Newsdesk 2015

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 465             23 December 2015
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: sandsrowland@btinternet.com  

 *  Ranelagh wins the Stubbs Cup mob match v South London Harriers by nearly
     500 points
 *  Jon Pepper and Ellen Clague lead our mob of 62
 *  Julia Bailey wins the bronze medal in the Avon XC Championships
 *  Megan de Silva, Izzy Atkins and Poppy Jensen represent their counties in
     the SEAA Inter-Counties Championship 
 *  Megan de Silva finishes 6th in the South of the Thames 7.5m 
 *  Australian Orienteering titles for Ralph Street
 *  All welcome for the Henty Relay on Saturday 
 *  Surrey and Middlesex Championships and Surrey Leagues coming up in the
     New Year

 HENTY RELAY  Saturday 26th December in Richmond Park
 Need a break from the festivities and the over-indulgence? Come along to our
 Christmas fun relay on Saturday 26th! All members, relatives and friends are
 welcome, all ages and all speeds. Start time is 12 noon but you must come to
 the clubhouse by 11.30 to be allocated a team. Details:. 

 SURREY XC CHAMPIONSHIPS  Sunday 10th January at Denbies Vineyard and
 MIDDLESEX XC CHAMPIONSHIPS Saturday 9th January at Wormwood Scrubs
 Entry for both of these closes very soon, so if you'd like to run please
 contact the Captains/Team Managers without delay. Note that the Surreys are
 on Sunday - senior women at 12 noon, senior men at 1.45pm, junior races
 (under 13 up to under 20) from 10.30am onwards.

 The third Surrey League events for men and women take place on Saturday 16th
 January at Priory Park, Reigate (women, 12 noon start) and on Mitcham Common
 (men, 2.30pm start). After two races our women's team is in a safe 7th place
 out of 15 clubs in Division 1, with three clubs only 12 points or fewer in
 front of them. The men's situation is more precarious as they stand in 8th
 place out of 9 in Division 1 with two to be relegated at the end of the
 season. Clapham and Belgrave are well within our striking distance so a good
 result is vital. All members are welcome to run in these events - register
 with our team manager on the day. 

 Relax, we have a break now. The fourth and last mob match of this season
 will be on Saturday 20th February at home in Richmond Park against
 Blackheath and Bromley Harriers and AC.  

 Ralph Street is spending our winter as an Orienteering coach in Australia
 and was soon in competitive action. The weekend of 26th and 27th September
 saw both the Victorian Middle Distance Championships and the Australian
 Middle Distance Championships at Ballarat. In both events Ralph held an
 early lead only to be overhauled by Kiwi Nick Hann. However, Ralph was to
 get his revenge the following weekend. First came the Australian Sprint
 Championships. Ralph "led almost all the way, and while his lead never got
 beyond 17 secs, he never really looked like losing." The following day saw
 the Australian Long Distance Championships. Ralph "...got a decisive break
 on the long leg, never losing the lead after that. Matt Crane pushed him for
 a while but three minutes lost on control 15 ended his chances, That left
 Street with an unbeatable lead - more than 4 minutes at the end." Quotes are
 taken from Mike Hubbert's The Australian Orienteer magazine.      

 A new feature on the England Athletics website enables individuals to check
 their EA registration. Go to here:
 and enter either your registration number (if you know it) or your name and
 date of birth. Press "Search" and it should come back with your registration
 number and an indication of whether your registration is up to date. We have
 generally not registered members who are non-competitive. If your
 registration is shown as not up to date, this may be an oversight on our
 part or it might mean that according to our records your club subscription
 for 2015-16 has not been paid. Please check, and if you think your
 registration should have been paid, please get in touch. Note that most
 championship races require up to date registration of all entrants, so if
 you are planning on running the Southern or the National any registration
 queries must be dealt with quickly. Note also that if you have been
 previously registered with another club, we are unable to take over your
 registration payments. You first need to go through the formal "change of
 club" procedure. Download the form for this here:.  

 ranelagh-harriers.com E-MAIL ADDRESSES
 Please note that as from the end of 2015 the e-mail addresses
kenpowley@ranelagh-harriers.com and  steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com
 will no longer be available.   Please change your address books now to the
 following: powleyken@gmail.com and sandsrowland@btinternet.com.   

 SPRING MARATHON WORKSHOP with international Marathon runner MARA YAMAUCHI
 EA Club and Coach Support Officer Julia Bailey writes:
 "Our next Marathon Workshop with Mara Yamauchi will take place on Friday
 29th January from 6:30pm - 9:30pm at Southwark Council Offices, Tooley
 Street SE1 2TZ.  The cost is £10. For more details see here:.

 Online bookings can now be taken:
 www.ulearnathletics.com/cpdEvent/82659. This is set up so athletes
 will need to be logged into uLearn in order to book on, coaches and all
 athletes registered will already have a uLearn account. Anyone who does not
 know their username or password should view this video
 instructing them how to find out.
 This video can be used to guide people through the process of booking:"

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:.

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 Check out what's happening in our junior section at

More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil
or Trevor ) ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager ( e-mail Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )      

 Saturday 26th December    Henty Relay, 12 noon start. All members and guests
 welcome. See above.

 Saturday 9th January         Middlesex County XC Championships at Wormwood
 Scrubs. Races for all age groups but entry in advance is essential. Contact
 the Captains/Team Managers if you want to run. 

 Sunday 10th January         Surrey County XC Championships at Denbies
 Vineyard, Dorking. Races for all age groups but entry in advance is
 essential. Contact the Captains/Team Managers if you want to run. 

 Saturday 16th January       Surrey Ladies League 5 miles at Priory Park,
 Reigate. 12 noon start, followed by junior races.
                                       Surrey League (men) 5 miles on
 Mitcham Common. 2.30pm start (note earlier time), preceded by juniors at

 Saturday 23rd January       Bank of England inter-club 5 miles incl Hec
 Petersen Trophy. 2.30pm start in Richmond Park (Roehampton Gate)   

 5km parkruns every Saturday at 9am and 2km junior parkruns weekly or monthly
 on Sundays.
 Venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com or www.parkrun.org.uk/events/juniorevents/. 

 Phil Killingley reports:
 "Floods having devastated much of the North West of England, could the Blue
 Wave do similarly to South London Harriers' Farthing Down?  If the tide
 turned in our favour, the flow of consecutive mob wins would number ten. The
 pre-Christmas lurgies threatened to decimate our ranks but we turned out a
 superb 62 runners on the start, with the opposition managing a respectable
 44. A strong rendition of the Hobble Gobble intimidated SLH into a speedy
 start and at one point the race was looking in the balance. 

 But blue grit won through. Jon Pepper led the race from the front harried by
 Eirin McDaid in the closing stages and Ranelagh registered a podium 1-2-3.
 Ellen Clague also secured 2nd in the ladies with a superlative performance.
 After 11 home, SLH had 6 runners in to our 5, but guess what came next?
 That's right: a Blue Wave landed us all but one of positions 12-21,
 effectively sealing the match given our superior numbers still out on the

 Blue after blue vest stormed round the corner to the finish in the dull,
 grey winter half-light and as dusk descended over the Down, the lead looked
 unassailable. As the light faded, Carol Aikin, Tom Reay, Clive Naish, Peter
 Fordham, Cathy Holman and Bill Harvey (mob number 96) forged on and
 completed this epic course. The muddy, cambered downland had inflicted its
 toll, with at least five bloodied limbs counted (Nick Impey, Michael
 Osborne, Nick Twomey, Chris Camacho and one other take a bow), one damaged
 hamstring (Richard Holme) and one lost shoe sole (Emma Wellham). It was
 blood spilt in pursuit of victory, however, as the score announced in the
 clubhouse was a huge 1481-1958 victory.

 Ellen's performance was astonishing- this time last year she was scoring in
 the upper 60s for age-graded percentages - here she managed 78.5%.  Eirin's
 80.6% was also a pb - I was with him at halfway and he suddenly surged and
 took 1min 30 out of me in the second half.  73.6% for Dave Lawley was
 another xc record as he finished in 12th - he's getting better and better."  

 Lots of photos here:. 

 Steve Vincent of SLH writes: "Just to let you know that we found a pair of
 INOV8 X-Talon 212s (or very similar) in a red plastic bag that were left up
 near the start/finish of Saturday's mob match." Get in touch if they are

 SEAA INTER-COUNTIES XC CHAMPIONSHIPS  Saturday 12th December at Biggleswade
 Megan de Silva ran a fine race and was 7th finisher for the winning Surrey
 team in the senior race. Izzy Atkins represented the 4th-placed Middlesex
 team in the Under 15 girls race, while Poppy Jensen was 6th home for the
 Surrey Under 13s who closed in 6th.  

 Senior Women
 1   S Abel (Middx)         21.26
 32  Megan de Silva (Sy)    23.46

 Under 15 Girls
 1   J Czura (Hants)        13.17
 29  Izzy Atkins (Middx)    14.19

 Under 13 Girls
 1   S Moore (Hants)        10.32
 47  Poppy Jensen (Sy)      11.25

 Julia Bailey put in a great performance to finish 7th overall but 3rd and
 bronze medallist in the Avon Championship. 

 Senior Women
 1   R Barnes (Avon R)      24.29  (1st Wilts)
 3   J Belyanin (B&W)       25.56  (1st Avon)
 7   Julia Bailey           26.59  (3rd Avon) 

 SOUTH OF THE THAMES 7.5 miles championship  Saturday 19th December at
 There was not a lot of enthusiasm for a trek down to Tonbridge the week
 before Christmas, but that shouldn't overshadow yet another good run by
 Megan de Silva who finished an excellent 6th. Vaughan Ramsay and a
 returning-from-injury Marie Synnott-Wells completed our representation.

 1   J Gilbert (Kent)       42.29
 W1  A Clements (Kent)      50.40  (1st woman)
 W6  Megan de Silva         54.26
 112 Vaughan Ramsay         56.44
 W29 Marie Synnott-Wells    64.02

 HOG'S BACK 11km  Sunday 6th December at Guildford
 1   P Lowe (Belgrave)      40.08
 16  S Ludlow (G&G)         46.10  (1st woman)
 532 David Meaden           77.32
 559 Alan Meaden            81.11

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 18th December in Hyde Park
 1   A Greenleaf (Serp)     15.20
 40  L O'Donoghue (Eal E)   18.43  (1st woman)
 66  Rob Wise               19.54
 162 Alan Davidson          25.12  

 parkrun RESULTS
 With so many people now taking part in parkruns it has become very unwieldy
 to continue including full results in the e-news. So we are experimenting
 with cutting down the extent of the results we will show. We wanted to avoid
 concentrating only on the fastest times, so we have come up with this
 suggestion: we will show all PBs, all performances with an age-graded
 percentage of 65% and above, and all junior results. You will still be able
 to access all Ranelagh results if you wish, by following this link:. From this
 screen you can also access the previous week's Ranelagh results. And of
 course each individual parkrun website includes their own full results. In
 addition we will continue to show full Ranelagh results for junior parkruns
 as these are not included in the above link. This is just an experiment and
 we'd be pleased to hear any comments or suggestions. 

 parkruns Saturday 12th December
 Richmond Park
 Tom Bradley 18.25 (73.3% and PB), Suzy Whatmough 20.32 (72.08% and PB), Hadi
 Khatamizadeh 22.20 (PB), Alan Elder 22.25 (67.43%), Tomas Sterner 23.35
 (65.16%), Andrew Brown 24.15 (67.9%), Sam Rushby 27.51 (jnr), Daniel Rushby
 28.22 (jnr), James Rushby 28.24 (jnr)

 Crane Park
 Clare King 21.57 (68.11%), Claire Warner 27.34 (PB), Prelini Chiechi 27.37
 (PB), Nathaniel Bond 29.53 (jnr)

 Bushy Park
 Nick Wright 18.39 (72.65%), Sacha Kennedy 20.38 (77.38% and jnr), Simon
 Collingridge 20.58 (75.2%), Emma Wellham 23.14 (PB), Léonie Kennedy 23.47
 (67.13% and jnr), Ali Kennedy 23.58 (71.7%)

 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 25.39 (66.15%)

 Old Deer Park   
 Stephen Hurton 21.12 (65.33%), Clare Fowler 21.58 (68.29%), Luke Maguire
 26.46 (jnr)

 Peter Weir 20.18 (72.66%), Karen Weir 22.57 (67.54%)

 Rob Wise 20.00 (78.17%)

 Alan Davidson 24.52 (69.37%)

 Root 44
 Lloyd Camp 23.05 (65.49% and PB)

 Phil Jackson 23.44 (70.5%)

 Lydia Louw 20.51 (81.85% and jnr)

 Bognor Regis
 David Rowe 19.28 (71.15%)

 parkruns Saturday 19th December
 Richmond Park
 Peter Weir 20.10 (73.14%), Bill Neely 20.42 (74.88%), Ellen Clague 21.10
 (76.54%), Wiebke Kortum 22.18 (72.65%), Karen Weir 22.57 (67.54%)

 Crane Park
 Nick Twomey 19.28 (66.35%)

 Bushy Park
 Marc Snaith 18.47 (71.07%), Nick Wright 18.49 (72.01%), Owen Delaney 18.56
 (71.04%), Euan Sinclair 21.19 (69.74% and jnr), Sacha Kennedy 21.44 (73.47%
 and jnr), Jo Sinton-Hewitt 25.40 (66.1%)

 Old Deer Park   
 Kris Davidson 20.22 (67.51%),  Frida Roper 26.20 (jnr), Luke Maguire 28.01

 Bedfont Lakes
 Becky Hall 21.08 (70.35%)

 Alan Davidson 25.32 (67.56%)

 Phil Jackson 24.37 (68.11%)

 Lydia Louw 20.52 (81.79% and jnr)

 Peter Faull 18.20 (70.91 and PB)

 Dave Lawley 17.49 (73.99%)

 From Athletics International:
 British astronaut Tim Peake (43) will become the first man to run a marathon
 in space. His mission was launched on December 15 and he will be on the
 International Space Station until June 5. Beginning at 10.00 GMT on Apr 24,
 the same time as the start of the Virgin Money London Marathon, he will run
 the 26.2 miles on a treadmill as the ISS orbits the earth, 400km up and at a
 speed of 27,000km per hour. To combat weightlessness, he will wear a harness
 that tethers him to the treadmill, while watching the HD video of the London
 course on a big screen. He ran London in 1999 in 3:18:50.