Newsdesk 2015

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 443              5 February 2015
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Gill Sanders finishes 4th in the South of England Championship
 *  Ranelagh’s women’s team finishes 9th, men’s 42nd.
 *  Will Whitmore leads Judd School to victory in the Ranelagh Cup schools
 *  Mark Herbert finishes 4th in Dash for the Splash
 *  2:43 marathon by Nick Twomey
 *  parkrun placings for Julia Bailey, Becky Hall, Sacha Kennedy, Ralph
     Street, Ted Mockett, Duncan Mallison, Nick Wright, Michelle Davies, Wiebke
     Kortum, Leonie Kennedy, Kris Davidson, Eirin McDaid, Mark Herbert, David
     Lawley, Craig Maclellan, David Rowe, Colin Brett, Nick Twomey and Trevor
 *  Final Surrey League races this weekend – women at Coulsdon, men in
     Richmond Park
 *  Final mob match of the season on Sunday 15th February – can we make it
     four wins in one season for the first time ever?
 *  Subsidised track sessions at Osterley are under way 
 *  Book now for the Quiz Night in the clubhouse on Saturday 7th February
 *  Club’s oldest and longest-standing member Carl Nargang dies aged 100.

 The climax to the Surrey League season is this Saturday 7th February when
 the women compete at Coulsdon and the men are at home in Richmond Park. The
 women’s race is 8km starting at 12 noon, followed by the junior events. The
 men run 8km at 3pm, with the junior race preceding it at 2.30pm. Details are
 here: women, men.  Our teams are both set to
 stay in Division 1 comfortably enough, but will need to work hard to retain
 their positions – the men currently 6th out of 9 and the women 9th out of

 After the League races we’ll be holding one of our popular quiz nights in
 the clubhouse – that’s Saturday 7th February, starting at 7pm. It’s teams of
 four, make up your own team or just turn up on the night. Cost is £10 to
 include drinks and a fish and chip supper. Please let Andy Hayward
 andrewhayward@catalinare.com  know if you’re planning to come.

 Phil Killingley writes:
 “Big.  That's the size of the Blackheath mob against Orion in their first
 home fixture since moving the fixture to Sunday.  They got 58 people out on
 a horrible day in late November, and crushed Orion. Why did they change the
 day?  Well, scanning their website, it looks like their two club training
 days are Wednesday and Sunday. It starts to add up.  

 However, big.  That's also the size of the growing Ranelagh mob that is
 forming to go and beat them, and make it 4 out of 4 mob victories for the
 first time ever in Ranelagh history (club founded 1881).  Many of you have
 committed your legs and lungs to the cause.  I'd be most grateful if you
 could let me know if you haven't already if you plan to come -

 This gives the location of their HQ:. Note that the start is a 10
 minutes jog away. Trevor Maguire adds the following travel details:

 Travel to Blackheath club house may not be easy on a Sunday morning
 (location 56 Bourne Way, Bromley BR2 7EY).  From Richmond travel by road
 will take about 1hr and 15 mins depending on traffic on the way there
 (probably use the South Circular) but could take longer on the way back.
 By road you have two options:
 * Drive direct to the Blackheath Club House in Hayes in Kent (please
 consider car sharing if possible).  
 * Or sign up for the Minibus by emailing Trevor Maguire
 trevor.maguire@bt.com  to book a seat at a cost of £3 or £4 a head
 (pay on the day) and gather at 9:00 in OLD DEER PARK Car Park in Richmond
 (next to the A316) – we will return to the same location at an estimated
 15:00 (after shower, tea/cakes and presentations)
 By public transport you should aim for Hayes (Kent) train station which is
 about 5 mins walk to their Club House.  
 * Rail travel has been made more challenging as the train service from
 London Waterloo East to London Bridge is closed on Sunday 15th February.  
 * In simple terms the way to get to Hayes (Kent) train station is to
 take either the 9:10 or 9:40 train from London Bridge which takes 36min.
 Taking the 10:10 is probably too late unless you run hard from the station -
 arrives at the station at 10:46 and after a 5 min jog to the club house you
 have another 10 mins jog to the start (the race starts at 11!!).  [There are
 several rail routes with multiple changes via Clapham junction, Denmark Hill
 etc. but I think they are too confusing!]
 * Catching a train from Richmond to London Waterloo will take about
 half an hour (8:09, 8:35 or  8:38 should be fine – later trains mean relying
 on a fast connection to London Bridge).  
 * Then travel by tube or bus to London Bridge.  Jubilee or Northern
 Line tube lines for London Bridge (Jubilee Line is direct, but for Northern
 Line change branches via Kennington) - both will take train tickets because
 of the rail closure.
 * The Jubilee line is quickest tube route (also has engineering works
 but will be closed only from Waterloo going North so it should be OK going
 South to get to London Bridge) but please check nearer the time.  
 * As a guide a return rail journey from Richmond to Hayes (Kent) costs
 Do you think you could help out the club in some way but don’t know how? We
 can never have too many volunteers. If you feel that you could take on a job
 of some kind – small or large - for the club, please reply to this e-mail.  

 The club is subsidising for an experimental period track sessions on
 Thursday evenings at the Osterley track. All groups and all abilities are
 welcome! The sessions are under way and will run for three months, every
 Thursday 7.30-8.30pm.  Link to the map is here:.

 It’s our turn to host a MABAC League race in the Park on Sunday 22nd
 February. It’s 5 miles, and starts at 11am near the Broomfield Hill car park
 (the one near the top end of the Isabella Plantation). Helpers will be
 needed – please contact Heather Martingell
 heathermartingell@hotmail.co.uk  or Bev Ali
 beviscosmicali@gmail.com . 

 Kevin Costner stars in a new film to be released in February with the title
 McFarland, USA. Based on a true story, it features Costner as the coach of a
 high school cross-country squad. Here’s the trailer:.

 Entries are already coming in steadily for our Half Marathon on May 3rd.
 Over 600 have already been received, and the race usually fills up well
 before the closing date. So if you’re planning to run, don’t delay in
 submitting your entry. If you’re not running, note the date anyway – we need
 large numbers of marshals on the day.

 MARATHON FOCUS WINTER WORKSHOPS at St Mary’s University Clinic.
 Wednesday 25th February 2015, 7pm – TBC      Warm-ups, injury prevention and
 Wednesday 25th March 2015, 7pm – TBC          Race Day Preparation
 £10 per workshop. Both are to be held at St Mary’s University on campus. To
 book your place please call 0208 240 4070 or email clinic@smuc.ac.uk. 
 Doc Martin Wolfson writes:
 “I have almost certainly run my last marathon as I can now barely run across
 the car park. I got a finisher's T shirt for  the last one that I ran in
 2012. It is getting a bit worn. I wonder if anyone has one that they do not
 want. I would be happy to make a donation to the club or the charity of
 their choice.” Contact Martin martin.wolfson2000@gmail.com .  

 Jack Ellicock who died last summer, was one of our longest-serving members,
 having joined the club in 1948. Jack’s grandson Edward Anderson-Bickley was
 himself a Ranelagh member as a junior and has recently rejoined us. Edward
 provides the following account of Jack’s life.

 “Jack left school early at just 14 because his father died and it fell to 
 Jack to earn money and keep his family going. He took responsibility for his
 own life and was never going to be a victim of circumstance.  At 15 he lied
 about his age, saying he was 17, and joined the Army. In the Army he
 thrived.  Being younger than his contemporaries was no barrier; he was
 bright, physically tough and the exaggerated sense of responsibility for his
 family, with which he was burdened at such a young age, meant he was
 emotionally mature beyond his years and he had a great inner confidence. 

 In the summer of 1937, two years before the outbreak of war, Jack met his
 future wife, Dorothy – a familiar face at Ranelagh over the years. During
 some of their courtship, Jack was stationed in Portsmouth.  Once a fortnight
 he would leave Portsmouth on a Friday night, cycle through the night to
 Potters Bar, spend the weekend at her parents’ house and then cycle back
 through Sunday night to be ready for First Parade on Monday morning.

 During the war, Jack landed on Sword Beach in the invasion of Normandy. He
 was the Regimental Sergeant Major of his regiment at the age of 24 –
 possibly the youngest in the British Army. He fought from Normandy; to the
 Falaise Gap, to the Ardennes in what became known as the ‘Battle of the
 Bulge’ during that horrendous winter.  On the approach to the Ardennes,
 somewhat isolated on recce, he took on three Messerschmitt 109 fighters
 flying below 100 feet with a bren gun - Boys’ Own stuff for those so
 inclined! He fought at the Crossing of the Rhine, where he was mentioned in
 dispatches and on to the German surrender on Luneburger Heide.  

 After the war, Jack decided to remain in the Army but was medically
 downgraded at the time of the Korean War, much to his chagrin.  It was as a
 result of ulcers in his stomach and duodenum, thought to have been caused by
 prolonged periods without food in the war.  It was annoying for him because
 he was fit – he was running cross-country for the Army at the time.  But it
 was a period of stability and, based in Putney in London with a TA regiment
 for eight years, it was possible for the Army, sport and family to blend.  

 In 1948, as soon as he was in Putney, he joined Ranelagh Harriers. He
 absolutely loved his time with Ranelagh and even made the TA barracks in
 Putney available for Ranelagh committee meetings and social events during a
 period in the Club’s history when life behind the Dysart Arms became
 complicated. Jack’s support for the club and young runners in particular
 lives on. He has given the club a Challenge Cup for the first junior home in
 the Baker Cup – a race he participated in well into his 80s. One Ranelagh
 story we remember well comes from when Jack attended the funeral of an 83
 year old Ranelagh man. Next to him in the pew was an 85 year old who was
 still running.  He gave my father a nudge in the ribs and said ‘I always
 told him he had his training schedule wrong’.  They both had a good laugh.
 Jack ran until he was 87. 

 Jack was eventually commissioned and went to Singapore where he served as an
 infantry officer for three years. He fought in the Malayan Campaign against
 the Communist Terrorists. He was again mentioned in dispatches.  He went on
 to serve in the UK and Germany in a variety of appointments, including the
 Ministry of Defence for which he was awarded the OBE. Jack retired as
 Lieutenant Colonel. It must be noted that Jack’s success would not have been
 possible without the loyal, constant support of his wife, Dorothy, who sadly
 also died recently. She loved her sport too.  Nothing ever got her down; she
 would bounce back from every situation and always saw the bright side of
 life.  Together they were terrific.” 

 Jack was one of the stalwarts who kept the club’s flag flying during the
 difficult post-war period. He appeared in our Championship teams for several
 years and was a regular competitor in handicap events, although he only
 recorded one success – winning the Page Cup in 1969. One of his best runs
 was the 1950 Clutton Cup 10 miles handicap where he ran the day’s second
 fastest time of 62.27. He served as Vice Captain for a couple of years in
 the early 1950s and in 1983 was appointed Vice President.  

 Jack’s son John followed his father into the Army, and John, his wife Wendy
 and their son Michael were all members of the club at various times. John
 rowed in our Franckeiss Cup crew but his main sporting prowess was as a high
 jumper where he achieved near-international standard.

 As this e-news was being prepared we learned of the death in his 101st year
 of our oldest and longest-serving member Carl Nargang. A few club members
 travelled down to Eastbourne last year for Carl’s 100th birthday
 celebrations, where the opportunity was taken to appoint him Honorary
 President for Life.  Carl joined Ranelagh in 1933 and so racked up over 81
 years of membership, more than anyone else in our history. A full obituary
 will follow. 

 We have also just learned of the death last May of Dr Paul Bowden at the age
 of 73. Although Paul had not been a club member for many years he very
 generously remembered us in his will with a bequest of £1,000. Paul joined
 Ranelagh in 1984 at the age of 43 but appears not to have competed much at
 first. He did, however, train up for the London Marathon which he completed
 half a dozen times in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He set his best time
 of 3:28 in the 1987 event. It was not until 1989 that he ventured onto the
 country and over the next three years ran in several mob matches and
 handicaps. According to Ken Powley’s stats, Paul’s best run was the 1989
 Coad Cup 5 miles handicap in which, running as a guest, he was actually
 first across the line in a time of 34.30. He also ran a number of other road
 races, including a Half Marathon in 96.59 at Fleet in 1991.
 Paul was an eminent forensic psychiatrist, based first at St George’s
 Hospital in London and subsequently at the Bethlem Royal and Maudsley
 Hospital. The criminal courts made extensive use of his expertise, often in
 high-profile trials. He was Joint Editor of Principles and Practice of
 Forensic Psychiatry, published in1990, and in the same year he founded The
 Journal of Forensic Psychiatry.
 Paul asked for his bequest to be used “For the general benefit of the club”.

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil, Duncan
or Trevor ) ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager ( e-mail Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )

 Saturday 7th February        Surrey League Div 1 – women at Coulsdon
 starting at 12 noon and the men at home in Richmond Park starting at 3pm.
 See above

 Sunday 15th February         Pelling Ratcliff Cup mob match v Blackheath and
 Bromley HAC at Hayes, Kent, starting at 11am. See above.

 Saturday 21st February        National Cross-Country Championships at
 Parliament Hill 

 Sunday 22nd February         MABAC League 5 miles in Richmond Park. Start
 time 11am at Broomfield Hill. See above. 

 Saturday 7th March            Inter-club race for the Ellis Cup (men) and
 the Dysart Cup (women) in Richmond Park. Also including club junior
 championships (boys and girls). 3.8 miles starting at 3pm.  

 parkruns every Saturday at 9am
 Bushy Park                            Diana Fountain car park
 Richmond Park                      Richmond Gate
 Wimbledon Common             Windmill car park
 Banstead Woods                  Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead
 Bedfont Lakes                       Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford,
 Kingston                               The Hawker Centre
 Old Deer Park                        Pools in the Park on the A316
 Crane Park                             Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout
 on the A316 in Twickenham
 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com
 2km junior parkruns for under 14s take place on the first Sunday of each
 month from Bushy Park’s Teddington Gate (11am start) and from Savill Garden
 car park, Windsor Great Park (9.30am start), and also every Sunday at 9.30am
 in Wimbledon Park. 

 Stanmer Park, Brighton
 Some organisational hiccups notwithstanding, Stanmer Park is a fine venue
 for a major championship. Plenty of wide open spaces to accommodate the
 cavalry charge at the start, and sections of fast rolling grassland combined
 with hilly and muddy wooded areas. “Where are the hills?” asked one runner
 as he studied the course map, “Where are they going to make us cry?” Well,
 the hills were there all right. Not massively steep perhaps but grinds long
 enough for blood and sweat as well as tears.  

 We had high hopes for Gill Sanders in the senior women’s race, and she
 surpassed them. After third place in the Surreys, a top ten spot in the
 Southerns might have been anticipated. And that was exactly where Gill was
 to be found after an initial short lap – sitting at the back of a leading
 group of ten or twelve, maybe just a metre or two adrift. The route then
 headed up into the woods, and the group began to disintegrate. Eventual top
 two Louise Damen and Georgie Bruinvels moved away, pursued by Emma Macready
 also clear in third place. The rest of what had been the leading group came
 through in ones and twos, and by the end of the first main lap Gill had
 moved up to 7th. Her triathlon strength showed on the second main lap and
 she picked off runner after runner. Coming down the last hill Gill was
 slugging it out with Lizzy Janes for fourth place. Into the finishing
 straight Gill timed her finishing effort perfectly and crossed the line in a
 fantastic fourth place. Indeed, Gill’s sprint carried her to within three
 seconds of the very tired bronze medallist Macready. This was Ranelagh’s
 best-ever finish in the women’s South of England Championship –
 congratulations, Gill!

 Behind Gill, Megan de Silva ran strongly, always in the 50s and eventually
 finishing in 55th place – up from 92nd last year. Marie Synnott-Wells and
 Julia Bailey enjoyed a race-long battle, never more than a few places apart,
 and also well up on last year’s positions. They finished in 121st and 128th
 places to close in our team in 9th place. Marilyn Horne and Sonia Rowland
 provided the backup.      

 In the men’s race we were hardly competitive and finished well down the list
 in 42nd place. There were some good runs, though, particularly from Ted
 Mockett who gallantly held off the chasing Trevor Maguire just outside the
 top 200.  Ted writes: “Had a fantastic run at today's South of England XC
 championships in Brighton. I don't think I've ever run that hard before. A
 great run from Trevor who pushed me all nine miles to the finish. And well
 done all the other Ranelagh runners and supporters who braved the cold, mud
 and hills.” We finished only seven runners, though we were unlucky to lose
 Rick Jenner after one lap. There was a thrilling eyeballs-out finish at the
 front of the field, in which our second-claim member Jon Pepper snatched the
 bronze medal. 

 Women (8km)
 1   L Damen (Winchester)   29.22      
 2   G Bruinvels (AFD)      30.15      
 3   E Macready (Worthing)  30.46      
 4   Gill Sanders           30.49      
 55  Megan de Silva         34.06      
 121 Marie Synnott-Wells    37.32    
 128 Julia Bailey           37.45      
 164 Marilyn Horne          39.17    
 266 Sonia Rowland          43.56     
 TEAMS (Scoring 4 a side)              
 1   Winchester & Dist.     102              
 2   Belgrave Harriers      116              
 3   Thames Valley Harriers 133              
 9   Ranelagh Harriers      308 

 Men (15km)
 1   B Tickner (Brigh Phoe) 50.21      
 2   P Owor (Belgrave)      50.24      
 3   Jon Pepper (Brigh Phoe)50.25      
 212 Ted Mockett            60.02      
 216 Trevor Maguire         60.06    
 377 Dave Lawley            64.51      
 537 Stewart Anderson       69.50    
 596 Alexander Fordham      71.57      
 774 Mike Peace             81.42    
 850 Peter Fordham          96.01    
 TEAMS (Scoring 6 a side)            
 1   Bedford & Co. AC       150          
 2   Belgrave Harriers      229          
 3   Highgate Harriers      328          
 42  Ranelagh Harriers     2712          
 RANELAGH CUP SCHOOLS RACE  Saturday 31st January  3.8 miles in Richmond Park
 Organiser Julian Smith has been finding it difficult to find a suitable date
 for our Schools race, which dates back to 1927. Clashes with other schools
 fixtures again led to a fairly small field this year. 60 boys and 1 intrepid
 girl made it to the start line, representing eight schools, and 57 finished.

 After a preliminary dash from a pair of Sevenoaks runners it was Will
 Whitmore of Judd School in Tonbridge who came home comfortably clear of last
 year’s 6th-placer Henry Scriven of Winchester. Judd runners filled third and
 fourth places too, and with their fourth scorer in 7th place (plus two more
 in the top ten for good measure) they easily retained the trophy. Newcomers
 Sevenoaks took the silver medals and RGS Guildford the bronzes.  

 1   W Whitmore (Judd)      22.16
 2   H Scriven (Winch)      22.26
 3   J Magorrian (Judd)     22.40
 4   P Laing (Judd)         22.46
 5   R Bates (Sevenoaks)    22.50
 6   E Williams (Sevenoaks) 22.53
 7   O Harding (Judd)       23.34
 8   H Webber (Judd)        23.57
 9   O Hurdle (RGS Guild)   24.05
 10  B Brooks (Judd)        24.08
 54  P Saville (St John’s)  31.27  (1st – only! – girl) 

 Teams (4 to score)
 1   Judd                    15
 2   Sevenoaks               54
 3   RGS Guildford           75
 4   Winchester              91
 5   St John’s Leatherhead  117
 6   Tiffin                 134
 7   Worth                  141
     Eltham College did not close in  

 WALT DISNEY WORLD MARATHON  Sunday 11th January at Lake Buena Vista, USA
 1   F Costa (Brazil)       2:18.06  (chip time 2:18.06)
 131 Nick Wright            3:09.52  (3:09.37)

 MARRAKECH MARATHON and HALF-MARATHON  Sunday 25th January in Morocco
 In the full Marathon Nick Twomey missed his PB by just 8 seconds, while in
 the Half Becky Hall writes: “1:31:59 on the watch is not bad given the 7:30
 first mile and crazy dodging for 5k and lack of water between 10 and 17.5k.
 And I thought I couldn't run in heat!”

 Marathon (men)
 1   W Tiruneh (Ethiopia)   2:08.51  (chip time 2:08.51)
 39  Nick Twomey            2:43.56  (2:43.44)

 Half-Marathon (men)
 1   S Anas (Morocco)       1:03.01  (chip time 1:03.01)
 161 Mark Herbert           1:22.02  (1:21.07)

 Half-Marathon (women)
 1   R El Moukim (Morocco)  1:10.48  (chip time 1:10.48)
 22  Becky Hall             1:32.51  (1:31.58)
 144 Heather Martingell     1:57.28  (1:54.17)

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 30th January in Hyde Park
 1   M Muir (Ilford)        16.13
 32  C Oldfield (VoA)       18.24
 178 Alan Davidson          24.10
 186 Carol Aikin            24.40 

 BUCS CHAMPIONSHIPS  Saturday 31st January at Brighton
 Senior Women
 1   E Gorecka (Ryl Holl)   23.06
 57  Estelle Damant (Lough) 26.08

 DASH FOR THE SPLASH 10km  Sunday 1st February on Wimbledon Common
 1   G Pearce (TH&H)        38.08
 4   Mark Herbert           39.01
 25  S Lewis (Barnes)       44.09  (1st woman)
 42  Andy Bickerstaff       46.38   

 WATFORD HALF MARATHON  Sunday 1st February
 1   P Martelletti (VP&TH)  1:06.52  (chip time 1:06.52)
 26  V Knight (C&C)         1:18.16  (1:18.14 – 1st woman)
 375 Bruce McLaren          1:37.48  (1:37.20)
 402 Lee Davies             1:38.32  (1:37.51)
 518 Michelle Davies        1:41.21  (1:40.39)
 678 Phil Roberts           1:45.19  (1:44.30)
 BOOKHAM 10km  Sunday 1st February
 1   M Leyshon (unatt)      41.48
 12  N Nicholson (Elm)      50.41  (1st woman)
 225 Kirsty Bangham         69.34

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 17th January
 1   Unknown                15.47
 34  V Brown (unatt)        20.06  (1st woman)
 35  Tom Bradley            20.13
 55  Stewart Anderson       21.18
 60  Steve Aikin            21.40
 72  Peter Faull            22.03
 86  Paul Noel              22.32
 105 Colin Lloyd            23.17
 140 Sally Yau              24.42
 141 Simon Taylor           24.44
 143 Nick Fordham           24.49 
 149 Carol Aikin            25.01
 152 James Rushby           25.07
 154 Maia Rushby            25.18
 160 Ally Salisbury         25.24
 182 Sam Rushby             26.09
 183 Daniel Rushby          26.12
 185 Phil Rushby            26.13
 221 Andrew Brown           27.41
 263 Ashleigh Ferris        28.43
 268 Colette Doran          28.48
 269 Leeanne Bryce          28.49
 315 Peter Lowman           31.12
 316 Val Lowman             31.18
 388 Bev Ali                41.36
 389 Pat Hewlett            42.10 

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 17th January
 An impressive Ranelagh 1-2-3 by Ted Mockett. Kris Davidson and Duncan

 1   Ted Mockett            17.50
 2   Kris Davidson          17.54
 3   Duncan Mallison        18.43
 7   Colin Brett            19.38
 14  B Neale (unatt)        21.09  (1st woman)
 18  Daniel Chiechi         21.58
 22  Kevin Kearey           22.09
 33  Chris Read             23.34
 55  Josie Kearey           25.28
 56  Ann Kearey             25.29
 58  Heather Martingell     25.34
 65  Ellen Van Keulen       26.15
 74  Rachel Allen           27.24
 83  Lynne Barber           28.39
 109 Tracey Small           31.49    
 115 Cindy Croucher         32.59
 125 Christine David        34.45
 126 Tanya Allen            34.46
 127 Stacey Barber          34.46
 128 Deirdre Inman          35.21

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 17th January
 Ralph Street led home a record number of finishers (save only for the
 special 10th anniversary event) - 1219. 

 1    Ralph Street          15.16
 17   H Novakovic (WSEH)    18.13  (1st woman)
 19   Nick Wright           18.38
 63   Becky Hall            20.01
 72   Richard Kennedy       20.14
 95   Sacha Kennedy         20.47
 125  Paul Sinton-Hewitt    21.16
 147  Leonie Kennedy        21.29
 155  Rob Curtis            21.37
 298  Ali Kennedy           23.26
 521  Jo Sinton-Hewitt      25.49   
 523  Kirsty Bangham        25.50
 773  Louise Beal           28.41
 877  Jackie Dunkley        29.44
 1155 Danny Hobbs           37.27
 1157 Wally Garrod          37.41
 1201 John Hanscomb         43.48 

 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km  Saturday 17th January
 Eirin McDaid was first across the line, followed by Mark Herbert. Michelle
 Davies was second woman, behind Peter Haarer’s niece Natalie.

 1   Eirin McDaid           17.18
 2   Mark Herbert           18.30
 11  Lee Davies             21.53    
 17  Natalie Haarer (unatt) 22.20  (1st woman)
 22  Michelle Davies        22.40

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 17th January
 Julia Bailey was the leading woman.

 1   A Brewer (Ful-On Tri)  19.59
 4   Julia Bailey           21.13  (1st woman)
 14  Phil Roberts           22.58
 15  Simon Burrell          23.04
 36  Frida Roper            25.31
 41  Julian Holden          26.34
 43  Paula Maguire          26.57
 68  Deborah Blakemore      33.11
 69  Katie Walton           33.11

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 17th January
 Wiebke Kortum was second woman home.

 1   G Bowden (Brackley)    18.45
 18  S Black (Tri Europe)   21.05  (1st woman)  
 23  Chris Camacho          21.47
 30  Wiebke Kortum          22.47
 58  Tom Reay               25.57
 61  Rob Kitchen            26.29
 76  Maya Farah             28.40 

 GUNNERSBURY parkrun 5km  Saturday 17th January
 Lloyd Camp reports on Doing The Amrut::
 “ ‘Northala Fields parkrun, you say? Why not: make a nice change!’
 Saturday 17th January dawned exceedingly crisp with a ‘feels like’ reading
 on the iPhone weather app of -3C. No problem for this hardy bunch: Amrut and
 Deepa are from Bangalore, where it is usually about 40 degrees warmer, and
 yet he runs only in his black 100 shirt, even in the deepest winter. He used
 to play street cricket at 45C as a kid, but that was when he was soft. Deepa
 is game for anything provided it brings her closer to the elusive 100 club:
 she would have travelled to a parkrun on the Scilly Isles in blizzard
 conditions. Sue and Lloyd are from South Africa so they retain a child-like
 fascination for icy windscreens, woolly jumpers and occasional snow. Perry
 is from Somerset and those country fellows have strange and indefinable ways
 about them. They’re hard. They like to race in the Welsh mountains against
 horses. It’s better not to ask too many questions. 

 Thanks to Mrs. Garmin and Deepa’s sense of direction, we arrived thirty
 minutes early. This was a group record, since we usually arrive with mere
 seconds to spare, and we luxuriated in the time we had, climbing some odd
 conical hills within the route and admiring the views of London. The ground
 was white with frost. As were the paths. Very, very slippery. Positively
 dangerous. As I say, we’re a  tough lot but even this was too much, and our
 visions of personal PB’s slipped away in the morning mist. We sauntered
 casually to the start to be greeted at 8.50 by the dismal news that the run
 was cancelled! Deepa demonstrated the validity of this decision by promptly
 slipping at walking pace and landing on her bum. Why? Because the gang were
 rushing back to the car, undaunted. Gunnersbury: we’ll make it! Amrut had
 just in a ‘by the way’ fashion announced that this was supposed to be his
 150th parkrun. What? WHAT!  That’s a huge event! Now we definitely have to
 find a functioning parkrun! Hurry up Deepa, what are you doing lying there
 in the ice! Sue, limp faster!  

 But this time Mrs Garmin let us down and we found ourselves in an industrial
 estate where no parkrun has or ever will take place. Amrut claimed that he
 was only the driver, not his fault at all. Still, we flashed down Hanger
 Lane, so recently viewed in the opposite direction, and through a
 combination of luck and dead reckoning drew up in the Gunnersbury car park
 at 9.20. But hang on! Where’s the start? They’ve gone and moved it! Aha: the
 wet weather course today. C’mon you lot, not even  a tail runner in sight
 but not to worry. Don’t forget your barcodes! No, not you Pez, you’ve never
 had one! We jogged by the mystified marshals yelling ‘late starters!’ and
 set off, just as Phil ‘Tracer’ Jackson was completing the course. He looked
 back, amazed, obviously thinking we’d all giving him a sound thrashing and
 were embarking on a second lap. Round the park we went at a merry little
 pace, waving to people and having a giraffe. At 4.5 km two simultaneous
 events happened: Perry did his sudden stoppy bit and Lloyd was chased by a
 dog. Both survived their respective dramas. The marshals were still at their
 posts when we finally trailed in, filling positions 323 to 327. PW times for
 all: last finisher at 53.18. Not too bad for runners who had done their warm
 ups at one parkrun but competed in another! 

 Now for a well deserved ‘no sausage or bacon but otherwise Full English
 brekkie’, said Amrut, rubbing his hands together and heading eagerly for the
 car. Strand Café, watch out! I wonder where Tracer got to? But the Strand
 was Tracer-less. Because Doc Jacko was eating a bacon buttie at the
 Gunnersbury Park Caff, wasn’t he, patiently waiting and wondering exactly
 how long this run was going to take us. The company was probably more
 enervating at the Caff but had anyone there just completed the 150? ‘Well’,
 said Perry, raising his second latte. ‘Here’s to perseverance and our
 official worst parkrun performances EVER. Here’s to Amrut’s 150th parkrun.
 No-one said this running lark would be easy. From this day on, and for
 evermore, anyone who runs the one and a half century will be described as
 ‘Doing the Amrut’. Cheers!’ ” 

 1   R Berry (West 4)       17.31
 15  A Critchlow (West 4)   19.38  (1st woman)  
 89  Phil Jackson           23.17
 323 Lloyd Camp             46.28
 324 Perry Rendell          46.28
 325 Amrut Sharma           47.51
 326 Deepa Sharma           53.18
 327 Sue Camp               53.18

 OSTERLEY parkrun 5km  Saturday 17th January
 Second place for David Lawley

 1   K Millar (Highgate)    18.01
 2   David Lawley           18.32
 18  E Harwood (Houns MMT)  23.27  (1st woman)
 38  Cathy Holman           26.50

 OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 17th January)...
 Woodley: 162 Mary Hickson 29.25
 Brockwell: 38 James Whistler 21.03
 Oxford: 71 Ian Bingham 25.12,  111 Evelyn Joslin 29.21
 Southsea: 95 Alan Davidson 25.21
 Melton Mowbray: 93 Mike White 27.53 
 Black Park: 271 Luke Wilson 28.56   
 Bournemouth: 91 Eugenio Carmo 23.56
 Nonsuch: 59 Paul Rider 22.00  

 WIMBLEDON PARK JUNIOR parkrun 2km  Sunday 18th January
 1   E Weir (Herc Wimb)      9.04  (1st girl)
 18  Matthew Beal           10.55
 28  Oliver Beal            11.40    

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 24th January
 1   C Oddy (Abbey Leeds)   17.25
 18  Tom Bradley            19.35
 36  L Broughton (Rich CC)  20.41  (1st woman)
 37  Bill Neely             20.44
 46  Steve Aikin            21.28
 60  Paul Noel              22.10
 86  Daniel Rushby          23.17 
 91  Colin Lloyd            23.34
 94  John Hobson            23.36 
 98  Nick Fordham           23.43 
 119 Ally Salisbury         24.26
 125 Sally Yau              24.36
 133 Carol Aikin            24.51
 135 Simon Taylor           24.56
 136 Andrew Brown           24.59
 204 Louise Beal            27.47
 250 Bronwen Northmore      30.21
 253 Katie Walton           30.27
 255 Val Lowman             30.33
 286 Anne-Marie Harvie      32.44
 289 James Rushby           32.58
 313 Martin Clark           34.29
 341 Pat Hewlett            39.43 
 342 Bev Ali                40.28

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Thursday 24th January
 Only a Ranelagh 1-3 this week! Duncan Mallison stepped up to first and Colin
 Brett was third.

 1   Duncan Mallison        18.00
 3   Colin Brett            18.46
 16  Tom Kearey             21.14 
 24  E Gray (Strag)         21.56  (1st woman)
 26  Daniel Chiechi         22.09
 42  Paul Wapshott          24.06 
 58  Kevin Kearey           24.52
 59  Josie Kearey           24.52
 69  Ann Kearey             25.22
 81  Mel Davison            26.58
 88  Rachel Allen           27.26
 91  Asheigh Ferris         27.42
 93  Tamsin Burland         27.42
 101 Lynne Barber           28.23
 106 Wiebke Kortum          28.54
 108 Mike White             28.55
 111 Colette Doran          29.02
 112 Leeanne Bryce          29.03
 120 Mary Hickson           29.38
 135 Tracey Small           31.30    
 138 Cindy Croucher         31.48
 140 Christine David        32.39
 145 Stacey Barber          33.05  
 147 Tanya Allen            33.26
 148 Su Clark               34.38
 151 Clare Hulacki          37.14
 153 Sally Spaull           38.09
 154 Lexi Slaughter         38.16 

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 24th January
 1    A Lawrence (Morpeth)  16.38
 7    Nick Wright           17.48
 52   T Hardcastle (unatt)  19.45  (1st woman)
 138  Richard Kennedy       21.31
 142  Leonie Kennedy        21.33
 278  Ali Kennedy           23.21
 407  Ian Grange            24.46
 841  Jackie Dunkley        30.02
 1099 Wally Garrod          40.34
 1126 John Hanscomb         48.14 

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 24th January
 Craig Maclellan finished second.

 1   J Smith (Strag)        18.32
 2   Craig Maclellan        18.58
 10  Phil Roberts           22.39 
 12  R O’Connor (unatt)     22.51  (1st woman)
 27  Frida Roper            24.58
 38  Julian Holden          26.30
 49  Florence Hughes        29.47
 51  Luke Maguire           30.20 

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 24th January
 1   R Lloyd-Smith (unatt)  18.29
 17  Chris Camacho          21.22 
 20  S Black (Tri Europe)   21.45  (1st woman)  
 21  Andy Bickerstaff       21.59
 64  Peter Wright           25.21
 73  Rob Kitchen            26.07
 91  Fiona Pugh             27.51
 92  Far O’Brien            28.01 

 BOGNOR REGIS parkrun 5km  Saturday 24h January
 David Rowe finished second this week.

 1   J Fellick (Wall)       18.12
 2   David Rowe             19.30
 16  L Albrecht (Worth)     21.25  (1st woman)
 117 Sharon Rowe            34.32

 OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 24th January)...
 Gunnersbury: 66 Phil Jackson 22.47
 Riddlesdown: 9 Alberto Esguevillas 21.21,  50 Amrut Sharma 25.56,  109 Deepa
 Sharma 32.48
 Oxford: 93 Evelyn Joslin 26.04
 Southsea: 70 Alan Davidson 24.03
 Melton Mowbray: 93 Mike White 27.53 
 Black Park: 243 Luke Wilson 27.48   
 Reading: 128 Louise Atkinson 28.10
 Bournemouth: 96 Eugenio Carmo 24.07
 Leamington: 67 Paul Hodges 22.05
 Horsham: 23 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 23.24  
 Mile End: 91 Kirsty Bangham 24.28 
 Forest Rec: 94 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 26.44   
 Osterley: 58 Rebecca Northmore 27.31 

 WIMBLEDON PARK JUNIOR parkrun 2km  Sunday 25th January
 1   A Bull (unatt)          8.18 
 2   I Coppinger (unatt)     8.37  (1st girl)
 16  Matthew Beal            9.53
 31  Oliver Beal            11.14    

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 31st January
 1   B Powell (Rich CC)     18.58
 13  Tom Bradley            19.49
 22  Peter Faull            20.18
 25  John Hobson            20.32
 39  Alberto Esguevillas    21.28 
 41  R Jakeman (Bas & MH)   21.58  (1st woman)
 59  Kevin Knowles          22.40
 85  Amrut Sharma           23.46
 120 Simon Taylor           25.31
 132 Carol Aikin            26.13
 151 Ally Salisbury         26.59
 166 Tomas Sterner          27.29
 231 Val Lowman             30.34
 244 Bronwen Northmore      31.42
 256 Peter Lowman           33.01
 258 Deepa Sharma           33.05
 262 Katie Walton           33.47 
 285 Bev Ali                42.34
 286 Pat Hewlett            42.40
 288 Andrew Brown           42.41

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Thursday 31st January
 Back to 1-2-3 for Ranelagh this week, thanks to Nick Wright, Kris Davidson
 and Nick Twomey. 

 1   Nick Wright            18.07
 2   Kris Davidson          18.10
 3   Nick Twomey            18.52
 11  L Hales (Woking)       20.44  (1st woman)       
 18  Tom Kearey             22.21 
 23  Kevin Kearey           22.53
 30  Adam Wright            23.26
 56  Josie Kearey           26.29
 93  Lynne Barber           30.56
 95  Tracey Small           32.02
 96  Tamsin Burland         33.08    
 97  Su Clark               34.36

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 31st January
 1   A Jaksevicius (Belg)   16.19
 52  B Williams (SMR)       20.25  (1st woman)
 121 Richard Kennedy        22.24
 224 Jose Scheuer           24.09
 248 Ali Kennedy            24.26
 540 Louise Beal            28.57
 576 Kirsty Bangham         29.24
 589 Mike White             29.38     
 814 Wally Garrod           39.34
 837 John Hanscomb          45.04  

 BLACK PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 31st January
 Eirin McDaid and Mark Herbert finished second and third.

 1   J Laing (Hill)         16.51
 2   Eirin McDaid           17.22
 3   Mark Herbert           18.29    
 13  H Wells (Hill)         20.20  (1st woman)
 95  Luke Wilson            24.11

 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km  Saturday 31st January
 Becky Hall was the leading woman.

 1   J Harris (Woking)      19.33
 4   Becky Hall             21.19  (1st woman)
 28  Rob Curtis             24.51

 OSTERLEY parkrun 5km  Saturday 31st January
 Trevor Maguire finished third.

 1   L Riseley (unatt)      18.25
 3   Trevor Maguire         19.07
 14  E Harwood (Houns MM)   24.10  (1st woman)
 37  Paula Maguire          27.45
 42  Rebecca Northmore      28.17 

 OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 31st January)...
 Gunnersbury: 73 Phil Jackson 24.25
 Old Deer Park: 23 Julian Holden 27.09
 Southsea: 86 Alan Davidson 24.55
 Kingston: 17 Chris Camacho 21.18,  54 Tom Reay 26.38
 Reading: 129 Louise Atkinson 31.45
 Bournemouth: 78 Eugenio Carmo 24.03
 Panshanger: 20 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 21.26,  84 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 27.55  
 South Oxhey: 92 Peter Fordham 29.51 

 BUSHY PARK JUNIOR parkrun 2km  Sunday 1st February
 Euan Sinclair just missed the top three, but Sacha and Leonie Kennedy were
 the first and second girls to finish. 

 1   A Crews (Thames TT)     7.32
 4   Euan Sinclair           8.00
 5   Sacha Kennedy           8.05  (1st girl)
 9   Leonie Kennedy          8.25
 23  Finlay Sinclair         9.07
 24  Lexi Keech              9.11
 84  Eilidh Sinclair        10.58    
 SAVILL GARDENS JUNIOR parkrun 2km  Sunday 1st February
 1   M Berardi (Runny)       7.37
 4   K Pepper (Chilt)        8.10  (1st girl)
 101 Connor Scally          16.41

 Here’s one way to warm up...Athletics International reports:
 “Canada's Cam Levins, who trains under Alberto Salazar in Portland, Oregon,
 completed an astonishing double at the Armory Track Invitational in New York
 in January. Just 28 minutes after winning the mile in 3:54.74 he started the
 2 miles … and won that too in 8:15.38! His more celebrated training
 companion Galen Rupp was in the lead at 3000m but Levins produced a strong
 finish to win from Japan's Suguru Osako with Rupp fading to fourth. How did
 Levins spend his time between races? ‘I changed my shoes, sat down for a
 second, went downstairs for a jog and basically got some water. I then put 
 on my spikes and got back on the track. It went by pretty quickly’.”