Newsdesk 2001

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 Don't forget the season's second mob match of the season takes place this
 Saturday against the might of Thames Hare and Hounds on their course on
 Wimbledon Common. Their HQ is in Roehampton Vale (aka the A3), a couple of
 hundred yards up from Robin Hood roundabout. It's 7.5 miles and start time
 is 2.30pm. All able bodies required, fast or slow!

 Last Saturday was the second Surrey League Division 1 fixture for both our
 men's and women's teams. The women, at Tilford, repeated their 6th place
 from the first race and not surprisingly stand in 6th place overall out of
 the ten clubs in the top division - though only one of our top five runners
 from the first race made the scoring team this time! Our junior teams stand
 in 2nd and 5th places. The men were on Wimbledon Common and also repeated
 their first round performance with 5th place out of nine but moved up to 4th

 Sarah Seal reports from Tilford:
 "Although never a muddy course, the sandy terrain of the Tilford XC course
 make it tough on the legs! And if the sand is not enough to tire you out the
 never ending ascent up the Ben Nevis of a hill certainly will! However this
 didn't stop the fair lasses of Ranelagh on Saturday. Indeed Clare Gutch
 seemed to glide round the course finishing in a splendid 16th place. Try as
 I might I lost sight of Clare early on and finished 24 seconds behind and
 close on my shoulder all the way was Kristina Semple who had a very strong
 run on her debut outing for the team and I'm sure it will be the back of her
 head I'll be seeing ahead of me in the next race! The fourth scorer was Sue
 Healey and Rachel Dixon made her mark as fifth scorer to complete the team
 for Ranelagh. It was a good turnout with another six ladies finishing
 in the following order, Margaret Auerback, Eileen Church, Louise Piears,
 Sophie Timms, Corinne Bishop and Lynn Buist. Overall Ranelagh finished 6th -
 holding our 6th position in the league to date.
 There was a good turnout of junior runners as well - and they all worked
 very hard. Firstly in the combined u13/u15 race the super fast Alex Hook,
 who is just 11, finished a marvellous 8th overall  followed by Emily Ball,
 Stacey Barber and Hilary Wilson. The team finished 7th overall and are now
 5th in the league after 2 matches.
 But saving the best result 'til last the U17's/U20's really are the top
 bananas of Ranelagh teams  -  Jessica Harvey led the team home in 6th place,
 with Alice Beverly 8th Louise Webster in 10th and Hannah Turnes in 11th
 position. The team finished a fantastic 2nd overall and are 2nd in the
 Well done to everyone who ran on Saturday".

 1	C Pauzers (Herne Hill)	19.43
 16	Clare Gutch		22.06
 22	Sarah Seal		22.30
 25	Kristina Semple		22.43
 32	Sue Healey		23.46
 33	Rachel Dixon		23.49
 37	Margaret Auerback	24.04
 46	Eileen Church		24.44
 56	Louise Piears		25.56
 57	Sophie Timms		26.00
 59	Corinne Bishop		26.06
 84	Lynn Buist		30.13
 5 to score
 1	South London	71
 2	Herne Hill	77
 3	Woking		86
 6	Ranelagh	126
 1	South London	20
 2	Herne Hill	17
 3	Thames H&H	16
 6	Ranelagh	10 

 Under 20s
 1	G Gardner (Guildford)	18.48
 6	Jessica Harvey		20.46
 8	Alice Beverly		20.50
 10	Louise Webster		22.06
 11	Hannah Turnes		24.33
 Scoring 4
 1	Guildford & G	10
 2	Ranelagh	35
 1	Guildford & G	12
 2	Ranelagh	9

 Under 15s
 1	L Collier (Belgrave)	12.35
 8	Alex Hook		13.09
 35	Emily Ball		15.01
 40	Stacey Barber		17.08
 42	Hilary Wilson		17.19
 Scoring 4
 1	Dorking & MV	48
 7	Ranelagh	109
 1	Sutton & D	23
 5	Ranelagh	17 

 Julian Smith was at Wimbledon:
 "Captain Bickerstaff had assembled a strong team for Saturday; however a lot
 of the opposition seemed to have had the same idea, with Thames importing
 half of Oxford University for the day and South London getting some of their
 stars out. Nevertheless optimism was in the air. The course on Wimbledon
 Common resembled a road race, dead flat apart from one small hill on each
 lap, and mostly on solid tracks. Hugh Jones did his usual trick of moving
 through the field, although it took him some time to catch Darryl McDonald,
 who had decided to start with the leaders (but not finish with them).
 Further back we packed regularly, and it looked like a solid result, with
 Clive Beauvais claiming we had just pipped SLH for third. This necessitated
 the celebratory consumption of large quantities of tea and cakes, followed
 by a pint in The Swan, which somehow managed to last the entire evening.
 Bizarrely the Captain declined the post-race entertainment, claiming that he
 had to go to Japan. Immediately. When the results finally appeared, Thames
 had packed 10 in 25, and SLH had in fact just pipped us for third, but we
 moved up to fourth overall, with the South London outfit a fair way behind.
 The challenge of keeping them there comes at the next fixture in December,
 when our first three home on Saturday will be missing..." 

 John Bristow writes:
 "I am shortly heading off to Switzerland for the winter. I will be staying
  in an apartment in Verbier which can accommodate up to 4 people plus myself.
 I have a special rate for friends and Ranelagh members who wish to come
 I know a number of club members are planning to come out to visit, but
 should anyone else wish to take advantage of this, please get in touch.
 Good luck to everyone for the winter season!"
 John will be charging about 125pp per week or about 20pp per day for short
 visits. I have further details I can send on to anyone interested or you can
 contact John direct at john_bristow@talk21.com. 

 More details of all the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /
 Saturday November 24th   Mob Match v Thames H&H at Putney Vale (Wimbledon
 Common). 2.30pm start. There will also be a supper with Thames in the
 evening for all who want to stay. 

 Saturday December 1st    Hec Petersen Trophy 5 miles at Ealing. 2pm start.
 Saturday December 8th    Dysart Cup 6km incl club women's championship for
 the Hugh Jones Salver. 2pm start, followed at 2.30pm by the Ellis Cup men's
 5 miles.

 Saturday December 15th    Surrey League Division 1 men and women both on our
 courses in Richmond Park. Women from 12 noon (seniors 1pm), men from 2.30pm
 (seniors 3pm). 
 Steve Rowland
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 Fax: 0870 4006901
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