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 Paul Doyle won the season's second handicap, the Page Cup 5 miles, on
 October 27th. Paul ran through most of the field on his way to victory,
 setting the day's third-fastest time behind Marcus Gohar and Andy
 Bickerstaff. Here's his account:
 "A perfect day for a XC run, like a slightly cool day in August.The Page Cup
 course turned out to  be hard and fast on the paths, soft in the woods, with
 the odd pool of mud  for good measure.  There was a fair turn out, prolific
 competitor Marcus Gohar was the top elite. Bill Harvey just  managed to beat
 the traffic jams to make it. Ahead of the race Bob Beatson was hotly tipped
 by Ken Powley to win. I joined the club this year after running the Coad
 Cup.  I set off at a gallop, managing to catch Milos Dusek, who was running
 a blinder. It was all I could do to keep in touch. Together we made our way
 through the field. The going was getting increasing soft and tough. I  was
 about to let Milos go, when he suddenly relinquished the advantage to me.
 Pushing hard for  the last mile I was able to pass Bob & Mike Rowland who
 gave me some verbal encouragement!  My first race win since I was a boy came
 with mixed emotions. I feel that I should really be a  member much longer to
 deserve a handicap win, but I will try to make amends by running well for
 the club (P.S. Chris Owens has to share a small part of  the blame, three
 out of the top four came  from his Tuesday night speedwork class!)".
 Fastest woman was Kathy Mallett, just ahead of Kristina Semple and Rachel

 Our four runners in the Karrimor Mountain Marathon - Chris Owens, Mike Hynd,
 Alastair Sinclair and Eleanor Grey - all survived to tell the tale, which
 they will be doing here next week. 

 Sue Healey finished 27th in the Stroud Half Marathon on October 28th in
 Peter Warren was first over 60 in 19.47 in the Serpentine 5km in Hyde Park
 on October 26th. 

 Darryl McDonald should be flying down from Edinburgh this weekend for the
 South of Thames race at Coulsdon, and he and Julian Smith plan another
 Surrey Hills jaunt on Sunday morning. Julian writes: "It should be quite
 nice at this time of year, hopefully it's not too muddy, and the weather
 should be decent this weekend. So if anyone wants to join us, they're very
 welcome. Let's say the Royal Oak at Holmbury St Mary 10.30 for a run, 12.00
 for the pub".

 Julian also passes on some news about Richmond Hill extracted from BBC News
 Online: "The Independent - among others - celebrates the decision to
 preserve the view from Richmond Hill in south west London, immortalised in a
 painting by Turner.  There were fears that the 24 acres of waterside meadow
 could fall into the hands of developers.  But Richmond on Thames Borough
 Council has instead granted the Petersham Trust a 125-year lease. The land
 is thought to be worth around 100m if developed - but the preservation
 charity will keep it for the princely annual sum of a posy of wild flowers".
 Julian adds: "I never realised they had even considered building on it - it
 would have made the fuss over our clubhouse seem rather silly!". 

 I had problems sending e-news 42 to Hotmail addresses, all of which decided
 to reject it for reasons best known to Hotmail. It is available on our
 website, but if anybody would like me to have another crack at sending it
 please let me know. 

 And still on the subject of techno-trickery, John Barnard writes: "Please
 ignore an e-mail you may have received recently from me about the Thames
 Towpath Ten. This refers to last April's race, which my internet provider
 decided should be resent to everyone. Next year's race date will be
 announced soon".

 Tim Woolmer writes: "In my day job, I run a charity which provides
 counselling for people who couldn't normally afford it; and I have some
 Flora London Marathon places to offer anyone who could raise at least 1000.
 I generally run at the club on Tuesday nights, or can be emailed at

 More details of all the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /

 Saturday November 10th  South of the Thames "Junior" Championship at

 Saturday November 17th   Surrey League - men at Wimbledon Common (juniors
 2.30pm, seniors 3pm), women at Tilford nr Farnham (u15s 12 noon, u20s
 12.30pm, seniors 1pm) 

 Saturday November 24th   Mob Match v Thames H&H at Putney Vale (Wimbledon
 Common). 2.30pm start. There will also be a supper with Thames in the
 evening for all who want to stay. 

 Saturday December 1st    Hec Petersen Trophy 5 miles at Ealing. 2pm start.
 Saturday December 8th    Dysart Cup 6km incl club women's championship for
 the Hugh Jones Salver. 2pm start, followed at 2.30pm by the Ellis Cup men's
 5 miles.

 In the year 2000 eight Brits ran faster than 29 minutes for 10km on the
 track. During the same year 57 Kenyans managed the feat, but another country
 had no less than 127 runners inside that time and over 300 inside 29.30!
 Which country? Answer next time.... 

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