Newsdesk 2015

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 450             15 May 2015
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 * Successful Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon
 * Individual winners Jake Waldron of Newham & EB and Cecilia Siruffo of
     Guildford & Godalming
 * Jordan Mungovan and Gemma Cory lead our contingent 
 * Ranelagh men finish 2nd team and Steve Whitehead wins the county M40
 * Megan de Silva wins the Sutton 10km and leads Ranelagh women to team
 * Ranelagh men also place top led by Ted Mockett
 * Megan de Silva wins the Wimbledon Common Trail Run 5m
 * Marie Synnott-Wells wins the W45 class and Ranelagh win's the women's
     team race
 * Estelle Damant wins the bronze medal in the BUCS 10,000 metres track
 * parkrun placings for Michelle Davies, Karen Weir, Sacha Kennedy, Poppy
 Jensen, Jonathan Smith, Eirin McDaid, Nick Twomey, Fiona Ford, Clare King,
 Lydia Louw, Kris Davidson, Mark Herbert, Peter Weir, Léonie Kennedy and
 Rachel Rowan
 * Pat Hewlett completes her 250th parkrun
 * Gill Sanders wins the African Triathlon Championship
 * Green Belt Relay this weekend
 * Next GP and League race - Dorking 10 miles on June 7th 
 * 2015-16 subscriptions are now due

 ...for 2015-16 are now overdue.
 Despite the increase in the England Athletics registration fee to £12, we
 are keeping our subscription rates unchanged for at least another year.
 That's £40 for seniors, £20 for second-claim members and those who are
 retired and over 60, £10 for under 20s and students and non-running members.
  There is also a £70 family membership. Post your cheque to Membership
 Secretary, Ranelagh Harriers, 135a Petersham Road, Richmond, Surrey TW10 7AA
 or leave it in an envelope at the clubhouse. A Standing Order form is
 available from our website here: . For Bank Transfers, our
 account is at HSBC, sort code 40-23-29, account number 81109847; please add
 a message, for example SubscriptionJSmith. For any queries, e-mail the
 Membership Secretary aachrisowens@yahoo.co.uk . 

 RICHMOND 10km Sunday 21st June
 Entries are coming in for our Richmond 10km on Sunday 21st June. Entry limit
 is 700, so get your application in early! 400 names are already on the entry
 list, including over 70 Ranelagh Harriers.  Details:. 
 We'll also need plenty of help on the day. If you can spare some time please
 contact Race Director Rick Jenner rickjenner77@gmail.com . 

 The first four events in Ranelagh's Road Grand Prix have taken place and the
 leading scores to date are: (Open) Steve Whitehead 33, Kris Davidson 25, Ted
 Mockett 20; (Men Over 40) Steve Whitehead 18, Kris Davidson 16, Stewart
 Anderson 15; (Men Over 50) Bill Neely and Paul Rider 15, Paul Gilbert 7;
 (Women) Marie Synnott-Wells 11, Becky Hall 9, Carol Aikin 8; (Women Over 40)
 Mel Davison 8, Colette Doran, Tanya Allen, Kirsty Bangham and Wiebke Kortum
 6; (Women Over 50) Marie Synnott-Wells 12, Carol Aikin 11, Lynne Barber 9. 

 Next event is the Dorking 10 miles on June 7th -  Details: followed by our own
 10km - see above.

 Full details of the Grand Prix: here:. 

 About thirty Surrey clubs, including Ranelagh, compete in the Road League.
 It began with our Half Marathon followed by the Sutton 10km and continues
 with the Dorking 10 miles. Full details are on the Surrey Athletics website:

 GREEN BELT RELAY 16th and 17th May
 Good luck to our two teams taking part in the GBR this weekend. The race
 starts from Hampton Court at 8.30am on Saturday morning and finishes at
 about 6pm on Sunday at the Hawker Centre. 

 Head coach Karen Weir writes:
 "The Ranelagh coaches will be putting on monthly strength and conditioning
 sessions on a Tuesday evening after training. These will consist of a few
 short but very specific exercises for runners, that can then be repeated at
 home. If the weather is good we'll be outside where there is a little more
 room, however if it's wet we'll try and cater for as many people in the
 clubhouse as possible. Sessions will start at 8.30pm and be led by different
 coaches each month. Dates/coaches are as follows: 
 Tuesday 2nd June - Colin, Michelle and Deborah, 0th June - Wiebke and
 Vicci, 28th July - Chris and Peter, 25th August - Karen ".

 MAGIC MILE Thursday 21st May at Osterley
 David Lawley writes:
 "To coincide with the track sessions, and the end of another gruelling block 
 of training I'm sure, we are once again organising the 'Magic Mile'. We'll
 have heats, the start gun, lap counter and bell and some way of recording
 your results too. All welcome at Osterley track, 7:30pm. 

 The club is subsidising track sessions on Thursday evenings at the Osterley
 track for another three months. All groups and all abilities are welcome.
 The sessions are every Thursday 7.30-8.30pm. Link to the map is here:.

 MINI MOB MATCH Saturday 13th June at the Kingston parkrun
 Our annual parkrun mini mob match against the Stragglers will take place on
 Saturday 13th June. It's Stragglers' turn to be "at home" and they have
 chosen the Kingston parkrun, which starts and finishes on the towpath close
 to the Hawker Centre. As always with mob matches, the more runners we have
 the better our chances of success. So if you're running a parkrun that day, 
 make it Kingston. And if your parkrun registration doesn't currently list
 you as Ranelagh, please update it! See below.

 If your parkrun registration doesn't already show you as a member of
 Ranelagh Harriers, please take a moment to update it. This will ensure your
 performances are picked up in the e-news and also that you will count for
 Ranelagh if you run in the mini mob match mentioned above. Click on the
 Manage My Profile link on parkrun e-mails. 

 THAMES HARE & HOUNDS 22nd PARKLAND RELAYS Wednesday 20th May 2015 at 7pm in
 Richmond Park 
 Peter Fordham writes:
 "TH&H are again hosting this superb event at Spankers Hill Wood near the Pen
 Ponds Car Park. It is one of the best summer events and represented by clubs
 across South London. Teams compete in a 4 leg x 3 mile relay in the heart of
 the park. Prizes and refreshments are at the Telegraph Inn on Putney Heath
 Last year, we were represented by the senior men's and the very senior men's
 teams. I am hoping we can have better representation this year, if you wish
 to enter please contact me at a 
href="mailto:peter_fordham@yahoo.com">peter_fordham@yahoo.com and I shall organise
 the men's entries and teams. The entry fee is covered by Ranelagh Harriers."

 Andy Bickerstaff and the Good Run Guide are repeating their series of scenic
 summer trail races on Wimbledon Common. The remaining races are on the first
 Wednesday of June and July, each starting at 7pm from the Windmill. The next
 - on June 3rd - is over 5 miles, while the last on July 1st is over 8 miles.
 Details:. Andy adds "All my
 helpers get a mug, chocolate, fruit at the race, and pint or glass at the
 Telegraph". Contact Andy andy.bickerstaff@goodrunguide.co.uk . 

 Roy Reeder of Stragglers writes:
 "I'm once again organising the River Thames Half Marathon. The start is in
 Walton-on-Thames and a fair bit of the route is along the towpath, so it's
 flat, scenic and mostly traffic free. Full details here:  I'm offering £4 off the entry
 fee to Ranelagh Harriers runners till 18th July. Use the entry code ranh4off at the Sport
 Systems store." 

 The Triathlon season is now well under way and Gill has already enjoyed some
 success. Last weekend she represented South Africa in the African and
 Pan-Arab Championships which were held at Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt. Gill won
 by almost two minutes in a time of 2:06.34. Gill tweeted: "Very happy to
 take my fourth African Tri Champs title in a row in a very steamy Egypt

 ...to Becky Hall and Rob Curtis who have become engaged.

 Andy Woodhouse is standing down as Fixtures Secretary from next year. He
 will be doing the job for the 2015/16 winter season, but thereafter we will
 need a replacement. Essentially the job entails setting the dates for our
 winter fixtures. Some, like area championships and leagues, are fixed for us
 and we have to work our domestic fixtures - handicaps, mob matches etc -
 around them. If anyone is interested it would be a good idea for him or her
 to shadow Andy on this winter's fixtures. Contact Hon Sec Wyn Williams.

 Ben Williams from St Mary's University writes:
 "I am one of the Exercise Physiologists at St Mary's and I was wondering if
 any of your members is interested in the following study. The study design
 is as follows:
 There are a total of 9 trials all on-site at St Mary's University.
 Trial one will last approximately 60 minutes and will involve assessment of
 body mass, stature and VO2max. 
 Trial two, three and nine will last approximately 45 minutes and involve a 5
 minute warm up followed by a time-to-exhaustion at 80% VO2max at an altitude
 of 2500 m.
 Trials four to eight will involve receiving one of two vascular occlusion
 protocols for five consecutive days, each session lasting no longer than 45
 minutes. The session will involve pressure cuffs being inflated around both
 thighs (at rest) for 5 minutes and then deflated for 5 minutes. This
 procedure will be repeated four times in total on each day. 

 Upon completion of the study, subjects will receive the results from a
 number of physiological tests including (body mass, stature, blood pressure,
 body fat %, heart rate training zones and VO2max). In addition, I am happy
 to discuss potential ways to enhance training and performance i.e.
 (recovery, fuelling and hydration) with anybody who takes part. To take part
 subjects must be male and aged between 18-45.

 If you'd like to take part or have any questions please let me know, my
 email address is as follows: Benjamin.williams@stmarys.ac.uk."

 Those members who took part in our regular visits to the Netherlands in the
 1980s - including the infamous 4-man 100km relay - will be sorry to hear of
 the recent death from cancer of our principal host on those occasions Alex
 Halter. Alex was a useful runner, highly regarded as a coach with various
 clubs in the Rotterdam area and, taking advantage of his gift with
 languages, often acted as courier on marathon tours from the Netherlands. He
 was just short of his 69th birthday. 

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 Check out what's happening in our junior section here:. 

 The junior handicap series is held on Thursday evenings between April and
 August at the Hawker Centre off Lower Ham Road in Kingston. Remaining dates
 are as follows:

 Thursday 21st May - Registration 7 p.m. for 7.30 p.m. start
 Thursday 11th June - Registration 7 p.m. for 7.30 p.m. start
 Thursday 25th June - Registration 7 p.m. for 7.30 p.m. start
 Thursday 16th July - Registration 7 p.m. for 7.30 p.m. start
 Thursday 27th August - Registration 7 p.m. for 7.30 p.m. start

 Runners are allotted a start time depending on their previous performances,
 with the slower runners starting first. First time runners are given a
 handicap according to their age. The course is just over 2 km on the grass
 area in front of the Hawker Centre. It consists of four laps of the
 perimeter of the grass area, which will be marked out. After the end of the
 fourth lap the runners will cross the finish line and go down the finish
 funnel in the order in which they crossed the line. New or inexperienced
 runners, if they find 2 km a bit far, can run one lap - they will be given a
 time, but their results will not count towards any individual or team

 Points are scored for your club according to finishing position and personal
 best times. First timers receive a medal for completing the course. In each
 race medals are awarded to the first boy and first girl (regardless of their
 overall place), and further medals are awarded to the 2nd and 3rd overall
 places (whether boys or girls). The overall trophy and shields for first,
 second and third places and the team trophy will be presented on the last
 Thursday of either September or October. We will announce the actual date as
 widely as possible. In order to take part in the junior handicap, entrants
 must have a consent and medical form signed by a parent or legal guardian.
 See:. Please pre-register with coaches Colin, Heather or Maia.

More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil, Duncan
or Trevor ) ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager ( e-mail Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )      
 Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th May Green Belt Relay

 Wednesday 20th May TH&H Parkland Relays in Richmond Park - see

 Thursday 21st May Stragglers Junior Handicap Race 2 - see above.
 Magic Mile at Osterley - see above.

 Sunday 24th May MABAC League 5 miles at Farley Heath. 11am
 start.    www.mabac.org.uk/. 

 Wednesday 3rd June Wimbledon Common Trail Race 5 miles - see above.

 Sunday 7th June Dorking 10 miles 9am start.    Details:. Includes county

 Saturday 13th June Mini Mob Match v Stragglers at the Kingston
 5km parkrun. 9am start. See Details: of venue

 Sunday 21st June Ranelagh Richmond 10km. 9am start.   Details:. Includes county

 parkruns every Saturday at 9am
 Bushy Park Diana Fountain car park
 Richmond Park Richmond Gate
 Wimbledon Common Windmill car park
 Bedfont Lakes Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford,
 Kingston The Hawker Centre
 Old Deer Park Pools in the Park on the A316
 Crane Park Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout
 on the A316 in Twickenham
 Other venues, more details and registration at  www.parkrun.com
 2km junior parkruns for under 14s take place on the first Sunday of each
 month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate (11am start) and from Savill Garden
 car park, Windsor Great Park (9.30am start), and also every Sunday at 9.30am
 in Wimbledon Park. 

 We're pleased to report another successful promotion, and our thanks go to
 the dozens of members and friends who helped in any capacity on the day, but
 particularly to Race Director Sandra Forrest and her organising team for
 another highly professional job. A Facebook comment sums it up: "Thanks so
 much for a brilliant half marathon today. The marshals were really fantastic
 and it's hugely appreciated given the rainy weather."

 It had been wet overnight but by the time the race started there was just a
 little dampness blowing in the wind. Conditions were really pretty good for
 the runners, if less so for the marshals and officials. The course was the
 same as usual, with just a slight change to the final half mile, where
 runners were taken onto the grass in order to keep Riverside Drive clear.

 Some 730 runners were set off at 8.30am sharp and Newham and Essex Beagles'
 Jake Waldron lost no time in stamping his authority on the race. He was away
 on his own before the first mile had been completed and went on to win by a
 comfortable minute and a half from a trio of Hercules Wimbledon runners.
 Jake is not a Surrey-qualified runner so the county championship went to
 second-placed Dimos Evangelidis. 

 Ranelagh's leading finisher was Jordan Mungovan in 7th place with a PB of
 76.47. Phil Killingley, Steve Whitehead and Ian Kenton (another PB) followed
 in close order. Nick Twomey was not far behind approaching the run-in, but
 Nick looked very tired and Ted Mockett - yet another PB - swept past to be
 our fifth man home in 13th place. In truth Nick had every excuse for looking
 tired as he had run a hard Marathon only seven days before - as indeed had
 Kris Davidson who nevertheless found enough in his legs to run a sub-80 PB.
 Nick and Kris were not the only ones to display rapid powers of recovery -
 Stewart Anderson and Simon Martin had also run the London and heroically
 turned out again today. 

 Steve Whitehead was second over 40 in the open race, but took the gold medal
 in the M40 county championship. Kris Davidson and Paul Doyle both made the
 top ten over 40s, while Richard Holme was 7th in the over 50 class. 

 Cecilia Siruffo of Guildford and Godalming was the winner of the women's
 race, ahead of her clubmate Jennifer Steedman. Ranelagh's leading pair ran
 together all the way, but at the finish the unrelenting chip recorded Gemma
 Cory an inch or two ahead of Julia Bailey. Louise Piears was our third
 finisher just a few metres clear of Mel Davison. Jackie Dunkley and Bronwen
 Northmore both made the top twenty in the over 55 category. 

 Not surprisingly it was Hercules Wimbledon who took the men's team awards,
 but Ranelagh placed a good second. In the women's race Stragglers won the
 open team awards while Clapham won the county championship. 


 SUTTON 10km Sunday 10th May
 The Sutton 10km, coming as it does just one week after our Half Marathon,
 does not usually figure very highly in our list of priority races, despite
 the fact that it forms part of the Surrey Road League and our own Grand
 Prix. Both competitions allow you to drop your two worst scores, and Sutton
 is most often one of those. 

 Not so this year, however. Our turnout wasn't huge at about a couple of
 dozen, but it made its presence felt. Best performance of the day must have
 been Megan de Silva's win in the women's section. Her time of 38.59, only
 about half a minute outside her PB, brought her home almost a minute clear
 of her nearest rival for a most convincing victory. Marie Synnott-Wells was
 unaccustomedly beaten into second place in the W45 category but she, Megan
 and Becky Hall combined to take the first team prizes.

 Not to be outdone, our men also filled the top spot in the team race. Their
 event was four to score and the liquid spoils went to Ted Mockett, Steve
 Whitehead, Kris Davidson and James Whistler. In what looks to have been a
 spectacularly tight finish Ted took 7th place and in the process ducked
 inside 36 minutes for the first time. Hot on Ted's heels in 9th place was
 Steve Whitehead who was also the second over 40 home. Kris and James
 finished in the mid-37s while Jonathan Smith, Mark Herbert and Dave Lawley
 were in the low 38s. 

 LONDON MARATHON Sunday 26th April
 The result for our first woman finisher Becky Hall has still not been sorted
 out properly. Becky's chip malfunctioned and initially no result was shown
 for her. Now she has been credited with 3:05.44. Becky must be very tempted
 to settle for that, but the truth is that she timed herself at 3:15.27.
 Until we hear different, that's the time we will use for the Ranelagh

 We have also discovered a few more Ranelagh juniors in the Boroughs
 mini-marathon, as follows:. 

 Under 13s
 170 Poppy Jensen (King) 23:07
 Under 17s
 73 Jessica Harbert (Eal) 21:44
 100 Ellie Luxmoore (Eal) 22:39
 at Bedford
 Estelle Damant, representing Loughborough Students, had an excellent run to
 win the bronze medal in the 10,000m.

 1 E Davies (Bath U) 36.22.01
 3 Estelle Damant 36.37.03 

 SELF TRANSCENDENCE 10km Saturday 2nd May in Battersea Park
 Pete Warren, now 75, ran a nifty 51.46 but found it good enough only for
 second in the M70 category.

 1 D Bentley (Beck) 33.13
 16 S Pemberton (Strag) 37.06 (1st woman)
 106 Pete Warren 51.46 

 THREE FORTS CHALLENGE HALF MARATHON Sunday 3rd May on the South Downs
 1 T Stedman (Wharf) 1:26.47
 13 E Hutchins (Arena 80) 1:38.38 (1st woman)
 204 Marina Quayle 2:19.37 

 KINGFIELD CANTER 2.85 miles HANDICAP Wednesday 6th May at Woking
 1 G Gibbons (Brack F) 25.11 (actual time 22.11)
 5 Steve Rowland 26.34 (24.49)
 7 Sonia Rowland 27.04 (21.34) 

 WIMBLEDON COMMON TRAIL SERIES - RACE 1 5 miles Wednesday 6th May
 This was the first of a series of three Wednesday evening trail races on
 Wimbledon Common organised by Andy Bickerstaff and Good Run Guide. A couple
 of days before the race Andy had e-mailed final instructions to all
 competitors saying that the course was mainly dry - perhaps just a little
 mud at the infamous Butts. A couple of days of heavy showers effectively
 changed that and it was a typically wet common that greeted the 116
 starters. There were still a few spots of rain blowing about as the race
 started but they soon disappeared leaving pretty good running conditions.

 Clapham Chasers were out in some strength and they provided the individual
 winner in Max Lovell. Al Morgan and Mark Herbert were Ranelagh's first two
 home in 8th and 9th places. Ranelagh's women flew the flag successfully, led
 by Megan de Silva who won two of these events last year (and ran off course
 in the third). Megan was the clear winner today by over two minutes. Marie
 Synnott-Wells tracked Megan for as long as she could before settling for
 second place overall and first over 45. Wiebke Kortum was second over 45 and
 Megan, Marie and Wiebke won the women's team prizes. Clapham were first
 men's team, followed by Ranelagh in second place. Trevor Maguire, nursing a
 knee injury, was the second over 50 home while Bruce McLaren and Peter
 Fordham were 3rd over 40 and 3rd over 60 respectively.

 The next in the series, another 5 miler, is on Wednesday 3rd June.

 1 M Lovell (Clapham) 28.45
 8 Al Morgan 30.54
 9 Mark Herbert 31.01
 20 Megan de Silva 32.53 (1st woman)
 26 Trevor Maguire 34.13
 28 Marie Synnott-Wells 35.04
 30 Bruce McLaren 35.24
 39 Steve Aikin 36.46
 47 Wiebke Kortum 38.19
 77 Andy Hayward 43.04
 81 Carol Aikin 43.35
 82 Peter Fordham 43.55
 85 Mike White 44.11
 110 Heather Martingell 52.52 (started late) 

 EALING EAGLES 10km Sunday 10th May
 1 J Taylor-Caldwell (ESM)33.47 (chip time 33.46)
 20 Craig MacLellan 39.05 (39.03)
 21 R Ponder (West 4) 39.06 (39.05 - 1st woman)
 158 Phil Jackson 48.47 (48.34) 

 SRI CHINMOY SELF-TRANSCENDENCE 5km Monday 11th May in Battersea Park
 1 T Martyn (Hunters BT) 15.06
 41 G Tindly (TH&H) 18.13 (1st woman)
 120 Rachel Revett 24.06
 121 Alan Davidson 24.09
 136 Cathy Holman 26.14
 148 Ellie Lawley 27.44
 157 Deepa Sharma 28.41 

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 2nd May
 1 J Cornish (Herc W) 16.08
 17 Alex Fordham 20.13
 26 Peter Faull 20.44
 30 Ed Smith 21.01
 31 K Rigg (unatt) 21.06 (1st woman)
 42 Matt Aikin 21.57
 57 Nick Fordham 22.43
 62 Wiebke Kortum 22.53
 63 Grace Munro 22.53
 91 Phil Jackson 24.07
 99 Phil Rushby 24.27
 110 Carol Aikin 24.57
 115 Tomas Sterner 25.06 
 119 Maia Rushby 25.11
 178 Amrut Sharma 27.12
 183 Michael Sikora 27.24
 196 Philippa Kitchen 28.00 
 200 Deepa Sharma 28.14
 207 Phil Aiken 28.31
 218 Ellen Clague 28.59
 231 Rob Kitchen 29.38
 233 Leeanne Bryce 29.44
 234 Val Lowman 29.49
 242 Ally Salisbury 30.19
 243 Mike White 30.20
 265 Peter Lowman 31.55
 277 Alison Dicks 32.35
 293 Martin Clark 34.52
 298 Penny Merrett 35.39
 314 Bev Ali 38.33 
 319 Pat Hewlett 40.46
 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 2nd May
 1 T Telkovsky (Belg) 15.57
 5 Eirin McDaid 16.27
 11 Nick Twomey 17.27
 14 Nick Wright 17.48
 18 Marc Snaith 18.01
 43 I Brinsden (E&E) 19.10 (1st woman)
 51 David Ready 19.34
 98 Richard Kennedy 20.29
 135 Chris Spink 21.14
 177 Adam Wright 21.43
 354 Ian Grange 24.00
 472 Rachel Revett 25.15
 677 Clive Naish 27.35
 803 Kirsty Bangham 29.27
 1064 Wally Garrod 37.34
 1079 John Hanscomb 40.00 

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 2nd May
 Kris Davidson and Fiona Ford gave us a brace of second places.

 1 K Geerts (unatt) 17.40
 2 Kris Davidson 17.43 
 9 B Farr (Sheen) 20.30 (1st woman)
 11 Fiona Ford 21.25
 50 Vanessa McConkey 27.01
 55 Louise Beal 27.47
 86 Katie Walton 35.48
 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 2nd May
 Clare King was second woman home.

 1 A McGeoch-Will. (26.2) 18.06
 7 H Taranowski (W4) 19.56 (1st woman)
 12 Tom Kearey 20.36
 14 Kevin Kearey 20.43
 15 Clare King 20.47
 21 Daniel Chiechi 21.21
 35 Paul Wapshott 23.53
 46 Luke Maguire 24.33
 54 Josie Kearey 25.14 
 55 Ann Kearey 25.16
 79 Paula Maguire 26.59
 93 Ellen Van Keulen 28.14
 108 Cindy Croucher 32.02 
 111 Tracey Small 32.50

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km Saturday 2nd May
 Jonathan Smith was second. 

 1 M Rutter (Clapham) 17.15
 2 Jonathan Smith 18.19 
 4 M Garner (Strag) 19.12 (1st woman)
 20 Chris Camacho 21.16
 43 Simon Taylor 22.54

 BANSTEAD WOODS parkrun 5km Saturday 2nd May
 Mark Herbert finished second.

 1 M Finbow (Witham) 17.34
 2 Mark Herbert 18.04
 16 M James (SLH) 19.27 (1st woman)
 22 Vaughan Ramsay 20.19

 OTHER parkruns (Saturday 2nd May)
 Edinburgh: 388 Mary Hickson 31.15
 Leamington: 70 Paul Hodges 21.56
 Bournemouth: 203 Eugenio Carmo 27.42
 Gunnersbury: 195 Arthur Louw 26.38, 333 Waldron Slaughter 33.41
 Gdynia: 58 Peter Fordham 24.25 
 Southsea: 158 Alan Davidson 25.37 
 Citypark, Craigavon: 4 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 19.05, 74 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 25.12
 Bognor: 108 Sharon Rowe 36.23 
 BUSHY JUNIORS parkrun 2km Sunday 3rd May
 Sacha Kennedy was the leading girl. She, Jonny Brook and Sacha's sister
 Léonie all set PBs.

 1 B Collier (26.20 6.57
 8 Sacha Kennedy 7.39 (1st girl)
 16 Jonny Brook 7.56
 23 Léonie Kennedy 8.15
 36 Finlay Sinclair 8.42
 102 Eilidh Sinclair 10.13
 154 Ciara McLaren 11.09
 161 Campbell McLaren 11.22 

 SAVILL GARDENS JUNIORS parkrun 2km Sunday 3rd May
 1 L Bayt (Slough Jnrs) 7.30
 3 E Jones (Brack) 7.48 (1st girl)
 139 Connor Scally 15.37
 149 Thomas Lane 17.10

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 9th May
 Rachel Rowan finished third woman.

 1 A Jaksevicius (Belg) 15.59
 6 Nick Wright 17.29
 33 J Reynlds (B&B) 19.10 (1st woman)
 39 Rachel Rowan 19.20
 40 David Ready 19.22
 46 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 19.37
 51 Richard Kennedy 19.44
 100 Sacha Kennedy 20.51
 130 James Whistler 21.29
 145 Chris Spink 21.43
 154 Léonie Kennedy 21.54
 168 Adam Wright 22.10
 526 Kirsty Bangham 26.31
 996 Wally Garrod 36.41
 1024 John Hanscomb 39.25

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 9th May
 Eirin McDaid was the winner, heading a pack of 40 RH celebrating 78 year-old
 Pat Hewlett's 250th parkrun.

 1 Eirin McDaid 16.37
 17 Tom Bradley 19.59
 22 Zoe Smith (unatt) 20.13 (1st woman)
 33 Alberto Esguevillas 21.17
 40 Steve Aikin 21.42
 57 Matt Aikin 22.27
 66 Amrut Sharma 23.01
 68 Tomas Sterner 23.08
 70 Grace Munro 23.12
 76 Nick Fordham 23.22
 78 Kevin Knowles 23.28
 81 Simon Taylor 23.34
 129 Carol Aikin 25.29
 132 Sam Rushby 25.33
 134 Phil Rushby 25.35
 173 James Rushby 26.57
 200 Rob Kitchen 27.56
 209 Val Lowman 28.15
 212 Michael Sikora 28.20
 217 Lynne Barber 28.30
 226 Deepa Sharma 28.55
 230 Rachel Allen 29.00
 255 Philippa Kitchen 29.50
 259 Daniel Rushby 29.54
 270 Christine David 30.34
 271 Bronwen Northmore 30.35
 288 George Coates 31.51
 289 Tamsin Burland 31.51
 291 Cindy Croucher 32.10
 293 Tanya Allen 32.13
 297 Stacey Barber 32.28 
 303 Peter Lowman 32.40
 320 Tracey Small 34.16
 328 Beverly Walsh 35.29
 331 Waldron Slaughter 36.00
 336 Su Clark 36.32
 345 Pat Hewlett 40.05
 346 Penny Merrett 40.06
 347 Sally Spaull 40.07
 349 Lexi Slaughter 40.59
 355 Bev Ali 42.32
 356 Martin Clark 44.24

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 9th May
 Nick Twomey and Michelle Davies filled the top spots.

 1 Nick Twomey 17.55 
 11 Kevin Kearey 20.36
 13 Lee Davies 20.59
 15 Tom Kearey 21.07
 17 Daniel Chiechi 21.28
 19 Michelle Davies 21.53 (1st woman)
 20 Mark Herbert 21.54
 21 Kabir Sait 22.00
 54 Kate Brook 24.45
 57 Michelle Meadows 24.58 
 65 Josie Kearey 25.34 
 66 Ann Kearey 25.38
 78 Paul Wapshott 26.16

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 9th May
 Peter Weir was second overall but Karen topped that with first place in the
 women's category.

 1 J Rose (BeaRCat) 19.30
 2 Peter Weir 19.38 
 15 Karen Weir 22.25 (1st woman)
 39 Luke Maguire 25.33
 40 Frida Roper 25.34
 46 Julian Holden 26.30
 49 Lorna Smith 27.09 
 52 Louise Beal 28.09

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km Saturday 9th May
 Jonathan Smith went one better than last week, leading the field home.

 1 Jonathan Smith 18.05
 19 S Rose-Innes (unatt) 20.45 (1st woman)
 26 Chris Camacho 21.16
 80 Chris Cato 25.02
 108 Leeanne Bryce 26.35
 122 Alison Dicks 27.32
 137 Ashleigh Ferris 28.29
 138 Colette Doran 28.29
 143 Fiona Pugh 29.31
 SWINDON parkrun 5km Saturday 9th May
 Lydia Louw was second female.

 1 G O'Brien (Swindon) 17.17
 47 A Fisher (unatt) 21.54 (1st woman)
 54 Lydia Louw 22.12

 HARROW parkrun 5km Saturday 9th May
 The usual parkrun tourists were attracted to the inaugural Harrow event.

 1 D Skeffington (unatt) 17.51
 6 E Antcliffe (Harrow) 19.31 (1st woman)
 47 Becky Hall 23.54
 50 Phil Jackson 24.14
 82 Peter Fordham 27.00
 98 Phil Aiken 28.11 

 OTHER parkruns (Saturday 9th May)
 Black Park: 181 Luke Wilson 26.25
 Bracknell: 149 Deirdre Inman 36.18
 Bournemouth: 163 Eugenio Carmo 25.26
 Osterley: 19 Rebecca Northmore 23.56
 Riddlesdown: 91 Jackie Dunkley 29.02 
 Southsea: 102 Alan Davidson 27.25 
 Preston Park, Brighton: 122 John Pratt 24.15
 Wetherby: 29 Mary Hickson 32.06
 Bognor: 22 David Rowe 22.07, 56 Mike White 26.33, 110 Sharon Rowe 34.02 

 WIMBLEDON PARK JUNIORS parkrun Saturday 10th May
 Poppy Jensen was an impressive overall winner.

 1 Poppy Jensen 7.43
 35 Oliver Beal 10.15 

 London to Brighton mothers' pram race:  Video:.