Newsdesk 2014

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 435             10 October 2014
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Angus Cater wins the Page Cup
 *  Fastest times by Trevor Maguire and Megan De Silva
 *  10th anniversary of parkrun
 *  parkrun placings for Olivia Lloyd, Michelle Davies, Kris Davidson,
     Richard Gregory, Michelle Davies, Rachel Rowan, Carl Assmundson, Craig
     Maclellan, Duncan Mallison and Colin Brett   
 *  Road race vets awards for Marie Synnott-Wells, Lara Werrett, Trevor
     Maguire and Phil Jackson 
 *  Sub-34 10km for Carl Selya-Hammer 
 *  Surrey League men and women this Saturday
 *  This season's first mob match v Orion Harriers is on 25th October - see
     Operation Betelgeuse below
 *  10% early booking discount (before the end of October) for our Christmas

 Our League campaign starts in Coulsdon for the men and Richmond Park for the
 women - not on our course, however, but one at the south end of Richmond
 Park. The senior women's 6km race kicks off proceedings at 12 noon, followed
 by the U17s and U15s 4km at 1pm and the U13s 3km at 1.30pm. There's a map on
 our website here:. At the men's
 event at Coulsdon the U17s, U15s and U13s all run 4km at 2.30pm, followed by
 the senior men's 8km at 3pm. Details are on our website here: and there's a map on the SLH
 website here:.
 Everyone is welcome to run.

 Richmond Park
 As usual we are hosting the Surrey Vets championships - now officially known
 as the Surrey Masters championships. They are open to all Surrey-qualified
 (i.e. born or resident in the county or SW London) women over 35 and men
 over 40. There are two races - first, at 2.15pm, men over 60 and all women
 race over a 6km course. Note this is an earlier start than stated on our
 fixture card  They are followed at 3pm by the men 40-59 who cover 10km.
 There are individual medals in 5 year age groups and team medals in 10 year
 age groups. Entries on the day are accepted but will cost you £5 and won't
 count for team competitions. Our pre-entries have been sent in, but there
 may be time to add one or two more - reply by return to Peter Fordham
 peter_fordham@yahoo.com  (M50s and M60s), Trevor Maguire ranelagh.men@gmail.com  (M40s)
 or Phil Aiken ranelagh.women@gmail.com  (all women). 

 OPERATION BETELGEUSE - Orion Mob Match - Saturday 25th October, Epping
 There are always new members baffled by the title, so here's a quick
 explanation of what mob matches are. Only two clubs take part in each mob
 match, of which we have four each season - two at home and two away. The
 idea is that each club should field as many runners as possible and all
 finishers count towards the final result. So it's very important to have as
 many runners in the race as possible. Last year we won three out of the four
 and came within a whisker of pulling off a clean sweep. One more runner
 would have pulled it our way...one more runner, not in the top ten or twenty
 - but anywhere in the top fifty. It was a lesson that everyone really can
 make a difference.

 Phil Killingley writes:
 "Orion is a specialist mob match club and we haven't won the away mob match
 against them, or even got close, in 30 years.  This time, we are planning to
 travel to the other side of London with a Mob worthy of that name to turn
 the clock back to 1984 (not sure if that's a selling point?). 

 Please email men's captain philipkillingley@yahoo.co.uk if you can pledge
 your support.  Runners of all standards welcome, so long as you'll be
 prepared to run 7.5 miles of hills and some mud, and have an appetite for
 reversing 30 years of hurt.   We will be aiming to put some transport on for
 those interested.  Anyone going via tube across London can also join a Blue
 and Gold contingent travelling through town. 

 For anyone wondering, Betelgeuse is a large star in the constellation of

 For those making their own way there, Orion's web site has a map showing
 their clubhouse plus directions here:.   

 Only 76 days to Christmas! Our Christmas Party will take place at the
 Richmond Hill Hotel on Saturday 6th December starting at 7pm. It will
 include a three-course meal plus wine, followed by a DJ and (optional!)
 dancing. The price is £50, but we are offering a 10% discount for early
 bookers. That is, £45 if you book (and pay!) before the end of October. To
 reserve your place contact Michele Gibson  micheleagibson@hotmail.com or see
 Michele on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening at the clubhouse.
 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil, Duncan
 or Trevor ranelagh.men@gmail.com or the women's Captain / Team Manager 
 ( e-mail Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )

 Saturday 11th October         Surrey Ladies League 6km in Richmond Park
 (Kingston Gate), starting at 12 noon (followed by juniors)
                                          Men's Surrey League 8km at
 Coulsdon, starting at 3pm (juniors 2.30pm) 

 Saturday 18th October         Surrey Vets Cross-Country Championships in
 Richmond Park. See above.

 Sunday 19th October           Cabbage Patch 10 miles in Twickenham. 10am
 start. Entries are now closed.

 Saturday 25th October          Lee Cup mob match v Orion Harriers at
 Chingford (Epping Forest). 2.30pm start - see Operation Betelgeuse above. 

 parkruns every Saturday at 9am
 Bushy Park                            Diana Fountain car park
 Richmond Park                      Richmond Gate
 Wimbledon Common             Windmill car park
 Banstead Woods                  Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead
 Bedfont Lakes                       Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford,
 Kingston                               The Hawker Centre
 Old Deer Park                        Pools in the Park on the A316
 Crane Park                             Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout
 on the A316 in Twickenham
 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com
 2km junior parkruns for under 14s take place on the first Sunday of each
 month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate (11am start) and from Savill Garden
 car park, Windsor Great Park (9.30am start), and also every Sunday at 9.30am
 in Wimbledon Park. 

 PAGE CUP 5 miles handicap  Saturday 27th September in Richmond Park.
 There was more good work from Handicapper Angus Cater, as 38 of the 46
 starters in the Page Cup crossed the finishing line within three and a half
 minutes - a result even statman Ken Powley would be proud of. There was just
 one teeny-weeny flaw in Angus's calculations - Angus himself was the winner!
 Now, in some quarters, the consequence of a Handicapper winning one of his
 own handicaps is that he should be summarily taken out and shot. But we're a
 more forbearing bunch in Ranelagh - just as well, or your esteemed e-news
 editor (himself a former Handicapper) would not be here to tell the tale.
 Suffice it to say that Angus ran a good deal faster than he expected and
 deserved the win but will be mercilessly teased for it for some time to
 come. Glowing with embarrassment, he vows to compete as a guest in any
 future handicap races he takes part in.   

 Angus was not the first across the line though -  this honour went to the
 'limit' man Walter Wickham. The Thomas Cup handicap a couple of weeks ago
 had been Walter's first club race for many years, and he had gone off course
 and wasted several minutes. Angus was unaware of this and handicapped him
 for the 'Page' on his 'Thomas' finishing time. The result was that Walter
 was never seen by any pursuer and crossed the line nearly a mile ahead of
 the rest - but fortunately as a guest. Angus passed Cindy Croucher in the
 later stages and went on to take the official victory by over a minute while
 Cindy held off a fast finishing Clive Naish in the race for silver and

 The officials then had a little breathing space before Jar O'Brien led the
 charge that included Trevor Maguire and George Howard, who ran through the
 field more or less together to record the day's two fastest times of 28.41
 and 29.00. Third place went to Darryl McDonald on 29.41. Fastest woman was
 Megan De Silva on 31.42, ahead of Marie Synnott-Wells, 33.24, and Becky
 Hall, 34.19.   

 DARTFORD 10 miles  Sunday 21st September
 1   P Tucker (Dart)        56.41  (chip time 56.41)
 21  M Heslop (Padd W)      63.10  (63.10 - 1st woman)
 89  Lara Werrett           73.13  (72.58)  

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 26th September in Hyde Park
 1   R Evans (SLH)          15.56
 34  C Jeremiah (L Hth)     19.05  (1st woman)
 131 Alan Davidson          23.40   

 MIDDLESEX 10km  Saturday 27th September at Victoria Park
 Carl Selya-Hammer writes on Facebook:
 "Very happy to report I just broke 34 minutes in the 10km for the first
 time. As I passed the 9km mark I realized the last 1km had to be my fastest
 of the race to finish under 34min. With the finish line in sight, I gave it
 one final sprint to cross the line in 33:58. I then dropped to my knees and
 promptly vomited. A truly climactic moment."

 1   N Torry (Serp)         30.22
 17  Carl Selya-Hammer      33.58
 30  A Clements (Kent)      35.21  (1st woman)  

 EALING HALF MARATHON  Sunday 28th September 
 1    B Siwa (Kenya)        1:07.33  (chip time 1:07.33)
 14   G Yator (Kenya)       1:15.58  (1:15.58 - 1st woman)
 118  Paul Nicoll           1:26.47  (1:26.43)
 253  Simon Martin          1:32.19  
 382  Jonny Rowan           1:35.42  (1:35.03)
 631  Lee Davies            1:40.21  
 644  Michelle Davies       1:40.24  (1:40.01)
 1209 Jane Craigie-Payne    1:49.36  (1:48.32)
 1226 Ellen Clague          1:49.51  (1:49.00)
 1292 Rachel Revett         1:50.59  (1:49.48)
 1468 Mel Davison           1:53.09  (1:52.06)
 1664 John Herriott         1:55.29  (1:54.12)
 2270 Hannah Doyle          2:03.36  
 2790 Heather Martingell    2:11.35  (2:07.30)  

 WINDSOR HALF MARATHON  Sunday 28th September
 1   P Martelletti (VP&TH)  1:08.45  (chip time 1:08.44)
 7   S Amend (Belgrave)     1:22.00  (1:21.57 - 1st woman)
 537 Michael Barber         1:49.55  (1:48.28)
 635 James Barber           1:52.10  (1:51.52)       

 TONBRIDGE HALF MARATHON  Sunday 28th September
 Lara Werrett finished 2nd over 35.

 1   J Rendall (Ton)        1:14.08  (chip time 1:14.08)
 25  M Heslop (Padd W)      1:22.46  (1:22.46 - 1st woman)
 125 Lara Werrett           1:36.19  (1:36.05)

 CARDIFF HALF MARATHON  Sunday 5th October
 Good runs from Megan De Silva and Marie Synnott-Wells, with Marie being
 rewarded as second over 50.

 1   B Kongin (Kenya)       1:02.02  (chip time 1:02.02)
 41  J Chelimo (Kenya)      1:12.26  (1:12.25 - 1st woman)
 334 Megan De Silva         1:24.22  (1:24.12)
 556 Marie Synnott-Wells    1:28.20  (1:28.06)     

 Rob Kitchen reports:
 "My first proper race for nearly a year was the inaugural running of this
 promising event - albeit with some teething issues.  A gloriously sunny but
 cool day helped set a good mood.  Running through Walton on Thames was not
 the best start, but there was a nice river section early on.  After that was
 an unmarshalled mile, along a reservoir, with runners crossing a busy road
 seemingly at random to avoid a fence that created a strobe lighting effect
 with the sun.  Things improved considerably at the turn point near Hampton
 Court bridge; little Toby Kitchen was supporting his daddy for the first
 time - although he seemed hypnotised by the procession.  The race route
 along the Thames was tranquil and well supported.  I was able to keep up 9
 minute miles most of the way, but a lack of training told after mile 10.
 Cruelly at 10.5 miles, runners had to pass the finish line - putting the
 400m or so Ranelagh makes runners at our events double back for into
 perspective.  At mile 12, a flat race unexpectedly became somewhat hilly on
 the back roads, so I missed my 2hr aim.  At the finish though was a fine
 goody bag and medal, which Philippa spotted doubles as a bottle opener -
 laying the challenge down to our memento design committee."

 1   M Ismail (Herhe Hill)  1:15.56  (chip time 1:15.56)
 21  S Kinsella (Strag)     1:24.56  (1:24.56 - 1st woman)
 97  Simon Beal             1:33.02  (1:32.51)
 222 Paul Wapshott          1:41.53  (1:40.44)
 310 Lee Coole              1:46.21  (1:45.33)
 313 Michael Barber         1:46.23  (1:45.22)
 506 Ann Kearey             1:56.06  (1:54.55)
 561 Jo Sinton-Hewitt       1:58.31  (1:57.28)
 641 Rob Kitchen            2:03.53  (2:02.40)
 874 Cindy Croucher         2:30.11  (2:29.15)
 880 Deirdre Inman          2:31.20  (2:30.25)
 909 Tanya Allen            2:42.29  (2:41.53)             .   

 REGENT'S PARK 10km  Sunday 5th October
 Phil Jackson was 3rd over 60.

 1   A Grahl (Sweden)       32.25  (chip time 31.54)
 4   L Wiker (Sweden)       37.03  (36.19)
 83  Phil Jackson           48.01  (46.56) 

 Trevor Maguire's 78 mins gave him second place in the over 45 class.

 1   J Cieloszecki (unatt)  1:09.29
 17  Trevor Maguire         1:18.34
 21  Mark Herbert           1:21.05
 36  H Dyke (Poole)         1:25.26  (1st woman)

 BOURNEMOUTH MARATHON  Sunday 5th October 
 1   A Lesuuda (Kenya)      2:21.44
 4   J Kigen (Kenya)        2:33.13
 977 John Scally            4:14.25 

 MABAC LEAGUE 5 miles  Sunday 5th October
 1   A Brooker (Eps O)      31.24
 21  S Pickford (Wimb W)    37.45  (1st woman)
 79  Colin Lloyd            46.50

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 20h September
 Olivia Lloyd was the leading woman..

 1   JP Cheetham (Barnes)   16.59
 27  Tom Bradley            20.45 
 38  Olivia Lloyd           21.59  (1st woman)
 41  Steve Aikin            22.04
 65  Tomas Sterner          23.39
 70  Amrut Sharma           23.45
 83  Chris Read             24.22
 95  Daniel Rushby          25.01
 108 James Rushby           25.28
 121 Carol Aikin            26.13
 211 Sam Rushby             31.00
 213 Phil Rushby            31.08
 226 Deepa Sharma           31.44
 231 Colin Lloyd            32.21
 250 Val Lowman             35.45

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 27h September
 1   A Lawrence (Morpeth)   15.58 
 35  H Novakovic (WSEH)     19.08  (1st woman)
 59  Richard Kennedy        19.44
 106 Sacha Kennedy          20.53
 146 Adam Wright            21.36
 250 Ian Grange             23.07
 302 Andrew Brown           23.40
 306 Ali Kennedy            23.42
 656 David Meaden           28.34
 671 Jackie Dunkley         28.46 
 701 Kirsty Bangham         29.13
 710 Jackie Dunkley         29.16
 907 Wally Garrod           35.56

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 27h September
 Olivia Lloyd was second woman this week.

 1   J Cornish (Herc Wimb)  16.08
 27  Tom Bradley            20.20 
 35  Z Illis (Herc Wimb)    21.29  (1st woman)
 39  Steve Aikin            21.40
 41  Olivia Lloyd           21.50
 72  Daniel Rushby          23.22
 82  Colin Lloyd            24.07
 83  Amrut Sharma           24.09
 98  Simon Taylor           24.52
 122 Tony Appleby           26.05
 133 Sam Rushby             26.30
 138 Colin Rogal            26.39
 152 Phil Rushby            27.09
 155 Carol Aikin            27.12
 175 Deepa Sharma           28.05
 205 Val Lowman             29.30
 233 Peter Lowman           30.49
 234 Bronwen Northmore      30.52
 250 Martin Clark           32.19
 256 Claire-Louise French   33.34 
 280 Pat Hewlett            39.02
 281 Bev Ali                39.05
 282 Penny Merrett          39.06     

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 27th September
 1   Unknown                17.57
 6   Duncan Mallison        19.19
 13  Daniel Chiechi         21.14  
 28  B Hollingsworth (Bear) 22.53  (1st woman)   
 72  Ellen Van Keulen       26.59
 84  Lynne Barber           28.26
 95  Christine David        29.54
 98  Nigel Coombes          30.04
 101 Mary Hickson           30.14  
 104 Tracey Small           30.57
 108 Stacey Barber          33.18 
 113 Su Clark               34.22
 115 Chris Wright           35.00 

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 27h September
 A Ranelagh 1-2 this week from Kris Davidson and Craig Maclellan..

 1   Kris Davidson          17.50
 2   Craig Maclellan        18.46
 13  Simon Burrell          20.37
 24  S Hutton (unatt)       22.34  (1st woman)
 79  Deborah Blakemore      35.08

 BLACK PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 27h September
 Michelle Davies finished second woman.

 1   N Hughes (Chiltern)    17.18
 16  K Pardoe (unatt)       20.05  (1st woman)
 28  Lee Davies             21.17
 34  Michelle Davies        21.18     

 OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 27th September)...
 Kingston: 6 Bruce McLaren 20.26, 11 Chris Camacho 20.39,  56 Tom Reay 25.22
 York: 84 Phil Jackson 22.23
 Beckton: 119 Mike White 26.14
 Conkers: 6 David Lawley 18.13
 Medina IOW: 141 Juliette Chan 34.15 
 Banbury: 67 Kevin Kearey 24.25,  100 Josie Kearey 26.16,  101 Ann Kearey
 Southend: 133 Tamsin Burland 31.12
 Osterley: 44 Alberto Esguevillas 20.28 
 Woking: 64 Wyn Williams 26.09

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 4th October
 This was parkrun's 10th anniversary. Most of the thirteen runners in that
 first run in 2004 were at the time members of Ranelagh, and Alan Hedger and
 Robin Drummond were amongst those helping Paul Sinton-Hewitt deliver his new
 baby. Here are a few extracts from the parkrun website's report written by
 Rodney McCulloch. For the full report and photos go to
 "On Saturday 2nd October 2004 at 9am - the first free timed 5 kilometres run
 took place in Bushy Park with 13 runners - the parkrun pioneers, and so an
 idea was born. Ten years on at Bushy we celebrated our anniversary of this
 day in wonderful style, with all 13 parkrun pioneers present amongst a
 record breaking gathering of 1,705 parkrunners on a truly magnificent,
 unforgettable and overwhelming morning. As we celebrated International
 parkrun Day across the world, there are now nearly 500 separate weekly 5km
 events, and over a million registered parkrunners - a fantastic legacy of
 that autumn morning run some 10 years ago, with a mere baker's dozen toeing
 the line at Bushy Park. 

 Saturday mornings would be far poorer without parkrun in our lives; we do
 have a lot to thank our great leader - Paul Sinton Hewitt CBE for! parkrun
 is helping to build and strengthen communities, making new friends whilst
 encouraging us to be active and appreciate our lovely parks and open spaces
 across the world.

 As we all gathered on Chestnut Avenue at 8:40 for the presentations, it was
 a lovely moment to see the 13 parkrun pioneers reunited together for the
 very first time in ten years! They were all wearing the 10th anniversary
 t-shirts for the occasion, and were presented with specially made golden
 athlete barcodes, and a medal by our Junior prize winners Robert Eveson and
 Zoe Dennison! No matter how many millions of parkrunners there will be,
 there will only ever be 13 pioneers - you are the envy of many parkrunners,
 congratulations! The 13 parkrun pioneers were: Andrew Lane, Chris Owens,
 James Russell, John Kipps, Julie Drummond, Karen Weir, Matthew Morgan, Peter
 Wright, Rachel Rowan, Rachel Stanhope, Simon Lawrence, Steve Rowland and
 Tanya Wolken.

 I was with Peter and Lou Coaker at the front of the double funnel, as we
 switched lanes every 20-30 seconds to keep both funnel lanes flowing as the
 runners arrived in their hundreds! By 25 minutes around 700 finishers had
 already crossed the line, and by this point both lanes were looking very
 full! Jack Kennedy, who had already done lead bike then helped out on funnel
 was the first to suggest we should use the outside of the funnel as a third
 lane, and it soon became clear we had no other option!  We used a third lane
 it and it worked perfectly, as over 200 runners headed down the outside of
 the funnel lane for the next couple of minutes. It bought us vital extra
 time as the two double lanes started to clear, and then we could revert to
 the double funnel again! In all there were 30 funnel switches needed, a new
 record! A special mention to the timers - Ally Manole and Simon Lane as an
 unprecedented number of runners crossed the finish line! There were eight
 consecutive minutes with over 100 finishers, with the busiest minute being
 the 27th with a huge 152 finishers! There were 1180 finishers between 20:00
 and 29:59 - in that 10 minute period alone there was just 4 fewer than the
 old Bushy attendance record of 1184! In all an incredible 1,705 runners
 crossed the line, a truly awe-inspiring effort from all the volunteers on
 the day."

 Rachel Rowan was 2nd woman to finish.

 1    J Taylor-Caldwell (ES)15.59
 27   Ted Mockett           17.36 
 28   K Brown (SMR)         17.37  (1st woman)
 50   Craig Maclellan       18.23
 81   David Rowe            19.13
 88   Rachel Rowan          19.25
 142  Chris Owens           20.25
 144  Bruce McLaren         20.26
 184  Jonny Brook           20.55
 193  Peter Weir            21.01     
 238  Sacha Kennedy         21.34
 255  Adam Wright           21.43
 266  Simon Lawrence        21.50
 294  Daniel Chiechi        22.04
 306  Karen Weir            22.08
 357  Lydia Louw            22.40
 359  Leonie Kennedy        22.40
 360  Richard Kennedy       22.40
 371  Wiebke Kortum         22.50
 396  Sonia Rowland         23.03
 447  Ali Kennedy           23.30 
 448  Andy Woodhouse        23.30
 473  Andrew Brown          23.39
 590  Kirsty Bangham        24.35
 599  Tom Reay              24.39
 682  Arthur Louw           25.16
 770  Julie Drummond        25.52
 828  Jo Sinton-Hewitt      26.20
 900  Neil Surtees          26.56
 932  Peter Wright          27.09
 939  Ellen Van Keulen      27.12
 977  Steve Rowland         27.28
 1132 Prelini Chiechi       28.35
 1221 Jackie Dunkley        29.20
 1481 Oliver Beal           33.05
 1482 Louise Beal           33.08
 1627 Sharon Rowe           37.39   
 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 4th October
 Carl Assmundson finished 2nd.

 1   Unknown                16.30
 2   Carl Assmundson        17.15
 14  Alex Fordham           19.53
 25  Stewart Anderson       20.36       
 27  S Lewis (unatt)        20.46  (1st woman)
 44  Steve Aikin            21.54
 75  Tomas Sterner          23.35
 76  Nick Fordham           23.44
 85  Colin Lloyd            23.59
 102 James Rushby           24.32
 112 Carol Aikin            24.44
 204 Sam Rushby             28.11
 205 Phil Rushby            28.13
 214 Leeanne Bryce          28.30
 291 Martin Clark           32.48
 320 Beverly Walsh          37.10 
 322 Pat Hewlett            38.28

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 4th October
 Duncan Mallison was third overall and Michelle Davies was the leading woman.

 1   M Kunwar (unatt)       17.59
 3   Duncan Mallison        18.55
 9   Eric Plue              20.34
 10  Tom Kearey             20.59
 13  Kevin Kearey           21.17
 15  Michelle Davies        21.32  (1st woman)   
 49  Heather Martingell     25.24
 60  Josie Kearey           26.51
 63  Ann Kearey             27.00
 78  Cindy Croucher         30.55   
 79  Tracey Small           30.56
 80  Christine David        31.43
 81  Lynne Barber           31.44
 87  Su Clark               32.26
 88  Penny Merrett          32.27
 89  Tanya Allen            32.50
 90  Deirdre Inman          33.12
 92  Stacey Barber          35.02     

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 4th October
 Another win for Kris Davidson, with Colin Brett in 3rd place.

 1   Kris Davidson          18.03
 3   Colin Brett            19.08
 10  Simon Burrell          20.37
 12  B Farr (unatt)         20.57  (1st woman)
 40  Mel Davison            27.31 
 51  Sandy Clark            28.36 

 WIMBEDON COMMON parkrun 5km  Saturday 4th October
 Richard Gregory was first finisher.

 1   Richard Gregory        16.16
 31  L Wiker (Sweden)       17.36  (1st woman) 

 BUSHY JUNIORS parkrun 2km  Sunday 5th October
 1   S Shaw (K&P)            6.53
 7   G Icmat (unatt)         7.43  (1st girl)
 11  Euan Sinclair           8.02
 15  Lydia Louw              8.20
 19  Finlay Sinclair         8.30
 28  Leonie Kennedy          8.46
 33  Arthur Louw             8.56
 60  Matthew Beal            9.38
 91  Eilidh Sinclair        10.18
 120 Oliver Beal            10.44
 131 Ciara McLaren          11.03                                 

 OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 4th October)...
 Kingston: 13 Chris Camacho 20.41,  52 Simon Taylor 25.02
 Reading: 219 Louise Atkinson 27.41
 Oxford: 98 Evelyn Joslin 25.35
 Bath Skyline: 34 Becky Hall 21.33,  60 Rob Curtis 24.14
 Gunnersbury: 74 Chris Read 23.23,  141 Sue Camp 26.30 
 Bournemouth: 47 Eugenio Carmo 23.25
 Southsea 68 Alan Davidson 24.36
 Ally Pally: 14 Andres Arana 22.23 
 Darlington South Park: 124 Nigel Coombes 29.58
 Preston Park, Brighton: 117 John Pratt 24.19
 Osterley: Cathy Holman 27.42
 Woking: 5 Ed Barker 18.02
 Warszawa-Brodno: 21 Peter Fordham 23.53

 Here is Channel 4 News's coverage of Dennis Kimetto's Marathon world record
 in Berlin. It features our own Andy Hayward:  Video:. 
 Andy writes: "I did mention that I was Ranelagh Harriers as well as Raven
 Racers, but sadly ten minutes of interview came down to about five seconds
 of airtime! Andy Tucker obviously got star billing. My foot got almost as
 much airtime (the second one past the camera at the end) as well as my