Newsdesk 2015

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 457             31 August 2015
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Suzy Whatmough, Josie Kearey and Eleonora Gavin win the Ratchford Relay  
 *  Colin Brett leads the British M50 team to bronze medals in the World
     Masters Marathon 
 *  Simon Martin completes the Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc
 *  Martin Halvey is the leading M50 in the Thames Meander Marathon
 *  parkrun placings for Suzy Whatmough, Lydia Louw, Grace Munro, Rebecca
     Northmore, Sacha Kennedy, Ted Mockett, Mark Herbert, Rick Jenner, Jon Smith,
    Megan de Silva, Nick Twomey Ed Barker, Michelle Davies, Becky Hall, Alex
    Fordham, Bruce McLaren and Trevor Maguire  
 *  Surrey Road relays this Saturday
 *  The Thomas Cup handicap and Opening Run of our 135th season is on
     Saturday 12th September

 Fixtures for the 2015-2016 season have been finalised, and printed fixture
 cards are available at the clubhouse. If you can't get to the clubhouse and
 would like one posted to you, please reply to this e-news giving your postal
 address. If you'd like a pdf version just e-mail Fixtures Secretary Andy
 Woodhouse andrew-woodhouse@hotmail.co.uk . A full fixture list is
 also now on our website. 

 SURREY ROAD RELAYS  Saturday 5th September at Wimbledon Park. 12 noon start
 This is on a similar course to the Wimbledon Dash 5km. All classes start
 together but the senior men's race is for teams of six, each running a 2.9
 miles lap, the senior women, W35s, M40s and M50s have teams of four and the
 W45s and M60s only three. If you're interested in taking part contact as
 follows: (all women) Phil and Becky ranelagh.women@gmail.com ,
 (senior men and M40s) Trevor Maguire trevor.maguire@bt.com , (M50s
 and M60s) Peter Fordham peter_fordham@yahoo.com . 

 135th SEASON OPENING RUN and THOMAS CUP 3.8 miles HANDICAP  Saturday 12th
 September in Richmond Park
 Looking further ahead, our 135th season kicks off as usual with the Thomas
 Cup handicap in Richmond Park on Saturday 12th September. All members are
 welcome. The annual club photo will be taken at about 2.45pm in the Park
 opposite the clubhouse and the handicap will get under way as soon as
 possible afterwards.   

 Wednesday 30th September from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at Southwark Council Offices,
 160 Tooley Street, London SE1 2TZ. Cost: £10.
 Julia Bailey writes:
 "As part of England Athletics' programme we would like to invite coaches and
 athletes to a marathon workshop with Mara Yamauchi, the UK's second fastest
 woman ever behind world record-holder Paula Radcliffe. If you are a runner
 or coach preparing for an Autumn marathon in 2015 this workshop is for you!
 Mara will take you through the essential steps of marathon training covering
 nutrition, hydration, recovery, and race preparation as an athlete and coach
 to ensure that you are fully prepared. There will also be an opportunity for
 Q&A at the end of the workshop. 
 Places are limited, this will be done on a first-come basis, so book now to
 avoid disappointment. For registration and payment please contact your
 London CCSO Julia Bailey at jbailey@englandathletics.org or call

 Not content with being merely Ranelagh's women's team manager, Phil has now
 been appointed as the senior women's cross-country Team Manager for Surrey
 County Athletics. Congratulations Phil. 

 Fresh from his fine performance in the UK team at the World Orienteering
 Championships, Ralph Street is off to Australia for six months as a "coach
 in residence" in Melbourne.  

 ...was unfortunately hurt in a bike accident while on holiday in Scotland
 with her family. We wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing
 her back in action soon. 

 Apologies for giving the wrong date for Ken's birthday celebration. It will
 be on Wednesday 16th September at the Rose of York.

 ...to our oldest member Bob Maslin and his wife Olive, who celebrated their
 70th Wedding Anniversary on 25th August, complete with a card from the

 Here's Nicky Spinks of the Dark Peak Fell Runners setting a new women's
 record for the Bob Graham round - which, for the uninitiated, is a circuit
 of 42 Lakeland fells which have to be summited within 24 hours, starting and
 finishing in Keswick. The total distance to be covered is about 66 miles,
 with 26,900 feet of ascent. The men's record is 13 hours 52 minutes, and
 Nicky completed it in 18 hours 6 minutes.  Video:

 Doc Martin Wolfson writes:
 "As many of you know I am an ex-runner due to injury but, determined to
 continue to exercise, I have recently taken up  cycling and rather foolishly
 decided to enter the Prudential RideLondon 100 miles event. I had never
 cycled more than 30 miles in a stretch. To cycle through central London and
 out into the Surrey countryside was just a delight. Almost as good as
 running the London Marathon. It was just tremendous fun throughout. I did it
 in just under 6 hours and still felt fairly fresh at the end. Compared with
 a marathon, it was a walk in the park.
 I am raising money for Shelter, the homeless charity. Please sponsor me at
 click.contact.justgiving.com/ .

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is www.fusion-lifestyle.com/centres/.

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 Check out what's happening in our junior section at

More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil
or Trevor ) ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager ( e-mail Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )      

 Saturday 5th September     Surrey Road Relays men and women at Wimbledon
 Park. 12 noon start.

 Saturday 12th September   Thomas Cup handicap in Richmond Park. 3.8 miles
 3pm start preceded by annual club photo. 

 Saturday 19th September   SEAA Women's Road Relay championships at Aldershot

 Sunday 20th September     SEAA Men's Road Relay championships at Aldershot

 Saturday 26th September   Page Cup 5 miles handicap in Richmond Park. 3pm

 parkruns every Saturday at 9am
 Bushy Park                            Diana Fountain car park
 Richmond Park                      Richmond Gate
 Wimbledon Common             Windmill car park
 Bedfont Lakes                       Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford,
 Kingston                               The Hawker Centre
 Old Deer Park                        Pools in the Park on the A316
 Crane Park                             Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout
 on the A316 in Twickenham
 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com
 2km junior parkruns for under 14s take place on the first Sunday of each
 month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate (11am start) and from Savill Garden
 car park, Windsor Great Park (9.30am start), and also every Sunday at 9.30am
 in Wimbledon Park and at 9am at Moormead Rec, Twickenham. 

 RATCHFORD RELAY  Tuesday 25th August in Richmond Park
 Writing a report for a race at which I was not present is always a tricky
 business and so I'll just have to work something up from the results. This
 is a women-only event and we had nine teams of three taking part, each team
 comprising one "fast" who covers three laps of about a kilometre, one
 "medium" who covers two and a "slow" who runs just one lap. As always in
 this race and in the similar Henty Relay, the fast/medium/slow definitions
 are hazy at best and there is usually considerable overlap. 

 The normal strategy is to send your "fast" runner out on the opening lap,
 and most teams elected to do this. The exceptions were the teams of Suzy
 Whatmough and Becky Hall. Becky's choice was to run the last three stages
 straight off. Whether this was a deliberate ploy or one forced by
 circumstances I don't know, but if the intention was to test herself with a
 hard 3km time trial it probably worked, with the three lap times varying by
 only 7 seconds. Not surprisingly, Becky's team was last when she took over,
 but picked up one place at the expense of Elisa Ferrua's team, for which
 Elisa had also run two consecutive laps. Suzy's strategy was to send junior
 Josie Kearey out first, and Josie responded brilliantly by setting a sub-4
 minutes time in third place.  Suzy then took over and her 3.43 lap was to be
 the fastest of the day. Only one second slower, however, was surprise packet
 Sarah Fields who had won the opening stage in 3.44. She handed over to Carol
 Aikin who had to give way to Suzy, but on the third lap Sarah re-took the
 lead by passing Eleonora Gavin. Suzy was out again on stage 4 and swept into
 a lead that she and Josie were not to relinquish. Deborah Blakemore, Carol
 and Sarah held on for second place ahead of Michelle Davies, Prelini Chiechi
 and Wendy Fisher   

     1st TEAM                       
  3  Josie Kearey         3.58   3.58
  1  Suzy Whatmough       7.41   3.43
  2  Eleonora Gavin      12.12   4.31
  1  Suzy Whatmough      16.02   3.50
  1  Josie Kearey        20.11   4.09
  1  Suzy Whatmough      24.06   3.55
      2nd TEAM                       
  1  Sarah Fields         3.44   3.44
  2  Carol Aikin          8.05   4.21
  1  Sarah Fields        12.01   3.56
  2  Deborah Blakemore   17.11   5.10
  2  Carol Aikin         21.43   4.32
  2  Sarah Fields        25.41   3.58
      3rd TEAM                       
  2  Michelle Davies      3.57   3.57
  4  Prelini Chiechi      8.39   4.42
  7  Wendy Fisher        14.22   5.43
  3  Michelle Davies     18.22   4.00
  4  Prelini Chiechi     23.16   4.54
  3  Michelle Davies     27.19   4.03
      4th TEAM                       
  4  Wiebke Kortum        3.59   3.59
  7  Mary Hickson         8.54   4.55
  8  Louise Wapshott     14.25   5.31
  4  Wiebke Kortum       18.27   4.02
  5  Mary Hickson        23.22   4.55
  4  Wiebke Kortum       27.27   4.05
      5th TEAM                       
  5  Victoria Elbourne    4.06   4.06
  3  Cathy Holman         8.36   4.30
  3  Victoria Elbourne   13.05   4.29
  5  Katie Walton        18.43   5.38
  3  Victoria Elbourne   23.06   4.23
  5  Cathy Holman        27.45   4.39
      6th TEAM                       
  6  Rebecca Northmore    4.07   4.07
  8  Sue Camp             8.56   4.49
  4  Rebecca Northmore   13.09   4.13
  7  Annemarie Goodridge 19.03   5.54
  8  Sue Camp            24.04   5.01
  6  Rebecca Northmore   28.15   4.11
      7th TEAM                       
  8  Ann Kearey           4.20   4.20
  6  Leeanne Bryce        8.53   4.33
  6  Bronwen Northmore   14.17   5.24
  6  Ann Kearey          18.48   4.31
  7  Leeanne Bryce       23.39   4.51
  7  Ann Kearey          28.20   4.41
      8th TEAM                       
  9  Maya Farah           4.41   4.41
  9  Lexi Slaughter      11.33   6.52
  9  Maya Farah          16.35   5.02
  9  Becky Hall          20.31   3.56
  9  Becky Hall          24.33   4.02
  8  Becky Hall          28.36   4.03
      9th TEAM                       
  7  Elisa Ferrua         4.15   4.15
  5  Elisa Ferrua         8.49   4.34
  5  Paula Maguire       13.51   5.02
  8  Cindy Croucher      19.19   5.28
  6  Elisa Ferrua        23.34   4.15
  9  Paula Maguire       28.39   5.05

 WORLD MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS  4th - 16th August in Lyon
 In the M50 Marathon, Colin Brett put in a great run to finish 18th, missing
 3 hours by just 22 seconds and leading the British team to bronze medals.

 Sharon Dooley adds her personal account:
 "Having moved from Marathons and long distance to the slightly lesser
 distances of 400m and 200m a few years back I was enticed by my coach to
 enter the World Masters in Lyon, it was his way of incentivising me to train
 hard - it worked!! I looked at the times for previous years and they were
 impressive but I could get somewhere in the middle and the experience itself
 of competing abroad, wearing a GB masters kit against other countries may
 well bring out more than I could hope for back home.....

 I messed up at the start of the 200m and missed being in the semi-finals by
 0.09 of a second, coming 25th out of 52. A mistake I had to get over quickly
 and learn from for my 400m two days later.

 The 400m was in 40+ degrees, I had lane 2 which allows me to see the race
 unfold, the downside is that the blocks have to be kept away until the lane
 two runner from the previous heat has finished. I remembered my 200m and
 quickly pushed the thought away, and as it happens I was given plenty of
 time. I had a very fast lady from Guyana who had already claimed gold in the
 100m (12.33) and 200m (24.88) along with a fast Spanish lady. On paper I was
 second slowest in my heat. I got my head into gear in the blocks and went
 for it, relaxed down the back straight and pushed on after the bend, I
 hadn't caught the clocks at 100m or 200m but at 300m I realised I was bang
 on target for my aim of the season to have a 65 point something rather than
 a 67 point something...I felt strong and confident and knew I had bagged 3rd
 place. I crossed the line in 65.82, third in my heat - the last fastest
 loser to go through was 64.25 so whilst I hadn't made the semi-finals I had
 my PB, finished 21st out of 33 runners and had the confidence that with
 another winter's training I could make the semi-finals and edge closer to
 being in the final.

 I loved the whole experience, it was scary but also awesome meeting
 competitors from around the world, seeing pals achieving great things and
 whilst not being able to see their events, having time to catch up with them
 over scrumptious dinners - Lyon is renowned for World Class Food.

 The events are not all Track & Field - there are 5k's, Cross Country, Half
 Marathons and Marathons.The age groups are in 5 year increments, starting at
 35 and going all the way to whenever you choose to stop competing.
 Everything is self-funded so you do have to pay for the experience, however
 this also means that unlike World Champs and Olympics, you get to be a part
 of it whatever your level of competition. I hope that those of you over 35
 can be inspired by the chance to compete and be a part of a World Masters
 Championship - it really is a truly awesome experience and there is nothing
 like having a good incentive to train when the UK weather is throwing its
 worst at you, or you just don't feel like that strength and conditioning
 circuit, or evil track session.

 The next European outdoors event is in Denmark in 2017. The next World
 Masters is in Perth 2016, or if like me that is too far then it will be held
 in Malaga in 2018.

 HERCULES WIMBLEDON 5km FESTIVAL NIGHT  Wednesday 19th August at Wimbledon
 Race 3
 1   T Ramsay (Clapham)     16:27.00
 9   Steve Whitehead        16:47.17

 ULTRA-TRAIL DU MONT BLANC  Friday 28th August at Chamonix
 To quote from Wikipedia:
 "The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc is a single-stage mountain ultramarathon. It
 takes place once a year in the Alps, across France, Italy and Switzerland.
 The distance is approximately 166 kilometres (103 mi), with a total
 elevation gain of around 9,600 m. It is widely regarded as one of the most
 difficult foot races in Europe. It's certainly one of the largest with over
 two thousand starters."
 Congratulations to Simon Martin who added his name to the select few
 Ranelagh Harriers who have completed the gruelling event.

 1    X Thevenard (France)  21:09.15
 1022 Simon Martin          42:43.47 

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 28th August in Hyde Park
 Another good run from Ian Kenton in 5th place.

 1   M Eccles (Norf G)      16.04
 5   Ian Kenton             16.44
 37  M Tow (unatt)          18.47  (1st woman) 
 172 Alan Davidson          25.01
 THAMES MEANDER MARATHON  Saturday 29th August at Kingston
 This course might be flat but it's mostly on the varied surface of the
 Thames towpath so you're not likely to record PBs. Martin Halvey ran well to
 win the M50 category a couple of minutes outside 3 hours. Jane
 Craigie-Payne, not marathon-fit at the moment, decided to run a few miles
 anyway but in company with Ashleigh Ferris she eventually found herself with
 a finisher's medal.

 1   M Foustok (unatt)      2:48.30  (chip time 2:48.28)
 7   H Rush (Bath)          3:01.48  (3:01.47)
 8   Martin Halvey          3:02.24  (3:02.22)
 32  Nick Twomey            3:22.53  (3:22.53)
 129 Ashleigh Ferris        4:20.09  (4:19.44)
 130 Jane Craigie-Payne     4:20.09  (4:19.45)
 192 Ian Grange             5:09.27  (5:09.24)                    

 MOORMEAD JUNIOR parkrun 2km  Sunday 9th August
 Sacha Kennedy finished second overall and first girl.

 1   R King (unatt)          7.49
 2   Sacha Kennedy           8.01  (1st girl)
 9   Matthew Beal            9.26
 13  Oliver Beal            10.13 

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 15th August
 Megan de Silva was the second woman to finish.

 1   R Eveson (SMR)         16.41
 9   Nick Wright            17.51
 23  L Bond (WSEH)          18.37  (1st woman)
 27  Megan de Silva         18.42
 62  Marie Synnott-Wells    19.43 
 149 Sacha Kennedy          21.27 
 197 Chris Wright           21.56
 305 Ali Kennedy            23.25  
 682 Mary Hickson           28.27
 822 Jackie Dunkley         30.56

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 15th August    
 A 1-2 for Mark Herbert and Nick Twomey.

 1   Mark Herbert           17.48
 2   Nick Twomey            18.17
 12  J Cox (Runnymede)      20.30  (1st woman)
 33  Paul Wapshott          22.51
 87  Claire Warner          28.49
 93  Tanya Allen            31.24
 98  Louise Wapshott        32.13
 105 Su Clark               34.13

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 15th August
 Suzy Whatmough was the leading female with Lydia Louw in second place. 

 1   Unknown                16.45
 15  Tom Bradley            19.40
 29  Bill Neely             20.40 
 32  Suzy Whatmough         20.47  (1st woman)
 39  John Hobson            21.18
 40  Lydia Louw             21.21
 42  Alberto Esguevillas    21.34
 76  Elisa Ferrua           23.18
 113 Carol Aikin            24.44
 121 Chris Cato             24.58
 139 Michael Sikora         25.52
 154 Steven Mountain        26.11 
 214 Andrew Brown           28.27
 239 Tony Clark             30.01
 266 Bronwen Northmore      32.22
 281 Annemarie Goodridge    34.12
 282 Wiebke Kortum          34.13
 283 Julie Bushnell         34.16    
 299 Bev Ali                39.36
 300 Pat Hewlett            39.54
 308 Penny Merrett          47.17

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 15th August
 Rick Jenner and Bruce McLaren finished first and third.

 1   Rick Jenner            18.37
 3   Bruce McLaren          19.53
 4   Richard Holme          19.54
 6   Si Martin              20.24
 17  Kevin Knowles          22.05
 18  S Hutton (unatt)       22.09  (1st woman) 
 21  Phil Roberts           22.39
 36  Grace Munro            24.48
 48  Jo Sinton-Hewitt       26.03
 56  Mark Roper             26.57
 58  Lorna Smith            27.25  

 OSTERLEY parkrun 5km  Saturday 15th August
 Jon Smith was first finisher.

 1   Jon Smith              18.43
 24  I Abrahall (unatt)     25.32  (1st woman)

 ALDENHAM parkrun 5km  Saturday 15th August
 Alex led the Fordham clan in third place.

 1   B Vivian (St Albans)   17.14
 3   Alex Fordham           19.53
 9   Y Smart (unatt)        22.26  (1st woman)
 19  Nick Fordham           24.56  
 21   Peter Fordham          26.24

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 15th August
 1   S Davies (unatt)       17.54
 10  M Garner (Strags)      19.34  (1st woman)
 26  Chris Camacho          21.28
 68  Rachel Revett          25.15
 72  Tom Reay               25.57
 78  Fiona Pugh             26.35
 121 Jar O'Brien            32.15 

 OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 15th August)
 Gunnersbury: 120 Ashleigh Ferris 25.36
 Brighton and Hove: 249 Stacey Barber 29.52
 Wimbledon Common:  325 Colette Doran 57.34
 York: 145 Phil Jackson 24.47
 Perry Hall: 13 Daniel Chiechi 21.19
 Marlay: 41 Liam Griffin 20.51,  203 Paula Maguire 25.56,  219 Luke Maguire
 Woking: 6 Ed Barker 18.23
 Brockwell, Herne Hill: 20 James Whistler 19.42
 Highbury Fields: 60 Tomas Sterner 23.34
 Southsea: 119 Alan Davidson 25.24
 Whitstable: 91 Mike White 26.47
 Malahide: 133 Leeanne Bryce 24.59
 Bognor Regis: 4 David Rowe 19.43
 Reigate Priory: 22 Duncan Mallison 21.34
 Northala Fields: 47 James Barber 23.50, 79 Lynne Barber 27.25, 91 Christine
 David 29.06

 MOORMEAD JUNIOR parkrun 2km  Sunday 16th August
 Sacha Kennedy was the overall winner this week.

 1   Sacha Kennedy           8.08  (1st girl)
 16  Ciara McLaren          11.09
 17  Campbell McLaren       11.15

 WIMBLEDON PARK JUNIOR parkrun 2km  Sunday 16th August
 1   F Vaughan (Reigate P)   6.52
 61  Angus O'Brien          13.30 

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd August
 Lydia Louw stepped up to first place this week. 

 1   S O'Connor (Sydney S)  17.01
 16  Tom Bradley            19.37
 24  Paul Sinton-Hewitt     20.31
 32  Alberto Esguevillas    20.59
 35  Lydia Louw             21.09  (1st woman)
 51  Steve Aikin            22.02
 84  Matt Aikin             24.17
 106 Carol Aikin            25.19
 118 Daniel Rushby          25.46
 131 Karen Weir             26.13
 164 Andrew Brown           27.27
 177 Sue Camp               28.12
 206 Maia Rushby            29.48
 207 James Rushby           29.49
 248 Heather Martingell     32.50
 253 Bronwen Northmore      33.23
 259 Penny Merrett          33.30
 267 Martin Clark           35.25
 273 Beverly Walsh          37.29
 283 Bev Ali                41.52
 291 Pat Hewlett            42.47

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd  August
 1   A Bond (unatt)         18.01
 8   Daniel Chiechi         21.06
 16  N McLelland (unatt)    22.41  (1st woman)
 25  Paul Wapshott          23.56
 28  Josie Kearey           24.02
 29  Kevin Kearey           24.02
 57  Ann Kearey             25.44
 99  Cindy Croucher         32.32  
 103 Louise Wapshott        33.09
 105 Su Clark               33.34
 108 Tamsin Burland         35.02
 115 Lexi Slaughter         38.55

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd August
 1    P Pollock (Abbey)     15.17
 12   Nick Wright           17.41
 29   S Kinsella (Strag)    18.44  (1st woman)
 32   David Ready           18.52
 66   Llewellyn Davies      19.50
 84   Michael Moran         20.21
 171  Richard Kennedy       21.58
 187  Sacha Kennedy         22.20
 213  Sophie Spink          22.43
 354  Ian Grange            24.26
 639  Claire Warner         28.38
 709  Kirsty Bangham        29.55
 936  Teresa Segovia        37.00
 1000 Wally Garrod          44.09 

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd August
 Grace Munro was the leading woman.

 1   M Phillips (T Turbo)   18.52
 15  Grace Munro            23.08  (1st woman)
 38  Mark Roper             27.06
 39  Francesca Baty-Symes   27.11
 43  Paula Maguire          27.54
 47  Luke Maguire           28.54
 56  Leeanne Bryce          31.22
 60  Mel Davison            32.04
 64  Wyn Williams           32.38 

 GUNNERSBURY parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd August
 Mark Herbert and Michelle Davies both finished third.
 Mark writes on Facebook: "parkrun today was great! A new overall PB by 2
 secs with 17:46 at Gunnersbury. It's my 5th consecutive PB on the bounce.
 The track sessions are paying off so a big thank you to Trevor Maguire and
 Karen Weir for the leading the sessions. The racing flats are working."

 1   D Afshar (West 4)      17.30
 3   Mark Herbert           17.46
 4   R Ponder (West 4)      18.01  (1st woman)
 38  Lee Davies             20.53
 44  Michelle Davies        21.40
 49  Chris Read             22.04

 DULWICH parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd August
 Megan de Silva was the second woman to finish.

 1   P Gaimster (VP&TH)     16.48
 16  E Mace (Dul R)         18.35  (1st woman)
 21  Megan de Silva         18.49

 MARGATE parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd August
 Ted Mockett was first home.

 1   Ted Mockett            17.55
 12  S Woodhead (Dul Pk)    24.09  (1st woman)
 26  Ellen van Keulen       27.03

 OSTERLEY parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd August
 Rebecca Northmore was the leading woman.

 1   S Jacobs (unatt)       18.43
 22  Rebecca Northmore      25.42  (1st woman)

 OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 22nd August)
 Kingston: 34 Peter Wright 23.32,  40 Hannah Doyle 23.52,  69 Tom Reay 26.34,
 97 Nathaniel Bond 29.32
 Hove Prom: 64 John Pratt 24.00
 Tilgate: 8 Duncan Mallison 19.48
 Wimbledon Common:  15 Peter Faull 18.46
 Fountains Abbey: 51 Chris Wright 23.02,  78 Phil Jackson 24.49,  160 Mary
 Hickson 29.52
 Bournemouth: 313 Eugenio Carmo 34.53
 Woking: 4 Ed Barker 18.12
 Burgess: 4 James Whistler 18.10
 Northala Fields: 71 Colette Doran 28.36
 Great Cornard: 60 Jackie Dunkley 30.36
 Aldenham: 15 Rob Curtis 26.06,  16 Becky Hall 26.07
 Wolbrom: 16 Nick Fordham 20.34,  26 Peter Fordham 23.02
 Bracknell: 130 Stacey Barber 31.40,  131 James Barber 31.41

 MOORMEAD JUNIOR parkrun 2km  Sunday 23rd August
 Sacha Kennedy was the leading girl for the third week in succession.

 1   R King (unatt)          7.49
 2   Sacha Kennedy           8.05  (1st girl)
 7   Luke Maguire            9.16

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th August
 Jon Smith finished third.

 1   P Macias (Sheen)       17.48
 3   Jon Smith              18.14
 6   J Zakrzewski (Dumf)    18.59  (1st woman)
 11  John Shaw              19.32
 41  Wiebke Kortum          21.50
 70  Elisa Ferrua           23.43
 91  Tomas Sterner          25.01
 107 John Hobson            25.31
 136 Michael Sikora         26.34
 140 Tony Appleby           26.46   
 162 Andrew Brown           27.43
 183 Val Lowman             28.51
 286 Bev Ali                39.32
 287 Pat Hewlett            39.47

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th August
 1   S Green (MMK)          17.29 
 6   L Killip (Strag)       19.38  (1st woman)
 12  Daniel Chiechi         20.44
 31  Jonny Brook            23.06
 51  Paul Wapshott          24.48
 91  Kate Brook             29.12
 92  Heather Martingell     29.13
 93  Leeanne Bryce          29.29
 100 Christine David        30.27    
 108 Cindy Croucher         31.40
 110 Tracey Small           32.17
 112 Louise Wapshott        32.39
 115 Su Clark               35.29
 116 Lexi Slaughter         36.38

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th August
 1   Unknown                15.34
 14  Nick Wright            17.50
 39  Andrew Forth           19.14
 52  R Hutton (SLH)         19.40  (1st woman)
 107 Sacha Kennedy          21.13
 142 Sophie Spink           22.03
 151 Adam Wright            22.07
 577 Claire Warner          27.49
 649 Philippa Kitchen       29.02 
 650 Rob Kitchen            29.02
 914 John Hanscomb          40.58

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th August
 Trevor Maguire was the third finisher.

 1   M Adam (unatt)         18.38
 3   Trevor Maguire         20.00
 11  C Fowler (unatt)       22.07  (1st woman)
 32  Luke Maguire           26.07   
 40  Lorna Smith            27.37
 44  Wyn Williams           29.05    
 47  Francesca Baty-Symes   29.17
 64  Deborah Blakemore      32.50
 68  Katie Walton           35.18

 OSTERLEY parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th August
 Mark Herbert was second overall and Rebecca Northmore was the leading woman.

 1   M Kunwar (unatt)       17.48
 2   Mark Herbert           18.18
 4   David Lawley           18.33
 5   Peter faull            18.50 
 24  Rebecca Northmore      22.57  (1st woman)
 33  Phil Jackson           24.30
 58  Cathy Holman           27.26

 WOODLEY parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th August
 Becky Hall finished third woman.

 1   A Sutton (Reading)     16.49
 16  P McCrabbe (Maiden)    19.40  (1st woman)
 30  Becky Hall             20.56
 65  Rob Curtis             23.54

 NORTHALA FIELDS parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th August
 Lydia Louw was second in the women's section.

 1   M Mohamed (TVH)        14.43
 16  S Thomas (Chilt)       18.36  (1st woman)
 20  Lydia Louw             20.40

 WOKING parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th August
 Ed Barker was second finisher.

 1   J Mitchell (Woking)    17.33
 2   Ed Barker              18.02   
 7   K Hassall (Folkes)     19.36  (1st woman)

 WYRE FOREST parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th August
 Ted Mockett placed third.

 1   W Richardson (Birch)   16.15
 3   Ted Mockett            17.36   
 13  B Haines (Birch)       19.32  (1st woman)
 92  Ellen Van Keulen       27.08   

 OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 29th August)
 Kingston: 17 Iain Wilson 20.31,  27 Kabir Sait 22.08,  28 Chris Camacho
 22.09,  81 Fiona Pugh 26.08
 Nonsuch: 306 Nathaniel Bond 29.14
 Cheltenham: 16 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 19.26,  203 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 26.45,  329
 Colette Doran 31.39
 Clair: 15 Duncan Mallison 21.10
 Longrun Meadow: 224 Jackie Dunkley 30.16
 Bournemouth: 231 Eugenio Carmo 29.31
 Banstead Woods: 118 Tom Reay 26.54
 Northala Fields: 71 Colette Doran 28.36
 Black Park: 132 Carol Aikin 25.00,  207 Sue Camp 27.26
 Aldenham: 15 Rob Curtis 26.06,  16 Becky Hall 26.07
 Hilly Fields: 31 Nick Fordham 22.26,  71 Peter Fordham 26.13
 Parke: 35 Mike Peace 25.46
 Upton Court: 41 James Barber 24.52,  69 Lynne Barber 28.04,  82 Stacey
 Barber 30.26

 MOORMEAD JUNIOR parkrun 2km  Sunday 30th August
 1   F Kellow (unatt)        8.28
 5   Luke Maguire            9.16
 7   E Bowden (unatt)        9.47  (1st girl)
 16  Campbell McLaren       11.01

 From "The Olympian" by Brian Glanville, published 1969
 "There are no limits to what the body can do when the spirit is strong.
 Twenty years ago, they said a four-minute mile was impossible. I told them
 then: we shall live to see it run in three minutes, forty seconds, and they
 laughed. But what has happened? The four-minute mile is now a commonplace.
 Athletes run it every week. Even schoolboys run it. We shall see a
 three-forty mile and a nine-second hundred metres and a nine-foot high jump
 and a twenty-foot pole vault. It all lies in the conception. Once these
 things have been conceived as possible, they are achieved. And that is why
 athletics are important, why records are important. Because they demonstrate
 the scope of human possibility; which is unlimited. The inconceivable is
 conceived, and then it is accomplished."