Newsdesk 2014

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 437             7 November 2014
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Ranelagh wins the Harold Lee Cup mob match v Orion Harriers in Epping
 *  Phil Killingley and Becky Hall lead our mob 
 *  Martin Halvey is 2nd M55 in the Dublin Marathon 
 *  parkrun placings for Michelle Davies, Marilyn Horne, Sonia Rowland, Kris
     Davidson, Ted Mockett, Sacha Kennedy, Trevor Maguire, David Rowe, Duncan
     Mallison and Mark Herbert
 *  Men's Surrey League this Saturday
 *  Book now for our Christmas Party 

 2XU SURREY LEAGUE  Saturday 8th November at Lloyd Park, Croydon
 The next men's League race takes place this Saturday at Lloyd Park (while
 the women have a break!). We may not have quite such a strong team as in the
 first race, so it's all the more important that those who were just outside
 the scoring ten should be there fighting for every point. All Under 17s run
 at 2.30pm, while the senior five miles is at 3pm. There's a location map on
 our website here: or for more
 details contact Phil Killingley ranelagh.men@gmail.com . All are
 welcome, register on the day.

 SOUTH OF THE THAMES 5 miles CHAMPIONSHIP Saturday 22nd November on Wimbledon
 Men and women run together in this race, though there are separate awards.
 This year it also includes our club women's championship for the Hugh Jones
 Salver and our women's vets over 40 championship for Trish's Trophy. All are
 welcome to run in the men's or women's events but ENTRIES MUST BE MADE IN
 ADVANCE. So let the Captains know as soon as possible if you want to run
 (contact details below in What's Coming). 

 CHRISTMAS PARTY Saturday 6th December
 Our Christmas Party will take place at the Richmond Hill Hotel on Saturday
 6th December starting at 7pm. It will include a three-course meal plus wine,
 followed by a DJ and (optional!) dancing. The price is 50, To reserve your
 place contact Michele Gibson  micheleagibson@hotmail.com or see Michele on a
 Tuesday or Wednesday evening at the clubhouse, or send a cheque payable to
 Ranelagh Harriers to Michele Gibson, 79 Thames Side, Staines upon Thames,
 Middx TW18 2HF. Please include your food choices - see below. If you have
 already booked but have not let Michele know your choices please contact her
 as soon as possible.

 Salmon Terrine complemented with a spring onion and celeriac remoulade,
 lemon and dill dressing
 Goat's cheese and red onion tartlet with a crunchy fennel and caraway seed
 Fricassee of wild mushroom with garlic and cream served on toasted

 Roast turkey with cranberry, sage and onion stuffing, roast potatoes and
 glazed vegetables
 Braised lamb with creamed potatoes and winter vegetables
 Smoked haddock and cod fishcakes with a hollandaise sauce, crushed potatoes
 and seasonal vegetables
 Vegetable Wellington with creamed potatoes and winter vegetables

 Lemon tart with raspberry coulis
 Christmas pudding with brandy cream 
 Chocolate mousse  

 Our second mob match this season will be at home to Thames Hare & Hounds on
 Saturday 29th November. Included are our club veterans championships. Can we
 keep up our winning mob match sequence? Afterwards we host our visitors to a
 fish and chip supper in the clubhouse, price 10. All are welcome both to
 the race and the supper. Book for the supper with Andy Hayward
 andrewhayward@catalinare.com .

 Last year Paul Gregory successfully re-launched the Franckeiss Cup rowing
 race for running clubs. The splendid trophy is our property, but sadly we
 were unable to raise a crew to contest it. The spoils went instead to
 Hercules Wimbledon, who defeated Thames Hare & Hounds in the final. This
 year's race is to take place on Sunday December 7th from the Skiff Club at
 Teddington. The boats used will be double skiffs, i.e. stable craft with two
 rowers and a cox. Training and coaching at the Skiff Club will be available
 on preceding Sundays. Do we have any rowers in our midst, or anyone who
 fancies having a go? Contact Sandra Prosser sandraprosser@blueyonder.co.uk . 

 Louise Piears writes:
 "We have a small stand for the Good Run Guide (website and book)
 www.GoodRunGuide.co.uk at the Running and Endurance Show on 22nd and 23rd
 November at Sandown Park.  If you fancy popping by and saying hello and
 having a look around (plenty of exhibitors on all things running and free
 seminars as well)  then you can get free entry and free parking at
 runningshow.co.uk/ if you book in advance."  

 A free workshop on Olympic Lifting will take place on Saturday 29th November
 from 10am to 2pm at the David Weir Leisure Centre, Carshalton SM5 1HP. The
 workshop will explore different methods of strength and power development
 with a focus on Olympic lifting and other strength related movement
 patterns. Planning along with the strength-power continuum will also be
 covered. Coaches are welcome to bring their strength programme to discuss
 with Rob Thickpenny the after the session. To book your free place on this
 workshop, email Julia Bailey at jbailey@englandathletics.org .

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil, Duncan
or Trevor ) ranelagh.men@gmail.com
 or the women's Captain / Team Manager ( e-mail Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )

 Saturday 8th November        2XU Surrey League (Men) at Lloyd Park, Croydon.
 3pm start for seniors, preceded by juniors at 2.30pm.

 Saturday 22nd November     South of the Thames 5 miles championship on
 Wimbledon Common including club women's championships. 2pm start 

 Saturday 29th November     Mob Match v Thames H&H in Richmond Park
 including club veterans' championships  7.5 miles, 2.30pm start

 parkruns every Saturday at 9am
 Bushy Park                            Diana Fountain car park
 Richmond Park                      Richmond Gate
 Wimbledon Common             Windmill car park
 Banstead Woods                  Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead
 Bedfont Lakes                       Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford,
 Kingston                               The Hawker Centre
 Old Deer Park                        Pools in the Park on the A316
 Crane Park                             Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout
 on the A316 in Twickenham
 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com
 2km junior parkruns for under 14s take place on the first Sunday of each
 month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate (11am start) and from Savill Garden
 car park, Windsor Great Park (9.30am start), and also every Sunday at 9.30am
 in Wimbledon Park. 

 HAROLD LEE CUP MOB MATCH v ORION HARRIERS 7.5 miles  Saturday 25th October
 in Epping Forest
 Last winter season we embarked on something of a "roll" in terms of mob
 matches. After losing so narrowly at home to Orion, we pulled off memorable
 away wins at Thames Hare & Hounds and South London Harriers and a
 comfortable home victory over Blackheath & Bromley. Key to this was the
 number of Ranelagh runners lining up for the races: 63 at home to Orion, the
 same number at Thames, a near-record 48 at SLH just before Christmas and a
 stonking 76 at home to the 'heathens. Could we keep up the momentum in the
 2014-15 season? We could hardly have chosen a tougher first opponent - mob
 match specialists Orion Harriers in their home Epping Forest. Before today
 we had not registered a win on Orion's course since 1984. Indeed, we hardly
 deserved to - twice in the past ten years we have mustered a miserable 22

 So, never one to shirk a challenge, Captain Killingley launched Operation
 Betelgeuse. We would get a mob worthy of the name over to Epping Forest and,
 with a bit of luck, surprise the Orion sitting on their laurels. Part one
 worked like a dream: Phil's persuasive powers brought no fewer than 57
 Ranelagh Harriers to the starting line, which must certainly be close to the
 best, if not the best, mob we have ever taken to Orion. We outnumbered our
 hosts by four - not a huge number but one that might have been vital.

 So, we had the numbers...all they had to do now was run a hilly and muddy
 seven and a half miles through Epping Forest. As always at this time of year
 the Forest was beautiful, showing off its autumn colours in all their glory.
 Old hands assessed the course as drier than usual. New bugs thought it was
 muddy - take your choice. There was no choice, however, about the hills.
 They were tough, particularly the sting in the tail known as Yardley, a long
 steep climb just half a mile or so from the finish. Naturally that was where
 your non-running correspondent stationed himself.       

 A brief glimpse of the leaders earlier on had revealed Orion's Frankie
 Conway making the pace with Phil Killingley and Eirin McDaid looking
 comfortable, one on each of Conway's shoulders. Peter Haarer was hanging on
 for grim death not far behind, chased by two more Orion men. On to Yardley
 and it was Birmingham University student Conway who summited first with Phil
 and a tired-looking Eirin a few metres behind. Conway it was who made his
 way through the final stretch of forest to secure victory, six seconds ahead
 of Phil and a further nine clear of Eirin. Peter held on to 4th ahead of the
 Orion pair, and then Trevor Maguire, Mark Herbert and George Howard gave us
 six home in the top nine - a solid start. We then had four more home in good
 order - Nick Twomey, Rick Jenner, Jordan Mungovan and Dave Lawley - so that
 scoring ten a side we held a narrow lead of 96 points to 114. Darryl
 McDonald and Marc Snaith followed but then...white vest after white vest.
 Between 22nd and 32nd only Marc and David Ready interrupted the steady flow
 of Orion runners toiling up Yardley and on to the finish. Scoring nineteen a
 side the advantage had moved relentlessly in Orion's favour, 358 points to
 383. Your correspondent was getting worried! Was the match slipping away
 from us?

 Howard Gleave was next to be seen, a welcome dash of blue amongst the white.
 Then came Vaughan Ramsay, then Matthew Clarke, then Dave Powell, then
 Stewart Anderson, then Paul Rider, then Becky Hall...and on it went. Your
 correspondent breathed again. This was surely a match-winning Ranelagh pack.
 In fact, and quite remarkably, we filled every position between 33rd and
 48th. Scoring 30 a side, we had moved into an unassailable lead of 869
 points to 1031. And the gap was growing rapidly. Our 30th runner, Jo Peace,
 finished 51st whereas his Orion counterpart was twenty places lower. And so
 it went on. Our 40th finisher, Neil Walford, was nineteen places ahead of
 his counterpart and the points gap had grown to 354. Our 50th and final
 scorer was Peter Fordham in 94th place but those Ranelaghs behind him were
 pushing the final Orion scorers further back. The official result, scoring
 50 a side, was Ranelagh 2302, Orion 2786. A great result and heartiest
 congratulations to Phil and the other Captains for pulling it off. 

 Here's Phil's own take on how it went: "By the time 32 runners were in, we
 only had 13 of them.  Operation Betelgeuse looked dead in the water. Then,
 incredibly, our middle order struck.  All of the next 16 (yes, sixteen)
 runners, belonged to the Blue and Gold, and after that 7 of the next 11.
 This strength in depth, a team effort of epic proportions, swung the race
 for us, so that in the end the result was relatively comfortable, even if
 your captain was biting his nails for a while before the announcement and
 raising of the cup. We now hold the trophies for each of the four mob
 matches (Orion, Blackheath, SLH and Thames).  When was the last time we
 could say that?!

 Thames will be a different kettle of fish in a month's time.  Whilst we'll
 be at home, it's only a short journey over the A3 for them, and they will
 have lots of quality at the top, so if they mob-ilise in force it may be
 curtains. But we can surprise them again if we get enough people out. Well
 done everyone on a fantastic result - a superb day out in NE London!  10
 months ago, when Operation Betelgeuse was just a pipedream in your captain's
 mind, I never thought I'd be writing this now!"

 Orion's Clare Thurgood was the leading woman today, but Becky Hall, Wiebke
 Kortum and Marilyn Horne filled 2nd, 3rd and 4th places. Athletics Weekly
 printed the race result, but although getting the scores right they gave
 first place to Orion!  Obviously they couldn't quite believe it - but yes,
 we really did win!

 Historical note: our last win at Orion, 10th November 1984. Ranelagh had 40
 starters to Orion's 36 and the score was 986 to 1221 in our favour. At this
 time, Orion had not beaten us in a mob match, home or away, since 1960.
 Joint winner of the 1984 race was David Wright (47th today - what went
 wrong?); your President was 12th (spectating today - very wise), one place
 ahead of Mike Peace (82nd today). 30th was Clive Naish (95th today), just
 setting out on the ever-present sequence which currently stands at 122
 consecutive mob matches. David (the undisputed mob match king with 157 to
 his credit), Mike and Clive seem to have been the only Ranelaghs present in
 a running capacity on both occasions. David recalls "Constantly being
 shouted back onto the correct route by the 3rd placed Orion guy...the choice
 of orange biodegradable paper to mark the course was not the cleverest of
 Harold Lee's ideas!"  

 Some excellent photos are here:. 

 By the way, for non-astronomers, Betelgeuse is one of the brightest stars
 in the constellation of Orion - geddit?

 Chris Read reports:
 "On Sunday 19th October I ran the Amsterdam Half Marathon. The race was an
 interesting test to see whether my recovery from injury has progressed. The
 race was well organised and flat, with the incline of an underpass the
 nearest thing to a hill on the course. The weather was warm but windy. I
 benefited from the vocal support of my brother and nephew. For me the race
 went to plan until 15k, when lack of training and fitness caused me to slow
 down.  My time of 1.51.13 was only slightly slower than I hoped.  

 I did not see any other Ranelagh people there but I see from the results
 that a team of Martins (Simon Martin and Martin Nance) both ran the full
 marathon, recording times of 3.17.21 and 3.53.42 respectively.  In the Half
 Marathon Isobel Rea of our neighbours West 4 ran well to be the third lady."

 Stoke Park, Guildford
 We were represented in this event for the first time for a number of years.
 In the Under 13s, Sacha and Leonie Kennedy and Juliet Ricketts finished a
 good mid-field 14th, while out lone Under 15 Livvy Ricketts finished 10th in
 a composite team.

 Under 13s
 1   Guildford & G          25.15
 14  Ranelagh               29.10
     Sacha Kennedy    12     8.59
     Juliet Ricketts  18    10.49
     Leonie Kennedy   14     9.22

 Under 15s
 1   Dorking & MV           24.33
 10  Walton/Ranelagh        28.08
     Livvy Ricketts   13    11.04 

 CAPITAL RUNNERS RICHMOND PARK 10km  Sunday 26th October
 1   L Pikett (Belgrave)    35.20  (chip time 35.20)
 16  R Franczek (unatt)     43.35  (42.20)
 101 Alan Davidson          52.46  (52.43)     

 SURREY CLASSIC 10km RACE 1  Sunday 26th October at Oxshott
 1   D Gillett (SLH)        36.17
 18  L Rooney (Coll)        40.38  (1st woman)
 117 Alan Meaden            64.33    

 LONDON AND SLOUGH RUN 10km  Sunday 26th October
 Wally Garrod writes:
 "Post-Op PB ...74 mins 40 on chip. I was 155th of 156...my daughter let me
 beat her!"

 DUBLIN MARATHON  Monday 27th October
 Martin Halvey was 2nd M55.

 1    E Too (Kenya)         2:14.47  (chip time 2:14.47)
 20   E Wanjiru (Kenya)     2:34.15  (2:34.15 - 1st woman)
 156  Martin  Halvey        2:54.07  (2:53.59)
 6200 Heather Martingell    4:15.14  (4:12.52)

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 31st October in Hyde Park
 1   T Other (unatt)        16.48
 33  S Johnson (Imp C)      18.44
 106 Andy Bickerstaff       21.23
 159 Alan Davidson          24.09  

 THAMES MEANDER MARATHON  Saturday 1st November at Kingston
 1   E Catmur (TH&H)        2:36.47  (chip time 2:36.46)
 10  W Roberts (G&G)        3:12.12  (3:12.06 - 1st woman)
 207 Phil Roberts           4:27.01  (4:26.41)

 THAMES MEANDER HALF MARATHON  Saturday 1st November at Kingston
 1   M Ismail (HHH)         1:15.37  (chip time 1:15.36)
 10  J Davis (Morn C)       1:23.04  (1:23.02 - 1st woman)
 23  Matthew Clarke         1:29.37  (1:29.30)
 27  Simon Martin           1:30.53  (1:30.50)

 MABAC LEAGUE 5 miles  Sunday 2nd November at Puttenham Common
 1   D Cairnie (Runny)      28.56
 18  S Pickford (Wimb W)    35.21
 67  Colin Lloyd            42.44
 84  Tom Reay               45.21

 MARLOW HALF MARATHON  Sunday 2nd November
 1   E O'Gorman (Chilt)     1:17.20  (chip time 1:17.20)
 13  Alex Harrison          1:24.51  (1:24.49)
 17  K Walsha (unatt)       1:25.55  (1:25.53)
 315 Mike White             1:53.10  (1:52.22)  

 SURREY CLASSIC 10km RACE 2  Sunday 2nd November at Nonsuch Park
 1   A Brooker (Lon Hth)    35.17
 18  J Hadfield (Elm)       41.21  (1st woman)
 98  John Pratt             50.44
 142 Alan Meaden            61.53
 149 David Meaden           65.16    

 NEW YORK CITY MARATHON  Sunday 2nd November
 Carol Moran finished 45570th in 5:49.29.

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 25th October
 Kris Davidson was first home. 

 1   Kris Davidson          17.34
 15  C Clover (Newbury)     19.41  (1st woman)
 20  Tom Bradley            20.03 
 24  Bill Neely             20.22
 39  Steve Aikin            21.35
 70  Colin Lloyd            23.05
 71  Alberto Esguevillas    23.11
 80  Amrut Sharma           23.30
 91  Andrew Brown           23.55
 121 Carol Aikin            24.52
 131 Simon Taylor           25.19
 175 Eugenio Carmo          26.46
 194 Sam Rushby             27.17
 195 James Rushby           27.17
 196 Phil Rushby            27.19
 226 Deepa Sharma           28.37
 249 Val Lowman             29.47
 254 Claire-Louise French   29.52
 286 Peter Lowman           31.59
 296 Martin Clark           33.39
 311 Michael Sikora         40.21 

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 25th October
 Michelle Davies was first woman.

 1   G Russell (unatt)      18.53
 12  Paul Wapshott          21.05
 14  Tom Kearey             21.08
 15  Daniel Chiechi         21.11  
 18  Michelle Davies        21.44  (1st woman)
 51  Chris Wright           25.58
 53  Mike White             26.02
 62  Colette Doran          26.50
 67  Josie Kearey           27.01
 69  Ann Kearey             27.11
 74  Kevin Kearey           28.21
 77  Mary Hickson           28.30
 102 Lynne Barber           31.19
 103 Tracey Small           31.20
 105 Nigel Coombes          31.36
 106 Tanya Allen            31.41
 107 Deirdre Inman          32.08
 110 Lexi Slaughter         35.11 

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 25th October
 1   R Axe (Cardiff)        15.24
 11  Duncan Mallison        17.42 
 59  J Harrison (SW Vets)   20.01  (1st woman)
 161 Adam Wright            22.07
 248 Rachel Revett          23.32
 949 John Hanscomb          41.53

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 25th October
 1   J Smith (Strags)       18.42
 10  Phil Roberts           23.08
 11  S Hutton (unatt)       23.12  (1st woman)
 17  Mel Davison            25.08
 19  Luke Maguire           25.40
 27  Wyn Williams           26.43 

 BOGNOR REGIS parkrun 5km  Saturday 25th October
 David Rowe finished 3rd.

 1   C Meagher (Chich)      17.37
 3   David Rowe             19.07
 6   K Mack (T Zone)        19.37  (1st woman)   

 MEDINA IOW parkrun 5km  Saturday 25th October
 1   J Booth (E London)     18.53
 22  E Bacon (IOW)          22.08  (1st woman) 
 126 Matthew Beal           31.34
 127 Louise Beal            31.34
 133 Oliver Beal            32.43
 134 Simon Beal             32.43

 OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 25th October)...
 Kingston: 23 Chris Camacho 21.02,  74 Rob Kitchen 26.59
 Leamington: 126 Paul Hodges 24.18
 York: 78 Phil Jackson 21.08 
 Fell Foot: 139 Chris Wilson 33.38
 Preston Park 73 John Pratt 23.23
 Reading: 248 Louise Atkinson 35.18 
 Guildford: 143 Phil Aiken 27.46
 Woking: 54 Alan Davidson 26.01 

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 1st November
 1   G Upton (unatt)        16.06
 66  M Richards (unatt)     20.25  (1st woman)
 120 Nick Wright            21.27
 156 Adam Wright            21.57
 401 Kirsty Bangham         25.31
 653 Mary Hickson           28.37
 925 Wally Garrod           36.44
 962 John Hanscomb          41.32

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 1st November
 1   P Cheetham (Barnes)    17.13
 14  Peter Faull            19.28
 16  Michael Everard        19.32
 20  Tom Bradley            19.37
 21  Bill Neely             19.38 
 25  S Weiland (Sheen)      19.46  (1st woman)
 31  Stewart Anderson       20.02 
 66  Steve Aikin            21.57
 78  Colin Lloyd            22.30
 94  Karl Garvey            23.13 
 95  Amrut Sharma           23.14
 142 Alberto Esguevillas    24.45
 150 Phil Rushby            24.57
 151 Carol Aikin            25.00
 154 Maia Rushby            25.09
 241 Ally Salisbury         28.00  
 254 Deepa Sharma           28.36
 296 Andrew Brown           30.05
 299 Jackie Dunkley         30.10
 314 Bronwen Northmore      31.35
 333 Katie Walton           33.09  
 359 Michael Sikora         39.56 

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 1st November
 First and third overall for Ted Mockett and Duncan Mallison, and first and
 second in the women's section for Marilyn Horne and Michelle Davies.
 Congratulations also to Lynne Barber who was named as October's Crane Park
 Runner of the Month.

 1   Ted Mockett            17.37
 3   Duncan Mallison        18.04
 12  Eric Plue              20.37
 15  Marilyn Horne          21.13  (1st woman)
 17  Michelle Davies        21.44   
 18  Tom Kearey             21.50
 71  Ellen Van Keulen       26.34
 74  Josie Kearey           27.03
 76  Lynne Barber           27.27
 92  Emily Kearey           29.43
 94  Heather Martingell     29.50
 96  Ann Kearey             29.51
 105 Su Clark               32.43
 106 Tanya Allen            34.05
 107 Stacey Barber          34.49
 110 Sally Spaull           36.26
 112 Clare Hulacki          38.43
 114 Paul Wapshott          39.03
 116 Waldron Slaughter      44.14
 117 Lexi Slaughter         44.14 

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 1st November
 Kris Davidson and Trevor Maguire were 2nd and 3rd.

 1   L Hatcher (SLH)        17.32
 2   Kris Davidson          17.37
 3   Trevor Maguire         18.29
 9   J Reynolds (B&B)       20.58  (1st woman)
 38  Luke Maguire           27.49
 46  Jessica Maguire        29.51 

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 1st November
 1   S Shillaker (UCL)      18.04
 15  S Black (Tri Europe)   20.49  (1st woman)
 16  Chris Camacho          21.06
 54  Simon Taylor           24.33
 58  Tom Reay               24.47
 110 Annemarie Goodridge    30.48
 127 Martin Clark           40.48

 CRANLEIGH parkrun 5km  Saturday 1st November
 Sonia Rowland was the first woman.

 1   C Finill (Harrow)      18.29
 17  Sonia Rowland          24.45  (1st woman) 
 29  Steve Rowland          28.19   

 BOGNOR REGIS parkrun 5km  Saturday 1st November
 David Rowe finished 3rd once again.

 1   H Teague-Smith (Worth) 18.06
 3   David Rowe             19.09
 13  C Blake (Chipp)        21.20  (1st woman)   

 TRING parkrun 5km  Saturday 1st November
 Mark Herbert was 3rd home.

 1   J Farmer (Redway)      19.01
 3   Mark Herbert           19.29
 6   G Bitaraf (Gade V)     20.27  (1st woman)
 16  Vaughan Ramsay         21.19
 39  Lee Davies             23.15

 OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 1st November)...
 Leamington: 92 Paul Hodges 24.30
 York: 63 Phil Jackson 21.10 
 Bath Skyline: 35 Julia Bailey 22.21
 Preston Park 37 Becky Hall 20.04;  76 Rob Curtis 21.40
 Fulham Palace: 149 Mike White 26.52 
 St Albans: 185 Tamsin Burland 29.23
 Highbury Fields: 64 Nick Fordham 23.47;  Peter Fordham 28.27
 Carlisle: 93 Nigel Coombes 28.42
 Bournemouth: 113 Eugenio Carmo 25.26
 Newbury: 47 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 22.09;  135 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 25.56
 Peckham Rye: 58 Phil Aiken 27.22
 Southsea: 77 Alan Davidson 24.35 

 BUSHY JUNIORS parkrun 2km  Sunday 2nd November
 A big PB for Kabir Sait in 4th place, while Sacha Kennedy was 3rd girl.

 1   A Crews (Thames Turbo)  7.23
 3   A Uren (unatt)          7.47  (1st girl)
 4   Kabir Sait              7.51
 8   Sacha Kennedy           8.02
 17  Arthur Louw             8.45
 48  Matthew Beal           10.02
 67  Oliver Beal            10.41            

 SAVILL GARDENS JUNIORS parkrun 2km  Sunday 2nd November
 1   A Gambrill (Cookham)    7.41
 2   M Collings (Woking)     7.46  (1st girl)
 124 Connor Scally          17.03   

 Remember how slightly damp things were last winter? In case you've
 forgotten, here's a video of the Surrey League race on Wimbledon Common last
 January, courtesy of Pete Clarke and Pete Mulholland: Video: