Sunday and individuals
 at the Middlesex on Saturday. Details for Sunday here:.  

 The third Surrey League events for men and women take place on Saturday 16th
 January at Priory Park, Reigate (women, 12 noon start) and on Mitcham Common
 (men, 2.30pm start). After two races our women's team is in a safe 7th place
 out of 15 clubs in Division 1, with three clubs only 12 points or fewer in
 front of them. The men's situation is more precarious as they stand in 8th
 place out of 9 in Division 1 with two to be relegated at the end of the
 season. Clapham and Belgrave are well within our striking distance so a good
 result is vital. All members are welcome to run in these events - register
 with our team manager on the day. 

 The fourth and last mob match of this season will be on Saturday 20th
 February at home in Richmond Park against Blackheath and Bromley Harriers
 and AC.  

 We are sorry to report that Karen and Peter Weir are moving away from this
 area to live in the Peak District. Karen and Peter met though Ranelagh and
 plan to retain second-claim membership. They promise to return regularly for
 mob matches and Karen's "Run With Karen" business will also call her back.
 Karen of course will relinquish her post as Ranelagh's Head Coach and she
 goes with our thanks for all her hard work. She was also long-time Director
 of the Richmond parkrun. Karen writes on Facebook: "My last Richmond
 parkrun, after 8 and a bit years. So many happy memories. Thanks for making
 it an amazing experience and turning out in the rain today. A truly happy,
 sad, humbling, inspiring morning. Love parkrun, love Richmond parkrun -
 every runner, every volunteer, every supporter. Thank you!". All best wishes
 to them both. 

 Our own Half Marathon will take place on Sunday 1st May and entries are
 already streaming in! Over 300 names are already on the list, including 19
 from Ranelagh. This race usually sells out well in advance of the closing
 date, so get your entry in early to avoid disappointment. Details:.  

 Leeanne Bryce writes:
 "The Green Belt Relay has been scheduled for May 21st and 22nd 2016. Initial
 interest is high and it looks like Ranelagh could field three teams this
 year meaning we could field some competitive teams. The GBR is a spectacular
 event hosted by Stragglers - it is a 2 day 22 stage relay over 220 miles
 around London's Green Belt.
 Teams comprise 11 people.
 Each day has 11 stages. 
 Each team member must run on both days.
 Each stage is between 7 and 13 miles.
 Details of the race can be found on www.greenbeltrelay.org.uk/ 

 Fun, social and suitable for all but note that runners average 16-22 miles
 over the weekend and must be available to run both days. Teams usually
 travel and support via minibus and accommodation and food options in Essex
 on the Saturday night can be arranged. If you wish to run and organise your
 own transport on the two days that can also be considered.
 If you are interested in attending and have not joined via our Facebook page
 then please contact Leeanne Bryce (liane22@gmail.com) or Ashleigh Ferris

 Emily Bourne of AquaPhysio Ltd writes:
 "I am contacting you on behalf of Aqua Physio, a hydrotherapy centre in
 Morden. They are holding a free Deep Water Running open day at their
 facilities on Saturday 16th January and wondered if any of your members
 would be interested. Runners will be able to come along and try out the
 various forms of Aquatic running that Aqua Physio offer, and
 physiotherapists will be on hand to answer any questions.

 Deep water running is not only a great way for athletes to maintain their
 aerobic fitness whilst recovering from injury but it can also be substituted
 or added to training regimes to speed recovery and reduce the risk of
 overuse injury when training hard. Aqua Physio have a state-of-the-art
 heated endless swimming pool and specialised equipment specific to deep
 water running making it the ideal venue for this form of training. If you
 have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask."

 AquaPhysio are at Unit A, 135 Garth Road, Lower Morden, Surrey SM4 4LF,
 telephone 020 8330 6777. Register your interest at www.aqua-physio.co.uk. 

 ranelagh-harriers.com E-MAIL ADDRESSES
 Please note that the e-mail addresse  kenpowley@ranelagh-harriers.com and
steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com are no longer available. Please change
 your address books to the following:powleyken@gmail.com and

 SPRING MARATHON WORKSHOP with international Marathon runner MARA YAMAUCHI
 EA Club and Coach Support Officer Julia Bailey writes:
 "Our next Marathon Workshop with Mara Yamauchi will take place on Friday
 29th January from 6:30pm - 9:30pm at Southwark Council Offices, Tooley
 Street SE1 2TZ.  The cost is £10. For more details see:.

 Online bookings can now be taken:
 www.ulearnathletics.com/cpdEvent/82659. This is set up so athletes
 will need to be logged into uLearn in order to book on, coaches and all
 athletes registered will already have a uLearn account. Anyone who does not
 know their username or password should view this video instructing them
 how to find out:

 This video can be used to guide people through the process of booking:."

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:.

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 Check out what's happening in our junior section at

More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil
or Trevor ) ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager ( e-mail Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )      

 Saturday 9th January         Middlesex County XC Championships at Wormwood

 Sunday 10th January         Surrey County XC Championships at Denbies
 Vineyard, Dorking. 

 Saturday 16th January       Surrey Ladies League 5 miles at Priory Park,
 Reigate. 12 noon start, followed by junior races.
                                       Surrey League (men) 5 miles on
 Mitcham Common. 2.30pm start (note earlier time), preceded by juniors at

 Sunday 17th January         MABAC League 8 miles road in Windsor Great Park.
 10am start, register on the day.   Details:.  

 Saturday 23rd January       Bank of England inter-club 5 miles incl Hec
 Petersen Trophy. 2.30pm start in Richmond Park (Roehampton Gate)    

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or

 HENTY RELAY  Saturday 26th December in Richmond Park
 There were nine complete teams and one incomplete for this year's Henty held
 on a breezy and chilly Boxing Day. Two family teams were amongst those
 turning out, the Atkinses and the Kortums. The rest of the trios were
 devised by Ken's cunning program designed to balance out the teams as far as
 possible. Each team of three comprises one "fast" runner who must run three
 laps of Sidmouth Wood, one "medium" runner who runs two laps and one "slow"
 who covers only one lap. It's up to each team to utilise their resources as
 they see fit. Of course, those designations become a little blurred at the
 edges, to say the least.

 The accepted norm is for the "fast" to run laps 1, 3 and 6, the "medium" to
 run 2 and 5 and the "slow" to run lap 4. Most teams opted for this sequence
 but there were exceptions, notably Peter Haarer's team. Peter is an old hand
 at this game, and is a previous winner of the Henty. He chose to send young
 Frida Roper out on the opening stage and well though Frida ran she could do
 no better than 9th. Leader at this point was Peter Weir, who was almost half
 a minute clear of junior Euan Sinclair and Paul Rider. Peter Haarer had made
 his calculations, however, and he stormed through the field on lap 2.
 Catching Euan's "medium" Ben Shore a few metres from the finish, Peter
 handed over in the lead to his "slow" Louise Wapshott. Louise of course was
 up against some of the other teams' fast runners, so inevitably slipped
 back. Euan it was who took the lead again, and his team held on to that lead
 for the following two laps thanks to the efforts of Ben Shore and Eliete
 Nascimento. Peter Haarer ran back through to third place on lap 4, and Frida
 valiantly held on to that position on the penultimate circuit.

 So, with one lap to run it was Euan Sinclair setting off in the lead at
 48.11 with Wiebke Kortum bringing her team through to second in 49.00 and
 handing on to Carl Kortum. Frida handed on to Peter at 49.08. Peter fairly
 galloped off and Euan, try as he might, was no match for him. Peter crossed
 the line 26 seconds clear of Euan, with Paul Rider bringing his team home
 third. Peter's 7.31 on lap two was the fastest of the day. Becky Hall's 8.52
 also on lap two was the best women's time, though Ellen Clague recorded 8.38
 on the shorter opening lap.     
 NEW YORK CITY MARATHON  Sunday 1st November
 Egis Vincel finished 6872nd in 3:43.20.

 FRANCKEISS CUP RUNNERS' ROWING RACE  Sunday 6th December 2015 at The Skiff
 Club, Teddington
 Paul Gregory reports:
 "This year's entries were from six clubs:-26.2 RRC, Hercules Wimbledon AC,
 Ranelagh H, Stragglers RC, Thames Hare & Hounds and Walton AC. What was
 remarkable was the way in which competitors who had never been in a skiff
 until a couple of weeks before, had after a very short training proved
 themselves to be worthy opposition and sometimes winners over more
 experienced crews. Ranelagh in particular were on a wing and a prayer, as
 75% of their crews had never been in a skiff until a short training session
 the day before. Those losing by small margins set themselves to win next
 year, vowing vengeance! 
 The Men's Doubles. The final was won by the Thames Hare & Hounds crew of
 Chris Daniels, Andrew Arbour and cox Genna Palmer, who thus wrested the
 Franckeiss Cup from Hercules Wimbledon who had won the cup in the previous
 two years. In the earlier heats, the Ranelagh crew of Tom Mockett and Paul
 Gregory plus cox Fran Kenden lost out to the HW crew in a close race, and
 the Stragglers crew of Hubert Cibis and Dominic North had a problem with a
 stretcher (foot board) coming loose and finished well behind TH&H in the
 next heat.
 1   Thames H&H (C Daniels and A Arbour) 
 2   Hercules Wimbledon AC (C D Riches and M White)
 Time 2:39, distance 3 lengths
 The Mixed Doubles. A very exciting race as the HW crew's challenge saw them
 in the final yards overtake the veteran Walton AC crew of Kevin Sheppard and
 Lisa Adams, setting the fastest time of the day.
 1   Hercules Wimbledon AC (T Lynch and A Mijic)
 2   Walton AC (K Sheppard and L Adams)
 Time 2:32, distance 1 length 

 The Ladies' Doubles. This was a straight final with two ladies crews from
 26.2, and one Ranelagh crew racing three abreast and was fought out right to
 the finish. It is rare to see three skiffs finishing so closely. At the end,
 there was just over two lengths between the three crews, but 26.2 filled
 first and second places.
 1   26.2 RRC (K Hancock and J Zoeteman)
 2   26.2 RRC 'B'
 3   Ranelagh H (Ellen van Keulen and Amy Sillitoe)
 Time 2:54, distance ½ length 

 Ted Mockett adds:
 "The men's heats were up first and Paul Gregory and I were up against a
 rather strapping pair from Hercules who I believe were last year's winners.
 As I'd only had one short practice session the day before I couldn't say I'd
 exactly mastered the art of rowing. The race started at the end of Trowlock
 Island by Teddington studios and the finish was a few hundred metres up
 river at the other end of the island. Somewhat predictably we were behind
 from the gun and that's how the positions stayed although I'd like to think
 the Ranelagh men put up a half-decent effort given the lack of experience on
 my part and having never rowed together (other than to the start line).  

 Ranelagh had no involvement in the mixed event and which was won by a team
 from Hercules whose female crew member had apparently rowed for Serbia! 

 There were three boats in the ladies' race with two crews from 26.2 and it
 was a fairly close affair with only a couple of boat lengths between all
 three. Unfortunately, it wasn't Ranelagh's day with 26.2 picking up the
 first two places although, just like Paul and me, Ellen and Amy had only had
 a short practice the day before.

 We all really enjoyed the event and plan to do it again next year. With some
 practice and a bit more co-ordination I think we could do a lot better and
 maybe we could get some more Ranelagh crews along as well." 

 1   S Way (Bourn)          2:47.20  (chip time 2:47.20)
 149 Paul Sinton-Hewitt     3:45.41  (3:45.17)     

 CHRISTMAS MORNING PAARLAUF  Friday 25th December on Wimbledon Common
 In years gone by this Christmas dinner appetiser organised by the Lauriston
 club was of a fearsomely high standard, with a smattering of internationals
 usually taking part. It's not quite up to that standard nowadays, but
 Ranelagh's good track record in the event was maintained this year by Marie
 Synnott-Wells. Marie, running with Belgrave's Will Cockerell, finished in
 second place with a distance of 5 miles 722 yards covered in the allotted
 thirty minutes. Marie and Will finished some 250 yards behind former winner
 (when he was an international) Dave Clarke and his partner. 

 1   D Clarke (HW) & M Gibbons (HW)              5m 972y
 2   W Cockerell (Belg) and Marie Synnott-Wells  5m 722y    

 GREENCASTLE 5 miles  Saturday 26th December in Tyrone, Northern Ireland
 A good run from Eirin McDaid back home in Northern Ireland.

 1   P Pollock (Annadale)   24.24
 8   Eirin McDaid           27.20

 SERPENTINE NEW YEAR'S DAY 10km  Friday 1st January in Hyde Park
 Pete Warren won the over 75 class and Alan Davidson was 3rd over 65.

 1   J McMurray (St Albans) 30.39  (chip time 30.39)
 12  E Pallant (AFD)        35.03  (35.02 - 1st woman)
 50  Stewart Anderson       39.30  (39.29)
 244 Mike White             51.03  (50.24)
 282 Pete Warren            52.59  (52.33)
 289 Alan Davidson          53.14  (52.44)
 341 Heather Martingell     56.00  (55.22)
 419 Paul Martingell        60.37  (59.59)     

 KNACKER CRACKER 10km  Friday 1st January at Box Hill
 1   T Robertson (Ravens)   53.36
 12  S Rollins (AFD)        60.08  (1st woman)
 34  Owen Delaney           68.09

 TADWORTH 10 miles  Sunday 3rd January
 This is from the event website: "This challenging but scenic 10 miles course
 starts and finishes close to the Queens Stand on Epsom Downs. The course is
 a 50/50 mix of road and trails." Megan de Silva adds on Facebook:
 "Second ladies' team at Tadworth 10. Weather-beaten and muddy but good start
 to 2016." Megan also took second place individually and Marie Synnott-Wells
 was second over 50.

 1   O Garrod (Epsom & E)   58.23  (chip time 58.23)
 9   L Custance (Clapham)   63.56  (63.55 - first woman)
 29  Megan de Silva         68.18  (68.12)
 77  Bill Neely             73.03  (72.58)
 109 Marie Synnott-Wells    75.50  (75.44)
 183 Wiebke Kortum          82.29  (81.51)
 195 Phil Roberts           83.29  (83.14)
 215 Ian Keith              84.59  (84.48)
 239 Kevin Knowles          86.40  (86.03)
 415 Tom Reay               99.06  (98.44)
 416 Marina Quayle          99.10  (98.53)
 590 Annemarie Goodridge   127.10  (126.31)      

 KINGFIELD CANTER 2.85 miles handicap  Wednesday 6th January at Woking
 1   Alan Davidson          24.38  (actual time 23.23)
 n/s Sonia Rowland                 (23.19) 

 parkrun RESULTS
 With so many people now taking part in parkruns it has become very unwieldy
 to continue including full results in the e-news. So we are experimenting
 with cutting down the extent of the results we will show. We wanted to avoid
 concentrating only on the fastest times, so we have come up with this
 suggestion: we will show all PBs, all performances with an age-graded
 percentage of 65% and above, and all junior results. You will still be able
 to access all Ranelagh results if you wish, by following this link:. From this
 screen you can also access the previous week's Ranelagh results. And of
 course each individual parkrun website includes their own full results. In
 addition we will continue to show full Ranelagh results for junior parkruns
 as these are not included in the above link. This is just an experiment and
 we'd be pleased to hear any comments or suggestions. 

 MOORMEAD JUNIOR parkrun 2km  Sunday 20th December
 1   F Hawker (unatt)        7.54
 10  Luke Maguire            9.08    

 parkruns Friday 25th December
 Crane Park
 Nick Twomey 17.46 (72.70%), Mark Herbert 18.44 (69.66%)

 Bushy Park
 Owen Delaney 18.48 (71.54%), Euan Sinclair 21.03 (70.63% and jnr), Sacha
 Kennedy 21.18 (74.96% and jnr), Richard Kennedy 21.35 (70.58%), Wiebke
 Kortum 22.03 (73.47%), Finlay Sinclair 22.40 (69.63%), Ali Kennedy 23.37
 (73.75%),  Léonie Kennedy 24.29 (65.21% and jnr), Alan Davidson 26.29

 Richmond Park
 Tom Bradley 18.55 (71.54%and jnr), Peter Weir 20.03 (73.57%), Suzy Whatmough
 20.15 (73.09% and PB), Lydia Louw 20.32 (83.12%, jnr and PB), Bill Neely
 20.42 (74.88%), Elisa Ferrua 22.57 (65.36%), Jess Harbert 24.24 (jnr), Ellie
 Luxmoore 24.35 (jnr)

 Phil Jackson 23.46 (70.55%)

 Old Deer Park   
 Frida Roper 25.55 (jnr)

 Market Harborough
 Ted Mockett 20.00 (66.75%)

 Bognor Regis
 David Rowe 19.52 (69.71%)

 parkruns Saturday 26th December
 Richmond Park
 Tom Bradley 19.08 (70.56% and jnr), Abi Weeds 20.08 (75.17%, Bill Neely
 20.38 (75.12%), Paul Sinton-Hewitt 20.59 (73.23%), Peter Weir 20.59 (70.29),
 Matt Aikin 23.36 (jnr), Daniel Rushby 25.37 (jnr), Ellie Luxmoore 23.59
 Sam Rushby 27.20 (65.12% and jnr), James Rushby 29.13 (jnr), Val Lowman
 29.58 (65.68%) 

 Crane Park
 Nick Twomey 18.01 (71.69%), Owen Delaney 18.57 (70.98%)

 Bushy Park
 Fiona Ford 19.58 (79.55%), Sacha Kennedy 20.46 (76.89% and jnr)

 Michelle Davies 22.46 (65.30%)

 Bath Skyline
 Nick Wright 18.53 (71.76%)

 Phil Jackson 24.07 (69.52%)

 Market Harborough
 Ted Mockett 20.01 (66.69%)

 Belfast Victoria
 Peter Faull 18.22 (70.78%)

 Llyn Llech Owain
 Jonathan Smith 18.57 (68.25%)

 Bognor Regis
 David Rowe 20.22 (68.00%)

 Ed Barker 19.00 (73.51%)

 Wyre Forest 
 Clare Fowler 23.03 (65.08%)

 MOORMEAD JUNIOR parkrun 2km  Sunday 27th December
 1   L Paskin (Lon Welsh)    8.24
 6   Frida Roper             9.42  (1st girl)
 13  Astrid Roper           11.00  (2nd girl)     

 parkruns Friday 1st January
 Richmond Park
 Nick Twomey 18.05 (71.43%), Tom Bradley 18.58 (71.18% and jnr), Lars
 Lundqvist 19.14 (67.59%), Peter Weir 19.46 (74.62%), Jess Harbert 21.55
 (69.81% and jnr), Chris Read 22.24 (66.37%), Karen Weir 22.32 (68.79%), Phil
 Roberts 23.10 (PB), Oliver Beal 31.17 (jnr and PB)

 Fulham Palace
 Richard Gregory 16.39  (78.78%)

 Crane Park
 Nick Twomey 18.00 (71.76%), Ted Mockett 20.17 (65.82%) 

 Bushy Park
 Nick Wright 18.18 (74.04%), Sacha Kennedy 21.32 (74.15% and jnr), Finlay
 Sinclair 23.12 (68.03% and jnr), Carol Aikin 25.03 (67.73%), Julian Holden
 27.53 (PB), Su Clark 33.24 (PB) 
 Nick Wright 18.43 (72.40%), Wiebke Kortum 22.07 (73.25%)

 parkruns Saturday 2nd January
 Richmond Park
 Jonathan Smith 18.13 (71.00%), Rick Jenner 18.17 (73.56%), Nick Impey 18.20
 (71.18%), Dave Lawley 18.28 (71.39%), Tom Bradley 18.43 (72.13% and jnr),
 Mark Herbert 18.49 (69.35%), Peter Weir 19.52 (74.24%), Bill Neely 20.32
 (75.49%), John Hobson 21.30 (68.60%), Tomas Sterner 21.42 (70.81%), Michelle
 Davies 22.34 (65.88%), Daniel Rushby 24.29 (66.78% and jnr), Andrew Brown
 25.03 (65.74%), James Rushby 27.48 (jnr), Sam Rushby 28.22 (jnr) 

 Bushy Park
 David Ready 19.06 (67.54%), Nick Twomey 19.14 (67.16%), Richard Kennedy
 20.07 (75.72%), Sacha Kennedy 21.14 (75.20% and jnr), Léonie Kennedy 23.50
 (66.99% and jnr) 

 Old Deer Park
 Kris Davidson 19.14 (71.49%), Clare Fowler 22.52 (65.60%), Luke Maguire
 27.18 (jnr), Frida Roper 28.54 (jnr)

 Crane Park
 Nathaniel Bond 31.07 (jnr)

 Ed Barker 18.33 (75.29%)

 Phil Jackson 25.44 (65.16%)

 Greg Atkins 20.19 (68.50% and jnr), Izzy Atkins 21.50 (71.98% and jnr)

 Plym Valley
 Jess Harbert 23.45 (jnr)

 BUSHY PARK JUNIOR parkrun 2km Sunday 3rd January
 There seems to be a glitch with the official results - details to follow if
 and when they are corrected. 

 SAVILL GARDENS JUNIOR parkrun 2km  Sunday 3rd January
 1   J Naudi (unatt)         7.32
 2   M Collings (Woking)     7.33  (1st girl)
 127 James Ricketts         14.30
 131 Connor Scally          14.59 

 Donald Pellmann, a 100 year-old Californian, recently broke five age group
 athletics world records in the space of four and a half hours at a meeting
 in San Diego. He set new marks for the 100m, shot putt and discus and became
 the first centenarian to clear a bar in the high jump or register a legal
 long jump. But he was disappointed that he narrowly failed to register a
 clearance in the pole vault. Since taking up athletics in his 70s he has
 competed in 127 seniors meetings and claims to have won 895 gold medals.
 According to The Times he attributes his longevity to good genes and a
 healthy lifestyle. "Eat sensibly and exercise," he said, "I always say the
 best exercise you can have is pushing yourself away from the table when you
 have had enough to eat". For 80 years he has weighed 12st. "I never smoked,
 never took and drugs, and not much alcohol."  The Daily Telegraph sent 21
 year-old writer Jonathan Wells to try to give him a run for his money.