Newsdesk 2014

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 432             29 August 2014
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Winners of our Road Grand Prix: Nick Twomey, Megan De Silva, Trevor
     Maguire, Marie Synnott-Wells, Paul Rider and Sally Bamford
 *  Surrey Road League: Ranelagh women finish 3rd, men 4th
 *  Individual League medals for Marie Synnott-Wells, Megan De Silva, Ellen
     Clague and Paul Doyle 
 *  Phil Killingley and Megan De Silva lead our teams at the Perseverance
     Wimbledon Dash 5km
 *  Jo Sinton-Hewitt, Frida Roper and Deborah Blakemore win the Ratchford
 *  George Howard wins bronze in the Surrey 10,000m track championship
 *  parkrun placings for Michelle Davies, Megan De Silva, Lydia Louw, Mark
     Herbert, Eirin McDaid, Trevor Maguire, Livvy Ricketts, Marie Synnott-Wells,
     Becky Hall, Nick Twomey, Mel Davison and Ted Mockett
 *  Surrey Road Relays on Sunday 7th September
 *  Thomas Cup 3.8 miles handicap on Saturday 13th September - please read
     notes below 
 *  Subscriptions are overdue!

 OPENING RUN and THOMAS CUP HANDICAP  Saturday 13th September
 The Thomas Cup 3.8 miles handicap, the Opening Run of our 134th season,
 takes place on Saturday 13th September. It has NOT been moved to Sunday as
 inadvertently shown in the last e-news! All members are welcome. We'll try
 to start the race as close to 3pm as we can, but before you go up to the
 start Ken Powley will take the annual club photograph in the Park across the
 road from the clubhouse at about 2.45pm. Handicapper Angus is preparing the
 handicap, but unfortunately he won't be there on the day. So you can help
 our hard-working officials in several ways:
 1  Arrive early
 2  Come to the clubhouse to register - please DON'T go straight to the start
 unless you really really don't have time to get to the clubhouse
 3  If you're a new member and/or haven't taken part in more than one or two
 club races, it would help if you could contact Angus by Tuesday 9th
 September and let him know that you are thinking of coming. Let him have
 some idea of what you think you can run for 5km - e.g. a parkrun time. This
 doesn't commit you to coming, it will just save time on the day if you do
 decide to come. Contact Angus angus.cater@gmail.com .   
 4  Familiarise yourself with the course. Here's an annotated map:. 
 SURREY ROAD RELAYS  Sunday 7th September at Wimbledon Park
 Owing to the unavailability of the Wimbledon Park track on the usual
 Saturday date, the county road relay championships have been moved to Sunday
 7th September starting at 12 noon. As usual the senior men's race will be
 over 6 stages of approximately 3 miles, the senior women, W35, M40 and M50
 events will be over 4 laps and the W45 and M60 will be over 3 laps. For the
 M50s and M60s only, contact Peter Fordham peter_fordham@yahoo.com
 if you'd like to run (we were M50 silver medallists last year). For other
 age groups and women contact the captains if you're interested - see "What's
 Coming" below for contact details.   

 Two items hot off the press: printed Fixture Cards for our 2014-15 season
 are now available at the clubhouse. Fixtures Sec Andy Woodhouse adds: "There
 is a limited number of printed cards; so if you'd prefer a electronic
 version, please contact me (Andrew-woodhouse@hotmail.co.uk)
 andrew-woodhouse@hotmail.co.uk ." The new fixture list is also
 now up on our website, courtesy of Ken Powley.  Fixtures:.  

 Also freshly published is a new edition of our printed Gazette, covering the
 12 months up to spring / early summer 2014. Please help yourself to a copy
 from the clubhouse.

 If you'd prefer to have a Fixture card and / or a Gazette sent to you please
 reply to this e-news giving your postal address.

 SPECIAL TRAINING NIGHT  Tuesday 16th September 
 Karen Weir writes:
 "On Tuesday the 16th September, club training night will be extra special
 and you are all invited. lululemon athletica will be holding a pop-up shop
 so you can check out the latest run and training kit - make sure you bring
 your credit cards. They'll also be providing post-run snacks to tempt you to
 stay around for a post-run stretch session led by local yoga teacher (and
 runner) Veronika from Yogashooli. Then to finish off the evening, Michael
 Nichol from St Mary's Clinic will be giving a brief talk on how the
 facilities at the clinic can help you improve your running performance.
 Training from 7pm will be on as usual, these post-run activities will
 kick-off from 8.30pm. Hope you can make it!" 

 The final race in our 2014 club Road Grand Prix was the Perseverance
 Wimbledon Dash 5km on Sunday 17th August. There were nine races in the GP
 this year, and each individual's seven best scores counted. In the Open
 category, despite a late charge from Ted Mockett it was Nick Twomey who held
 on to take the title by seven points. These two were well ahead of the rest,
 but third place finally went to Paul Doyle just one point clear of Trevor
 Maguire. Paul and Trevor were two of the main protagonists in the Men Over
 40 class too, but this time tables were turned and it was Trevor who came
 out on top, with Stewart Anderson pushing Paul back into third place. Paul
 Rider was the clear winner of the Men Over 50 section, ahead of Colin Brett
 and Stephen Logue. 

 Megan De Silva led the way in the Women's competition, comfortably clear of
 Marie Synnott-Wells and Lauren Stewart. Marie was not to be denied in the 
 Over 40s class, however, and came out the undisputed champion ahead of Ellen
 Clague and Heather Martingell. Sally Bamford won the Over 50s by a single
 point from Carol Aikin, with Marilyn Horne in third place.  

 145 members completed at least one of the Grand Prix races, a total that I
 suspect might constitute a new record. The full scoreboard is on our website here:. 

 The Wimbledon 5km was also the last race in this year's Surrey Road League.
 It's a measure of the increasing popularity of the League that there was a
 record field of nearly 250 for this race which is not widely advertised
 outside of the 32 clubs who take part in the League. This time last year we
 were celebrating a final flourish by our women's team which brought them the
 title. Alas, there was to be no repetition this year. Guildford and
 Godalming, who have rarely been visible above the horizon in previous years,
 clearly targeted the competition this time and successfully ran away with
 the title. We finished sixth on the day and slipped back to third overall on
 countback with Clapham Chasers. Our men's team also slipped one place, and
 we wound up fourth behind Clapham Chasers, South London Harriers and

 We didn't come away empty-handed, however, thanks in the main to Marie
 Synnott-Wells who won the League W45 title and also took the county
 championship which was incorporated into this race. There were League medals
 too for Paul Doyle, second in the M40s, Megan De Silva, third in the Senior
 Women, and Ellen Clague, third in the W45s. Recording good top ten finishes
 were Nick Twomey (Senior Men), Trevor Maguire (M40), Paul Rider and Stephen
 Logue (M50), Peter Fordham, Alan Meaden and David Meaden (M60) and Carol
 Aikin (W45). Final League tables are on the Surrey Athletics website:.   

 SOUTHERN COACHING CONFERENCE  Saturday 27th September at Lee Valley
 Athletics Centre 
 Julia Bailey at England Athletics writes:
  "This year's Southern Coaching Conference bookings are now open and if you
 book by 15th August you receive a 10 discount at 30 instead of 40.
 Follow the link:.
 This year we are offering new exciting workshops, for you and your members,
 these include: 
 Core or Trunk - what's the difference and how do you train it?
 Sight Loss Awareness and Guide Running Workshop
 Adapting Athletics - implementing the principles of the inclusion spectrum
 and STEP in run, jump and throw activities."

 ...are overdue! 
 Our rates are unchanged at 40 for seniors, 20 for second-claim members and
 those who are retired and over 60, 10 for under 20s and students and
 non-running members. There is also a 70 family membership.  Post your
 cheque to Membership Secretary, Ranelagh Harriers, 135a Petersham Road,
 Richmond, Surrey TW10 7AA or leave it in an envelope at the clubhouse. A
 Standing Order form is available from our website here: . For Bank Transfers, our
 account is at HSBC, sort code 40-23-29, account number 81109847; please add
 a message, for example SubscriptionJSmith. For any queries, e-mail the
 Membership Secretary aachrisowens@yahoo.co.uk .  

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil, Duncan
 or Trevor ranelagh.men@gmail.com or the women's Captain / Team Manager 
 ( e-mail Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )

 Sunday 7th September         Surrey Road Relays. 12 noon start at Wimbledon

 Saturday 13th September     Thomas Cup 3.8 miles handicap in Richmond Park.
 Start in Richmond Park at 3pm, preceded by the annual club photograph (in
 the Park opposite the clubhouse) 

 Saturday 20th September     Women's South of England Road Relays at
 Aldershot starting at 3.55pm.

 Sunday 21st September       Men's South of England Road Relays at lpdershot
 starting at 12.30pm (veterans) and 2.30pm (seniors).

 Saturday 27th September     Page Cup 5 miles handicap in Richmond Park,
 starting at 3pm.

 parkruns every Saturday at 9am
 Bushy Park                            Diana Fountain car park
 Richmond Park                      Richmond Gate
 Wimbledon Common             Windmill car park
 Banstead Woods                  Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead
 Bedfont Lakes                       Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford,
 Kingston                               The Hawker Centre
 Old Deer Park                        Pools in the Park on the A316
 Crane Park                             Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout
 on the A316 in Twickenham
 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com
 2km junior parkruns for under 14s take place on the first Sunday of each
 month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate (11am start) and from Savill Garden
 car park, Windsor Great Park (9.30am start), and also every Sunday at 9.30am
 in Wimbledon Park. 

 PERSEVERANCE WIMBLEDON DASH 5km  Sunday 17th August at Wimbledon Park
 This was the final race in our own Road Grand Prix and in the Surrey Road
 League. It was also the county 5km road championship. You can read about the
 outcome of  these competitions above. As for the race itself, Captain
 Killingley led our team home in just outside 17 minutes, with Ted Mockett
 not very far behind at all. Was Phil looking worried? Marc Snaith too ran
 well, and then came Paul Doyle and Nick Twomey battling their way down the
 home straight to narrowly sneak inside 18 minutes. Just a few seconds
 outside were Trevor Maguire and Rick Jenner. Megan De Silva was our leading
 woman in 11th place but behind her Marie Synnott-Wells was collecting our
 only championship medal of the day, a gold in the W45 class. Becky Hall and
 Wiebke Kortum followed, and then Sonia Rowland who finished second W55 -but
 alas no medal.       

 1   P Owor (Belgrave)      15.06      
 17  Phil Killingley        17.04      
 26  Ted Mockett            17.22      
 31  Marc Snaith            17.36      
 40  Paul Doyle             17.59    
 41  Nick Twomey            17.59      
 44  Trevor Maguire         18.06    
 45  Rick Jenner            18.14      
 77  Peter Faull            19.06      
 83  Megan De Silva         19.12    
 104 David Ready            19.56  
 108 Stewart Anderson       20.09    
 114 Colin Brett            20.18    
 125 Marie Synnott-Wells    20.34    
 145 Becky Hall             21.03      
 156 Stephen Aikin          21.25    
 160 Wiebke Kortum          21.31    
 161 Stephen Logue          21.33    
 169 Rob Curtis             22.02    
 186 Sonia Rowland          22.58    
 206 Ellen Clague           24.19    
 210 Carol Aikin            24.44    
 214 Hannah Doyle           24.57    
 233 Alan Meaden            29.16    
 240 Maya Farah             32.02    

 RATCHFORD RELAY  Tuesday 19th August in Richmond Park
 Eleven teams of three women were formed up for the annual Ratchford Relay
 over six stages of about one kilometre. Each team comprised one "fast"
 runner who would cover three laps, one "medium" runner who would cover two,
 and one "slow" who would run just one lap. Karen Weir led the way on the
 first circuit, setting the only sub-4 minutes time of the day. Karen had a
 clear lead at the first changeover, but only four seconds separated the next
 four teams. Claire McKenzie was down in 8th place but she handed over to
 young Josie Kearey who shot through the field to take the lead at the end of
 the second lap. Fellow junior Frida Roper followed her through to second,
 pushing her sister Astrid - who had taken over from Karen - back to third.
 Jo Sinton-Hewitt - who had been 7th at the end of the first stage - took
 over from Frida for her second circuit and strode into a clear lead. Behind
 Jo, Ellen Clague moved into contention, and behind her Rachel Findlay moved
 up to third. On the fourth lap Deborah Blakemore held onto the lead and
 Helen Maxfield consolidated second place for Ellen's team. Third, not far
 behind, was Livvy Ricketts. After that, there was no change in the first
 three on the final two laps, though there was a tight struggle for the
 runners-up spot. Jo, Frida and Deborah came home half a minute clear but
 Ellen and Livvy set off on the final lap together. Ellen proved just the
 stronger and she, Louise Roper and Helen finished in second place, with
 Livvy, Paula Maguire and Bronwen Northmore a dozen seconds back in third.

    1st TEAM                        
 7  Jo Sinton-Hewitt     4.26   4.26 
 2  Frida Roper          8.43   4.17 
 1  Jo Sinton-Hewitt    13.08   4.25 
 1  Deborah Blakemore   18.16   5.08 
 1  Frida Roper         22.54   4.38 
 1  Jo Sinton-Hewitt    27.20   4.26 
     2nd TEAM                        
 3  Ellen Clague         4.16   4.16 
 5  Louise Roper         9.06   4.50 
 2  Ellen Clague        13.32   4.26 
 2  Helen Maxfield      18.44   5.12 
 2  Louise Roper        23.40   4.56 
 2  Ellen Clague        27.55   4.15 
     3rd TEAM                        
 4  Livvy Ricketts       4.17   4.17 
 4  Paula Maguire        8.58   4.41 
 5  Bronwen Northmore   14.26   5.28 
 3  Livvy Ricketts      18.55   4.29 
 3  Paula Maguire       23.41   4.46 
 3  Livvy Ricketts      28.07   4.26 
     4th TEAM                        
10  Carol Aikin          4.49   4.49 
 7  Juliet Ricketts      9.22   4.33 
 6  Kathy Page          14.27   5.05 
 4  Carol Aikin         19.15   4.48 
 4  Juliet Ricketts     23.52   4.37 
 4  Carol Aikin         28.27   4.35 
     5th TEAM                        
 8  Claire McKenzie      4.31   4.31 
 1  Josie Kearey         8.43   4.12 
 9  Su Clark            15.09   6.26 
 8  Claire McKenzie     19.44   4.35 
 5  Josie Kearey        24.07   4.23 
 5  Claire McKenzie     28.46   4.39 
     6th TEAM                        
 9  Ann Kearey           4.33   4.33 
 6  Kirsty Bangham       9.16   4.43 
 8  Annemarie Goodridge 14.53   5.37 
 7  Kirsty Bangham      19.38   4.45 
 6  Ann Kearey          24.24   4.46 
 6  Kirsty Bangham      29.04   4.40 
     7th TEAM                        
 6  Fiona Hopwood        4.24   4.24 
 8  Penny Merrett        9.36   5.12 
 7  Lynne Barber        14.53   5.17 
 5  Fiona Hopwood       19.26   4.33 
 7  Penny Merrett       24.45   5.19 
 7  Fiona Hopwood       29.26   4.41 
     8th TEAM                        
 5  Verka Lafeuille      4.19   4.19 
 9  Christine David      9.38   5.19 
 4  Verka Lafeuille     13.58   4.20 
 6  Katie Walton        19.30   5.32 
 8  Christine David     25.08   5.38 
 8  Verka Lafeuille     29.32   4.24 
      9th TEAM                       
 2  Rachel Findlay       4.15   4.15 
10  Cindy Croucher       9.40   5.25 
 3  Rachel Findlay      13.57   4.17 
 9  Stacey Barber       19.45   5.48 
 9  Cindy Croucher      25.16   5.31 
 9  Rachel Findlay      29.35   4.19 
     10th TEAM                       
 1  Karen Weir           3.59   3.59 
 3  Astrid Roper         8.57   4.58 
11  Beverley Ali        16.10   7.13 
10  Karen Weir          20.14   4.04 
10  Astrid Roper        25.37   5.23 
10  Karen Weir          29.41   4.04 
     11th TEAM                       
11  Sue Camp             4.52   4.52 
11  Lorna Smith          9.44   4.52 
10  Beverly Walsh       15.41   5.57 
11  Sue Camp            20.45   5.04 
11  Lorna Smith         25.41   4.56 
11  Sue Camp            30.40   4.59 
 THYON-DIXENCE ALPINE RACE  Sunday 3rd August in Switzerland
 Peter Fordham reports:
 "Distance 16,4km, start at 2,050 metres altitude, climb 700 metres. Edged
 out by the Kenyans again, however they did have the best track conditions
 during appalling weather."
 1   I Kosgei (Kenya)       1:10.44
 139 Alex Fordham           1:55.53
 302 Peter Fordham          2:35.04
     Nick Fordham           2:38.59

 1   S Newton (Ack)         76.00
 8   S Carter (Belgrave)    80.51  (1st woman)
 105 Lara Werrett           96.11 

 SURREY TRACK 10,000 metres CHAMPIONSHIP  Saturday 23rd August at Tooting
 Although finishing only 11th in the race, George Howard was the third Surrey
 finisher and so will receive the county championship bronze medal.

 1   C Greenwood (Kent)     32:43.26
 11  George Howard          34:58.46 

 THAMES MEANDER MARATHON  Saturday 23rd August at Kingston
 1   E Catmur (TH&H)        2:47.53  (chip time 2:47.51)
 6   H Oldroyd (UK Net)     2:59.56  (2:59.54)
 166 Jane Craigie-Payne     4:11.43  (4:10.58)
 167 Mel Davison            4:11.58  (4:11.13)
 315 Nigel Coombes          5:29.15  (5:28.26) 

 REYJAVIK HALF MARATHON  Saturday 23rd August in Iceland
 Amrut Sharma writes:
 "Wonderful half marathon along the ocean with mountain views and great
 support and music." 

 1    W Christian (USA)     1:09.44  (chip time 1:09.41)
 26   H Olafsdottir (Ice)   1:23.36  (1:23.33 - 1st woman) 
 476  Amrut Sharma          1:45.20  (1:44.39)
 1587 Deepa Sharma          2:11.07  (2:09.58) 

 BUSHY JUNIORS parkrun 2km  Sunday 3rd August
 1   K Stilwell (Wyc P)      7.09  (1st girl)
 7   Euan Sinclair           8.03
 27  Finlay Sinclair         8.44
 63  Matthew Beal            9.43
 102 Eilidh Sinclair        10.37
 147 Oliver Beal            11.30
 227 Sam Doyle              14.25
 264 Theo Doyle             18.06 

 SAVILL GARDEN JUNIORS parkrun 2km  Sunday 3rd August
 Lydia Louw was the leading girl.

 1   S March (Slough Jrs)    7.15
 6   Lydia Louw              8.14  (1st girl)
 16  James McLauchlan        9.17
 23  Arthur Louw             9.44
 40  Charlie McLauchlan     11.23
 42  Campbell McLaren       11.30
 43  Ciara McLaren          11.31
 89  Thomas Lane            15.32
 120 Connor Scally          21.26  

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 16th August
 1   M Taylor (Belgrave)    16.53
 12  L Edwards (Berks Tri)  19.51  (1st woman)  
 28  Tom Bradley            21.15
 33  Steve Aikin            21.44
 79  Carol Aikin            24.20
 100 Michael Sikora         25.24
 121 Colin Lloyd            26.16
 163 Sue Camp               27.55
 178 Andrew Brown           28.25
 179 Eugenio Carmo          28.28
 190 Val Lowman             29.02
 193 Deepa Sharma           29.07
 239 Bronwen Northmore      31.54
 242 Penny Merrett          32.06
 244 Peter Lowman           32.16
 250 Oliver Beal            32.53
 251 Louise Beal            32.56
 282 Pat Hewlett            42.37
 283 Bev Ali                43.29     

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 16th August
 1   J Finnigan (WSEH)      16.20
 8   Ian Kenton             17.28
 9   K Brown (SMR)          17.31  (1st woman)
 10  Nick Wright            17.39
 197 Adam Wright            22.36
 341 Ali Kennedy            24.32
 642 Mary Hickson           29.02
 705 Jackie Dunkley         30.11
 874 Wally Garrod           36.25 

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 16th August
 A Ranelagh winning double by Mark Herbert and Michelle Davies, with Mel
 Davison taking second place.

 1   Mark Herbert           18.23
 22  Lee Davies             22.09
 23  Michelle Davies        22.14  (1st woman)    
 30  Kabir Sait             23.19
 31  Mel Davison            23.26
 63  Leeanne Bryce          27.25
 71  Heather Martingell     29.18
 72  Mike White             29.19
 75  Cindy Croucher         31.30
 79  Nigel Coombes          32.22
 82  Tanya Allen            33.33
 86  Su Clark               34.10
 88  Lexi Slaughter         34.18
 92  Stacey Barber          36.41
 93  Christine David        36.41    

 WOKING parkrun 5km  Saturday 16th August
 This was the inaugural Woking parkrun.

 1   P Woodward (F of Dean) 17.13
 18  F Blackmore (Bitton)   19.41  (1st woman)
 64  Rob Curtis             22.38
 121 Kirsty Bangham         25.32
 154 Becky Hall             26.45
 176 Wyn Williams           27.36
 177 Tony Clark             27.45  

 OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 16th August)...
 Southsea: 57 Alan Davidson 23.50
 Bedford: Lynne Barber 30.16
 Bury St Edmunds: 83 Tamsin Burland 28.02
 Clermont Waterfront: 66 Michael Moran 19.05
 Folkestone:: 36 Peter Fordham 23.45,  39 Nick Fordham 24.21
 Walthamstow: 77 Ben Shore 21.39
 Fulham Palace: 10 Craig Maclellan 18.39 
 Bognor Regis: 13 David Rowe 21.37
 Reigate Priory: 44 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 24.43,  61 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 26.09
 Kingston: 53 Lorna Smith 26.37
 Bedfont Lakes: 6 Jamie West 20.08

 SAVILL GARDEN JUNIORS parkrun 2km  Sunday 17th August
 Livvy Ricketts was second girl.

 1   S March (Slough Jrs)    7.37
 5   P Walters (Woking)      8.43  (1st girl)
 7   Livvy Ricketts          9.05  
 15  James McLauchlan        9.31
 37  Charlie McLauchlan     12.11
 54  Thomas Lane            14.48

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd August
 Second place for Nick Twomey and one better for Megan De Silva, with Marie
 Synnott-Wells following on as runner-up.

 1   J Finigan (WSEH)       16.31
 2   Nick Twomey            17.52
 5   Mark Herbert           18.16
 8   Peter Faull            18.51
 12  Megan De Silva         19.16  (1st woman)  
 23  Bill Neely             20.17
 26  Marie Synnott-Wells    20.32
 36  Gemma Cory             21.09
 100 Ali Kennedy            24.37 
 131 Michael Sikora         25.42
 150 Andrew Brown           26.33
 189 Lorna Smith            28.27
 252 Katie Walton           31.50
 255 Michelle Martinez      31.57 
 259 Bronwen Northmore      32.24
 292 Pat Hewlett            46.04
 293 Bev Ali                46.50     

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd August
 1   A Jaksevicius (unatt)  16.41
 4   M Renfer (Core A Tri)  17.20  (1st woman)
 6   Nick Wright            17.34
 25  Craig Maclellan        18.34
 176 Adam Wright            22.06
 256 Ian Grange             23.29
 877 Wally Garrod           36.46
 907 John Hanscomb          40.33

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd August
 1   G Brook (Strags)       18.01
 12  Eric Plue              21.23
 14  Tom Kearey             22.01
 16  Kabir Sait             22.20 
 19  A Brooks (Bearcat)     22.45  (1st woman)    
 42  Kevin Kearey           25.37
 43  Ann Kearey             25.38
 58  Heather Martingell     27.06
 59  Mike White             27.06
 71  Cindy Croucher         31.22 
 72  Tracey Small           31.36 
 77  Su Clark               34.02
 79  Deirdre Inman          34.23 

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd August
 First place for Trevor Maguire.

 1   Trevor Maguire         18.14
 8   Steve Aikin            21.14
 12  J Collins (unatt)      22.14  (1st woman)
 23  Carol Aikin            24.38
 26  Frida Roper            25.40
 30  Sue Camp               26.23    

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd August
 Becky Hall was second woman home.

 1   P Bowden (Strag)       18.27
 19  H Oldroyd (Airedale)   20.35  (1st woman)
 23  Becky Hall             20.43
 28  Andy Bickerstaff       21.08
 29  Chris Camacho          21.09
 54  Rob Curtis             23.00 

 WIMBLEDON COMMON parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd August
 1   D Chambers (Croydon)   17.19
 38  L Woolhouse (unatt)    19.41  (1st woman)
 269 Matthew Beal           29.22
 270 Louise Beal            29.23
 295 Oliver Beal            32.34
 296 Simon Beal             32.35

 MUSA COOKSTOWN parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd August
 Eirin McDaid was the winner.

 1   Eirin McDaid           17.15
 14  S Young (unatt)        22.54  (1st woman) 

 PARKE parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd August
 Ted Mockett finished third. 

 1   D Tomlin (unatt)       17.55
 3   Ted Mockett            18.42 
 16  D Pickles (Macc)       22.55  (1st woman)
 84  Ellen Van Keulen       29.35 

  OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 23rd August)...
 Fulham Palace: 101 Mary Hickson 27.29
 Amager Faelled: 31 Tomas Sterner 24.04
 Eastleigh: 153 Penny Merrett 38.50
 Southwark: 47 Kirsty Bangham 24.58
 Malahide: 147 Leeanne Bryce 26.38
 Peckham Rye: 59 Lynne Barber 29.11, 60 Christine David 29.11, 81 Stacey
 Barber 35.49
 Gunpowder:  43 Peter Fordham 25.17
 Frimley Lodge: 84 Sonia Rowland 23.09,  157 Steve Rowland 25.45 
 Woking: 13 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 21.28,  53 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 25.40
 Medina IOW: 98 Colin Lloyd 25.53                   
 Roundhay: 44 Duncan Mallison 19.33
 Ally Pally: 16 Andres Arana Garcia 22.05
 Sewerby: 29 Phil Jackson 23.24
 Strathclyde: 105 Tamsin Burland 26.57

 "I run because if I didn't, I'd be sluggish and glum and spend too much time
 on the couch. I run to breathe the fresh air. I run to explore. I run to
 escape the ordinary. I run...to savour the trip along the way. Life becomes
 a little more vibrant, a little more intense. I like that." 
 Dean Karnazes ,
 author of Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner