Newsdesk 2015

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 453             2 July 2015
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Successful Ranelagh Richmond 10km - congrats to new Race Director Rick
 *  Individual winners Gus Upton (Belgrave) and Hayley Munn (Clapham)
 *  86 Ranelagh finishers led by Richard Gregory and Megan de Silva 
 *  County 10k championship medals to Marie Synnott-Wells, Steve Whitehead
     and the men's and women's teams  
 *  Ranelagh wins the parkrun mini-mob match v Stragglers
 *  Phil Killingley and Becky Hall lead our 59 runners
 *  Ranelagh Juniors in 2nd place in Stragglers Handicap Series 
 *  parkrun placings for Megan de Silva, Rebecca Northmore, Carl Assmundson,
     Jonathan Smith, Richard Holme, Rick Jenner and Marie Synnott-Wells
 *  AGM at the clubhouse this Tuesday
 *  Coad Cup 5 miles handicap next Tuesday (14th July) - please arrive early

 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  Tuesday 7th July starting at 8.30pm in the
 All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. You should already have
 received  an AGM notice plus agenda and reports. If they have not reached
 you please reply to this e-news.   

 COAD CUP 5 miles handicap Tuesday 14th July in Richmond Park  7.15pm start
 As a break from our normal Tuesday night training sessions we have our
 annual five miles summer handicap in the Park. All members are welcome to
 take part. Two pleas from our hard-working officials:
 1  PLEASE arrive early if you can. This will help avoid long queues to
 register and assign handicaps.
 2  If you haven't run in a club event before, please e-mail our handicapper
 Angus Cater angus.cater@gmail.com  to let him know you're thinking
 of taking part. He will need some idea of your pace - e.g. a parkrun time or
 just a guesstimate. This doesn't commit you to running but will also save
 time at registration.
 More details including a course map here: .

 We have a slight break now until the Elmore 7 miles, which will be held on
 Saturday 18th July starting at 2pm. The race is on a rolling country lanes
 course and is held in conjunction with the Chipstead Village Fair and Flower
 Show. On-line entries here: or there's a
 postal entry form here:.

 Next on Sunday 26th July comes the Elmbridge 10km, with a 9am start at the
 Xcel Leisure Centre by the river at Walton-on-Thames. It's a flat course,
 part road and part Thames towpath. Entries here:. 

 The first six events in Ranelagh's Road Grand Prix have taken place and the
 leading scores to date are: (Open) Steve Whitehead 51, Ted Mockett 38, Kris
 Davidson 35, Phil Killingley 33; (Men Over 40) Steve Whitehead 29, Kris
 Davidson 25, Stewart Anderson 20, Duncan Mallison 7; (Men Over 50) Paul
 Rider 23, Mick Lane 16, Bill Neely 15, Richard Holme 11; (Women) Marie
 Synnott-Wells 21, Megan de Silva 18, Becky Hall 13, Carol Aikin 9; (Women
 Over 40) Ellen Clague 16, Wiebke Kortum 12, Mel Davison 11, Kirsty Bangham
 and Tanya Allen 7; (Women Over 50) Marie Synnott-Wells 24, Carol Aikin 13,
 Lynne Barber 9, Bronwen Northmore 8.

 Next event is the Elmore 7 miles on Saturday 18th July, see above. Full
 details of the Grand Prix here:. 

 After four events in the Road League and with three to go, Ranelagh's men
 hold a handy five point lead over Clapham Chasers. Ranelagh has one first
 place and three seconds to Clapham's one first, two thirds and a fifth.
 However, only the best five out of the seven races count, so Clapham stand
 to make up ground if they can discard that fifth place. Hercules Wimbledon
 are also in contention with a first, a second, a fourth and a ninth. In the
 women's League Guildford and Godalming are in a commanding position with two
 firsts and two thirds. Clapham are next and then Ranelagh in third place
 with two seconds, a sixth and a ninth.

 In the individual tables Steve Whitehead still leads the over 40 division,
 but Ryan Harris of Reigate has three first places to his name and will
 surely displace Steve if he runs two more races. Kris Davidson is currently
 third in the over 40s and Paul Rider is third in the over 50s. In the
 women's tables Marie Synnott-Wells is currently only 4th in the over 45
 class, but will be in a strong position to retain her title if she runs two
 more races. Megan de Silva is in a similar position in the senior women
 category, currently second but with a good prospect of taking the title.
 Full details are on the Surrey Athletics website here:.

 WEDDING DAY 7Km  Friday 31st July
 Included in our Grand Prix but not in the Road League is the Wedding Day
 7km, the always-popular event to be held this year on Friday 31st July
 starting at 7.30pm in Bushy Park. This race usually reaches its limit, so
 enter early. We're the current holders of the mob match trophy for the
 greatest number of finishers (excluding organisers Stragglers) and the men's
 team trophy.  Details and entries:

 PERSEVERANCE WIMBLEDON DASH 5km  Sunday 9th August starting at 9am in
 Wimbledon Park  
 The climax of both our Grand Prix and the Road League is the Perseverance
 Wimbledon Dash 5km.  Details and entries:

 CHRIS BRASHER PONDS RUN  Tuesday 21st July in Richmond Park
 Owing to how the calendar has worked out this year, we have been obliged to
 push back the Brasher Ponds Run to Tuesday 21st July. This is our annual
 tribute to the late Chris Brasher, Olympic Gold Medallist, founder of the
 London Marathon and long-time member of Ranelagh Harriers. The Ponds run -
 visiting all 20+ ponds in the Park - was a favourite of his. We'll set off
 in groups, some to tackle all the Ponds (9 miles-ish), others to settle for
 a sample.      

 WHEATSHEAF and PIGEON 5km  Saturday 1st August at 12 noon in Staines.
 For something a little more low-key, Andy Hayward writes:
 " I would like to encourage entries into the above run. Whilst the
 Wheatsheaf & Pigeon (affectionately known locally as the "Wee & Pee") is a
 great community pub, publicity is not their strongest point, and I
 volunteered to try and help them get a better turn out for the run this
 year. It is a very low key but fun event, and the only entry fee is a
 (suggested 5) donation to charity (Help for Heroes) supported by the pub,
 and last year we even got a free drink thrown in for that! It was a shame
 that there were only six entries last year, and it would be great to get
 more out to support this worthy cause, especially in this year of continuing
 to remember the centenary of WW1, and the 70th anniversary of the end of
 WW2. It ties in with a charity 'fun day' at the pub (bouncy castle, music,
 BBQ etc.).

 To celebrate my forthcoming change of circumstances from 'Insurance
 Professional' to 'Professional Brewer' and the impending launch of Thames
 Side Brewery, I am also expecting a good turnout from my other (lunchtime)
 running club - Raven Racers. It was even suggested by Andy Tucker (also of
 Blackheath Harriers) that we have a Ranelagh v Ravens mini mob match within
 the run, which I thought was a great idea if we get the numbers from both
 clubs. I will be doing a BBQ myself in the afternoon/evening, and would
 invite all attending Ranelites and Ravens back to ours (about 200 yards away
 from the pub) for an afternoon/evening summer party with eats and drinks."

 Head coach Karen Weir writes:
 "The Ranelagh coaches will be putting on monthly strength and conditioning
 sessions on a Tuesday evening after training. These consist of a few short
 but very specific exercises for runners, that can then be repeated at home.
 If the weather is good we'll be outside where there is a little more room,
 however if it's wet we'll try and cater for as many people in the clubhouse
 as possible. Sessions will start at 8.30pm and be led by different coaches
 each month. Remaining dates/coaches are as follows:
 Tuesday 28th July - Chris and Peter, 25th August - Karen ".

 The club is continuing to subsidise track sessions on Thursday evenings at
 the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are welcome. The sessions
 are  every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:.

 Roy Reeder of Stragglers writes:
 "I'm once again organising the River Thames Half Marathon. The start is in
 Walton-on-Thames and a fair bit of the route is along the towpath, so it's
 flat, scenic and mostly traffic free. Full details www.riverthamesrunning.co.uk.  I'm offering 4 off the entry fee to Ranelagh
 Harriers runners till 18th July. Use the entry code ranh4off at the Sport
 Systems store." 
 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 Check out what's happening in our junior section at ranelagh-harriers-juniors.com/. 

 The junior handicap series is held on Thursday evenings between April and
 August at the Hawker Centre off Lower Ham Road in Kingston. The remaining
 dates are:
 Thursday 16th July - Registration 7 p.m. for 7.30 p.m. start
 Thursday 27th August - Registration 7 p.m. for 7.30 p.m. start

 Runners are allotted a start time depending on their previous performances,
 with the slower runners starting first. First time runners are given a
 handicap according to their age. The course is just over 2 km on the grass
 area in front of the Hawker Centre. It consists of four laps of the
 perimeter of the grass area, which will be marked out. After the end of the
 fourth lap the runners will cross the finish line and go down the finish
 funnel in the order in which they crossed the line. New or inexperienced
 runners, if they find 2 km a bit far, can run one lap - they will be given a
 time, but their results will not count towards any individual or team

 Points are scored for your club according to finishing position and personal
 best times. First timers receive a medal for completing the course. In each
 race medals are awarded to the first boy and first girl (regardless of their
 overall place), and further medals are awarded to the 2nd and 3rd overall
 places (whether boys or girls). The overall trophy and shields for first,
 second and third places and the team trophy will be presented on the last
 Thursday of either September or October. We will announce the actual date as
 widely as possible. In order to take part in the junior handicap, entrants
 must have a consent and medical form signed by a parent or legal guardian.
 See here:. Please pre-register with coaches Colin, Heather or Maia. 

 Congratulations to Hercules Wimbledon stalwart Pete Mulholland, who was
 awarded a British Empire Medal in the Queen's Birthday honours list for
 "Services to Athletics in Wimbledon".

More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil, Duncan
or Trevor ) ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager ( e-mail Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )      

 Tuesday 14th July              Coad Cup 5 miles handicap in Richmond Park.
 7.15pm start. See above.

 Saturday 18th July             Elmore 7 miles. 2pm start at the Chipstead
 Flower Show.   Details:

 Tuesday 21 July               Brasher Ponds Run - see above.

 Sunday 26th July               Elmbridge 10km  9am start at the Elmbridge
 Leisure Centre.  Details:. 

 Friday 31st July                 Wedding Day 7km in Bushy Park. 7.30pm
 start.    Details:. 

 parkruns every Saturday at 9am
 Bushy Park                            Diana Fountain car park
 Richmond Park                      Richmond Gate
 Wimbledon Common             Windmill car park
 Bedfont Lakes                       Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford,
 Kingston                               The Hawker Centre
 Old Deer Park                        Pools in the Park on the A316
 Crane Park                             Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout
 on the A316 in Twickenham
 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com
 2km junior parkruns for under 14s take place on the first Sunday of each
 month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate (11am start) and from Savill Garden
 car park, Windsor Great Park (9.30am start), and also every Sunday at 9.30am
 in Wimbledon Park. 

 RANELAGH RICHMOND 10km  Sunday 21st June
 There was a new hand at the helm of our Richmond 10k this year in the shape
 of Rick Jenner. Rick's predecessor Niall O'Connor provided assistance and
 "Well done to Rick on a very successful Ranelagh Harriers Richmond 10k.
 While a lot of people assist with various parts of the race, responsibility
 for delivery and execution of a safe race belongs to the Race Director
 alone. Despite it being his first year in charge he maintained unflappable
 composure and commendably dealt with all the stresses that come with the
 responsibility. The increasing levels of administrative bureaucracy make
 organising the race a time-consuming and complex task (for example, this
 year, there was even a council requirement to appoint a fire marshal - for
 an outdoor 10k...) Rick's success is indicated by a record number of
 entries, the quick times, his ability to arrange perfect running conditions
 - and the absence of surplus finishers' mugs clogging up the clubhouse!"

 Entries reached very close to our published limit of 800, of whom a
 remarkable 104 were from Ranelagh. 639 runners actually finished, 86 of them
 in the blue and amber. The relatively unheralded Gus Upton from Belgrave
 headed an early break by a group of three, but was soon out on his own and
 went on to win by over half a minute. Epsom's Ollie Garrod finished a clear
 second, just as he had done at the earlier League races at Sutton and
 Dorking. Third place went to Belgrave's Lithuanian Andrius Jaksevicius,
 while in fourth was Ranelagh's second-claimer Josh Mutch representing
 Brighton. Richard Gregory set off hard but eventually settled in for a place
 in the top ten and just kept his nose in front of Phil Killingley. There was
 a barnstorming run from Ted Mockett to be the next Ranelagh finisher just
 clear of Dave Benton and Steve Whitehead who were respectively third and
 fourth over 40s. To Richard will go the Flash Gardner Trophy for the first
 Ranelagh finisher.  

 Phil Killingley takes up the story:
 "At the sharp end Belgrave placed 1 and 3, and took the county team gold.
 Ranelagh were second, with Richard, me and Steve making up the team,
 followed by our Surrey Road League rivals Clapham and Hercules Wimbledon.
 So we cement our place at the top of the Road League, with one first place
 and three second places (each of Ranelagh, Clapham, Hercules and Belgrave
 have a first place, but no-one else has three second places). 

 But it was further down the field that the fireworks took place.  Ted
 Mockett was our third or fourth finisher (depending on whether you count 4th
 placed overall second claimer Josh Mutch, who ran in Brighton colours), and
 knocked a huge slice off his pb with 34:43.  'Boom', as Facebook fans might
 exclaim.   Dave Lawley was similarly epic with a 37:30, and Nick Twomey
 secured a superb 35:44.  Simon Martin laughed in the face of the 100km
 training week he had completed, recording a 10 second negative split and pb
 of 40:54.  Wiebke Kortum also PB'd in 44:38.  I'm clearly doing huge
 injustice to many others who will have got PBs today."

 In the women's race last year's runner-up Hayley Munn of Clapham Chasers ran
 a few seconds slower this time but recorded a most emphatic victory by some
 two and a half minutes. Fast-finishing Zoe Smith of Belgrave and Mel Edwards
 of Herne Hill filled the minor places, pushing Megan de Silva off the podium
 into 4th place. Marie Synnott-Wells was our next finisher, 20th overall but
 winning the county W45 title. Gwen McCormack in 39th closed in our team
 which unexpectedly took the bronze medals in the county team championship.
 Close behind Gwen came Michelle Davies and then Marilyn Horne who took the
 W55 runner-up prize but is ineligible for the county awards. Last year
 Marion was the inaugural winner of a new club award, the Whitlock-Welch
 Trophy for the best age-graded performance in this race by a first-claim
 member. Marion came within a whisker of retaining it this year, but by a
 margin of just 0.05% it was Marie Synnott-Wells who lifted the Trophy. 

 Less than half a minute behind Marion came Suzy Whatmough making a very
 impressive club debut. Indeed, there was quite a number of club debuts
 today, including some essaying their first 10k and some even lining up for
 their first-ever race! Congratulations to all who finished, and a special
 mention to Bev Ali who volunteered to be the "whipper in" following the last
 runner. This turned out to be a lengthier task than she might have expected
 but Bev described it as "The most relaxing 10k I have ever run!"    

 Many thanks to Andy Hayward and Michele Gibson for the great BBQ they laid
 on back at the clubhouse after the race. Something approaching 50 members
 and family came to enjoy good food, good weather and good company.  

 Race Director Rick Jenner writes:
 "Thank you to everyone who was there on Sunday - runners and all those
 people who gave their time to help make the race happen. Although not the
 warmest summer solstice, there was some great running from Ranelagh
 throughout the field. And thanks to almost 50 volunteers everything went
 smoothly and lots of runners have been very complimentary about our superb
 marshals on the course. If you have any feedback about the race please email
 Rick at ranelagh10k@gmail.com, and pencil 19th June 2016 in your diaries!"

 MINI MOB MATCH  Saturday 13th June at the Kingston 5km parkrun. 
 Phil Killingley writes:
 "The Stragglers mini mob match went off a storm on Saturday morning at
 Kingston parkrun.  Ranelagh turned out 59 runners and Stragglers 71.  But we
 got the first 6 home and from that moment on, with the hindsight of looking
 at the results, Stragglers never recovered.  I wasn't so optimistic at the
 finish line - typical mob match syndrome of thinking that the other team's
 vests are more numerous than they actually are.  A mention must go to poor
 Eirin McDaid, who was stranded 400m from the Hawker Centre with a failed
 clutch.  I was dreaming up a headline of Ranelagh clutching defeat from the
 jaws of victory, but the actual result spoiled that. 

 Congratulations to all who ran and thanks so much for forsaking your usual
 parkrun for this blast down the towpath.  There will be a return fixture on
 June 12th 2016 (subject to clashes with the road league timetable)."

 Phil himself was the first of those six Ranelagh runners who led the field
 home, recording 16.37 with Jordan Mungovan breathing down his neck and Ted
 Mockett also inside 17 minutes. Then came Kris Davidson, James Whistler and
 Rick Jenner all inside 18. Colin Brett continued his great form in 9th
 place, ahead of fellow over-50s Richard Holme and Howard Gleave. Becky Hall
 in 20th place was the leading woman and just dipped inside 20 minutes. Not
 far behind Becky was the very youthful lad Kabir Sait who ran a great 20.16.
 New member Elisa Ferrua was the fourth woman home, a little clear of Hannah
 Doyle, Sally Yau and another junior Frida Roper. It was good to see quite a
 number of juniors playing their part in our win, including Matt Aikin,
 Daniel and James Rushby and Matthew and Oliver Beal.

 Scoring 56 a side we secured the win by almost 400 points.      

 In addition to the results already listed, Lydia Louw finished 2nd in the
 Under 11 girls race in 6.04.

 STRAGGLERS JUNIOR HANDICAP SERIES Race 3  Thursday 11th June in Richmond
 We gave the Stragglers organisers a break by hosting the third race in the
 series in Richmond Park on a 1km course opposite the clubhouse. There were
 61 runners in the main event, 8 of them first-timers. As usual the newcomers
 mostly finished at the front and included Eilidh Sinclair in second place.
 Our next finisher was Molly Stewart back in 11th place but "first gal"
 excluding first timers. Molly led home a veritable stampeded of runners with
 nearly 30 crossing the line in the space of half a minute. Poppy Jensen of
 Stragglers ran the day's fastest time of 7.34, with Ranelagh's Euan Sinclair
 and Matthew O'Donovan of St Andrew's and St Mark's School both on 7.36.
 Kabir Sait was not far behind on 7.47 and there was a host of PBs amongst
 our 20 runners. 

 Team-wise the Flaming Penguins school team scored well in the handicap and
 went into a clear overall lead with Ranelagh chasing in second place. 

 1   T Harvey-Smith (Cmb H) 14.28  (actual time 9.28)
 2   Eilidh Sinclair        14.48  (9.48)
 11  Molly Stewart          19.07  (11.07 - "first gal")
 17  Ciara McLaren          19.17  (11.17)
 18  Campbell McLaren       19.17  (11.17)
 19  Oscar Stewart          19.18  (9.48)
 27  James Rushby           19.25  (8.55)
 29  Connor Clarke          19.27  (8.57)
 30  Matthew Beal           19.28  (8.58)
 32  Josie Kearey           19.30  (10.30)
 34  Frida Roper            19.32  (8.32)
 36  Oliver Beal            19.34  (9.34)
 38  Euan Sinclair          19.36  (7.36 - equal fastest boy)
 39  Afrah Sait             19.36  (13.06)
 42  Luke Maguire           19.41  (8.41)
 43  Nathaniel Bond         19.41  (10.41)
 47  Sam Rushby             19.46  (9.46)
 48  Kabir Sait             19.47  (7.47)
 52  Francesca Baty-Symes   19.52  (9.52)
 53  Daniel Rushby          19.57  (8.27)
 58  Poppy Jensen (Strag)   20.04  (7.34 - fastest girl)
 59  Matthew O'Donovan (StA)20.06  (7.36 - equal fastest boy)
 61  Astrid Roper           20.34  (11.04) 

 1   Flaming Penguins        44  (overall 110)
 2   Ranelagh H              32  (98)
 3   St Andrew's & St Mark's 19  (35)
 4   Coombe Hill             17  (17)
 5   Stragglers              16  (58)
 6   Sheen Shufflers          8  (30)
 1   J Norman (Strag)       2.55
 2   Ben Rushby             3.11  ("first lad")  

 5km TRACK TIME TRIAL  Thursday 25th June at Osterley
 Dave Lawley organised this little run-out at the Osterley track.

 1   Ted Mockett            16.45
 2   Nick Twomey            17.02
 3   Mark Herbert           17.56
 4   Michael Everard        18.56
 5   Tom Bradley            19.07
 6   Si Martin              19.22
 7   Tom Kearey             19.54
 8   Kevin Kearey           20.22
 9   Hati ?                 21.53
 10  Rebecca Northmore      22.20
 11  Amrut Sharma           22.42
 12  James ?                22.44
 13  Ian Grange             23.36            
 14  Luke Maguire           23.43
 15  Laetitia Tetart        24.54
 16  Cathy Holman           25.23
 17  Paula Maguire          25.25
 18  Julian Holden          25.56
 19  Deepa Sharma           27.31 

 3km and 2km   
 1   Becky Hall             11.56
 2   Matt Sowton            12.02
 3   Josie Kearey           13.24
 4   Bronwen Northmore      16.56
 5   Penny Merrett          18.10
 6   Bev Ali                14.51  (2km)  

 STRAGGLERS JUNIOR HANDICAP SERIES Race 4  Thursday 25th June at the Hawker
 Back to the usual venue for the fourth of the six-race series. There were 71
 runners in the main race including another sizeable crop of first-timers.
 They filled 14 of the first 15 places, headed by a Ranelagh trio of Dylan
 and Aidan Gilmore and Sam Slater, with another Ranelagh, Alistair Brendon,
 in 6th. Some of the Ranelagh regulars were missing on this occasion but we
 still provided 18 runners and in Euan Sinclair we had the day's fastest at
 an excellent 7.14. Euan just held off the fastest from the last event, Poppy
 Jensen from Stragglers.

 The Flaming Penguins increased their lead in the team competition with
 Ranelagh a clear second. In the Minis Ben Rushby was "first lad" for the
 second race in succession.  

 1   Dylan Gilmore          14.28  (actual time 9.08)
 2   Sam Slater             14.10  (9.10)
 3   Aidan Gilmore          14.45  (9.45)
 6   Alistair Brendon       16.02  (8.02)  
 10  J Holmes (Cooombe H)   16.54  (7.54 - "1st lad")
 11  Bruno Duder            17.00  (9.00)
 17  J Marques (FP)         18.30  (9.30 - "1st gal")
 22  Nathaniel Bond         19.09  (10.09)
 25  Matthew Beal           19.11  (8.41)
 26  Oliver Beal            19.13  (9.13)
 32  Oscar Stewart          19.23  (9.23)
 34  Sam Rushby             19.24  (9.24)
 38  Francesca Baty-Symes   19.29  (9.29)
 39  Ella Slater            19.30  (9.30)
 40  Jasmine Gilmore        19.30  (11.30)
 41  Connor Clarke          19.32  (8.32)
 42  James Rushby           19.35  (8.35) 
 47  Daniel Rushby          19.43  (8.13)
 49  Euan Sinclair          19.44  (7.14 - fastest boy)
 51  Poppy Jensen (Strag)   19.46  (7.16 - fastest girl)
 69  Molly Stewart          21.49  (13.19)

 1   Flaming Penguins        45  (overall 159)
 2   Ranelagh H              40  (130)
 3   Sheen Shufflers         27  (57)
 4   Commbe Hill Sch         22  (40)
 5   St Andrew's & St Mark's 20  (56)
 6   Stragglers              17  (75)

 1   M Coleman (FP)         2.42
 3   Ben Rushby             2.55  ("first lad")  

 SUMMER BREEZE HALF MARATHON  Saturday 13th June on Wimbledon Common
 1   D Hancock (unatt)      1:21.09  (chip time 1:21.08)
 19  H Wilson (unatt)       1:38.09  (1:38.05 - 1st woman)
 145 Neil Preskett          1:57.01  (1:55.02)
 204 Ann Kearey             2:03.04  (2:02.55)

 THORSHAVN MARATHON  Saturday 13th June on the Faroe Islands
 Peter Fordham reports:
 "94 runners, 850 metres climb/descent. Top 100 placing achieved!" 

 1   J Dale (unatt)         2:53.56
 76  Peter Fordham          4:38.23       

 POLESDEN LACEY 10km  Sunday 14th June 
 1   O Garrod (E&E)         35.51
 16  C Mollison (unatt)     45.44
 286 Alan Meaden            67.30
 331 David Meaden           72.19  

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 26th June in Hyde Park
 1   K Spielmann (Midhurst) 16.16
 5   K Webster (London H)   17.06  (1st woman)
 21  Ian Kenton             18.15
 83  Paul Hodges            21.30
 142 Alan Davidson          24.36
 1   N Aitken (Clapham)     1:16.09  (chip time 1:16.08)
 5   Nick Twomey            1:24.49  (1:24.48)
 19  I Rea (West 4)         1:28.33  (1:28.31)  

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 13th June
 Carl Assmundson was first home.

 1   Carl Assmundson        16.46
 19  L Wynn (Serp)          19.20  (1st woman)
 132 Ally Salisbury         25.45
 163 Michael Sikora         26.54
 296 Penny Merrett          34.36
 313 Pat Hewlett            41.24

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 13th June
 1   Unknown                15.52
 53  J Reynolds (B&B)       20.06  (1st woman)
 81  Nick Wright            20.53    
 119 Adam Wright            21.27
 177 Chris Spink            22.34

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 13th June
 1   M Kunwar (unatt)       18.19
 7   G Galbraith (Herc W)   20.22  (1st woman)
 9   Kevin Kearey           20.46
 13  Tom Kearey             21.29
 33  James Barber           24.10
 42  Josie Kearey           24.41  
 89  Lynne Barber           29.08
 102 Stacey Barber          30.38
 104 Cindy Croucher         30.44
 109 Tanya Allen            31.49
 112 Tracey Small           32.36
 122 Su Clark               35.30
 124 Tamsin Burland         35.48
 138 Paul Wapshott          36.48  

 OSTERLEY parkrun 5km  Saturday 13th June
 Rebecca Northmore was the leading woman.

 1   P Scullion (unatt)     19.39 
 14  Rebecca Northmore      23.04  (1st woman)

 OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 13th June)
 Bournemouth: 172 Eugenio Carmo 26.39
 Leamington: 18 Ben Shore 21.08
 Humber Bridge:  21 Phil Jackson 24.59
 Old Deer Park: 4 Tom Bradley 19.52
 Bognor Regis: 126 Sharon Rowe 35.11
 Bracknell: 190 Deirdre Inman 35.22
 Maidenhead: 90 Colette Doran 28.12 
 Black Park: 6 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 19.17,  216 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 26.56

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 20th June
 1   A Campbell (T Turbo)   17.16
 26  C Lewis (unatt)        21.25  (1st woman)
 42  Steve Aikin            22.10
 56  Matt Sowton            22.49
 70  Matt Aikin             23.35
 79  Alberto Esguevillas    23.55
 115 Amrut Sharma           25.14
 118 James Rushby           25.20
 121 Carol Aikin            25.32
 137 Daniel Rushby          26.12
 142 Sam Rushby             26.21 
 148 Maia Rushby            26.35
 162 Andrew Brown           27.10
 170 Elin Berstad Mortensen 27.17
 217 Phil Aiken             29.26
 218 Wiebke Kortum          29.33
 224 Val Lowman             29.53
 243 Rob Kitchen            31.04           
 272 Pat Hewlett            40.24
 273 Deepa Sharma           40.25

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 20th June
 1   M Kunwar (unatt)       18.38
 5   Duncan Mallison        19.20
 9   Tom Kearey             21.05
 31  N McClelland (unatt)   23.28  (1st woman)
 52  Paul Sinton-Hewitt     24.39
 59  Jo Sinton-Hewitt       24.57
 61  Ally Salisbury         25.01
 68  Josie Kearey           25.22
 70  Ann Kearey             25.23
 71  Kevin Kearey           25.25
 107 Christine David        29.42   
 118 Stacey Barber          30.42
 120 Cindy Croucher         31.01
 121 Tracey Small           31.40
 136 Paul Wapshott          36.04  

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 20th June
 Jonathan Smith was the first finisher.

 1   Jonathan Smith         18.52
 5   B Farr (Sheen S)       20.35  (1st woman)
 24  Luke Maguire           23.46
 40  Julian Holden          26.18
 46  Sandy Clark            28.14
 47  Tor Heron-Brett        28.14
 48  Colin Brett            28.15
 51  Matthew Beal           28.19
 52  Louise Beal            28.19
 54  Lorna Smith            29.41
 73  Katie Walton           36.21
 74  Deborah Blakemore      36.22

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 20th June
 1   S Minting (Exmouth)    17.40
 12  F Clarke (Herc W)      20.11  (1st woman)
 21  Chris Camacho          21.10
 25  Andy Bickerstaff       21.44
 40  Ben Shore              23.26
 43  Ashleigh Ferris        23.30
 65  Tom Reay               25.06
 77  Leeanne Bryce          26.04
 81  Colette Doran          26.48
 104 Jackie Dunkley         29.29       

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 20th June
 1   A Jaksevicius (Belg)   16.18
 17  Nick Wright            18.31
 39  K Macharg (unatt)      19.47  (1st woman)
 155 Simon Lawrence         21.59
 256 Rachel Revett          23.29
 672 Kirsty Bangham         29.07
 926 John Hanscomb          40.48 

 OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 20th June)
 Bournemouth: 151 Eugenio Carmo 26.11
 Oxford: 141 Evelyn Joslin 27.48
 Peter Pan:  17 Phil Jackson 22.15
 Southsea: 105 Alan Davidson 25.48
 Sewerby: 14 Tom Bradley 20.13
 Barclay: 36 Dawn Bates 32.47 
 Dulwich: 24 Richard Gregory 20.00
 Cassiobury: 39 Nick Fordham 23.17,  98 Peter Fordham 27.02
 Burnham and Highbridge: 43 James Barber 22.49,  75 Lynne Barber 27.27
 Bognor Regis:: 9 David Rowe 19.59

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 27th June
 1    A Maud (Clapham)       15.21
 6    Ted Mockett            17.03
 11   H Munn (Clapham)       17.56  (1st woman)
 20   Nick Wright            18.28
 87   Becky Hall             20.32
 103  Sacha Kennedy          20.50
 123  Richard Kennedy        21.08
 148  Lee Davies             21.37
 261  Leonie Kennedy         23.06
 393  Ian Grange             24.30
 405  Carol Aikin            24.36
 495  Ellen Van Keulen       25.47
 514  Leeanne Bryce          25.57 
 559  Cathy Holman           26.29
 565  Rob Curtis             26.37
 630  Deepa Sharma           27.38
 709  Ashleigh Ferris        28.33
 749  Jackie Dunkley         29.12
 966  Teresa Segovia         33.42
 1036 Wally Garrod           38.32  
 1052 John Hanscomb          40.25

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 27th June
 1   J Watson (U of York)   17.29
 13  L Wynn (Serp)          19.22  (1st woman)
 20  Bill Neely             19.57
 48  Stewart Anderson       21.43
 49  Steve Aikin            21.50
 58  John Hobson            22.14
 59  Chris Read             22.17
 70  Amrut Sharma           22.50
 80  Grace Munro            23.09
 83  Matt Aikin             23.15
 94  Daniel Rushby          23.34
 101 Elisa Ferrua           23.45
 114 Alberto Esguevillas    24.12 
 165 Michael Sikora         26.34
 168 Tony Appleby           26.37
 171 Sam Rushby             26.46 
 176 Maia Rushby            26.59
 182 Andrew Brown           27.19
 192 Sue Camp               27.40
 245 Bronwen Northmore      30.16
 317 Bev Ali                40.47
 318 Pat Hewlett            41.18
 321 Martin Clark           46.34  

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 27th June
 Richard Holme led the field.

 1   Richard Holme          19.19
 4   Tom Bradley            20.14
 7   S Hutton (unatt)       21.54  (1st woman)
 22  Mark Roper             24.45
 31  Julian Holden          25.51
 43  Kevin Knowles          28.34            
 52  Lorna Smith            30.06
 53  Luke Maguire           30.21
 68  Paul Wapshott          35.05
 73  Wyn Williams           43.12 

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 27th June
 A win at Crane Park this week for Jonathan Smith.

 1   Jonathan Smith         18.26
 5   Duncan Mallison        20.30
 12  G Everett (unatt)      21.49  (1st woman)
 20  James Barber           22.59
 69  Lynne Barber           27.15  
 89  Christine David        29.54   
 95  Stacey Barber          31.10
 97  Tracey Small           31.18
 103 Su Clark               35.00  

 WIMLBEDON COMMON parkrun 5km  Saturday 27th June
 Megan de Silva and Marie Synnott-Wells were first and third women to finish.

 1   A Chetwynd (unatt)      17.00
 13  Megan de Silva          19.17  (1st woman)
 25  Marie Synnott-Wells     19.53

 OSTERLEY parkrun 5km  Saturday 27th June
 Rick Jenner was first in.

 1   Rick Jenner            18.32 
 32  B Gala (unatt)         26.12  (1st woman)

 OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 27th June)
 Bournemouth: 136 Eugenio Carmo 26.31
 Longrun Meadow: 109 Kirsty Bangham 25.38
 Banstead Woods:  87 Tom Reay 25.32
 Southsea: 107 Alan Davidson 24.59
 Kingston: 23 Chris Camacho 21.16,  48 Hannah Doyle 23.44,  49 Peter Wright
 Medina IOW: 146 Juliette Chan 36.12 
 York: 105 Phil Jackson 22.51
 Royal Tunbridge Wells: 63 Mike White 27.06
 Dulwich: 7 James Whistler 18.21
 Bognor Regis: 11 David Rowe 20.54,  151 Sharon Rowe 36.22

 Here's a little quiz question for you. No prizes, but please send in your
 answer (or guess) for the glory of seeing your name here. 
 During the Cultural Revolution in China in the 1960s, which new throwing
 event was added to the domestic athletics programme?